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  1. You don't seem to understand what he did on the video... Game was not run in some turbo speed. Just frequency of key events was increased.. On Windows OS is sending events WM_KEYDOWN when user pressed key and WM_KEYUP after releasing key button. However when user pressed key button and holds it, there are send WM_CHAR with small delay between them. Application (emulator) and/or external keyboard utility (e.g. keylogger) can inject more WM_CHAR into input events queue and increase frequency. Buggy application will be cheated because programmer did not think about such situation in adv
  2. Comparison of mass of living organisms on the Earth:
  3. Yes.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydropower https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroelectricity
  4. What is color of building and room walls? White color reflects light preventing it from being absorbed. But check if it is not having Titanium Oxide. https://www.sustainability-times.com/green-consumerism/a-new-white-paint-can-keep-buildings-naturally-cooler/ You can get IR camera for smartphone to see which part of wall is heating the most.
  5. The closer to Earth properties i.e. mass and radius (thus closer to 1g), the better for human body. Moon or asteroid will have too weak gravitation (astronauts on ISS are suffering from too weak gravitation. To fight with it have to spend many hours per day heavily training).
  6. There were couple airplane crashes and accidents due to metric-imperial conversion errors including fatal costing people lives.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimli_Glider In See Also section in the article above there is list of accidents which were not so happy ending as this story..
  7. Here they are called "sleeping policeman".
  8. Chances comparable to winning on the lottery..
  9. Finding appropriate resonance for specific object can have fatal consequences https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tacoma_Narrows_Bridge_(1940)#Resonance_(due_to_Von_Kármán_vortex_street)_hypothesis There might be places in the room where are existing constructive interferences.
  10. Watch video from his other thread. The idea is simple. Heat substance with low boiling point so it will change to gaseous state and move to the other end of closed container where it will liquify. Repeat with other end.
  11. People with idea build prototype. Nobody will do it for you. Once you have prototype you can show it on YouTube and Vimeo and make crowdfunding project on e.g. Kickstarter or similar website. If people will see value in your idea, they will give you money to build more professional motors utilizing relatively low boiling temperature 39.6 C of methyl chloride or whatever else you will choose. It will be heat by sunlight I suppose so? I enjoy the idea. But you did not even spend time on description of your idea.. Sounds like you want everything to be done for you by us.. If you will continue thi
  12. To implement MMU you need knowledge how to program MMU. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_management_unit To implement FPU you need knowledge how to program FPU. And how to store IEEE 754 in memory. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_754
  13. That reminds me situation from the past. Language teacher was giving novels to read in such quantity it was physically impossible to read them all and learn anything else including other disciplines, basically 24h was not enough to read them all, forcing the all students in the class to use ready novels summaries instead of reading these books for real. Does it count as cheating if you read brief book summary instead of the real book? Teachers who really bother about it, often ask tricky questions about details which can be known only by person who really spent time reading a book.. Flood
  14. If you will hover by mouse pointer that little icon on PC desktop/laptop machine there will appear bubble help with details "(...) joined recently". It changes with icon image. In your case it is shield and text "swansont is a moderator".
  15. Read Java manual.. e.g. https://docs.oracle.com/javase/specs/jvms/se7/html/index.html https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_bytecode There are even physically existing CPUs which understand Java bytecode natively. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_processor
  16. That is correct. Object and class are building blocks in Java language. Program written in C/C++ is compiled to machine code. Understood by some physical processor. It runs directly only on CPUs which understand it. Program written in Java is compiled to special code. It is executed on virtual machine. Simulation of the real computer. This disallow program direct access to mother machine devices and resources. e.g. if you allocate memory in Java it is from JVM heap. It is problematic on Android for example. Default heap size on my smartphone is.. 128 MB per app. Programmer has to
  17. This is good for a beginner: https://www.w3schools.com
  18. Read about spatial database: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spatial_database e.g. Google maps, computer game playfield, stars and galaxy database etc. It is an example of data which dictates the most optimal algorithms to store and query records. Sorry. That part was meant to be together with the rest of my reply but was split to two by Prometheus's post written in the middle of my longer reply.
  19. There is no sense to use Kd-tree or octree algorithms on data which are not 3 dimensional. There is no sense to use quad tree on data which is no 2 dimensional. So the number of dimensions of data forces programmer to use or not use specific algorithms. OP said: Therefore I replied, "blackbox is not an algorithm".. No teacher would say "let's apply the blackbox algorithm".. Blackbox is lack of knowledge about specific implementation by unauthorised people. e.g. programmer executing method Collections.sort( list ); has no idea whether it is quicksort algor
  20. Blackbox means that you have no idea how 3rd party library or class is working internally and it can be changed at any time by the creator e.g. your app connects to database. It could be MySQL, SQLite, in-memory db, or something less recognizable.. Blackbox is not an algorithm. Usage of certain algorithms sometimes force programmer to use of specific solutions e.g. hash map requires that class will calculate hash code for supplied data. Lack of proper implementation of hash code method e.g. return 0 all the time, will lead to useless non optimal hash map which will work slower
  21. @Dave if you will compare computer version of the forum with mobile version of reply UI panel, you should see there are missing buttons e.g. subscript and superscript icons in mobile. Is it fixable?
  22. Don't try to understand, just use them.. You don't understand how computer works but still use it either. Understanding how something works grow together with the amount of stuff that you wrote (programmed). It is not heart surgery. Don't have to know how it works internally with great details. Bugs and problems are unavoidable and common day stuff for any programmer. The best programming tutorials for beginners IMHO are the one which explain "How to write app xxx". Because they are not boring. You immediately see effects. You repeat what tutor is presenting and together with him or her r
  23. FPU stands for Floating point unit. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floating-point_unit ALU stands for Arithmetic logic unit. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arithmetic_logic_unit If CPU has no builtin instructions which operate natively on the datatype, they need to simulate it in normal code. Such virtual datatypes are created in every C++ or Java project. Programmer-scientist usually needs to have limitless resolution of the number so needs to make (or find library with ready solution) which will allow much better precision than 64 bit integer to 64 bit double.
  24. They have meaning. Integers are understood by ALU. Floats and doubles are understood by FPU. These days FPU is builtin CPU. But in '80 and early '90 in 386 and early 486 FPUs were external chipsets. Coprocessor. Floats are in IEEE 754 standard. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_754 It is much harder to convert float or double to human readable format than plain integer. Therefore there is plentiful parameters which you need to bother about during conversion. Read printf/sprints C/C++ manual %f and %g.
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