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  1. Its about the reaction between Pottasium permanganet (KMnO4) with concentrated sulphuric acid (H2SO4) and ethanol (CH3CH2OH) 2KMnO4 + H2SO4 = Mn2O7 + H2O + K2SO4 Its quite nice in a small scale though!!
  2. It all started when I bet with my senior brother, that my warm tea will freeze before his, but instead his cold tea froze first....I felt bad so I tried it on my own with warm and cold water yet still the cold water freezes late. I was wondering why warm water freezes faster than cold water.....because with what I knw, cold water is likely to drop in temperature than hot or warm water. Please can any chemist open my eyes on this? Thanks.
  3. Take out the equality sign..........i take 500
  4. As simple as it is.....distinguish them through the center of each specimen or break to identify
  5. i cant challenge him........ he is more than i am...but thanks anyway. pls can you help?°
  6. we dnt do home work here...but if i will help, try to rearrange the values and write the equation..it works with the KOH mass
  7. Ran, you just hit it....thats a perfect example
  8. I can derive the equation, i know its main features for the electron in an atom. but i dnt know the physical meaning of the wave function of an atom and i cnt distinguish between the angular and radial probability function.....please help
  9. you have the space but........chemistry lab is a long shot with such sum.....
  10. the most remarkable of Bohrs theory was in explaining the spectrum of Hydrogen and hydrogen-like atoms, it could not explain the spectrum of many electrons
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