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  1. Properties in a big-city are expensive. Property tax, is an Ad valorem tax, that is paid annually on the current property value. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_valorem_tax https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Property_tax i.e. the owner of the property has to hand it over to the people who rent the property (otherwise he/she would have been losing money every year and eventually going bankrupt). Such tax is especially troublemaker for elder not wealthy people who own just one property and live in property (so can't rent it). They are eventually forced to sell property and movin
  2. One of the most bizarre topics.. US can't even solve much more basic things like: "Will America EVER ban guns?".. If people hadn't been shooting at each other for ridiculous things, we'd have had SOME PROGRESS... Police officers in a day, knowing they are being recorder are committing crimes.. WTF?! what do they do at night, when nobody is watching.. ?!
  3. No. That is an error. You want to know whether similar difference is between positron and muon+.. To have full set of information you need the all data from experiments performed on tau-/+, muon-/+ and e-/+. There is no single way muon can be created. e.g. it cound be result of decay of pion, but it can be also result of decay of tau. Scientists working on the OP experiment should verify whether muons created different paths have the same properites. If they vary, how much they vary.
  4. 30 kV is needed PER CM distance between electrodes.. so.. 1 meter distance requires 3 mln Volts. https://www.google.com/search?q=30+kv+per+cm
  5. Why are they keep saying "muons decay to electrons"? Only muon- decays to electron.. Muon+ decays to positron.. So actually they should make and compare the results from (at least) four versions of the experiment: muons- spinning in ring in one direction, muons- spinning in the opposite direction, muons+ spinning in one direction and muons+ spinning in the opposite direction. With particle spin polarized and without. Compare the results from muons- and + accelerated to different velocities until they decay.
  6. In static Universe, atoms could not form in the first place, stars could not form, planets could not form, galaxies would not exist etc. etc. It has nothing to do with strict biology.
  7. In static world there is no change. No progress. 1) decay of radioactive isotope of Carbon C-14. Carbon is part of DNA/RNA. Affected molecule is fatally damaged. Surrounding molecules can be damaged too by highly accelerated electron. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon-14 2) decay of radioactive isotope of Potassium K-40. Potassium is not part of DNA/RNA, but is present in blood and cells. It has a long half-life but has much larger abundance % than C-14 to C-12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potassium-40 3) cosmic radiation from the Universe. 4) UV radia
  8. "Normal" procedure of repairing no-longer-produced electronics is to buy exactly the same electronics model from 3rd party user (can be damaged too), and replace part by part, until original one will start working.. From two-three-four damaged units, you can make single one working, if they have different kind of damage. Do you have enabled hardware disk-encryption? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware-based_full_disk_encryption Lost of encryption-key means inability to read data.. (Unless you're billionaire or government agency and have unlimited budget) Wh
  9. No. This is how economy works. In older times there was used previous metal instead of "worldwide accepted currency". Europeans wanted tea from China. But Chinese rulers demanded silver and didn't want anything instead. Europeans had to take gold on galleons, buy silver in Japan, and deliver to China. New cities-ports were created Macau and Hong Kong. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manila_galleon The all other ports were forbidden for foreign sailors from the West. It ended up with 1st and 2nd opium war. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opium_Wars Why Russia does
  10. Countries are importing goods from 3rd party countries and exporting their goods instead. To import stuff you need to have worldwide accepted currency. Nobody is paying any tribute other party. Without export China could not import what they want from world. Search net "what China imports from world". e. g. https://www.statista.com/topics/1471/imports-to-china/#dossierSummary They imported rice for 157 mln USD in February 2020. If they import such basic thing like rice, it means without it, somebody living in China, would be hungry..
  11. What is wrong with rice? I just ate it in my meal.. So the same like half of human population on this planet..
  12. The "emptiness" in natural sciences is called vacuum. A vacuum is a state in which in some volume there is very small number of atoms. The perfect vacuum is only theoretical. Through cosmic space there are flying billions of particles e.g. photons and neutrinos per second. Without them, it would not possible to see distant stars. The inventor of the first vacuum pump, Otto von Guericke, disproved Aristotle hypothesis: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_von_Guericke "With his experiments Guericke disproved the hypothesis of "horror vacui", that nature abhors
  13. Sort of.. #include <stdio.h> int main( void ) { int x = 0; do { printf( "x %d\n", x ); x *= 2; } while( x * 2 != x ); return( 0 ); } vs. #include <stdio.h> int main( void ) { int x = 1; do { printf( "x %d\n", x ); x *= 2; } while( x * 2 != x ); return( 0 ); }
  14. Nonsense. Search net for keywords: "female eggs quality per age graph" "female eggs count per age graph" "female eggs at birth" e.g. "By puberty, she usually has half that—and each month after puberty, she loses up to 1,000 eggs. Of those, only one egg is matured and ovulated each month." Similar like with male sperm, only a fraction of them are good quality and should be used for reproduction. That is why medics working on in-vitro have so large failed pregnancy rate. It takes a long time to find out which egg and which spermatozoid are in good conditions and are
  15. Some people are simply too immature, regardless of age, to have driving license.. Driver-to-be should be trained on realistic car simulators. Simulation of the worstest drivers around you, with the worstest possible accidents.. After being part of a simulated crash with almost not possible to survive probability, they should realize driving is not for them. Astronauts-to-be and airplane pilots-to-be are learning how to act during accident. Driver-to-be are learning just "how to park a car" and similar nonsense.. The result of this, is in the death statistics each year.. They just
  16. Meteorites and other solid planets (at the moment, we can discuss only about two: Mercury and Mars) have none or too little volcanic activity. You should start from reading the English version of Granite article on Wikipedia. Always start with the English version, because the local language versions are usually very poor in detail (except articles about the history of the country etc. local things) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granite It explains why granite can't be (easily) found in cosmic space in the first paragraph "It forms from magma with a high content of silica and alk
  17. You can open photo in viewer and take screenshot. Open built-in Windows Paint and press Paste and "Save As..". But iNow reminded me that you can also take screenshot of gallery on mobile too. Search net "how to make screenshot (mobile model name)". Different brands/models have different procedure. Of course if you are unsure how to do it (there is no magic "print screen" key after all).
  18. Absolutely, yes. It will solve problem with metadata. Lens can have unique imperfections added intentionally or non-intentionally. Analyze of enough amount of raw photos can be used to determine if they came from the same device. Change of resolution i.e. rescale down more than 2x with bi-linear interpolation can help to hide them. The same is with printers, copiers and scanners. Printed page has invisible by naked eye details which can be used for identification of exact printer device and/or model and indirectly person (if he/she is unique user like in home office). If
  19. That looks very suspicious... If somebody truly wants to just read the all messages that you posted, you can't do anything with it because in the worst scenario he or she will write crawler/harvester which will visit person profile every couple minutes or seconds (script with wget/curl in a loop), parse it, and check if sonebody wrote anything new and then parse new messages and add to the database. ps. Beware of attaching photos. Remove meta-data from photos. Don't add photos from smartphone on mobile version of this site directly! Use PC. You have no idea what meta-data they con
  20. Distance depends on air polution, humidity, fog, dust etc. Water and other particles disperse light in the all directions randomly. In vacuum there is not enough particles to scatter photons thus we can see light from distant stars..
  21. What is missing, but a key essential element (including this thread), in the Standard Quark Model there are "valence quarks" i.e. those that contribute to the total Baryon Number, and other quantum numbers, and those that are not valence quarks (they cancel out their quantum numbers with their antiparticles). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quark_model Some people/scientists simply skip word "valence", taking it as granted, while talking about "the number of quarks in composite particle".
  22. Here you have nice explanations of various types of manometers with images: https://www.engineeringclicks.com/manometer/
  23. Experimentally.. e.g. have thermometer and manometer. Increase temperature with fixed volume (closed container) and observe readings from manometer..
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