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  1. Interesting, sounds like it is something that at some point in the future will be a possibility, but it is clear generally that this would also need huge investment long term, and also assurance that people have or will be able to develop the skills needed to work at these power stations at all levels. I can't see the current government planning that far ahead or working with other parties to ensure some sort of continuity of policy to ensure long term stability of projects.
  2. Nuclear fusion plant to be built at West Burton A power station https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-63119465 Interesting article, how viable is this method of generating power? just posting here for comments and perhaps we can collate related articles and papers etc relating to fusion technology. Paul
  3. Is it possible to add a Atomic Energy category to the Physics section please. Or perhaps advise where best to start a thread on a related topic (Fusion reactors). Thanks Paul
  4. Sounds like a step in the right direction, we are treading on new ground experimentation -> learning and ten revision of what we can do, but also what we can't do. Even if the plants fail to grow as long as we can learn and then find a way to try different things we should eventually get to the point where we can grow things.
  5. I meant in the context that Mark Chapman was holding a copy of the book when he shot John Lennon in 1980.
  6. Cool thanks for this, I can't upvote this as it seems my days quota has been reached. is this still something we should be thinking about when we start building bases on the moon, making sure that we can detect and also deflect incoming objects. ?
  7. Could be yes, I am not an expert but we know ecosystems are complex How much do we really understand about how everything fits together. We are killing off bees and other insects, they are needed to fertilize crops so there could be a combination of many factors, we ave found microplastics all over the world are they having an effect, what about for ever chemicals.?
  8. I think this thread suggests there are problems with soil fertility etc, you would need to do a lot of work to make the desert sand suitable to grow crops, for human consumption. Why not use solar power?
  9. I would guess that growing crops remove nutrients from the soil, but this can't simply be replaced the soil is a living organism in a way full of microbes,bacteria essential compounds, so a very find balance.
  10. Catcher in the Rye has a different significance for Beatles' fans
  11. In some cases the screens stay up to protect staff from abuse.
  12. Is that not right then, i thought Helium was produced from the fusion of Hydrogen in stars. Hence the name is derived from Helios (sun) They have recently grown plants from returned moon soil, which may imply that there could be some nutrients in that soil If I understand things plants need Nitrogen and other elements found in soil to grow properly. I know peas use a lot of Nitrogen and can't generally be planted in the same place each year as time is needed for the level of Nitrogen to recover (I could be wrong here) https://www.universal-sci.com/article/plants-grown-in-moon-soil Important step and opens up more fields of research. Paul
  13. Firstly I am not an expert but can offer this, as others have pointed out money and the costs involved Here in the UK we do have a canal network, that can extend vast distances (well at least for the UK) but I think ultimately it is about proper management of the land, dredge rivers. This of course depends on the land owner giving permission etc (the same for land owners) Unless they can be convinced, which is easier if they can some how benefit too. I think another cause of flooding is blocked sewers, people will put oils /fats down sinks, or put wet wipes down the toilet, all of which cause blockage. Blocked drains caused by leaves and other debris, which if left causes problems, But how often do we get so much rain it causes these issues, so the argument is that unblocking drains to stop the issue becomes an expense. When there is heavy rain the sewers can't cope, of course London sewers have been around since Victorian times, so while still working, the population of London has increased massively since that time. but finding efficient ways to move water around will be essential going forward.
  14. In terms of Origins of Elements I found this posted on Twitter I think the other day which may be helpful Lighter elements were formed in stars, heavier elements seemed to have been formed when stars explode, or undergo changes during their life time / end of life.
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