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  1. Antivirus is as good as virus database it has access to. Newly found dangerous threats are found by team of antivirus programmers and added to database on daily basis (in the Windows OS world at least). Antivirus connects to central server and automatically updating local copy of database. If you will burn CD with antivirus app, you will have to download virus database manually. https://www.google.com/search?q=clamav+download+database+manually
  2. But "all swans are white" is false statement. Some swans are not white. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_swan The key word in this statement is "all". If statement would be "majority of swans are white", finding swan with different color would not contradict statement.
  3. The key word here is "every"... No, it would not. It would show that "In every room in every building on earth, there's a green unicorn!" is false statement.
  4. In the OP, you called scientists "cowards", when you could downgrade it to "scientists are afraid of losing respect of colleagues and end up as crackpot scientist".. Like everybody else, they want their career to grow up, and want to be famous in scientific community. Controversial hypothesis and theories could stop their career.
  5. Let me check the source code. Oh, it is because of these lines of code: if( person.think.equals( "world is simulation" ) && !person.isGodMode() ) { person.think.inject( "world is not simulation" ); person.think.inject( "reject" ); }
  6. It does not. Notice horizontal line where is 101 on the left vertical arrow. That's normal air pressure line (101 kPa) on the Earth (including your freezer). Sublimation triple point is at 0.6 kPa = ~600 Pa, and temperature 0.01 C. Big dot on the image above.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbitrary-precision_arithmetic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_arbitrary-precision_arithmetic_software No. float is 32 bit. double is 64 bit. They are fixed. You can read more in what range they operate on e.g. Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_754
  8. I already explained my idea how to not have to use pesticides at all, in couple other threads. https://www.google.com/search?q=scienceforums.net+sensei+farmer+skyscrapers Basically there are needed hermetic farmer skyscrapers. If bugs, fungi, microbes get in some floor, just one floor must be decontaminated. They could also reduce needed water and power usage. Reduce to zero losses caused by flooding, hail or ground frost. Pesticides kill not just unwanted organisms but also kill bees and other insects required for reproduction of plants. This caused major issues in e.g. China. https://www.chinadialogue.net/article/show/single/en/5193-Decline-of-bees-forces-China-s-apple-farmers-to-pollinate-by-hand
  9. int PNP; double root, estimate = 7; float x, pnp_check; For a start change it to: long long PNP; double root, estimate = 7; double x, pnp_check; "long long" is 64 bit signed integer.
  10. It is to have work activity that you LOVE to do.. Why people are quitting job ASAP after winning the lottery? Because they HATE their daily job.. Recently there was thread about "purpose of life". If somebody would be immortal and having to do job he or she hates, for eternity, it would be like being in the hell for eternity.. People doing their hated jobs dream of retiring. That is really sad life.
  11. Finite real number can be infinitely divided . double value = 1.0; double divider = 2.0; for( ;; ) { value /= divider; printf( "%g\n", value ); } (forget that double or float in C/C++ is just 64/32 bits)
  12. Nationalists are increasing tensions between "our country" and "foreign country" (whatever they are). That's what they fed on. If there used to be war between one country and other country, nationalists will be celebrating loss and/or win. Over and over again, in year ceremonies to sustain remembership of the victory, or better (for them) remembership of the loss. They (nationalists) are poisoning minds of newly born kids with their crap, to hate foreigners, and to hate people from different cultures, different races, different religions, different worldviews, and so on, so on.
  13. Yes. That's what happens with them finally. These highly energetic gamma photons after further collisions can decay to photons with smaller energies (and larger wavelength). They can also make pair of electron-positron (pair production) after collision with ordinary matter. They can also disintegrate ordinary matter after collision (photodisintegration). Compton scattering with matter. (please read links, if you are not familiar with these reactions)
  14. The all modern web browsers have dictionaries which can be installed by user. Wrong words will be highlighted with red underscore to instruct you, that they need attention, to fix them (right mouse click on such word to open list of correct equivalents). https://www.google.com/search?q=installation+of+english+dictionary+firefox It's not a matter of size, but a matter of energy these particles do have. Particle with bigger rest-mass decays to couple new with smaller rest-masses, and the rest of mass-energy is conserved as kinetic energy of newly created particles. They carry energies corresponding to rest-mass (conservation of momentum). So, if particle decays to two equivalent, like neutral pion meson pi, with rest-mass approximately 135 MeV/c^2, two newly created gamma photons have energies approximately 67.5 MeV (half of mass-energy of pion prior decay).
  15. "Like others with the condition, Rachel drinks a lot of milk, since the reaction isn’t as bad as with water. " http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160915-the-woman-who-is-allergic-to-water It means there is still reaction to water molecules in milk. Simply not as severe as with plain water.
  16. More correctly it is called "Aquagenic urticaria". Reading this article will explain couple things to you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquagenic_urticaria
  17. Teacher could run existing C/C++ project in debugging mode, and stepping-in and stepping-over each line of code, explaining what line does, and why it is there. But that is for beginners in programming. I would do something like this in the first few lessons for novice, no programmers yet, to teach them how to use debugger in C/C++. It would show programmers-to-be what does it mean "uninitialized variable" (having random trash from CPU POV), later initialization by code made by programmer, later assignment, addition, or other math operation on them. In the real-time, as CPU executes each line of code.
  18. "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". i.e. make you smarter.. I doubt.
  19. Not in practice. Student who is receiving such task, has to imagine what has to do to create bank website. i.e. 1) user registration 2) user logging in and logging off in secure manner (i.e. HTTPS, virtual keyboard, secure holding and pre-encrypted transfer of logins and passwords, unable to be read by company staff and hakers, even if they get access to db) 3) user edit of details after logging in to account 4) user making transfers and other operations etc. etc. Actually this question is very little different (just in details) from "you are a programmer hired by company to make on-line shop". Which is very common assignment for IT specialist. This has nothing to do with banks and money. It's about visualization of tasks, which normal employer will give his or her programmer. Programmer has to investigate it. Make a list of the all operations which must be programmed. Make a research of subject. That's how I am reading aims of this exercise.
  20. Sensei

    Class label

    There is slight difference between C++, I am used to, and Java in this area: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/javaOO/accesscontrol.html "The protected modifier specifies that the member can only be accessed within its own package (as with package-private) and, in addition, by a subclass of its class in another package." Q: "How can I define a method in a python class that is protected and only subclasses can see it?" A: "Python does not support access protection as C++/Java/C# does. Everything is public. The motto is, "We're all adults here." Document your classes, and insist that your collaborators read and follow the documentation. The culture in Python is that names starting with underscores mean, "don't use these unless you really know you should." You might choose to begin your "protected" methods with underscores. But keep in mind, this is just a convention, it doesn't change how the method can be accessed. Names beginning with double underscores (__name) are mangled, so that inheritance hierarchies can be built without fear of name collisions. Some people use these for "private" methods, but again, it doesn't change how the method can be accessed. The best strategy is to get used to a model where all the code in a single process has to be written to get along." https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11483366/protected-method-in-python
  21. Search net for "how to clear [name of browser that you are using] history". e.g. https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95589 for Google Chrome. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17438/windows-internet-explorer-view-delete-browsing-history for Microsoft Internet Explorer
  22. "massless" means "having no rest-mass" "mass" means "having rest-mass". Such shortcuts widely used now. In Standard Model photon has no rest-mass i.e. has no valid reference frame in which it is at rest.
  23. Depending on area. In ecology going for zero-emission is good direction.. The problem is the rest of world must do the same. Hard to tell who is from "right" and who is from "left" as they blended long time ago... Strawberry shake is not blended so well as left and right in politics! You must be more clear what you meant. John Cuthber, in one of his replies to me, years ago, said his definition of words "conservative" and "liberal". i.e. that conservatives want to decrease government's expenditures (and decrease taxes), and liberals want to increase government's expenditures (and increase taxes). I thought: WOW! I always thought that by "conservative", people on this forum meant somebody who is: religious, who is against LGBT rights, who is against immigrants, etc. etc. and "liberal" meant, somebody accepting LGBT rights, allowing and accepting multi-culture, especially helping refuges from countries which need help. So, the same word, said by two different persons from two different (culture) countries might mean something else to them.. (not big surprise!) I only know what joins politicians from any party: they want to sustain their seat in the next election. Regardless whether they have good program for people, or some crap made up by PR team..
  24. One of the most important things in burning process is availability of Oxygen. Somebody using e.g. Liquid Oxygen would burn something within seconds or minutes. In the normal circumstances, how fast something burns is limited by Oxygen from the air. But it could be easily accelerated by using powerful fans which will pump much larger amount of air (thus Oxygen). That's why human invented bellows. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellows "Several processes, such as metallurgical iron smelting and welding, require so much heat that they could only be developed after the invention, in antiquity, of the bellows. The bellows are used to deliver additional air to the fuel, raising the rate of combustion and therefore the heat output. "
  25. I am wondering why nobody music artist did not make song with "Hey Siri" or equivalent wake up words... The all worldwide iPhones, while listening to a radio station, or song on YouTube, etc., would wake up and listen this song (and/or commands)..
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