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  1. "When a circuit is driven with direct current (DC), there is no distinction between impedance and resistance; the latter can be thought of as impedance with zero phase angle." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_impedance Static electricity discharge is flow of electrons in just one direction.. Typical use of superconductor is to create powerful external magnetic field around it, impossible for traditional electromagnets (because of too large resistance of existing metals). So you need to use DC. Again.
  2. What is molar mass (or atomic mass) of each compound in your equation? If you know mass of Hydrogen that escaped, you can calculate combined mass of LiH and NaH.
  3. Correct. Why do you need to do it this way.. ? Reread 4th question once again and give full answer. Identify rules that have been violated .
  4. What is the first rule that any chemistry teacher is teaching students about mixing acids and water.. ?
  5. No. Almost. Pay better attention to numbers..
  6. Well, they are margin of population. But being minority does mean that (mostly primitive uneducated) people should attack them and insult them.. They did not choose how their embryo developed.. I trust that doctors in hospital will notice that newly born baby and in later age patient has both male and female organs at the same time. But I don't think so doctors are prepared to such unusal situations and how they should adjust treatment of such patient.. starting from legal point of view: what to enter as gender in papers if there is no option for alternative than male/female (especially in on-line and/or computer forms)..
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermaphrodite "Many fish change sex over the course of their lifespan, a phenomenon called sequential hermaphroditism. In clownfish, smaller fish are male, and the dominant and largest fish in a group becomes female." "For many species, sex is not determined by inherited traits, but instead by environmental factors experienced during development or later in life. Many reptiles have temperature-dependent sex determination: the temperature embryos experience during their development determines the sex of the organism." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex
  8. He is in superposition.. There is needed observer to set him up to certain state..
  9. Numbers can be showed to human in decimal numeral system, as well as binary, hexadecimal or any else. It has nothing to do with SI units. Yes. It is easier to convert and calculate in modern numeral systems than e.g. imperial inches, feets and miles..
  10. ...because humans (at the moment) are using meters, seconds and kilograms etc. , i.e. International System Of Units (SI)... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_System_of_Units In normalized units c would be 1 [L/T]. In English imperial units system it would be completely different value. Conversion between different units systems require multiplication and/or division by the right coefficients. Building constructors use laser to measure distance. i.e. t=2d/c. Time of flight of laser beam to mirror and back after reflection is equal to double distance between laser and mirror, divided by speed of light (approximately, due to Index Of Refraction of air).
  11. I did not hack you. If that is what you are imputing here. I do not have to hack anybody. Not the way you are thinking.
  12. ..he is drinking whisky as always on Friday night and weekend..
  13. Unlike what some people believe, no, I am not one of LGBT community. I just sympathize with them, understanding and accepting their difference. On numerous occasions on this forum, I was even trying to explain how some of them were created the way they are.. ps. "Suing people" is definitely not the way I "work"..
  14. In my country gender is encoded inside of personal identification number given at birth date. Is it not overt violation of rights of transgender person? What we can see on website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_identification_number we have many countries which encode sex male, sex female, in their national identification numbers. Including ones which are quite open to gender minorities such as South Korea, Italy, Switzerland or Scotland. Norway just resigned in 2017 (so the all people born prior 2017 are still affected). Consequence of this, is that when somebody has transgender surgical operation, has to change national personal identification number.
  15. Sensei


    ...but there are apparent evidences of attacks of trolls and crackpots on this forum in this week... ps. "Attack of intelligence".. That would be something new!
  16. Do you have experience linking to and using 3rd party external linkable libraries or using DLL in your C/C++ code? Do you have experience in using debugging tools in your IDE? Which C/C++ compiler and IDE are you using? Do you have experience in making subclasses of C++ class and overriding virtual methods, overloading operators etc. etc. ?
  17. 1) search net for ready linkable math libraries which allow arbitrary precision numbers. e.g. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_arbitrary-precision_arithmetic_software 2) make your own C++ class. Override math operators and implement needed functionality with required higher precision. Start from dummy class which is just using built-in double. Then add 3rd party lib functions or your own in implementation of operators. Did you overload operators? After exceeding fixed precision number there is overflow. Integer example: add 128 to 128 and it's 256. Too large to keep it in 8 bit unsigned char. In hex it is 0x100. Byte will have only the lowest bits i.e. 0x00 so you get 0 instead of 256. It is called overflow. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integer_overflow Such errors cause unpredictable behaviors of program. Use debugger to observe values assigned to variables in the real time, and you will see it on your own eyes.
  18. The one thing that you missed is I World War. Canada mobilized 620,000 soldiers. ~ 8% of entire population. Women had to go to work to replace missing working power, when mens fought in the Europe..
  19. It is momentum... return to primary school.. You mixed mass with weight (force). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weight Mass has kilogram kg unit. Weight (force) has Newton N.
  20. https://physics.aps.org/story/v19/st3 "A tank of stirred liquid sodium generates a magnetic field even though it’s highly turbulent–a condition closer to real dynamos in planets, stars, and galaxies, but harder to simulate in the lab." More articles about it https://www.google.com/search?q=liquid+sodium+magnetic+field
  21. Reminds me ancient times. Caligula and Nero. On the other hand, modern politician must be good actor to persuade voters on TV, radio, Internet, media and real audience... It won't work without personality and charisma. Actors have a lot of training and experience of speeches to large audience.
  22. Obviously I was thinking about gentleman. Replying from mobile is more difficult, virtual keyboard is often suggesting and autocorrecting to wrong words or with wrong form. Can't see letters without zooming. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/gentleman "(2): a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior".
  23. Ronald Reagan was cultural gentleman..
  24. Is that example of lack of free will? i.e. somebody forced you to have better feeling.. ?
  25. "bad day" had dinosaurs ~ 65 millions years ago when they extinct..
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