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  1. Funny... The poor ancients couldn't buy a "PET bottle of mountain water". My posts had nothing about the alcohol part - they were all about the regular water source. Wine is juice. Beer is boiled water (so the microbes died). ps. Obviously ancients had no idea about it. Do you think drinking dirty water is healthier than drinking alcohol?
  2. You picked up the wrong part of my claim - I claimed that their "fresh river water is polluted" because people living slightly above them in the river dump all the garbage, shit and piss into it, making it polluted. Wine does not have river water inside - thus more healthier. That's why the Romans started making aqueducts.. to deliver "fresher" water to the city.. (but they used lead).. The Romans were only part of the ancient world, the rest used (and use now) water from rivers (because they have no choice). River water without a wastewater treatment plant is contaminated.
  3. Then, according to your claim, their "alcoholic orgies" are a myth, since there were no drunken.. ? and battles between X and Y, with one being poisoned by alcohol, are also myths.. ? The Romans made pipes using lead, which is a poison. Wine has no lead (because it is squeezed fruits) unless it is added to sweeten.. Just don't use "fresh water from lead pipes" and you're healthier.. Just don't use "fresh water from polluted river" (see Ganges now, that's how ancient river looked in the past prior invention of sewage treatment plants) and you're healthier..
  4. The worst part is the lack of restraint.. No. What matters is the amount per unit of time. Ancient people who drank alcohol were healthier than poor non-alcohol drinkers, i.e. to make beer you have to boil it ( >= "fresh" water from a polluted river, boiling kills some microbes), wine is just fermented juice (>= fresh water from a polluted river).
  5. Right. They usually shoot each other with guns, which Republicans promote to buy for everybody.. "PUBLISHED DATE: December 02, 2022 Total Number of GV Deaths - ALL Causes 40,739 Homicide/Murder/Unintentional/DGU 18,563 Suicide 22,176" Nonsense. People are dumber because they are stuck in their unhealthy social media interest bubbles. As we can see from your example - conspiracy theories. Right. Then why aren't you using your own advice?
  6. a^1, a^2, a^3 are easy - anybody can do such calc even in memory. But mathematicians want to have universal functions, in this case pow(a,x). So, take piece of paper and make graph of f(x)=a^x, with a couple well-known x (a is constant and can be used any integer >= 2). Then use x=0.5, 0.25, 0.2, 0.125, 0.1, 0.01 etc. and you should see curve goes closer and closer to 1. Then draw line between them. With a=2, and default x in range -2 to +2, you will get such curve: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input?i=f(x)%3D2^x If you want to change range, use f.e. https://www.wolframalpha.com/input?i=f(x)%3D2^x%2C+x+range+-10+to+10 (Wolfram Alpha, and Excel/Spreadsheet are must-have for mathematicians these days) (you can draw such graph in Excel/Spreadsheet too)
  7. Because the Van de Graaff generator is right now in my rest room.. ? (no joke, really)
  8. They do, sometime. i.e. Compton scattering, or the photoelectric effect. No. He meant that one photon with E=2eV strikes an atom that has electrons that can be excited by E=1eV. ..you should start from buying polarization filters, diffraction grating and double-slit setups, discharge tubes of various gases, prism (to split spectral and absorption lines) on eBay/Amazon/Ali-express or so.. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+build+cloud+chamber "how to build cloud chamber" it costs less than 20 USD.. Instead of being a theoretical home-made scientist, become an experimental home-made scientist.
  9. The chance of winning the lottery is one in several million to hundreds of millions. Every day around the world someone wins the lottery.. Not really.. No. You could make your own in your basement.. Casinos don't have to cheat to win a game when roulette is spinning.. Someone went to work on a farm and was hit by a rocket: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/11/15/europe/poland-missile-rocket-nato-przewodow-ukraine-intl/index.html
  10. If you have a physical quantity, like charge Q, in Coulombs, and start dividing it, billions of billions of times, you can reach a certain threshold where it does not allow further division, i.e. Q/e = total number of electrons.
  11. There are double-slit experiment for electrons and other particles. Scientists can fire one particle at a time, with a delay, and detect single hits on the screen, which after a while, seconds, minutes or hours, will form a diffraction pattern. This depends on the kinetic energy/momentum of the particle used in the experiment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davisson–Germer_experiment
  12. The naked eye can see the traces left by particles with high kinetic energy, that is, one particle collides with the medium (nuclei + electrons), losing its kinetic energy and accelerating the medium particles, ionizing them, electrons and sometimes nuclei are repelled. Paraphrasing you: Is there any evidence for anything independent of their interactions?
  13. Cancer, at least you know you have it or not.. One of the local murderers here was a psychology student. Months spent with him by other students, professors, hours per day, and nothing.. that says a lot about this subject.. These are methods of treatment, not detection.
  14. Westworld (with the exception of season 4), The Mandalorian, Game of Thrones (obviously), Rome (series), Alien(s) (all of them, except Prometheus; 2nd is the best one - see 1st and 2nd one-by-one), The Thing (with Kurt Russell version), Good, bad and ugly (with Clint Eastwood) (and his other westerns)
  15. Paraphrasing: "in a liberal, accessible environment, one astrologists learn from one another".. ..just like observing the stars in the sky and drawing conclusions.. (but there are very few stars visible to the naked eye) Scams come and go when they are abused too often and people get used to them.. (they even managed to compromise global warming and make money on it.. and COVID-19 and make money on it) It used to be that people called a priest to listen to their whining, now they call their "psychotherapists".. funny.. (Westworld was too filled with "AI psychology" even for me )
  16. Your opinion about psychology is VERY polite, IMHO.. ps. +1 to reset neg.. ..you can try to analyze and compare brain activity (MRI?), blood/fluids content (e.g. to check presence of neurotransmitters), when somebody has change in mood/attack..
  17. For programmers 1+1=10.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_number So, we should ask "in which numeral system?" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numeral_system
  18. He didn't ask, he made the statement in the thread title ("The math is inconsistent!")..
  19. Looks like puzzle of some kind. Search net for the Mohs scale, lookup mineral with 6, lookup 2, and deduce what kind of mineral it is.
  20. Are you referring to my post? (would be easier if you'd use @ Sensei ) It was math. No language was used. It was mathematics. The things with non-zero probability happens. Sometimes.
  21. If the probability of something occurring is 99%, why do you think it will be your preferred 1%? If the probability of something occurring is 1%, why do you think it will be your preferred 99%?
  22. The V.P. is waiting for the appearance of a weak Republican, conservative, pro-Russian, POTUS.. who will cut expenditures to Ukraine and/or Europe and/or NATO ("dissolve NATO"). So far, the victims are Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine #1, Syria, Ukraine #2.. The aim is - to merge Transnistria with Odessa, with Crimea and the Kherson region, Melitpol, Mariupol, and regions of eastern Ukraine with Russia.. So basically surround the rest of Ukraine with "Russian lands".. From which an attack on the rest will come in the next "wave"..
  23. Abortion is a private matter. Sad thing if done, but sometimes it is required to save a woman's life. Without abortion, the leading cause of death for women age 50 and under, would be ectopic pregnancy, as it was in the past and is in 3rd world countries in Africa. https://www.google.com/search?q=ectopic+pregnancy+rate 19.7/1000 * 100% = ~ 2 %, one per fifty (if somebody have no math skills) (i.e., greater chance of a woman dying of a pregnancy/child than in a fatal car accident in her lifetime) Contraception is also a private matter. The child should have people who want to be parents in the first place. Who are mature and educated enough to teach the child.
  24. Get ball-n-stick model and build 3D model of this molecule and you should see.. Every chemistry student should have it. (I 3D printed my own versions)
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