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  1. Really high energy gamma photon is able to create pair of matter-antimatter, in pair-production effect, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pair_production and cause particle shower https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Particle_shower or photo-disintegrate nucleus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photodisintegration Observation of these effects reveal that high energy photon collided with our medium. Pair-production requires gamma photon with at least 1.022 MeV energy or more. Photodisintegration of Deuterium requires gamma photon with at least 2.22 MeV energy or more.
  2. Yes, they can. It's called two-photon physics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-photon_physics
  3. Duration of time is difference between time we start measurement and end measurement. Similar like: Length is difference between initial position of object and final position of object. e.g. I started measuring time at 12:00, and end up at 13:00, total duration of time is 1h.
  4. No problem, just take off tape from your devices cameras, so A.I. will analyze image and properly identify what you are doing..
  5. It's more complicated with network traffic.. https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/internet-telecoms/mobile-roaming-costs/index_en.htm
  6. Sensei

    Questions to Ask

    ..additional dimensions in String Theory are "collapsed"/"compacted"... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compact_dimension
  7. S is shortcut from Stupid, not Safe, Secure or Store..
  8. That is called wishful thinking.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wishful_thinking
  9. Hmm.. don't look at "The Mirror of Erised" anymore...
  10. ...if you would send me the bill, yes, I would be disgusted and disappointed... It would not be "saving somebody's life".. It would be "just a business"..
  11. ...that is debatable.. show photo.. so we could judge.. People who are truly beautiful are ordinary i.e. they have not too large nose, nor too small nose, not too large ears, nor too small ears.. etc. etc. basically the all elements match each other.. Their properties are average. Average means harmony. Not a single element is mismatching, disturbing harmony. Harmony is beautiful. Too close relations of people taking marriage (e.g. small community, in small village) results in inbreeding. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inbreeding Solution to prevent inbreeding is multi-national multi-continental marriages. If you look at nationality of parents, grandparents and grand-grandparents, of many beautiful Hollywood actors and actress, they have each (grand)grandparent from different region of the world..
  12. MAC filtering won't prevent installing fake updates.. These things are completely unrelated. Fake updates can be injected to other devices such as laptop, desktop, if device in the middle (such as smartphone working as router, or true Hotspot router) has been compromised already. You said "you can get into my phones all you want, I dont use phones for sensitive stuff.".. I made shortcut, and imagined that I took your smartphone already. I just showed that interception of your phone can, just in theory, compromise further devices in your "secure" network, if you use devices like any ordinary user.. You were on the foreign holidays recently.. I am wondering how did you connect to the net. After all you wrote here on forum and sent couple photos. Did you buy new local country LTE SIM card for the all your devices? Or did you use "free" WiFi at hotel.. ? Or you used Polish LTE SIM card (that could be really expensive, network roaming).. ? Did you take your "secure laptop" with travel with you? Or you were completely off-line off-banking the all these days (doubtful!).. ? Did you (or your wife) connect your laptop(s) to free Hotspot at hotel? Did she connect her smartphone to any free Hotspot at any place (hotel, motel, airplane, airport).. ? ..no one is connecting to it.. unless knows what is your/wife smartphone MAC address, or your laptops MAC addresses (connection to any hotspot anywhere reveals MAC address).. People tend to switch to hotspot at their workplace. People tend to switch to their wifi at their home. People tend to switch to hotspot in the hotel, motel, airport, airplane, McD, restaurants, etc. etc. ..because it is example of what is called earlier "Hacker utilizes user's lack of knowledge and over self-confidence." I know somebody who knows IT very well, working as programmer at Oracle. He also uses "dedicated Linux laptop just for banking". I explained him a way to took the all money from his account. And he replied (approximately) "yeah, that would work, hopefully nobody will do it for me".. e.g. you are in the middle of travel, and have to make urgent transfer of money.. people usually uses their smartphone WiFi, if laptop has no dedicated LTE modem with LTE SIM card, to share network with laptop. I am doing it every day..
  13. ..and here we can see again, how important is knowledge.. suppose so you have virus installed on smartphone already.. one day you enable WiFi from smartphone to laptop, or Bluetooth tethering from smartphone to laptop, and smartphone is sharing the same intranet with laptop. If virus is specially prepared it can intercept the all communication to/from laptop and smartphone. If laptop will be performing automatic update of software (i.e. Firefox and Chrome auto updates regularly), virus on smartphone could send modified version of update.. They are not instructions but data for the codec. Instruction is direct executable machine code, executed by CPU as-is. Data guides parser what to do. Data are interpreted according to specification. Codec would have to be seriously buggy to get in this way. But there is "million" of codecs, so you can't be sure what you will get. Chances are much much higher is somebody would prepare movie file with some proprietary codec, unknown to your movie player software, and offer it to download on his or her website, or simply attach in ZIP together with the movie. So user would search net for codec to decode movie and install executable from hacker by mistake. Hacker utilizes user's lack of knowledge and over self-confidence. On piracy websites there are also offered entire CD/DVD dumps as-is. Such CD/DVD has auto boot feature. If user burns DVD and double click on, setup.exe executable is executed and boom, it could be virus/Trojan by itself, and hacker gained access to the machine. DVD are often packed with entire movie player software, from unknown source...
  14. 1) how much energy from the Sun arrives to Earth's surface? 1050 W/m^2 at max at noon at summer 2) how much of this energy can be used to grow food for human being.. ? (i.e. using GMO microbes or algae ) 3) what is rate of vaporization of sea (caused by the Sun)? -> amount of rains -> availability of water for farming. With extremely extensive water usage, sea level would drop (and rivers would not fill seas and oceans anymore).. 4) what is available CO2? (CO2 + H2O -> organic matter food for people)
  15. 1) reinstall OS often. Full format. From foreign OS (which flushes the all trashes including boot sector). 2) change passwords often... 3) VPN will be useless if you install software from already infected source (which you think is free of infection)...
  16. I love the all people.. especially children.. and animals... They love me too.. they want to touch me.. and staring at me when I am looking at them.. ...but I just asked whether your the all smartphones all taped the same as laptop.. if one can get to laptop.. one can get to smartphone too..
  17. ..sorry... I can't get you... I wrote app which is recording audio from my smartphone.. it is able to catch any sound in the next room 10 meters away with quality indistinguishable from close range.. I tried it... ... you know who I am IRL, and I know who you're IRL.. see my portfolio photo.. it is not fake... do you want me to reveal your PESEL entry.. ?
  18. ...really? Did you write BIOS reading software which is calculating checksum and comparing with other similar laptops... ? ...if not.. you have no idea about security.. for real.. ps. Laptops with camera, have also microphone which can be turned on all the time.. ps2. Do you also have smartphone with tapes on it all the time.. ?
  19. ..sad to reveal it.. ...extraordinary chance.. because of extraordinary incompetence at computer knowledge of ordinary person.... (so close to 100%) ps. CIA get in computers which used to be off-line, through USB memory sticks...
  20. @StringJunky None VPN will help you IF you already caught key-logger..
  21. Sensei

    Heat energy

    Crap. You are on the wrong forum to write crap..
  22. Does it matter whether priest is wearing gold clothing, with gold crown, and praying for God on mass, pretending and lying, just to fill his pocket by believer's money.. ? Does it matter whether you have sex with girl for money, or have sex with girl which you love and she loves you too.. ?
  23. ...some the real intelligent life form.. for a start...
  24. ...health of people... people's life... is one of many things which should not be business... Remember "John Q" movie with Denzel Washington? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0251160/ That's what "typical US citizen" deals with on daily basis.. That's utterly disgusting. All these doctors, surgeons, etc. etc. , the all making disgusting awful money on life & death of ordinary people.. Good people have to make country wide crowdfunding campaigns to get even hundreds thousands of dollars for surgeons salary to save life of children or adult. To buy them yet another luxury apartments, and stuff US doctors pockets with money.. I saw document in which TV reporter asked medicine students-to-be "why did you choose this field of study?".. guess what they answered.. ? "To be rich!", "to have well-paid job!", was one of the most common answers (at least they were honest).. I was completely disgusted. They should never ever be doctors..
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