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  1. I would start from drawing it on piece of paper (or 3D application) to visualize it..
  2. Life forms can eat to gain mass and energy and replicate itself. The majority of living beings are replicating by cloning. Planets or stars don't do that. They just follow gravitational force law and nuclear reactions at higher temperatures and pressures caused by gravitation. You should first come up with some definition of life. You seem to be making equality sign between "following rules", "following physical laws", "following program" and "being alive".. Is your computer program alive? It might behave like life form if it is enough complex program. Did you hear about Game of Life? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway's_Game_of_Life Actually they do. Just using different words. Complex program for programmer's convinence and readability must be split to well known small blocks of code ("functions", "methods", "procedures"). Computer program function takes arguments ("parameters") and calculates something and outputs result. Which can be used in other functions and so on. Newtonian gravitational law is just such function taking two masses and distance between them as parameters and outputs force. Repeat it in a loop with varing positions (thus different distances) and you will get vector field. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_field
  3. That depends on what data and how, are delivered to AI. If AI has to understand human words must be able to see and hear. e.g. "elephant" for algoritm is just a word. Sequence of characters. Algorithm will read Wikipedia page about elephant. Read the all books about animal but won't be able to truly understand. Will have the all text information about animal. Like chatbot. Repeating the same sentences over and over again. The all info except images and sounds etc. Human without data from other senses is unable to imagine. During teaching of human, words are correlated with images and sounds and touch and smell etc. Together they are full information about the subject. Try to explain colors and sounds to somebody who can't see and hear since birth. That's kinda like AI without eyes and ears. What means distance for somebody who can't touch and see and hear? Something is far or near? Without eyes and ears impossible to explain. "Website or server is far away therefor long delay to load it..." to explain "distance" to algorithm? If one programmer is implementing AI using human brain simulating techniques, then AI will identify itself as human.. If I will ask you: who are you? You will answer that you're human. Are you sure? How can you know that? Maybe you are just AI?
  4. C'mon guys. It was meant to be SERIOUS thread about water shortage problem in California and similar regions of the Earth, and how to solve it, and you are derailing it by art and sculptures.... Apparently you own too much and you never have been hungry.... so you can't be serious while replying in such serious thread...
  5. Is your experiment performed in open space on e.g. desk, or everything is inside of sealed hermetic container? 10 meters away distance suggests everything is just on desk and in open air.. Mirage is moving as well. Air molecules move with speed 340 meters per second. It depends on temperature and pressure. There is convection and winds even inside of your room. Regions with higher and lower temperatures. Even your body is causing it. It can be seen on precise expensive IR cameras. Light matches and look at region slightly above fire. You will see disturbances of image because light has to enter region of air with different index of refraction and it is bending its path. ps. Use Full HD or UHD camera on tripod and make time lapse video. Point camera at screen where is visible laser spot. Use screen with grid with well known precise values (make in painting app and print it). Then load image sequence of photos to image processing application and you will be able to tell in pixels how long spot vobbled or moved during couple hours recording.
  6. They are poisonous.. "Apricot kernels can cause potentially fatal cyanidepoisoning when consumed. Symptoms include nausea, fever, headaches, insomnia, increased thirst, lethargy, nervousness, various aches and pains in joints and muscles, and a drop in blood pressure." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apricot_kernel They are eatable only in small amounts.
  7. Start from fixing your profile from astrology to Astronomy.. Astronomy is branch of science. Astrology is made up nonsense. Branch of science that you seem to like the most (at least from posts that you made) is Astrophysics. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrophysics
  8. You need the all digits.. If you have binary integer like 2^x-1 e.g. %11111111 (x=8) (decimal 255) and x can be factored, it is easy to calculate if number has factors and what they are. Because they will be made of series of digits like for example (pattern is visible in binary format): %00010001 * %1111 = %11111111 (decimal 17*15=255) %01010101 * %11 = %11111111 (decimal 85*3=255) When x is prime number you can use technique used during calculation of Mersenne prime number https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mersenne_prime
  9. If you are referring to Diamond Princess pasangers only negatively tested will fly to US and they will have yet another 14 days quarantine.. The major risk are not the one with symptoms, but the one missing visible and detectable symptoms..
  10. During formation of the Solar System there have been many proto planets collisions. One of such collisions created the Earth and the Moon as we know but Moon was much closer to the Earth. Yes. Also presence of the Moon stabilized and slowed down rotation of the Earth. It is not wobbling.
  11. Check the density of liquid water compared to ice. Therefore ice floats on the surface of the water, not sinks.
  12. Bollocks. Mice and rats in the "Mouse Utopia Experiment" do not have technology but still their reproduction over what is available in the closed environment leads to extinction. Imagine the same rate of reproduction on island. There have been such cases in human history when entire island civilizations disappeared. The survival of the current population is only possible thanks to technology, i.e. the production of fertilizers. Stopping the production of fertilizers and pesticides due to the collapse of the global economy would lead to the extinction of people unable to feed themselves. Japan is the most vulnerable country among the most developed countries. They import 63%, and produce only 37% of the food they consume. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2019/08/20/editorials/japans-falling-food-self-sufficiency/
  13. Nearly zero. Because the most of time I am buying every day fresh new (and eat it the same day). Waste is result of buying too much than possible to be eaten. Which ends in exceeding expiration date of some products. Overweight people often say that they could not throw it away, so they eat everything they have bought (and this is too much). Food producers and governments are happy as they earn more money and collect more taxes from larger sales.
  14. I noticed that there is not a single word about fine-structure constant nor it's alleged variability in the above article which you provided in OP.. Your question mismatches article's contents..
  15. Fine-structure constant (alpha) is used in equation of ionisation energy of Hydrogen. So, if alpha changes, ionisation energy must change.. or it would have to be compensated by change of other constant (which would not be considered constant anymore obviously).. Fine-structure constant is already below 1. It's 1/137 (less than 0.0073) already ;)
  16. Recently, China's stocks dropped 8% due to coronavirus fears. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/02/02/investing/china-markets-coronavirus/index.html China government decided to inject 174 billion USD to stop panic and disallow short-selling and blocked large shareholders to sell their assets for at least six months. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-cenbank/china-to-inject-174-billion-of-liquidity-on-monday-as-markets-reopen-idUSKBN1ZW074 As a result entire week e.g. Shanghai stock exchange was going up. Coronavirus fears will also affect US and EU tourism, airlines and the oil industry.
  17. How often do you hear news from top secret military programs? Only if there is leakage from whisleblower. How often do you hear about lonely programmer projects? Only if he or she wants to monetize project or gain investors and they will reveal details of project against NDA. Programmer's private projects largely remain private.
  18. If such being would exist you could not distinguish him/her/it during online discussion from normal human. How would you know? You assume that programmers will openly brag about the mass media. Even their AI doesn't need to know it's AI. He/she will claim to be human.
  19. Colonizer of extraterrestrial planets..
  20. If device allows printing to the real printer he could try to make virtual printer on his PC and device will send him the all data and PDF or Postscript file will be generated on the computer disk.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_printer Later image can be analized and spectral lines extracted.
  21. Human could not swim upwards, against the waterfall. The body is too weak for such a task. But some fishes do it at least once in their lives e.g. salmon must return from the sea to the river in which it was born. And they must to swim upstream waterfalls. Search net for keywords salmon and waterfall for videos how they do it.
  22. ..I am asking this question almost every day seeing what stupid politicians, or ordinary people, did that day...
  23. ..at the same time, they had slaves in their farms and mansions... So apparently they did not really think the above words..
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