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    God in troubles...

    ...reunification with other extraterrestrial life forms.. ? ..or to simply say goodbye to not really adult lifeforms..
  2. Sensei

    God in troubles...

    Programmers call it breakpoint in debugger.. Triggered when there is something interesting to see.. or something like this (for a start): if( ( stars.getCount() > 0 ) && ( planets.getCount() > 0 ) && ( lifeforms.getCount() > 0 ) ) { Sound.playSound( soundLibrary.getSound( SoundLibrary::LifeForms ), Sound::LOUD ); }; ..and there is always log file to check history what people did in the past..
  3. No. They reacted accordingly. Only a bio-terrorist would like to make a virus at home.. If somebody asks here "how to make narcotics", or "how to make explosives" is banned almost instantly, as well..
  4. Not sure whether you are aware of this info guys, but he today threatened the Indian government for banning the export of this drug: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-52180660
  5. Sensei

    Voting By Mail

    Voting by mail could be made more safer (i.e. harder to fraud) by splitting ballot paper to two parts. One part remains at hand of voter, second one is sent back to government. Everybody should make photography ("selfie") of their ballot paper after making check mark at the right places (the same on the both), but prior splitting them. This way it will be possible to verify whether election has been compromised after the fact. Obviously election committees counting votes must be made of members from the all parties and foreign independent watchers. Each committee member must count the all votes from his or her region (couple hundred to couple thousands). Results from the all election committee members must match. Then they release it to public by Internet and media takes care of the rest. Without special precautions voting by mail can be easily compromised. ps. I am generally advising voters to make selfie together with their ballot paper. Regardless if it is voting by mail or traditional.
  6. Coil can increase or decrease voltage between primary (input) and secondary winding (output). How much it increases or decreases depends on quantity of windings on either side. e.g. you can make transformer which creates both 5 V and 12 V at the same time, by using different quantity of windings, from the same input power source. Power (Psrc = Isrc * Usrc) of input is slightly higher than sum of power(s) of output(s) (Pdst = Idst * Udst). Lost energy is released as heat on transformer. If you will have no load element on output, you can still measure some tiny lost of power on the input. Easily checkable by plugging transformer without any output load to wattage meter. It should show very low current ~mA/uA or so. Or by measuring increase of temperature of transformer that does not have any load. Therefore people who want to decrease power consumption in the house use power strips with button and shut it down at once when the all devices plugged to it are not used e.g. over night. We can make equation like: Psrc = Pdst + Plost Isrc * Usrc = Idst * Udst + Plost or if there are multiple outputs: Isrc * Usrc = ( Idst1 * Udst1 + Idst2 * Udst2 ) + Plost Increasing input voltage above coil parameters will lead to overheating and might result in damage of wire in the windings not prepared to flow of current with much higher amount than expected. Typical way computer power supply unit ends up life is overheating of transformer caused by failure of the fan which cools it down. Damaged transformer can give too large current or voltage (shorted damaged windings = different quantity of windings) to the rest of computer hardware, and motherboard, CPU or other peripherals might be damaged in consequence.
  7. Invariability of physics and chemistry is one of postulates. If one region of the Universe would have different physical laws than other, observation of that region from Earth using telescopes would give different noticeable results. e.g. analyze of content of stars would not be possible. But it is giving consistent answers (at least locally). Scientists use spectral lines of known on the Earth elements to figure out composition of distant stars (including the Sun). You cannot fly to star and manually check its composition taking sample of it and fling back with it. Device would melt. What remains? Analyze of the light emitted by the star (or Sun). Variability of physical laws would tremendously complicate understanding of the Universe. Perhaps even completely disallowing to understand it. Scientists, without any the real evidences, hypothesize how such theoretical variability of physical laws would behave. e.g. different number of dimensions, different kind of forces and/or with different strengths ("what would happen if electromagnetic force would be weaker or stronger than it is in this Universe"), different decay rates of radioactive isotopes and/or particles (it could lead to shorter or longer life of stars). To check such hypothesis there can be created simulation. Universes with hypothetical properties existing only in computer memory.
  8. The best "economy" is to share everything that you can best give to this world, without requesting or requiring to pay any money. It is "economy" without rich or poor.. Without exploitation.. The problem is that the most of people do only things that they are paid for.. Without "award" (money) they do not do anything.. or do very very little..
  9. My point is that you have no idea what is going on the world.. therefore making untrue claims.. Today news from Ecuador: "Bodies are being left in the streets in an overwhelmed" https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/03/americas/guayaquil-ecuador-overwhelmed-coronavirus-intl/index.html 10 mln jobless people in the US. Within two weeks. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/02/weekly-jobless-claims.html 15% jobless rate in Norway. The first time from the end of II world war. https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-norway-unemployment/norways-unemployment-soars-to-record-14-7-of-work-force-idUSS8N2BJ039 Tell me. For how long do you think they will have money to buy food? The majority of people, in the majority of countries, lives from the weekly check, to the next weekly check, and after week without job won't have anything left.. Better to be prepared for the worst that did not come, than being unprepared in the moment when it happened.. Do you know what I suggest people here? To buy seeds and cell seeding trays.. Just to be prepared for shortage of food.. This can happen very quickly. Entire agriculture relies on extensive usage of energy. Shortage of fuel supply (e.g. because of collapse and anarchy in the country on the opposite side of the world, which used to sell your country fuel) will cause that harvesters and other agricultural devices won't work at full power, and trucks, and factories, won't deliver enough food to shops to feed the all people.. Therefor for many, many, years, I was "asking" to move to renewable energy sources. To be prepared. Now you are not prepared. Did you see my posts where I said that Japan is importing 60-70% of the all consumed food? I said it in many threads. They also have no natural energy sources. They are not prepared for lockdown of the entire world, and collapse of global trade. Collapse and anarchy in countries which export food to Japan, can cause mass starvation of Japanese people.
  10. Lockdown of the country causes that normal people do not go to parks, streets are empty, etc. etc. and leave no things that homeless people search in trashcans to sell them to get money..
  11. Are you mocking? Or are living in the parallel Universe to the rest of this world? I know homeless who have no food nor money to buy food and cannot even search for beer bottles and beer's Aluminum cans in trashcans because of lockdown of the country.. One thing I can agree with in your post..
  12. Names of researchers you can find in this article. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/8698244/Sun-sea-and-shrinking-brain-power.html
  13. Once upon a time scientists made experiment. They took group of university students and measured their IQ. Split them to half. One group was sent to holidays with a lot of entertainment. The other group remained and learned like usual. After week or two, both groups rejoined and IQ tests was performed once again. Group that was on holidays had 15-20% or so worser results that group that remained. Couple weeks later, IQ tests were performed again. Group that was on holidays returned to their typical average results. So, no, IQ is not static. It depends on many factors, starting from such obviousness as amount of sleep, healthy balanced diet, age and health of human organism. Performing IQ test in the wrong moment of somebody life, might give incorrect deceitful result. ps. There is needed healthy balance between intellectual activity, entertainment, balanced diet, balanced lifestyle. If somebody concentrate just of career, it can result in mental breakdown, or occupational burnout.
  14. The list of school holidays in Germany with their dates per region: Baden-Württemberg -- Bavaria school February 24 - February 28, 2020 Berlin school February 3 - February 8, 2020 Brandenburg February 3 - February 8, 2020 Bremen February 3 - February 4, 2020 Hamburg January 31, 2020 Hesse -- Lower Saxony February 3 - February 4, 2020 Mecklenburg-West Pomerania February 10 - February 21, 2020 North-Rhine Westphalia : -- Rhineland Palatinate February 17 - February 21, 2020 Saarland February 17 - February 25, 2020 Saxony February 10 - February 22, 2020 Saxony-Anhalt February 10 - February 14, 2020 Schleswig-Holstein -- Thuringia February 10 - February 14, 2020 Reference https://www.iamexpat.de/education/primary-secondary-education/school-holiday-dates-germany
  15. When we look at Germany map of infected individuals and fatality rate map we can see very "strange"/"interesting" thing. Basically old West Germany and East Germany (GDR) country border is also border between more and less influenced by COVID-19 regions: Where is coming from such regularity? Some specialists suggested that it is result of different medical standards used in these two countries in the past history between 1945 until the reunification of countries in 1990. e.g. what vaccines were obligatory given to their citizens. The most promising "suspect" of differences is tuberculosis vaccine. BCG World Atlas reveals which countries have obligatory tuberculosis vaccination now, which used to have in the past, and which never had it mandatory: Green colored countries never had it obligatory for all. Purple had it obligatory in some years in the past. France started mass vaccination in 1950 and ended in 2007. Spain started in 1965 and ended in 1981. Very short period of time (and COVID-19 fatality rate 9% for this moment). Italy never had it obligatory (and COVID-19 fatality rate 12% for this moment). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BCG_vaccine I would start from analysis of what kind of e.g. vaccines people from different countries received in the past looking at their medical records. Anonymized big data should be public available so any volunteer programmer or company could write algorithm to analyse..
  16. It should be smarter than that. Pseudo code: if mem >= 1e12 then printf( "%.1f TB", mem/1024/1024/1024/1024 ) else if mem >= 1e9 then printf( "%.1f GB", mem/1024/1024/1024 ) else if mem >= 1e6 then printf( "%.1f MB", mem/1024/1024 ) else ... Also if we have fixed memory size, we could draw one continuous horizontal/vertical bar for both. Used memory in red color, free memory in green color.
  17. Let's concentrate of some constructive part of your message, rather than on religious part of it. We can interpret "unity" as "global economy" i.e. sending and receiving goods, between countries, collaboration between countries, collaboration between people. Some call it globalization. I call it unity of humankind. If global economy is broken, people from countries without e g. natural resources, will have no energy i.e. fuel, gas, electricity, and it will result in complete anarchy. Robbing shops is just easy the first page of this book, which you don't want to open.. In the past history of this world, and history of the entire Universe, it happened.. countless number of times.. Energy (from light from the Sun, wind, water, fuel, gas, oil, coal, etc. etc.) is needed to create food. Entire modern agricultural industry relies on it. If energy is not delivered to farmers, there will be no food, neither for farmers nor for people from cities, so the all people will suffer hungry. Hungry people means anarchy and mass destruction of the entire civilization, as you know today. In some places on this world, governments are very weak. Hungry soldiers and police officers won't bother about law, but about how to save life of their family members. Truck drivers etc. (the one freely passing borders between countries) should not have access to their families, to not spread disease on them. Truck drivers etc. (and other people passing borders) should be people who already had illness and have antibodies. If it is confirmed that people can't have it multiple times. It's great opportunity for IT specialists and engineers making automatic driven devices, of all kinds. One country deliver stuff to country border, other one is taking it to not pass people through border, and vice versa. For many years, I "asked" multiple times to move to renewable energy sources. Many people worldwide disobeyed and ignored my message, or even made completely reverse to my "requests". You don't prepare for fire in the house when it is already burning.. When it is already burning it is too late.. Now you will have to harvest results of your incompetence.. ps. Where are mine solar panels driven harvesters for farmers that don't need fossil fuel.. ?
  18. You can create image dynamically in PHP like it has been presented in this article: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/901201/create-a-dynamic-png-image Parameters for image you provide in URI query string.
  19. You made my day with this article. This world needs true, honest, anonymous, not for likes, videos and public applause, generosity.. #fishandchips4all
  20. This might be interesting to you. CPU usage per thread. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26238184/cpu-usage-per-thread Just use if thread th1 is alive then th1.get_cpu_percent(), render to string. Repeat with th2. Print final string.
  21. I prefer to have result fast.. As long as algorithm allows for easy migration to MT. Thanks to multithreading you can have results 8x/12x/.../48x/96x faster than on single thread.. depending how many cores/cpus are available. Yet another level of making code harder to maintain and to read is migration to multi thousands GPU cores.. I was thinking about single while loop for both threads with separate cpu usage for each thread.. If thread is alife get cpu usage of thread, repeat with second thread, merge strings, print.
  22. e.g. while loop checking whether any of two threads is alife (rather than just for one). Use logical or operator.
  23. Read about lock, rlock, condition, event objects: https://docs.python.org/3/library/threading.html#lock-objects e.g. make event object in the main thread, pass to child thread and set it at the end of execution. In the main thread wait till event is triggered. In majority of languages and OSes during writing app with GUI you should delay any long time (>50-100 miliseconds) taking operation to separate threads, and not block UI/the main thread, even if it is some basic stuff. In Java on Android it is even forbidden to call e.g. network or database function/method on UI thread and OS immediately throws an exception.
  24. @Dagl1 I and j are loop counters used as indexes to array. You need to compare array values instead of indexes. You need to find math equation giving f(x)=1+2+3+....n. It will be total internal loop executions. Use debugger to see what CPU is doing. It will help you understand issues.
  25. You could find math equation which is giving total number of internal loop executions and then use modulo or so to extract i and j variables from it. e.g. (just an example pseudocode) If we have loops like for i=0 to 10 for j=0 to 10 it is easy to figure out total number of internal loop executions. It is 10 × 10 = 100 so we can write for k=0 to 100 i=k/10 j=k%10 and instead of two loops there is just one.. Your code could be replaced by sort of array then two fields with the same value will be one after another. One loop goes through the all fields and internal if for checking two array entries to check whether they are equal or not.
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