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  1. As an update to this, I am repeating the original experiment with some lab grade Sodium Chloride. This will hopefully generate some nicer cuboid crystals. From there I want to try and look at obtaining a seed crystal and then growing from that. Also made sure the NaCl solution is saturated. Will see what happens. All fun stuff, hopefully over time I can repeat with other solutions such as Copper Sulfate Paul
  2. sorry, I mis read the list of items needed 0.1 M ethanoic acid ( there is a space in there for a reason eh) my bad but lack of experience with this. Once i spotted this, I edited my original post but not the title. Hmm, i was just quoting their information sheet, i didn't think of it as flammable either. This is why we have materials safety data sheets I guess to get accurate information. If reaction with bicarbonate of soda would give of CO_2 anyway. The method uses 3 different brands, one of which has bicarbonate of soda. I have attached the method sheet for reference. istoothpastebasicstudentsheet_513804.pdf
  3. Hi I have been looking at a resource, on the Royal Society of Chemistry website. This is a school investigation, to look at if toothpaste is basic, and therefore can neutralise an acid https://edu.rsc.org/ideas/everyday-neutralisation-myths-busted/4015026.article This investigation is aimed at UK Secondary aged students 11- 14 years. I was thinking, if this could be adapted for use in primary schools ? This experiment uses 0.1 M ethanoic acid (danger: corrosive and flammable) would using white vinegar (this is still ethanoic Acid ) be a good substitute for use in primary education. ? Which is probably far safer. I would guess vinegar is a much lower concentration or more diluted. I am not a expert at all this, but it should work. Thanks Paul Sutton
  4. Being ready is the key to all of this, any country needs to be ready to deploy at the shortest of notice, it seems that Russia can do this. The UK seems to be damaging the steel sector here, rather than investing in it. Great, we seem to need steel to build warships, carriers etc, so lets buy it from Chiba (cheap). Problem from my view point, we upset China --> China blocks steel exports --> we can't build warships as we no longer have the capacity to produce the materials needed. Now apply that to other industries that now rely on china and we are stuck. So what is the link between salaries and cost of weapons ?
  5. Indeed, here in the UK the situation in Ukraine does seem to make the news, but takes lower priority over the pandemic. While The west dithers and divides. Other countries are stepping up to take our place. While the west cuts military, Russia / China seem to have been building theirs up. China is clamping down on the time students can spend playing games, so people CAN study, like that or not it seems sensible if they want a future well trained / educated workforce. Or at least that is how interpret their motive(s) on that one.
  6. I was thinking more for the Copper Sulphate. But I understand your point.
  7. Thanks for this, I have copper sulphate in with my chemistry kit, so can give that a go. I think i need to find a way to grow the initial seed crystal then. I am about to start as a TA in a primary school. There are various ideas here, perhaps we can investigate as a class too. It would need the usual risk assessment though which is fine, as i can find the materials safety data sheets for everything. I will get hold of some pure Sodium Chloride too, as that won't have the Ferrocyanide in. Thanks again Paul
  8. I tried to grow some Salt crystals a while back, it worked using table salt, however this also contains Sodium Ferrocyanide. Would I be better using pure Sodium Chloride (from a chemical supplier) ? I think the crystals should be more cuboid shaped, which I think is how the molecular structure is for Sodium Chloride. I have attached a photo of my previous attempt results. I am not what the Sodium Ferrocyanide does, it is an anti caking agent or something. so that may explain the results. Thanks Paul
  9. I guess he is now about 7, you can perhaps get some plastic tubes (or transparent plastic beakers / containers ) and add vinegar to bicarbonate of soda, this is where the old 35mm film pots are nice as the CO_2 build up makes the lid pop off. You can also make crystals from salt, which I know from working in an after school club, kds reallyseem to like crystals, but it is proobably safer to make them than bashing rocks together in an attempt to remove the crystals (in the case here it was quartz) but to kids they are crystals. I just found this (via a quick search, so not my website) https://www.science-sparks.com/how-to-make-salt-crystals/ Paul
  10. Hi Just posting this here to ask if I am on the right track when explainign an experiment result. I am setting up a STEM group, as part of this I have a book aimed at 7-11 year olds that has lots of simple but still very effective experiment in. One is Adding Vinegar to Bicarbonate of soda in a sealed zip lock back, so when the two react the bag fills with CO_2 and then I guess splits open due to the pressure. A second related experiment is creating a cold pack, similar method, only you put some holes in to reduce the pressure build up, this causes the reactants to cool. looking at this explanation of endo vs exo thermic reactions. https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/mcat/chemical-processes/thermochemistry/a/endothermic-vs-exothermic-reactions Would I be right in interpreting the above an endothermic reaction as the bag cools down, so absorbs heat and cooling the surrounding area. I have a few other ideas such as crystal growing ingredients such as salt, sugar. Extracting Iron from cereals and a few others, that look interesting als have a few physics experiments I want to have a go at and the room we are using gives the space for this. Hopefully being here will be useful to others too. Thanks you for any help on this REGARDS Paul
  11. As with any source of information if you are going to use anything in your own research it needs to be cited properly, from a academic viewpoint it would be viewed as plagiarism which will reflect badly on you. By citing you are backing up any claims, and if there are issues with the source. There are tools that make this much easier, esp if you use LaTeX and a bibliography file. Paul An example (probably not very good, but I just tried to think of a quick example) if you were writing an essay on Star Trek for example. Spock suggests "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, or the one" [1], this could be an example of Vulcan logic, as he was suggesting that to save the crew he should sacrifice himself, their needs out weigh the needs of the one (him), the few could be his close friends. e.g Kirk, Bones, Scotty et al. [1] Spock, Star Trek II the Wrath of Kahn, 1982,
  12. Prior to the pandemic, poverty and inequality was hidden to some extent, the pandemic has really put this in the public eye, a UBI could perhaps address issues such as food poverty, allow people to buy basic IT kit the rest of us take for granted and kids could study on their own devices. This in some cases, if they are not turned off from education will help kids achieve more in school , eat properly and produce better outcomes, too many people of all ages seem to be falling through cracks in the system. I am not working, back in January I attended training for a Lego WeDo session for schools. The main which was mean tot take place in about June was cancelled due to the pandemic, and with that went my chance to network with teachers, and school staff and perhaps move in to paid employment. People like me WANT to work, the pandemic is making this far harder to get than normal. A UBI would be a real safety net for a lot of people, , at least it would give people a chance.
  13. Ok sorry about that, As I have written the article about this website I am going to send it hopefully it will generate a few more members. On the forum. Regards Paul
  14. I put it on my blog (still draft) so it is easier for me to share the document as a draft review of this science forums website, I want to promote this forum, as it is really useful and helpful as a discussion platform. I have already mentioned it lots of times in various posts to direct people here for further discussion, ( I can't think of many places where I can ask stuff on cutting edge physics or science) I can get hopefully get said article / blog published locally (Torbay) if it sounds ok, so hopefully attract more users here, so i am not intending to put my website link at the end. Just trying to make sure that any review is a fair review of the site. Paul
  15. I am not a expert in immunity and immunology but I think you make a good point here, exposure to dirt / germs helps build the immune system.
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