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  1. Right. is my point. The leader of the free world, happened to have enjoyed, as a millionaire, the favors of ladies, in his many encounters with such. Such ladies often got something for their favors. It does not make Trump the devil. There is, in the apt mind, the ability to hold two contradictory ideas. To denounce a person's treatment of women, while lauding their ability to command the discussion for two years with tweets. Trump remains the most powerful person in the world. This is higher status than you or I have achieved. He must have some capability to rise to this positio
  2. I have been in corporate America, (a Japanese owned company) and I remember a year were we will losing money and Japan was keeping us open. I was smoking a cigarette and looking out in the parking lot at hundreds of late model cars, each representing an employee with a family that supported the local shoe maker, day care, grocery store...etc. I decided that we were winning, just by being in business.
  3. So Swansont, did the lady that sat with Trump in first class consent to the groping for many minutes and decide to leave when it got to heavy, as I said, or does the incident amount to rape and require the removal of our president from office?
  4. A structure that allows people to buy as little or as much coverage as they desire, unencumbered by mandates and fines for not purchasing insurance. By getting the medical community together with the insurers, the hospitals and doctors and structuring a system that works. Perhaps if we put a 20% tariff on goods coming in from Mexico, we can pay for the wall. The thought is, as in trickle down, that if employers have more money to spend, they will spend it on research and development, productivity improvements, and wages and salaries, thus spurring the economy and increasing tax
  5. He also campaigned on infrastructure spending, more sensible trade deals and deals with Iran...all things that he is having trouble moving in congress because the dems have a very unsensible no vote prior even reading the proposed legislation. Nancy famously said we would read what was in Obamacare AFTER we passed it, so please don't use the argument that the republican legislation is brought in the night. The tea party shutting down government under Obama is no less stupid and non-middle ground seeking, than the dems current stance.
  6. The president does not make the legislation. He asks for it to be made. He wants to repeal and replace Obama care, simplify and lower taxes to promote business and reclaim money that has flowed offshore to avoid our punishing tax code, build a wall to prevent illegal entry of drugs and human traffic into our nation. He has asked for these things, pushed for these things and given reason for these things. If the dems don't want to give up progressive goals, and block the legislation at every turn, it is not the president's fault that nothing is getting done. Ten Oz, I did not adv
  7. Ten Oz, I failed to write legislation, and that is your problem with my position? That is what the people we elected to congress are there for, to govern. Currently the only policy the dems have is resist, or impeach. It is those folks that need to make the hard choices and flesh out the middle ground so that we all can move forward. Make the compromises required to pay the bills. save the world and keep our country rich and strong. It is folly for the dems to think the world could be saved without the capital, technology and systems in place in our corporations and private businesse
  8. Ten Oz, Taxes I want to see simplified progressive taxes where low income people pay little and large income people pay a lot and middle income pay a reasonable amount, with sta ndard deductions to everybody to account for charity and local taxes and such. Most important is to not penalize small businesses for making money, or to take larger amounts from capital gains income. Now in my time of life my money is working for me. It is still my money. If I benefit from interest or dividends or appreciated value, it should be my money to spend to live. My money is capital for mortgages, c
  9. I saw a soda machine at the food counter at a movie house in Blacksburg, where no interaction with a person was required to by your drink. The woman on the plane with Trump did not say no. She sat there for 15 or 20 minutes, not denying his advances. Then got up and went back to her seat. I saw the interview with her where she states this. I think the incident happened, but I don't think it was without her consent. Middle ground requires that one, in addition to protecting a woman from an abusive spouse, protects a non-abusive spouse from being destroyed by a questionable claim.
  10. SwansonT, half? The point is, a president should not be against her citizens at all. I heard a democrat official, talking about people that were in town to demonstrate for keeping the statues, like they were so evil as to not be allowed to exist. No matter what you or I think about David Duke or a group of students demonstrating for the right to display the confederate battle flag, they are citizens of this country and as long as they do not break any laws or hurt anyone, or interfere with anybody's civil liberties, they are allowed to exist in this country. A presid
  11. and 44 million of us, in the US own guns and those that own guns want to own them, and don't agree with you that not having them would be better if you are after middle ground, you have to entertain the desires of these 44 million fellow Americans. I read a piece, I know not where, that argued a husband could rape his wife, based on the wife saying it was rape, after the fact. and this is not fiction look at all the people coming out of the woodwork, claiming sexual assault and sexual abuse after 40 years
  12. dimreepr, That is my point. Dems think that touching your wife butt, without her permission is sexual abuse. So the wife is mad I didn't take out the garbage, and she calls the police when I slip my hand down her pants. There really is sexual abuse. Redefining what qualifies, does nobody any good. Regards, TAR
  13. Thread, Thank you for your condolences. My dad gathered us a few weeks ago and told us he wanted that we should not be sad. That is not going real well for me but I am trying. I understand that the world is different now, because we don't have him in it any longer. Big loss for everybody. Now you guys only have me to fill his shoes. Not easy shoes to fill, he was a special guy. The choice on election day was between Trump and Hilary, not a choice between evil and good. Hilary had relegated me and 46 million other people into a basket of deplorables. I am not, and never have
  14. Thread, This has devolved into a hate Trump thread. As much as one can denounce all business men for that one that screwed you, one should encourage the other 100,000,000 that were honest fiduciaries of your belongings. I often consider being right about things, the most important thing. But the world is too complicated to be right about everything, all the time. You have to put your faith in other people, to look after your interests. In the Army I once wrote an opinion piece to Stars and Stripes, that was published. It talked about people sometimes mistaking compass
  15. SwansonT, He gets things done. He went to Seoul in person and gave a great speech about the wonderfulness of what South Korea has accomplished since the Korean war and how it was important to denuclearize the North, and he got a standing ovation from the parliament there. (This is at a time when 10,000 artillery pieces are aimed directly at where he stood.) He attended a Pacific area summit and one shot had scores of leaders walking together with the president of the United States front and center. He just had a call with Putin about peace in Syria and Crimea and working together to re
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