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  1. I am used to ray-tracing like this: Have ray-origin vector. Can be 2D vector, or 3D vector. A simple C++ class with two or three fields and some methods which do the basic math with them. Have ray-direction vector. It's normalized, unit vector. Have some primitives. Can be triangles, planes, circles, spheres. Whatever. Algorithm of finding intersection changes with each primitive type (yet another C++ class with methods). Ray-tracing procedure returns scalar output, which is distance. hit_position = ray_origin + ray_direction * distance (if intersection procedure finds hit_position, it has to reverse equation to return scalar i.e. distance = ( hit_position - ray_origin ) / ray_direction (careful with division by zero here)) If primitive is sphere or circle, ray can intersect in zero, one or two places. The smallest distance from ray_origin is the right one, and second one is skipped. If you would provide the source code, it could be more fruitful discussion..
  2. Does it matter who? These days, engineers or scientists work in large teams..
  3. Information is data. Data does not do anything. Algorithms working with the provided data do something, i.e., change the data according to the algorithm. A dead or frozen body is a handful of data. Non-organics body too. e.g. piece of rock molten billions years ago, is giving paleontologists, geologists etc. plentiful useful information
  4. D.T. "progressive" (using your definition of the word)? Seriously? https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02800-9 "How Trump damaged science — and why it could take decades to recover" https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2016/12/27/scientists-just-ran-the-numbers-on-how-much-trump-could-damage-the-planet/ "Scientists just ran the numbers on how much Trump could damage the planet" https://climate.law.columbia.edu/content/president-trump-announces-withdrawal-paris-agreement-0 "President Trump Announces Withdrawal From Paris Agreement" ...plus countless other examples that directly contradict the definition...
  5. ...that is very very strange statement... ray-tracing happens in 3D world space.. then these vertices are projected to 2D screen space.. and then they are on the screen ("pixels").. when you do ray-tracing, there is no such thing as "pixels"..
  6. ..the purpose of these sites was not to make a profit.. at least not for investors.. Before Google or Facebook made any tiny dollar, they had billions of dollars invested in their servers.. Their investors were "screwed up".. "how to monetize our business" was after they had their listing on stock markets.. (Faceook had a long way to go to bottom in price once it was listed. -50%.. if somebody survived, is happy now) Now, actually, they became piece of shit.. Not from monetary point of view, but from my point of view.. ps. I remember people asking me about whether I bought FB stocks on the primary listing.. funny., funny.. mortal beings..
  7. ..not really.. ..if a group of people are using the same trend analysis tools and following what they see on the screen, they are creating trends themselves.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-fulfilling_prophecy ...and even "worse" if they are not real people, but bots playing, predicting and following trends... you can be sure they will follow trends if they have been so programmed by the creator..
  8. Plants (with seeds, which they tried) are multicellular organisms. They (i.e. scientists working on this project) should be successful with unicellular organisms first (e.g. air nitrogen-fixing ones?), and then try with multicellular ones because they are more challenging. Then check the cooperation between the nitrogen-fixing unicellular microorganisms and the multicellular ones, which will use nitrogen compounds created for them.
  9. Lol. You should worship Frankenstein, not Jesus or Mo In the novel, Victor Frankenstein was a SCIENTIST who resurrected his monster.. He (the scientist) was not struck by any lightning..
  10. https://www.google.com/search?q=moon+soil+chemical+composition Nitrogen is not on the list of elements.. "The bulk chemical composition of lunar dust varies across the lunar surface, but is about 50% SiO2, 15% Al2O3, 10% CaO, 10% MgO, 5% TiO2 and 5-15% iron (Table 1), with lesser amounts of sodium, potassium, chromium, zirconium." On Earth, nitrogen compounds found in soil are produced during lightning strikes and by nitrogen-fixing microorganisms.
  11. CNN: Surveillance video shows Russian forces shooting civilians: "They asked for cigarettes"...
  12. ..to save the money and energy needed for mostly unused green LEDs.. Illusion.. Like with Newton disc, but with just two colors. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton_disc
  13. Whoever runs or rides in front has to fight the wind, and those who are in the back are in the areodynamic tunnel created by them (smaller air resistance), therefor save the energy.
  14. Good! Good! My young Padawan! I will let you spread the word, for yet another day..
  15. People need to find a fine balance in the dosage of what they are dealing with. Regardless of what it is. I used to hear people complain that they were addicted to their morning coffee. I never understood why. I always preferred Coca-Cola. I don't see on your list, for example, coffee, sugar, salt and other "unhealthy" things that are unhealthy when their dosage is inappropriate. You can become addicted to anything... Some people are addicted to sex, while others are addicted to watching stock quotes from 9am to 5pm. A drunk driver can kill a few, rarely dozens of people. A drunk pilot could kill hundreds of people. A drunk president could "save the world" by not being able to push the "red button"... The worst are the power addicts, as we see now in Eastern Europe. People should not go to extremes. Find a fine balance. Automatically driven cars will solve problems with people who have had too much to drink or taken something else that has altered their neutral systems and want to drive home.
  16. ..because you probably formed your opinion based on cheap kits.. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lego+technics The modern way: a computer, a 3D printer and a 3D app...
  17. So, to crack such an algorithm, all you have to do is ask an enough hard math question..
  18. There are billions of people who do not understand, or not enough understand, the English language. Use a word that the chatbot doesn't know (there are millions of words... in my language 2.6 million+ variations) and the chatbot will have problems (average human, too)..
  19. Chatbots are LOL-kind of A.I. You could try to talk to in-game A.I. bot as well.. ps. Even a real human can make mistakes in understanding what another human is asking for..
  20. Not exactly. It works for humans..
  21. ...WTF? Dinosaurs didn't have mothers? Did they clone themselves? ps. Or your way of thinking is a way too human for my perception.. ps2. I love dinosaurs! maybe I will reincarnate them, in the future.. who knows.. like humans.. who knows..
  22. I heard a joke. People lie. How do I know? Because they open their mouth.. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+many+times+people+lie "Most people — about 75 % of survey respondents — told zero to two lies per day. Lying comprised 7 % of total communication and almost 90 % of all lies were little white lies.Nov 17, 2021" "Two hundred times. That's how many times the average person can lie in just one day"...
  23. ..like 65 mln years ago.. ? Consider, done.. ..it can be repeated.. Most people I know, hate their lives.. Today, a 21-year-old medical student (so he claimed), after drinking vodka (>0.5L) told me that he would have killed himself if not his mother..
  24. IMHO, you should start with potato seedlings, 1) in soil, 2) hydroponics. You should first learn what it takes to produce potatoes on Earth to gain knowledge. https://www.google.com/search?q=potato+hydroponics
  25. The quantity of registered users ("active users"? which is not the same) is not the only parameter that you should take into account. https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-trends/ From a purely business perspective, allowing more controversial posts that engage other users in discussions and/or quarrels, is desired.. Twitter's price tag has been estimated at $44 billion. With 446 million users, that comes to $100 per user. If you want to know what you are worth to them.
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