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  1. I suggest gloves made of copper/silver/gold wires for a start. Also having UV light (preferably with solar panels) at home for disinfectation is a good idea. A list of metals with biocidal effect is available here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oligodynamic_effect "The metals react with thiol (-SH) or amine (-NH(1,2,3)) groups of proteins, a mode of action to which microorganisms may develop resistance. Such resistance may be transmitted by plasmids.[2]"
  2. Are you familiar with the Miller-Urey experiment? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miller–Urey_experiment and equivalent experiment of making RNA and DNA building blocks? To create adenine you just need 5 HCN and electricity e.g. thunderstorm. It took billions of years after the first single cell microorganism appeared on Earth, before they began to cooperate in a multicellular form of life. Earth like planets with existing life forms might be extremely deadly place with unknown lethal pathogens.
  3. It depends on country. e.g. until 13 March 2020 South Korea made 210k coronavirus tests to find out 8k infected individuals which gives ratio 1:26 = 3.8%. I proposed similar method to locals to mix samples and use of binary search algorithm.. Analogy, if you have one black paint can and nine white paints cans, you can mix them together (just tiny bit of each). If result is not white anymore, but slightly greyish, there had to be one black in them, but you don't know which, so there is needed to split cans by half and repeat with new samples. Instead of O(n) operations it will be done much faster. It has sense only if there is many negatives.. An analysis of money delivered every day to banks from shops and individuals can reveal whether there are any unaware infected people in the community.
  4. In my opinion decrease of working hours of malls will extend queues and crowds inside of shops and increase chance of getting an infection.. People should concentrate only on the most, absolutely the most important items to limit time spend in crowd. Grocery shop owners could make just a couple standards of bags with groceries. It could be easily automated. If client goes to McD or BK does not tell staff how to prepare his or her burger. Receives single standard one from the menu. Result is quick visit and go.
  5. Like the entire history. . It is written by survivors and winners i.e. heavily biased.. exaggerated victories, diminished loses, gaps filled by guesses or made up stuff etc.
  6. ...you should know pretty good it is not necessary... bioterrorist can just infect anybody and they will unaware spread it further to elders.. Such unaware infected person without any symptoms is the most dangerous.. Bioterrorism is not novel. It was used in ancient and medieval times. During castle siege parts of infected meat were catapulted to inside and its crew had to surrender or die from illness. Poisoning of arrows, rivers or wells are another examples of bioterrorism. I am quite surprised that part of you simply started mocking from Airbrush. It is serious hypothetical problem. Even if something like this would happen it won't be possible to figure it out after the fact. No evidence will remain after the fact it was made on purpose. Terrorists don't want just to kill as many people as they can. It is easy part. They want people to be afraid of losing life in some spectacular unexpected event. Something which will be in newspapers. So they are picking methods which will be on frontpages. Casualties are not priority.
  7. There is a couple known examples of people who started on purpose infecting people with HIV. They knew that they have it and still continued having sex without protection with unaware partners.
  8. Perhaps if somebody is chilling so much, he or she is stressed after work and wants to relax, therefore spending time at night on entertainment.. That's good. There is needed healthy balance between intellectual work, physical activity and entertainment.. You don't? Intellectuals during training are still able to think about their work. Programmers do it very often. Recently I read articles how people too much concentrating on their work and career quickly are becoming exhausted and starting having occupational burnout.
  9. Viral infection (e.g. HIV) can cause that microorganisms which are normally co-existing in the body, and in healthy body are harmless, that they will start being troublemakers for organism..
  10. Deja Vu... Grand Princess cruise ship staff has been infected by coronavirus. If they had easy access to meals and/or guests, in one or two weeks USA will be in top 5, in the greatest number of confirmed infected people.. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/08/health/us-coronavirus-sunday/index.html "There are at least 21 people with coronavirus aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship, which is expected to dock sometime Monday in Oakland, California, Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a news conference Sunday" "The Grand Princess has been in limbo since Wednesday, when officials learned a California man who traveled on the same ship last month later died of coronavirus. On Sunday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said four people from that February Grand Princess voyage have been diagnosed with coronavirus."
  11. Oh, really? The all jails (streets?) of this world are full of people who would kill you for 20 dollars...
  12. How did you objectivity tested it? It requires making a couple samples..
  13. In each person with cancer, cancer is unique. Random mutation in random place of DNA chain. If you have two woman with breast cancers, the only common thing is placement in the body and general name. You seem to be thinking or suggesting that it is illness like any other and there will be drug (vaccine?) which will cure them all.. Prevention is the way to limit cancer. Less smoking, less eating of unhealthy foods, less burning fossil fuels, less poluted environment will result in lower number of patients with various kinds of cancers. Diet containing antioxidants is also good idea. If you want to decrease chance of getting cancer you should identify cancerogenic compounds around you and limit their direct and indirect usage.
  14. (Advice for everybody hearing voices and seeing halucinations) My proposition is... just in case it is somebody a bad joke simply start recording video during hearing voices or seeing halucinations on your smartphone... Then you can verify whether halucinations are still there on taken by you pictures.. Halucinations-fakes-jokes will very quickly disappear if people involved in making them will notice that you are making photos..
  15. ...how do you want to get objective evidences of someone hearing voices in the brain.. ? MRI scan during he or she hears voices.. ? Unexpected activity of brain will be evidence? Or lack of activity will be evidence (while somebody will claim, that he or she hears in the same moment some voices talking to him or her).. ?
  16. Bleach is ambiguous term. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bleach Start from figuring out what chemical compounds are in your bleach.. Search net for "[brand name] ingredients". If they are not written on the box or bottle.
  17. Over drinking of water can result in temporary decline of intelectual abilities. Hyponatremia is the most common type of electrolyte imbalance. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyponatremia It can happen after heavy physical exercises when someone is drinking clean water lacking Sodium. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exercise-associated_hyponatremia
  18. ...you are not helpful....
  19. Do you have ball-and-stick model? Buy it from e.g. eBay or Amazon and make models of compounds that you draw on paper, and you should see what studiot is talking about.
  20. Not the subject of this thread Really? Your premise was "military is example of socialism. is it true?".. I said "no, it's authoritarian", and started giving examples.... How is counter-example is not subject of the thread? You seem to be more biased than Fox.. Simply, concentrate of authoritarian part of my post, rather than nitpicking..
  21. Personally I think military is perfect example of authoritarian system. When you get order, have to obey it or else you are punished... or killed... instantly.. e.g. nazis had to obey order from higher level nazis or else they would be instantly shot, or obey order, do evilness, and they were killed just a few years later, after war was lost.. (some few lucky not) Some US military officers were so stupid to even make photos how they tortured captured captives.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Ghraib_torture_and_prisoner_abuse Smarter executioners are still between you in the US, and you call them per "veterans" and "heroes".. You salute to veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Japan, Germany, but you can be looking at mass-murderer who killed, raped and tortured dozen of innocent people.. But you have no idea what, he or she, did in the past.. If nazis-germany would win 2nd world war, similar war-veterans who killed, raped, tortured people, would get alive without any harm.. ..like Russians, or Turks, etc., who made war crimes in Donbas or Syria, right now.. Was somebody sentenced by mass-murdering of people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.. ?
  22. In 100% capitalist country somebody, completely optionally, pays percent of income, to get life insurance, or car insurance, or retirement fund, to picked by him or her private-owned company, private-owned insurance fund, etc. etc. After dozen of years get these money back (they are invested on stock markets, or invested other ways, giving profit to fund owners). In the perfect world, in the perfect stock market, in the perfect everything (at least from capitalistic point of view of "perfect"), everything would be indefinitely being more worth with time (isn't an example of inflation/hyperinflation? ).. If the all goes fine, after many years, he or she, is happy or family is happy, getting promised money back at the moment when they are badly needed.. But in this world there are defrauders who collect money from people and then disappear with them, leaving people with nothing.. There can be unexpected disaster which will wipe out invested money, leaving participants with nothing. Fifty, forty years, is a long time. Everything can happen in such period of time. Three months ago nobody thought about coronavirus, and it wiped out 444 billions of dollars from richest top western stock markets. Just this week. In 100% capitalist country we would have gangs of homeless elderly people robbing for food.. In 100% socialistic country somebody is forced by government to pay percent of income to get life insurance, car insurance, or retirement fund, to government owned companies or funds etc. etc. And they ("government") claim to invest money the best they can (even though they change every couple years), and give them back at the right time in the future. They can disappear in "the blink of an eye" too (like capitalistic defrauders). But you don't know who they are.. Have no names.. "Government".. "Nationalization".. "War".. whatever.. In fifty, forty years, everything can happen.. In one week one could create entire Universe simulation code.. That's easy part. The hard part is to not kill everybody.. Nothing is yours. It is property of the creator of the Universe. Including atoms of your body.. Your definition of "ownership by human being" is quite "full of holes"..
  23. In Roman Empire legionnaire who served long enough in army could get land and become landlord.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legionary "Once retired, a Roman legionary received a parcel of land or its equivalent in money and often became a prominent member of society." Is it not an example of social security for retired soldiers? I think we should start what means to you "socialism" and "capitalism".. Because people from different parts of the world, might have different meaning of the same word.. (JC once said that "liberal in UK primarily meant somebody who want to increase taxes and spend more, and conservative wants to decrease taxes and cut spending".. that was mind-blowing... the same word, completely different meaning, depending on where you live..) If soldier is killed during service, family receives pension. Is it example of socialist mechanism? It used to be millennia before word "socialism" was created...
  24. Are you or your family member or friend smoking? If you, your family member, or your friend, answer positively, you can get indirectly infected the way that I described in this post: Washing hands will just decrease chance. But who is washing hands prior each cigarette? I don't know such person.. Touch money after washing hands, and it is invalidated.. Illusion of having clean hands.. Thinking "I am not traveling, so I am safe" is "unwise".. Majority of the all infected people nowhere traveled. They get infected from somebody who returned from travel. Does not have to be foreigner. He or she could be just a tourist or businessman/businesswoman. That person has no idea about being infected. There can be no symptoms. Somebody traveling to other country can inadvertently spreading virus to new regions which were not infected yet. Airplane is one huge can with bacteria and viruses coming from the all passengers and mixing them together. Travel to country where are confirmed cases is also not necessary. People get in and out of airplane during long travel with a couple transfers..
  25. News from Italy about coronavirus. Data from 1 March 2020: They claim to make over 9000 tests, and confirmed 1600 infected people, 41 people unfortunately died. Tests were made not only on people with symptoms but the all who had any contact with suspected infected people (that should be obvious method of work). They made a lot more tests than the rest of the Europe and USA. e.g. USA and France made 400-500 tests, only on people with symptoms. Italian officials say "we have so many confirmed cases, because we performed the largest amount of tests, but you (i.e. the rest of western world countries) did not".. I heard that some hospitals do influenza test to confirm or reject somebody have influenza (and treat it as indicator of having no coronavirus). Is it wise? What if somebody have influenza and coronavirus, at the same moment.. ? Somebody get flu the first and then is infected with coronavirus from other source, will have influenza test positive, and person blood won't be tested against having coronavirus, so such person will continue spreading it around, unaware of being infected..
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