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  1. The SET awards are held each year in london ,and i noticed that >95% of the winners are from uk universities.Why is that? In the entry section , they clearly say that students from all over europe can participate.So there are two possibilities.Either there is bias against non uk students or most of the participants are actually from the uk(which means that the competition is not well known in other Eu countries). I sent an email to the organization about this but they did not reply, so iam asking you for your opinion
  2. i used to be good at it, but now iam not ,cause i havent done/use math in a while .
  3. Hi.As a Chem-E you can specialize in fields that do not require math.One of these fields is biotechnology , or biological engineering(well you may need some math here , but not much).Good luck!
  4. so ,i saw that some universities there will accept applications the winter before you go there(if accepted) .The thing is that i am finishing my degree in june (i give the last exams) ,so i will not have a degree before the appilication deadline.Should i wait another whole year?! Also , they require that i have taken the GRE exams, so i guess that i have to do that before the end of my bachelors degree
  5. Hi ,which textbook would you recommend to someone who wants to self educate himself with the basics of o-chem?(i have my first course of o-chem this october ,but i want to learn the theory in advance , on my own! ) So any recommendations could help me (Anything but the mcmurry's textbook ,cause that one is used in my class ,so i want something different) Thanks! Also some recommendations for analytical chem would be nice!
  6. ok thanks for the answer helped alot
  7. anything to do with this equation ? I=E/Rtotal E, is the EMF I=10/1+8+4+2=10/15 A is that right?
  8. i have this circuit a)while the battery is connected what is the voltage of the capacitor b)how long after the battery has disconected will the capacitor have a voltage of 1/10 of the initial one?. can you tell me how to work it out? for question a) i try to find the equivalent resistance ,by combining R1 R8 (in series) and R4 R2(in series). Can i then combine R1R8-R4R2(parallel)?Any ideas?
  9. ok most of your answers lead me to this conclusion; that is is indeed possible to make chemical instruments as a chemist(espiessialy as analytical chemist) -Thanks!
  10. hi iam a chemistry student and i was wondering , who actually designs and builds chemical instruments? Chemists or chemical engineers ? We do have some courses about instrumental methods ,and chemical instruments in general(how they work ,schematics etc) and we also have electronics ,math and programming courses.But later on as a graduate could i do some research or perhaps work in a company that builds chemical instruments? I have asked this in yahoo answers also but i didnt get a definitive answer so maybe you know!
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