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  1. I'm not sure whether I can post a business homework here, but anyway... I'm a business student and currently doing some project about confectionery industries around the world. I have already gathered enough information about the confectionery industries in different countries such as in Australia, Canada, Malaysia and many more. However, I got stuck with Cuba since I don't have enough sources to identify its domestic or international confectionery industries. Do this country have this kind of industry? If so, what is its confectionery industry domestic volume? revenue? profit? How many domestic and international confectionery manufacturers/wholesalers/retailers are there? Does anyone know any sites or links where I can gather information with regards to this country?
  2. oh nevermind, i got it. so simple
  3. Complete the the reaction below. What type of reaction is it?
  4. yes i got a similar graph, but how can i find the value for the ionization for Cs?
  5. If it is right, I'll do it with the ionization energy. Thank you for checking it well I don't think it will work for the Ionization energy Li=0.52 Mj.mol-1 Na=0.50 Mj.mol-1 K=0.42 Mj.mol-1 their rates are different :/
  6. yeah, Cs will be larger than the ones above it.
  7. For the atomic radii, it increases as you go down the group and decreases across the periodic table. The highest atomic radii(peaks of my graph) is found in group 1A while the lowest atomic radii (troughs of my graph) is found in group 8A (noble gases). This is vice versa with the ionization energy.
  8. Hi I am doing a project about analyzing different trends on the periodic table using some data of the first 20 elements. I already graphed their data and answered all of the questions that I'm required to answer, but I'm stuck with this question because I'm not sure how to do it. Can someone help me? Thanks. Here is the question: Using graphical method or any other, estimate the atomic radius and predict a first ionization energy for Cesium.
  9. oh nevermind, i got it. thanks for the time
  10. Electric field (E) is in the positive z-direction, magnetic field (B) is in the positive Y-direction and the velocity of the proton is in the positive X-direction. What is the direction of the electric force? magnetic force? I think the electriic force willl be on the z-direction and the magnetic force will be on the x-direction but i think i'm wrong :/
  11. Can you please check my work? thanks
  12. How can I change my username? Can I still change my username if I already changed it once?
  13. In millikan oil drop experiment, is terminal velocity same for all the drops? I am doing the experiment and i got different velocities for the drop, should i calculate for the average velocity? I need it to calculate for the charge.
  14. I'm not anti-social; I'm just not a user friendly

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