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  1. Quadrillion in some countries is 10^24. The same issue as with billion and milliard. The same word but different meaning depending where you are living.
  2. The word "junk" is part of the link URI which OP provided..
  3. "Junk DNA" is the remnants of viruses or other living organisms that have been deactivated in the modern organism in which they are now present.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-coding_DNA "Endogenous retrovirus sequences are the product of reverse transcription of retrovirus genomes into the genomes of germ cells." "Over 8% of the human genome is made up of (mostly decayed) endogenous retrovirus sequences," OP question was "Is our DNA filled with (junk) information?" i.e. non-coding DNA.. Brute-force method of checking what some part of DNA is doing could be done by development of perfect simulation at quantum level of organism in the (super)computer, and observation how such simulated organism will be growing and behaving.. i.e. remove (or deactivation) of important part of DNA will lead to genetic illness of (virtual) organism..
  4. Sensei


    Don't help aliens to take control of the world ... Are you "Phi for All" or "Phi for Alien".. ? Jesus.
  5. Sensei


    Alien does not even have to be alive organism. It could be machine created by aliens and sent to cosmos to explore and bring data back. Humanoidal ("alienoidal"), or not indistinguishable from computer, device or even entire spaceship being one large computer. Humans did it already. Exploration of solar system is done just by remotely controlled or automatic computers with very small control from the Earth (~3 to ~23 minutes delay between Earth and Mars to receive data in one direction, double it for both action and reaction with view). Experience tells that the best are small, movable, independent units ("drones"), in large quantity (thousands), without one central unit controlling everything. Because if central unit is damaged, the whole mission will fail.
  6. Having no mass is shortcut of having no rest-mass. It means that object have rest-frame of reference. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rest_frame Objects with rest-frame can change their frame of reference by acceleration in specified direction. Two or more objects in the same frame of reference appear motionless to each other.
  7. Mirrors are made of matter with reflective properties. Reflectivity of material changes with temperature. e.g. metals are reflective at small temperatures, and lose this property as temperature increases. If you successfully manage to trap photons from any light emitting source in a box and they will be bouncing from walls back and forth, part of their energy will be absorbed by mirrors and their temperature will increase. With increase of temperature they will start losing more and more reflectivity and more photons will be absorbed. Perfect mirrors would end up melting entire device sooner or later. Photons with higher energy than visible light will create quantum effects, such as photoelectric effect at lower energies, ionization at higher energy of UVs and x-rays, pair-production and photodisintegration by gamma photons..
  8. Data structures exist even outside of computer science. Take for example the real paper book and analyze what is needed to store the all its data. Each page has page number. It is integer primitive data type, starting from 1. Each page has contents. Usually text. It is string data type (in some languages primitive data type, in other e.g. C/C++ object). So to store single page, you can make data structure like below: struct Page { int Page_Number; string Contents; }; Now we have to put pages inside of book structure. We can do it using array of pages (structure inside of structure). Or we can store just pointer (address) to the first page element. Or we can use array/list OOP objects with template class.. struct Book { string Title; string Author; string Description; int Page_Count; // total number of pages in the book struct Page Pages[ 100 ]; }; In C/C++ we can store pages as dynamically allocated array, and store just pointer to the first Page: struct Page *Pages; or dynamically allocated each Page alone: struct Page **Pages; or struct Page *Pages[]; or we can create static array with predefined quantity: struct Page Pages[ 100 ]; (less recommended because you can't exceed maximum predefined quantity, but requiring less work from programmer for allocation and freeing memory). The best (for programmer) in C++ (or other OOP language) will be something like: array<Page> Pages; or array<Page *> Pages; It is special template class. https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/templates We can go further with this example. Expand book by list of chapters. Index of keywords etc. etc. Shelf/library of books. With index of authors, index of titles. The simplest algorithm of searching for keyword will have to go through the all books in the library one by one (iteration) and check every page of a book (yet another iteration), and search for sub-string inside of page.Contents and print which book, at which page, at which row of a page has keyword we're interested in. ps. Imagine book without page numbers, without chapters, without indexes. Imagine library without books on shelves sorted in alphabetical order. It would be complete disorder. Searching for any kind of data would be tremendously complicated and tiresome.
  9. Why? Change doctor It is easy.. If you have decimal e.g. 1111 factors will be 101 and 11. If it is e.g. 111111 factors will be 1001 and 111. And so on. You just have to answer question if number of decimal ones is dividable and has factors by itself. 91 is not prime. It is dividable by 7 and 13. 1111111 1111111 1111111 1111111 1111111 1111111 1111111 1111111 1111111 1111111 1111111 1111111 1111111 is dividable by 1111111.
  10. ..but OP nowhere said it is sequence of binary ones..
  11. Google can convert different kinds of units for you: https://www.google.com/search?q=230+cu+ft
  12. Unfortunately they are not one-to-one translations and English version is usually the richest in knowledge..
  13. Are you familiar with word "ecliptic"? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecliptic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecliptic_coordinate_system
  14. Purpose of scientific documentary TV show is to awaken of interest of person who has none or little knowledge in a field it is about. Promotion of science and knowledge among a wider audience, who would not be otherwise reached. Doing it in a boring way will have exactly reverse effect than intended (which many primary and secondary school teachers do).. The desire to know is the natural state of mind of every newborn living being. To understand entire environment and world around. Competent teacher stimulates and wisely expands this state of mind. A bad teacher (e.g. the most likely one who ruined his or her career in the field, and finished up "on exile" in school as teacher) can ruin this state..
  15. They would have to be DESIGNED to work together since the beginning by producer of paint.. Flat, matte or satin paint from definition have little or no gloss.
  16. Your brand new TV, phone, car, house, cloth, etc. etc. are waste (waste-to-be) too... it is just a matter of time.. just wait a couple years, or a couple decades..
  17. But they are easier to maintain by staff. Dust and dirt do not attach to it so easily..
  18. A couple layers of transparent glossy paint on top?
  19. You should do research what China is importing from the world, to be able to answer your question. https://www.google.com/search?q=china+import+from+world e.g. http://www.worldstopexports.com/chinas-top-10-imports/ "Electrical machinery, equipment: US$496.8 billion (24% of total imports) Mineral fuels including oil: $343.6 billion (16.6%) Machinery including computers: $190.3 billion (9.2%) Ores, slag, ash: $163.6 billion (7.9%) Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $98.7 billion (4.8%) Vehicles: $75.1 billion (3.6%) Plastics, plastic articles: $71.6 billion (3.5%) Gems, precious metals: $60.5 billion (2.9%) Organic chemicals: $57.8 billion (2.8%) Copper: $40.8 billion (2%)" They need dollars/euros/gold/whatever valuable, to pay world for the all these goods. Say, if import is X in Y currency, and export is X in Y currency. Y is really meaningless, as entire transfer of money can be replaced by pure exchange of goods.
  20. Ah, a is already premultiplied by y.. so, correctly I should write: b = x - a;
  21. In binary numeral system, to clear the least, or the most significant bits, there can be used bitwise AND operator e.g. in C/C++: a = x & ~( 1 << y - 1 ); and to get reminder there can be used yet another bitwise AND operator e.g. b = x & ( 1 << y - 1 ); In the normal circumstances you (or CPU) would have to do modulo e.g.: a = ( x / y ) * y; and e.g. b = x - a * y; Multiplication and division by arbitrary integer are slower than bitwise operators.
  22. Multiplication or division by 2^x can be replaced by bitwise left shift or bitwise right shift. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitwise_operation They are extremely fast, in comparison to regular multiplication or division by arbitrary integer (not to mention floating point).
  23. Angela "opened borders" to help southern European countries to solve problem of illegal immigration, taking part of the ones that arrived to Italy and Greece and other countries. It was movement of solidarity with involved European countries. Flood of migrants, who don't know language, don't have work, don't have money, can disrupt any country, and nationalists or other populist parties can win the next election, promising people fight with immigrants, which won't do any good.. The situation of refugees is even worse in the Middle East. For example Jordan has 10.4 million citizens and 1.3 million refugees from Syria.
  24. You can make chlorine gas from the first molten NaCl (above 801 C) and then electrolized liquid.. but it is dangerous, toxic, inefficient and pricey way to get some HCl and HOCl (they are products of chlorine gas and water). You will need to separate them at the end. Search net for "electrolysis of molten NaCl".
  25. The most obvious way is to print to file in the application which you are using to create text file e.g. Word, WordPad, browser etc. etc. Then just use network public shared location to store these files.. Virtual Printer is software that you download and install on the server machine, which will be pretending true printer for clients. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_printer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_virtual_printer_software Client machine and client application connects to server machine, thinking it is true printer, but it is virtual printer, which just stores file on disk.
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