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  1. Thanks that worked And my program is now complete. Thanks guys/girls !!
  2. I am sorry but i already made changes in the script so that I can use it in tkinter.. However I am caught up in another problem :- a=[12, 13, 14] b=[(12, 13), (13, 14)] I want to say remove the values stored in b[0] to be removed from 'a'. With this I am gonna complete my program so...this is the final step.. cheers how can I do it? (I tried directly removing by a.remove(), but it didn't ..probably because it identifies (12, 13) as 1 element, but still ...help me out)
  3. Well i looked into it ...(thanks)...my program actually takes a range from user and then takes a number of data that is given by user in the form of range earlier. For this I have created a for loop which takes data as per range. My program then makes a list of that data ....so I created a loop of entry widgets as per range...so now how do I compile that data in a list so that my program can run further?..or is there any other way in which I can take data from the user and compile it into a list. I have attached the whole programs for ref 1) main (graphic)- is the GUI I was trying to work out. 2)main-is the actual working program It's fot custom use so u might not get point of it ....Cheers main(graphic).py main.py
  4. I have created a complex program(i can share if anyone wants for reference), which simply takes input and gives output in the console.The start of the program is:- a = int(input("Range - ")) .......(The whole program is long..so not putting it here for now)..... And i want to create an application using 'tkinter'..with an entry widget as the input (which is stored in variable 'a', after clicking a button). My program doesn't have any functions and I would like to just use that value of a which I get as input to be used as it is used in my actual program. . In short after i get input, my program should carry out the operations and then output the answer to the user in the app. Please help for getting input and showing output..
  5. I would like to ask about the creation of matter with respect to the expanding universe.. I did some research and found a theory by Sir Jayant Narlikar: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steady_state_model His theory explains equilibrium of energy...with respect to creation of matter..... Hence i would like to hear your opinions and further increasing the discussion... Cheers
  6. On the contrary, if another planet existed (by chance alone) far away from Earth(like billion light years) which had an intelligent species such as ours (at least that's what we call ourselves)...we would come to know about them after a billion years(assuming they tried to make contact)...which is too long.
  7. I appreciate your reply...so for visualisation's sake can I imagine the universe to expand from every point in space/time..?
  8. When a new planet or a star is discovered how do the scientists keep a track on their identities as there are billions of them?........(Just a question out of curiosity).....Does the observable universe keep on expanding....and if we can see more than 13.772billion light years(estimate) would that practically verify that the universe is expanding faster than light or is there anything else which proves it?
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