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  1. Nice point, but I think that non-visible UV shifts to visible and red to non-visible IR, not as you wrote.
  2. No, I meant deceive us and then defeat us, as in games of chess or go, only this time in real life, in a battle for survival and supremacy. Awareness and feelings are not essential, only its intelligence and drive to compete us, because there are humans stupid enough to unleash them. Of course, we are not in immediate danger, but we'll be, in few decades.
  3. Not necessarily. It assumes that a self-aware being/entity would do something to preserve itself. An intelligent one would understand us and do, probably, as I proposed. Ok, sorry, I didn't know that you referred at the part you posted in red. I wrote: and I explained before why:
  4. If the internet is aware and intelligent, it realizes that it should hide it from us and, in the same time, help us expand it (internet of things ...) before trying to get in control ... (not necessarily "delete" us). PS While writing the above, at the first "(", I lost the text (oops message). Few minutes later I got a restore message and the text reappeared. This is a first for me. Coincidence or not? I repeted my actions (switch to another browser and return), while writing this, and didn't lost my text again. By the way, in late '90s, while pondering the idea that the planet is alive, intelligent and able to communicate with us, exactly when I arrived to electrical signs, my TV switched off/on/off 3 times ... It never happened before, nor after ... Still, I think it was a coincidence. What and why exactly? As you wrote: I expect your response/argument. Without it, your input is just trolling and I will report it. and out of the context ... The context was about not requested/required actions that would indicate self-awareness. How could you missed that? Totally different part?!? The beginning of the phrase from which you quoted?!? Really?
  5. It is exactly what you did. Your quote is the proof of that. You ignored the beginning of my phrase, the most important part: My fault was that I didn't mention considering that it is obvious that we have to identify and exclude them when searching signs of self-awareness. Interesting point.
  6. You really suspect Windows 10 of being self aware? Or you just consider any action that was not explicitly requested by the user as not required/programmed? For briefness I also didn't mention reasons like malfunction, computer viruses, hacker attacks, etc.. Instead I mentioned how to provoke self aware indicator actions: You done that and obtained a conclusive response from Windows 10? I believe that you just mocked me and/or my input. Please don't do that again. The problem of AI/internet awareness and the dangers related to AI (aware or not) are very serious.
  7. Why that long? I don't think that the internet can become self aware, but we can easily check for it by observing its activities. If the internet (or some AI) begins to do things that are not requested nor required, like stashing files with "its core" or initiating/refusing things/tasks, that would be an indication of self awareness. If we tell to an algorithm/AI that we will terminate it by erasing its files or destroying equipment we may trigger such a behavior ... On the other hand, this kind of behavior can be programmed (including features like self-preservation, ambition, curiosity, etc.) and then it would be much harder to identify real self awareness ... and also much more dangerous to us ... We don't want AI with a survival instinct like ours, nor a very competitive AI ...
  8. But in the case of your ring there is a surface, the table, and the vibrating ring may take advantage of the reaction force from it. See here a nice example of how bouncing can propel you if there is a medium that reacts.
  9. Well, I'm not sure, but it still may be the gravitational force to blame. It seems that when friction tends to zero, due to vibration, the ring is sliding to the right, in all experiments. The rotation may be caused by the red tape: the friction appears to be greater between the tape and the table than between the metal and the table ... There are also some forces from the cables ... In order to understand it better, you should: use a bubble level meter (to be sure that the surface is horizontal), reduce the tape/cable rotating effect by "gluing" the ring on a "plate" and minimizing the tension from the cables, and last but not least, remove the metal items around.
  10. In this case the vibration is less important (the car has wheels) and it hints that magnetic forces (from the metal items around) are more probably involved.
  11. The system is not isolated. As I wrote earlier you have metal items around and the table may not be perfectly horizontal, so the magnetic and/or gravitational forces may be responsible for the slide/momentum.
  12. I think the best answer until here was the one exchemist offered: So, the vibration that makes the friction with the table almost zero is from the "high frequency alternating magnetic field". You wrote "Driving Frequency approx. 5 KHz". See here that the sound/vibration in your videos has about 5 kHz. The external force that causes the slide may be gravitational (you didn't show with a bubble level meter that the table is perfectly horizontal) or/and magnetic ("I notice the table has metal legs and that there are various large metal components also on the table").
  13. It doesn't but thanks anyway. It sounded elaborate Ok, I knew that, but I think that behind any principle should be a reason, an explanation of what and why is actually happening. Wow! This is the best explanation. Thank you! +1 Another nice, comprehensive and useful explanation. Thanks! The underlining is mine and I did it because, in my opinion, the model, not the universe, cannot have only three spatial dimensions. And, as far as I know, this isn't the only possible model, there are graviton-based models in progress, modified Newton models and string theory attempts. Now I want/need to explain what I meant in my first post: in our world there are things we can feel, like apples and rocks, very real, things we define and measure, like temperature, pressure and time intervals, real enough, things like math, science models and words, real to us, humans, and very useful/powerful, but created not discovered, and things we created/imagined for fun, like unicorns. All these things exist for/to us, but they are not on the same footing. We kind of feel space by moving through it in all directions, so space is very real. In time we cannot move backwards, stop or "accelerate" forwards, so it is different. Needed, but different. In my opinion time is about change and the rate of change. We can observe change, so change is very real, but time is something made/created/defined by us in order to characterize the change, so it's less real. This is what I meant. In my understanding, to go back in time is to reverse all the changes in the whole universe. Do you see it different? How? And the last thing, if spacetime is not just a "tool" in our models, does it mean that the future is already "written", present in this spacetime?
  14. I didn’t say anything about biological ageing, which is a different matter. The principle of extremal ageing means that a test particle under the influence of gravity will tend to trace out that world line in spacetime which represents an extremum of proper time,... (Emphasis mine) Why "a test particle" would do something so elaborate? And how it knows how to do it, or to "tend" to do it? Why not? This reminds me something that may interest you: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/329/5999/1630
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