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  1. Human get out from natural selection due to vaccines, modern medicine and very small rate of deaths prior reproduction age. In the past only the strongest (or wisest) survived and had offspring. Now almost everybody are able to have offspring, regardless of their built-in genetic illnesses or wisenesses, except per mil of population with very serious issues. History does not matter much in times when entire environment is influenced, damaged and polluted, by human. ...can I predict extinction of species as an answer for your question.. ?
  2. Hot air has faster moving particles, cold air has slower moving particles. If they are put to balloon, separating them, you need to compare their densities. Density is mass divided by volume. Denser object sinks in less dense medium. It does not matter, if object or medium are gas, liquid or solid. e.g. solid Lithium floats on the surface of water, as it's less dense than water. Lithium has density 0.534 g/cm3, water has density 1 g/cm3 (forget ongoing reaction between them).
  3. Try searching net for keyword "methane properties" plus eventually name of property from the above list.
  4. ...a few years ago, I had to explain decay modes of pion meson to Nobel prize winner in physics...
  5. This make them uninhabitable from POV of human.. New Year celebration every 5 days? They would be drunk entire year.. None of the above..
  6. Example: How often team wins on homeland and how often team loses on homeland? How often team wins on opponent stadium and how often team loses on opponent stadium? These data can be easily extracted from tables and made statistics. Do you know what these questions mean in the reality: team which is flying long route to opponent is more tired of route. Also there must be added timezone changes. If coach of team is knowledgeable, or have proper advisors, could reduce team tiredness and decrease effects from timezone changes. When team is arriving to important opponent city? A few hours prior match? Day prior match? Couple days prior match? How much of time is spend in airplanes, and how much time is spend in buses? Team has private jet or is using public air traffic (which extends travel of the team, and make them more tired). Teams without private jets (due to costs) obviously will be more tired and less likely to win a game. How coach is dealing with alcohol, cigarettes, narcotics, doping.. ? i.e. are there performed regular daily basis tests on the whole team? Selected players? or none? (normal football players in my country were known for drinking a lot of alcohol, and spending night by night in casinos)
  7. That depends on whether somebody is hurting just himself or herself, or can hurt entire community. e.g. lonely drunker, as long as not driver of a car etc. is hurting just himself but antivaxxer can cause multimillion deaths of innocent people if as a result of his or her actions microbes will mutate to much more violent form, resistant to vaccines..
  8. ""Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"...
  9. Do you have experience writing Android applications? Write app which is using Google Cloud from Android application. Does not have to be fancy. e.g. here you have samples how to encrypt/decrypt data using AES: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6788018/android-encryption-decryption-using-aes
  10. You're forgetting about availability of nutrients. There are known cases of "eruption" of algae as a result of pollution of sea by human made nutrients used in agriculture. Here is example of natural enrichment of ocean by volcanic activity: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/kilauea-lava-eruptions-fed-massive-ocean-phytoplankton-bloom "From June 3 to August 6, 2018, Kilauea spewed 50 to 100 cubic meters of metal- and nutrient-rich lava daily into the Pacific Ocean (SN: 1/29/19). Three days after lava first entered the ocean, satellite images showed a patch of water enriched in chlorophyll-a — the pigment that can make plants and algae green — off the island of Hawaii. Once the lava stopped flowing into the ocean, the patch dissipated within a week." Algae and microalgae are the main source of food of the all higher level sea living animals.
  11. First, you need to multiply what you have prior bracket with what is inside of bracket e.g. -3(a+3) = -3*a-3*3 = -3a-9 then the same with second one, 5(3-a)=5*3-5a=15-5a then move the all numbers to the right side, changing signs -50+9-15=-56 sum the all a on the left side -3a-5a=-8a so you have finally -8a=-56 divide by -8 either side a=-56/(-8)=56/8=7 ps. It's not geometry, but algebra. Linear equation with single unknown. https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-eighth-grade-math/cc-8th-solving-equations
  12. And that is very good route. The smarter community, the better community.. Unfortunately many fake universities and fake schools have been made here, which are just pulling people's money for worthless education (due to level). Or even just giving diploma for money without any education. Verification of knowledge of students must be done outside of the university or school, in complete anonymity to prevent fraud. Hm.. Google Glasses, or similar product, to record what student is doing during exam? It would help to solve problem with cheaters and fake diploma for nothing..
  13. ...if you didn't fail at school, you would have a completely different life, with a completely different wife, with completely different children.. Once, I was walking on the street, some girl couple meters in front of me, and speedy driven car had accident and literally fly through our pedestrian path, 5 meters from that girl. I said to her "if you would get out of home 5 seconds earlier you would be dead by now"..
  14. No. What you described is black surface.. No. You need to have object with refractive index = 1.0. Without any reflections. Like it is showed on this video: There is liquid with R.I. the same as glass, therefor glass placed inside of liquid is invisible to human eye.
  15. Humanist describes world or universe, using words. Mathematician and/or scientists add to it mathematical equations describing how physical system is behaving, interpolating and extrapolating further in time. It's easy to verify if mathematician or scientist is correct or wrong by looking at what was predicted and what has been found after a while when physical system evolved. Book writer humanist could predict "human will be able to fly". Mathematician and/or scientist could tell how long will fly using how much fuel, velocity and thrust etc. What I meant, humanist is not limited. Only by just his or her imagination. So can claim whatever he or she wants. Without any additional equations allowing to verify claim. Which is typically the case in Speculation section of this forum. Plentiful word of explanation, without any attempt to verify these words on the real data (using mathematics).
  16. This is science website, not humanist's blog. If you make a claim, you need to support it by proper math equations. Humanist can claim whatever he or she imagine. Scientist must be able to make prediction of how physical system is behaving, provide equations describing system, and confront it with experimental data. If confrontation is negative, equation is not correct, and entire hypothesis or theory, dismissed, dissolved.
  17. The less developers, the more stable team (no job quitting, no acquiring new (unknown) programmers), the less chance to have leakage of details of the system. Final user (developer) of cloud service can use his or her own e.g. AES-256 password to encrypt the all data sent/received from cloud (and using it as just storage), from his or her web-server or computer or mobile application using cloud. This way data are not (easily) readable even by admins or owners of cloud service (nor middle man intercepting the all transmission, even if managed to pass through HTTPS/SSL).
  18. Declining are only countries/nations with ratio children per woman less than 2. Here you have links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states_and_dependencies_by_total_fertility_rate (check table with fertility rate per woman) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_fertility_rate#Replacement_rates (check world map on the right, colors indicate whether country has replacement or decline of population)
  19. He meant hypothetical "white hole".. Sun, similar like other stars, is burning fuel (Hydrogen and Helium), which was sucked and gathered billions years ago during formation of Solar System. If it would be "white hole", it would have infinite (?) or finite (?) amount of fuel from opposite "black hole".. Which would mean it could exist for much longer time than expected by scientists. It would break the all currently accepted physics laws.
  20. They are brainwashed on daily basis by Fox and similar TV channels, so they have no idea what D.T truly does and what are effects on US economy, global economy, politics, finances.. etc. etc. Nobody will explain them in these TV channels that e.g. they will have to spend more their money on the same item in the shop as a result of duties on Chinese products. They will be happy "waving a flag" for introduction of such duties, without truly understanding results of these actions.
  21. ..you can do it in almost any 3D application.. Search net for "animated 3d graph" e.g.
  22. Every specie is invasive specie, it is just a matter how long in history of the Earth (or continent, or island) we look at.. The Big Island ("Hawai'i") is just ~400k years old. The oldest one is 5.1 Ma. Mosquitoes at various stages of their development could already became source of food for native species, like birds, fishes or bugs. They had over two hundred years to adopt.
  23. The best place to put solar panels are: roofs and roads. Roofs don't require any special treatment. As showed by Musk, solar-tile can be indistinguishable from regular tile. Roads would require rethinking entire solar panel design. The most optimal IMHO would be invention of special photon-absorbing paints. Agricultural farms should be in agricultural skyscrapers with hydroponics. It has many advantages over traditional farming. Much smaller water usage. Minimal or none usage of pesticides. Entire year fresh vegetables and fruits near house.
  24. BTW, duration of time of zero is plausible in computers. Just because time in computers is quantized. e.g. clock_t t0 = clock(); clock_t t1 = clock(); clock_t duration = t1-t0; printf( "Duration %d\n", duration ); It should show zero, because we have no code between two executions of clock() function. Typically it returns time quantized to 1 millisecond (CLOCKS_PER_SEC =1000). Also, duration of time negative value is possible in computers (when using different functions of getting current time than clock() e.g. time()). It is because we have time-zone changes two times per year (it depends on country). One time one hour is added, and other time one hour subtracted. If computer code is executed, and unlucky in the middle of time-zone change, it'll report negative duration of time. Manual change of time and date by customer of computer also can lead to invalid calculation of duration of time inside of application. These all cases must be properly handled by application which is measuring duration of time.
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