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  1. Not elephant, but cat.. and not in the room, but in the box.. So, even though you collapsed his/her/its wave-function by act of observation (measurement of the state), you are still uncertain whether cat is alive or not.. ? That's completely new QM interpretation.. QM founders are spinning in the grave. Cat/elephant can be virtual, collapse/observation can be virtual too... The uncertainty about everything has taken to a whole new level..
  2. Reaction looks like Cl2 + H2O -> HCl + HOCl
  3. Let user decide whether they want progressively increased hardness level or mixture of harder and easier levels.
  4. Only if you're equipped just with eyes and ears etc... i.e. typical human-human or human-animal or human-cyborg/AI interactions.. But if you are equipped with e.g. MRI or can take blood sample, you will detect whether somebody is happy or sad, at that particular moment of examination, on monitor screen or on graph showing amount of chemicals flowing through blood of somebody.. With AI you cannot measure current and voltage to check how happy or sad is particular AI..
  5. AI does not feel anything. Emotions are just fakes. Facial expressions presented to human being. Smiling face robot is as happy as sad face robot. In true living beings emotions are connected with release of neurotransmitters, hormones and other chemicals in the brain. e.g. human after seanse of comedy movie, or after eating piece of chocolate, is really feeling better. AI plugged to electricity (equivalent of food) does not feel better. It does not feel anything.
  6. It would be much faster and easier to ask the tobacco industry to place cigarettes upside down. With a detailed explanation of how smokers can become infected with microbes and viruses by simply taking cigarettes out of the box.
  7. On petri dish there are placed only bacteria, fungi etc. single cellular microorganisms. On the bottom of petri dish there is placed nutrient for them. Viruses can't grow and spread on petri dish as they need host (single or multi cellular life forms)... If you will place bacteria or fungi on petri dish and contaminate them with virus, what is lethal to bacteria or fungi will also eliminate possibility of viruses to spread..
  8. Which of course makes it taboo and paradoxically MORE likely they will. Humans are dumb Any cigarette smoker "licks door knobs", just indirectly, and inadvertently.. People touch the knob.. and then take cigarette to their lips using the same hands. I am not smoker, but as far as I know, the filter which people put to their mouths is the first thing that you see after opening a new cigarette box, and it's almost impossible not to touch it, to get out the rest of cigarette from the box. You must touch the filter... Yet another reason to quit smoking.. ps. The same with paper money, etc. etc., and smoking..
  9. From papers that I saw, 26% to 29% of the all infected are admitted to intensive care unit (ICU). Are you making mental shortcut "hospitalized" = "intensive care unit"? Yes. This is what I meant. Patient in isolation outside of his or her house, around medical staff monitoring and taking care of somebody = hospitalized. Obviously with increasing number of the cases hospital buildings are running out of space for new patients.. ICU is for unlucky ones in critical conditions.. If a mildly ill patient is not isolated, it is straight forward route to further infection and spread of viruses to friends, family, coworkers, random people in shops and public transport vehicles, etc.
  10. Annual flu has fatality rate 0.1%-0.15%. Corronavirus at least twenty times higher. In China today 4% and Italy 3% (today 7 from 224 infected). Availability of medical staff is important factor affecting fatality rate. Without enough personel infected people will be dying not because they are simply ill, but because there is nobody to take care of them during illness.. "While the impact of flu varies, it places a substantial burden on the health of people in the United States each year. CDC estimates thatinfluenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deathsannually since 2010." https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html Annual flu has 45 mln infected and 800k hospitalised 1.8% rate. In the USA. Coronavirus has 100% hospitalised rate. There is physical limit how many people can be simultaneously hospitalised. 3rd world countries are not prepared for such pendemia..
  11. Search the web for the book name plus pdf keywords.. Mention of Wuhan in "The Eyes Of Darkness" is also in translation of the book to my language. Wuhan Laboratory was founded in 1956. The details about the virus do not match. It is kinda like somebody predicting explosion of a space shuttle during launching in Florida.. It is a very likely to happen accident.. If the writer creates a thriller, he or she will place action, story or history in places which are really existing.
  12. This planet needs wiseness.. so far everything here is based on greediness...
  13. "Made up nonsense"... Baby with autism is starting showing symptoms of autism at age when it is also heavily vaccinated and somebody ultimately incompetent and/or disgustingly insidious made claim that there is connection between the both. But only connection is age of a child. CDC articles about ASD https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/data.html The most interesting for you should be studies and statistics about ASD of identical twins, non-identical twins, and siblings. ps. Read and take data from reliable government sources.
  14. Connect to the router using a web browser and search for QoS settings (Quality of Service). Check if it has an option to enter the MAC Address.
  15. Just to keep up-to-date the one who are not bothering with reading coronavirus news every day and calling it hysteria. From the all 328/329 US citizens evacuated from Japan and taken yet another time to quarantine in the military base in Texas, three positively diagnosed.. so far.. 14 were diagnosed in Japan after disembarking from the ship during travel to the airport. Raport from Diamond Princess. Compilation of US passengers relations. Which is completely devastating to Japan authorities and medical staff.. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/22/world/asia/coronavirus-japan-cruise-ship.html I am afraid that number of infected people in Japan will "fly through the roof" very soon...
  16. ...and such person is immediately identified, arrested and waiting for trial, and sentenced... Here are cameras on every corner and in almost every shop.. Bank will just exchange data with police where somebody attempted to withdraw cash or shopped. Police is going to shop and getting videos from cameras..
  17. I found several Visa cards in the last year. Some of them I leaved on the police station (they know smartphone numbers of everybody local), some returned to owner hands (three weeks ago the last time), and some leaved at place were I found (I tried calling owner but nobody was answering for half hour attempts). Stuff was in a such place only owner searching for it could find it. Rechecked place couple hours later, it was found. Smart wallet thieves take the cash and everything else are throwing away. It disallows almost completely to identify them. If thief is going to ATM trying to withdraw cash, knowing or not knowing PIN, will be recorded by e.g. cameras on the street around, even if ATM has no built-in camera. Analyse of cell-stations who logged in and out will reveal thief phone number..
  18. e.g. you have one radioactive atom. Probability of decaying it ever is 100%. But you don't know when it will happen. But again you can calculate probability of decay happening this second, the next minute, the next year, the next millennia (from half-life or mean-life). You can take more radioactive atoms sample. And again you can calculate probability of decay of one, couple or the all atoms. Replace radioactive atom by lottery balls or roulette. On the roulette we have 37 fields (some US versions 38). If you will place a bet on one field you will have 1 per 37 chance of winning (2.7%). Place a bet on two fields and you have chance of winning 2/37=5.4%. Place a bet on x fields and you have x/37=2.7(027)%*x chance of winning in the next round. Place a bet on 37 fields and you have 100% chance of winning. Similar calculations can be applied to everything. Probability of dying somebody today, dying caused by cancer caused by cigarettes, or working in mining industry, or burning fossil fuel (or the all three causes together), dying caused by car accident, dying caused by airplane accident, extinction caused by collision with asteroid, extinction caused by Gamma Ray Burst from star explosion. etc. etc. You seem to like such apocalyptic subjects. Such calculations are done by insurance companies. If they will calculate probability of some accident happening incorrectly, they can bankrupt having to pay more money than they collected from their customers. To be able to predict probability of something happening regardless if it is roulette or Gamma Ray Burst, you need to have enough information about the subject. In the second case you need a list of the all stars in galactic neighbourhood with distances, masses, ages, types of star (and working model of evolution of star) etc. From these data scientist can calculate probability of GRB event happening and arriving to the Earth in the next year, the next century, millennia, or the next million of years.. Even if we gathered the all data carefully there is chance that previous models were slightly incorrect and scientists forgot or were unaware about something essential. Models are reviewed and updated, as new data arrives. e.g. hypervelocity star (supernova-to-be) or even hypervelocity black hole might end up many living beings civilizations which were previously prepared for cosmic scale extinction events..
  19. Small correction. Co is symbol of Cobalt. CO is formuła of carbon monoxide. Use proper small and capital letters. Some teachers might not accept sloppiness.
  20. Studiot is such a nice person. Helpful and so kind for everybody. Sarah. Don't forget to award him with upvotes.
  21. Primes don't have factors...
  22. I am astonished and disappointed by you too.. so even you are not bothering with reading news from Wuhan, Hubei, China and world.. You even did not know what family I was talking about during reading my post! Unbelievable! (but you would probably know what rubbish D.T. wrote the last time on Twitter, right? Everybody lost mind on this world completely. Priorities completely up-side-down) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/18/coronavirus-kills-chinese-film-director-family-wuhan-covid-19 In this case fatality rate is not absolute function. Where you get y=f(x), with x depending on age, but it depends on availability of medical staff which will take care of person during illness.. Too many people will be infected = entire medical staff is a way too busy and tired of work to handle any more infected so infected patients are left alone and simply die.. Age of patient is meaningless if there is nobody to take care during illness.. Availability of medical staff depends on quantity of infected people. During annual flu only absolutely seriously ill are taken to hospitals. During this epidemic the all infected are taken to hospitals (which limits their availability to other patients).
  23. Even stock markets enterprise financial investors disagree with you.. China gov pumped 174 bln of USD, disallowed short-sale , disallowed selling stocks by large shareholder for six months.. ..they are BS world about quantity of infected and dead people.. ..not including cremated not hospitalised people in statistics..
  24. I was not attacking you personally but your attitude, to so serious subject as this one, which was (and still is) clearly disrespectful.. The same attitude had Wuhan and Hubei authorities just six weeks ago..
  25. There are almost entire families dead in China with death rate at 80%-90% (20% remaining just because one family member is studying on the West).. If annual flu attacks, it does not kill entire family in two weeks. So stop bullshitting about comparison to annual flu. As it makes you less and less credible.. Apparently you don't understand these numbers.. They were quarantined but still get infected and infecting others. Japan medics as soon as detected infected person were/are getting person outside of the ship to hospital. Still new 50 people were/are diagnosed per day.. In China there is so many infected, that hospitals are overcrowded and unable to handle so many people. If infected person is not immediately separated and hospitalized, he or she is dead. Ill person cannot walk, talk, work, go to shop for food. Have you seen videos with people losing consciousness on the street and failing and lying down on the ground? Lonely living person might die not because illness wins but because nobody could care him or her during illness and dies due to exhaustion. It is just a matter of escalation. Wuhan hospitals are full of people lying down everywhere on floors and crematoriums are unable to handle the all dead cases.. Japanese could handle it just because they at the moment have enough medics and staff to take care of ill people. Did you have math in primary school? What will happen if number of ill people will exceed medical staff human possibilities to help others? Wuhan medical staff is exhausted already. Dead rate will "fly through the roof" (your 0.3% is just temporary, and just because there is still enough medical staff). I am totally astonished by your incompetence... Apparently it is very funny subject to laugh on loud on scientific forum...
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