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  1. If you're wondering who is responsible for all this s*.... (the answer is always the same, but through a couple of sockpuppets..) https://news.sky.com/video/afghanistan-taliban-leader-mullah-baradar-returns-12384306 "Afghanistan: Taliban leader Mullah Baradar returns after release from prison Baradar was arrested in 2010 in Pakistan but was released from prison in 2018 at the request of former US President Donald Trump's administration so he could participate in peace talks." (one might wonder about the objectivity of the August 2021 news, so one must go back to earlier records) News from 2018: https://www.outlookindia.com/newsscroll/taliban-leader-baradar-released-at-us-request-for-political-settlement-in-afghanistan-pak/1417930 "Islamabad, Nov 8 (PTI) Pakistan on Thursday said the Afghan Taliban's former deputy chief Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was released from jail at the request of the US as part of efforts to pursue a political settlement in war-torn Afghanistan." Search engine query: https://www.google.com/search?q=Abdul+Ghani+Baradar+released+from+prison+trump+"2018"+-2021+-2020 Abdul Ghani Baradar and Mike Pompeo (ex-CIA director, ex-Secretary of State) meeting in Doha 2020: https://www.timesofisrael.com/who-is-abdul-ghani-baradar-the-man-who-led-the-taliban-takeover-of-afghanistan/
  2. Welcome "psychology and psychiatry"..
  3. Stars are formed from materials that already existed in accretion disks. The later the star generation, the more heavy elements the accretion disk contains. At the end of its life, the Sun will consume Mercury, Venus, and Earth, so most of Earth's existing atoms here will become part of the solar red giant.
  4. Worth reading and watching Spielberg's movie based on it, if you are not familiar with it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Amistad
  5. Dig deeper. This is just the first level. Make a list of the owners of these companies. And the owners of the owners..
  6. Or 'coding'.. on demoparty.. or bootcamp.. or hackathon..
  7. Moreover, you should use special relativity velocity addition formula instead of classical, if velocities are close to the speed of light: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velocity-addition_formula
  8. ln democratic countries politicians want/must to follow voice of the voters. Making unpopular movements (even good at the end for the community) is straight route for being eliminated in the next election. Not without a reason POTUS do more unpopular actions in their 2nd term than in 1st term. Even worse if such antivaxxer, disbeliever in Covid-19 or human made climate change, take a seat becoming influential politician.. such a person will reverse everything good what was done (e.g. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement).. They were brainwashed that COVID-19 is a hoax. I met such people (when they were returning from anti-lockdown protests) and talked with them face-to-face.. Showing them this video: ..imagine what disaster can make such anti-lockdown politician after being elected..
  9. Sensei

    Political Humor

    You've watched too much movies with Christian Bale.. "Vice", it was a good movie, but who said it was absolute truth.. ? I mean, he was sockpuppet as well.. Ps. Ohh. . we are in the wrong thread.. Starting political discussion in the thread which supposed to be humourous.. maybe copy & split?
  10. Sensei

    Political Humor

    Funny, but he is just a sockpuppet...
  11. "Running hot since ever" or "running hot at the end of their life just before failure".. ? Design issue? In either case: check their voltage and amperage.. If electronics is failing, it can give too much voltage and/or amperage which will damage LED too.. (If you don't have) buy microscope and IR camera for these ultra small boards.. compare still working LED v/a with already broken to find differences. Broken part is often overheating with even low voltage (plug to labs power supply (with controllable parameters)) thus it will be visible on IR camera..
  12. Golfers hate forests, sands and ponds..
  13. Some would say: "Judgement Day is close".. (and people here push me hard to accelerate..) I am asking them: why do you hate your life? so why are you doing what you are doing to yourself.
  14. Thanks Dave. Looks good now. At least devs made it configurable.. ps. Somewhere (e.g. user profile) it still rounds larger quantities to the nearest 100.
  15. Looks like crappy update of the software.. On PC user can hover elements by mouse to show details, on mobile there is no such way you can hover element to display bubble with details.. Rank is hidden under "rocket icon" which displays only after hovering it by mouse on PC.. Number of posts, reputation points, rounded to the nearest 100. You don't even know how many you have. Maybe it is editable in configuration?
  16. ...."ignorance is bless"... (So they said too) "1st world problems"... in 3rd world they have "will we eat today?".. The more important aspect of flood of cars is that people will spend hours in traffic wasting their precious time of life fruitlessly. 2h per day is 12.5%, 4h per day is 25% of 16h human day activity..
  17. Tesla's solar roof is unrecognisable from normal roof.. so maybe some day somebody will also make such asphalt for roads. Price, efficiency and durability are the main concerns. If they would in full light produce magnetic field it would allow levitation slightly above the road and reduce energy consumption by cars which would not have to worry about friction anymore. Once accelerated car would be flying a couple cm above the road bothering only about air resistance.
  18. Biofuel is mostly ethanol. Biofuel has one large disadvantage: if farmers earn more from plants for biofuel, they don't produce plants for food. Which can lead to increased price of food for people and farm animals.. Ethanol can be dehydrated to ethene and used for production of plastic and other organic compounds.
  19. If UV light has enough energy to destroy microbes, it probably also has enough energy to damage pigment molecule in colorful clothes. So it will limit its usability only to perfectly white clothes..
  20. 1) decrease mass of car/vehicle and fuel usage per kilometer will drop too. Engineers can use e.g. Aluminium alloys, Magnesium alloys, carbon fiber etc. And these technologies are used in more expensive cars. 2) use KERS to recover kinetic energy of cars during braking. 3) city electric cars don't need extra large battery (i.e. decreased mass of car), if they can be wirelessly and/or quickly charged on/by road e.g. waiting on traffic lights. And alternatives: 1) More home office = less traffic = less people killed on roads = more time spend with family and friends. 2) Free (and electric) public transport = less traffic = less killed on roads = controlled creation of energy & pollution in power stations. 3) creation of alcohol from air CO2 and water in special factories and usage instead of oil fuel. Oil & gas industry wants to increase carbon fuel usage, not limit it.. If behind a series of financial institutions controlling car making companies are also owners of oil&gas companies, decreased fuel usage of cars will affect their other investment.
  21. ex-POTUS: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/04/18/politics/trump-afghanistan-troop-withdrawal/index.html Now they are even better armed than they were in 2001, because they got free of charge weapons given them by Afghan militarians who surrendered without any action.
  22. If it is RFC, you don't have copy-constructor (input other recomplex), assignment operator (various inputs), comparison operators (various inputs). The number of dimensions you can try to implement using C++ template class instead of hard-cording constant value with macro.. In the division operator and some other places, you don't check to see if you divide by zero, which can lead to an exception and a code crash. It would be also good to implement +=, -=, *=, /= operators etc.
  23. @wotsallthisMeasure voltage of the battery (using a multimeter or voltmeter) to see if it is not exhausted.. An exhausted battery can lead to incorrect sensor readings. It should not display all the contours, just the right one: Perhaps it is not -34 C but some LEDs are damaged and turned on all the time, just giving impression of incorrect value.. I did it for you: Auriol Z 31915 https://www.manua.ls/auriol/z-31915/manual English starts from page 120: https://www.manua.ls/auriol/z-31915/manual?p=120 Probably battery is exhausted. Measure voltage and replace by fresh new one..
  24. I think it should have comma at the end of the sentence, not semicolon. [x] := If [{((x ^ 3 * pnp^2) / (pnp^2 + x) - x^3) < 1.0}] This line of code does not follow If[] statement format. It should be If [ condition, true, false ] Your code has no two commas.
  25. Weed and whisky are often (ab)used by people with bipolar disorder. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bipolar_disorder "The onset of a manic or depressive episode is often foreshadowed by sleep disturbance.[31] Mood changes, psychomotor and appetite changes, and an increase in anxiety can also occur up to three weeks before a manic episode develops. Manic individuals often have a history of substance abuse developed over years as a form of "self-medication".[32]" Alcohol and weed are known depressants. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depressant "A depressant, or central depressant, is a drug that lowers neurotransmission levels, which is to depress or reduce arousal or stimulation, in various areas of the brain.[1] Depressants are also occasionally referred to as "downers" as they lower the level of arousal when taken. Stimulants or "uppers" increase mental and/or physical function, hence the opposite drug class of depressants is stimulants, not antidepressants." i.e. a person with bipolar disorder (or other mental illness) wants to decrease nervous activity of the brain.. An unaware stranger observing such a person just sees his or her the drug abuse, not understanding what is happening in the brain (which requires e.g. MRI)
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