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  1. Does it exist or are we too much enthusiastic for these things? There would need less than 1 cm thickness of tungsten(or lead --> about 1.5 cm) in the coverall to have the same terrestrial weight. What do you think about?
  2. Uninhabited by human doesn't mean it is uninhabited by other life forms such as microorganisms.. Antarctica(Surface: 14e6 kmq) is almost completely uninhabitated. Only liquid water can give some kind of life. Surely we can find a location without life where to free living beings from nuclear waste!
  3. A no-living-being environment as healthy as possible while people're exposed to radiation or have this risk: is it logical?
  4. Why don't world govs decide to move all of their nuclear waste in Antarctica?
  5. harlock

    Sex and Your Religious Beliefs

    Animals're instinctive living beings. Especially for sex...
  6. harlock

    Sex and Your Religious Beliefs

    It's what I said: 'we need to rationalise sex also' because we all can be better than animals. Religion is a way but rationality is the best way because of impartiality.
  7. harlock

    Sex and Your Religious Beliefs

    I've no source about it however it's understandable: governments call them refugees escaping from war but for the most part they're all young and strong guys who harass society for sex. What about no women and children? It's only an understandable situation.
  8. harlock

    Van de Graaff generator on the Moon

    Air ionization is a limit to the maximum possible Electric field. It seems to be around 3e6 Volt/m! Surely on the Moon this value's more high, it's important because the stored energy depends on the square of Voltage... Photoelectic effect depends on the presence of light so it's not a problem, maybe it can be useful to discharge it very slowly...
  9. How much voltage'd can a Van de Graaff generator reach on the Moon? I mean...completely without air!
  10. harlock

    Sex and Your Religious Beliefs

    Why? Is it very important?...
  11. harlock

    Sex and Your Religious Beliefs

    Today immigration is for sex for the most part... Sex-tourism isn't as good as we think... I think humans need to rationalise sex also, religion or not!
  12. harlock

    The end of gasoline/diesel powered cars?

    Don't forget steam engines. They push nuclear ships/submarines... The last steam coal-locomotive(around 1950, designed and devoloped by the engeneer Livio Dante Porta) was more than 20% efficient!... So I'd say there're several ways to replace oil cars. -Hybrid pellet cars'd can be powered by agricultural residues: bagasse, cotton stalk, cereal straw, etc... -Fuel cell cars have the best efficiency and are powered by very clean carburants: bioethanol and hydrogen. -Electric cars. -Maybe cold nuclear fusion cars
  13. I didn't calculate anything till now, I don't know if radiation pressure is good enough to propel a spacecraft(My question). Obviously I'm talking about radiation pressure coming from radioactive dregs of nuclear fission! How it works? It's sufficient to release radiation in the space to have a propulsion in the opposite direction: it's conservation of quantity of motion because radiation pressure is a palpable quantity of motion!
  14. harlock

    Energy on the Moon

    I'm talking about a Moon base powered by sunlight only. The problem is how to store electric energy for the long night! The absence of air makes me think about electrostatic energy storage. E=1/2 C * V^2 It'd need billion Volts(today Vmax is 25 million Volts)...
  15. harlock

    Plausible interstellar spacecraft

    I'd want to add some calculations about kinetic energy. If mass(m)=1kg and speed(v)=100e6 km/h(speed of light/10), kinetic energy(1/2*m*v^2)= 107E6 kwh !!! It's incredible. Hot fusion deuterium+deuterium gives ONLY 20e3 kwh/g