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  1. As with any source of information if you are going to use anything in your own research it needs to be cited properly, from a academic viewpoint it would be viewed as plagiarism which will reflect badly on you. By citing you are backing up any claims, and if there are issues with the source. There are tools that make this much easier, esp if you use LaTeX and a bibliography file. Paul An example (probably not very good, but I just tried to think of a quick example) if you were writing an essay on Star Trek for example. Spock suggests "The needs of the many, outwe
  2. Prior to the pandemic, poverty and inequality was hidden to some extent, the pandemic has really put this in the public eye, a UBI could perhaps address issues such as food poverty, allow people to buy basic IT kit the rest of us take for granted and kids could study on their own devices. This in some cases, if they are not turned off from education will help kids achieve more in school , eat properly and produce better outcomes, too many people of all ages seem to be falling through cracks in the system. I am not working, back in January I attended training for a Lego WeDo sessio
  3. Ok sorry about that, As I have written the article about this website I am going to send it hopefully it will generate a few more members. On the forum. Regards Paul
  4. I put it on my blog (still draft) so it is easier for me to share the document as a draft review of this science forums website, I want to promote this forum, as it is really useful and helpful as a discussion platform. I have already mentioned it lots of times in various posts to direct people here for further discussion, ( I can't think of many places where I can ask stuff on cutting edge physics or science) I can get hopefully get said article / blog published locally (Torbay) if it sounds ok, so hopefully attract more users here, so i am not intending to put my website link at
  5. I am not a expert in immunity and immunology but I think you make a good point here, exposure to dirt / germs helps build the immune system.
  6. Given that the permafrost is also melting in many regions, there has also been warnings previously that there could be very old viruses / bacteria in that permafrost, which are dormant when frozen but as that permafrost melts are released. We just don't know I guess.
  7. As in this? https://edition.cnn.com/2019/04/10/world/black-hole-photo-scn/index.html If the article says this was taken with 8 telescopes. I guess it is not a photo in the traditional sense, and definition (as with a camera) as radio telescopes work with radio waves rather than light and this is a combination of different instruments with data combined. Still cool, even though all the memes were of donuts, which I think is the analogy model for a blackhole anyway (well sort of). if you look at the curve of a donut (the sort with the hole in).
  8. If you are interested in Astronomy and Space I suggest In the Night sky : Orion, which is part of OpenLearn ( http://www.open.ac.uk/ ) from the OU, that covers a lot about stars, planets, star life cycles, and searching for exoplanets, there is a lot of crossover with other courses, which is sometimes a good thing, But as this is longer then you will cover what is also in the shorter courses such as The Sun. And if you need to discuss something further you could always ask here on the forum. Paul
  9. Hi In an effort to try and promote Scienceforums more widely I have tried to write a review on my website url deleted This isn't published yet as it is still draft, but is still viewable, I am posting here for some feedback, my intention here to promote this website as I find it really useful, friendly and engaging, hopefully we can attract more people to take part in discussions. So firstly is it ok to do this, ? and how does it sound so far ? I am not a fan of Facebook (not on it) so welcome any forum such as this where discussions can take place. Thank you
  10. Cool thanks, so i guess I must have moved up at some point and not noticed. Paul
  11. Not quite too sure what to search for here other than 'Ranking' which doesn't seem to return a list, , I seem to be a Meson at present, but others are molecule, atom etc, is there a list of these ranks somewhere please. Just for interest. Thanks Paul
  12. In terms of anti poverty, Would a universal basic income be far better for society, ? If you increase taxes then you get accused of punishing the rich. This is from Jan 2020 World’s billionaires have more wealth than 4.6 billion people https://www.oxfam.org/en/press-releases/worlds-billionaires-have-more-wealth-46-billion-people I wonder what the Covid 19 pandemic has done to these figures, we know that Amazon and Facebook have done very well from the news. But the cost is to the millions facing job losses, evictions, and poverty. In other news Both Bill G
  13. A child learns from the parent or their environment, and this seems to apply to the animal kingdom too, a adult chimp for example uses a stick to get food (termites) from a hole in the ground or tree, the youngster copies the adult. I think we are finding animals and their social structures are far more complex than first thought but in a way they are also remarkably similar they can feel loss, grief, and well as happiness. I can't find the reference to what I may have refereed to earlier, (it's on a poster somewhere) I did find this https://digitalcommons.usu.edu/researchwee
  14. I will need to look that up, but may be we need to make some tough decisions somewhere. Like how do we fund social care and adult education, if that means higher taxes, or other funding streams these are tough decisions, that may be unpopular unless people see results from these policies. Maybe it is people and their needs that are different,if we are all unique and different needs and level of needs then we all need help in different ways. hence the complexity.
  15. Agreed, if not jail, there are for example complexes of secure housing, and secure, perhaps sheltered communities, they are not locked up as such but are in a secure / safe environment. Where they have access to the help they need.
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