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  1. It’s your attitude and worldview It’s six (6) pages now you’ve been droning on and on and whining.
  2. This is a financial and political challenge, not a technical, scientific, nor engineering one. We know what needs to be done. Now we just need the collective will to do it.
  3. The OP displays all the hallmarks of a self-reinforcing delusion
  4. The simpler answer here is that this is conformation bias. Humans find patterns everywhere even when they’re not there. Pareidolia Is powerful, and all one needs to do is think of the countless many more times people die and nobody feels anything. Until / unless you survey ALL deaths and compare that against times loved ones felt “something,” you also have a sampling bias. You have anecdotes, not data. Further, you’ll need to propose a mechanism better than Sheldrakes morphic resonance.
  5. People argue more FOR a focus on rehabilitation and safe societal reintegration, not for abolishment of prisons outright. Things often make more sense when you accurately frame the proposals being made. Presidents neither write nor pass the laws anyway. That’s the job of Congress.
  6. It’s a broader strategy than even that. The populace is being primed to disregard even the possibility of a truth. Everything can be dismissed and hand waves away as “just one perspective.” In this scenario, social structures and cohesion itself crumbles.
  7. Lathe with cutting fluid, hand files under microscope, and some are cast by pouring molten metal into a form
  8. There’s a video for that, too
  9. Only bc you have this as your preconception. The human mind has this amazing ability to find what it’s looking for. Best of luck. I’m already far more involved in your silliness than I ever intended to be and plan to correct that now.
  10. They’re just a shit stirrer (colloquially a muck raker)
  11. Oh good. Now you’re referencing Matrix movies and spreading myths about those. What an awesome thread /sarcasm
  12. I really don’t care. He’s here whining and blaming others for his problems. I have no patience for that. Many folks have trouble socially. Most recognize the common factor in those interactions is self and work to improve it. Instead of seeking out incels and spreading their messages online, the OP should pull his head out of his ass and get some therapy… and join a club or sport like I said the first time.
  13. Adding to the above, looks like Claude 3.5 is the new best in class LLM. It’s only been out for a few hours now. Alex Albert from Anthropic pointed out that on GPQA (Graduate-Level Google-Proof Q&A) Benchmark, they achieved a 67% with various prompting techniques, beating PHD experts in respective fields. The training data seems to be current at least as of February this year (GPT-4 is only current to somewhere in early 2023 IINM), and it has better vision capabilities than GPT-4o (the Scarlett Johansen one with lots of buzz a week or two ago). They also shared this on their release blog: “In an internal agentic coding evaluation, Claude 3.5 Sonnet solved 64% of problems, outperforming Claude 3 Opus which solved 38%.”
  14. Based solely on what’s been posted in this thread, it’s hardly surprising you can’t find a mate nor get laid. It’s been an uninteresting mixture of crybaby and caricaturing and cartoonish dehumanizing throughout.
  15. Sadly, in a democracy, there are a great many for whom this would elicit further support of the people trying to move it forward. Anti-democratic ideologies are gaining traction, with great help from troll farms and AIs in use by adversary countries. "Because, therefore, we are defending a way of life, we must be respectful of that way of life as we proceed to the solution of our problem. We must not violate its principles and its precepts, and we must not destroy from within what we are trying to defend from without." Eisenhower: Speech before NATO Council, 11/26/51 [DDE's Pre-Pres. Papers, Box 197]
  16. I assumed that’s where you were coming from. I mostly just have a conditioned dislike of pink batt fiberglass so got triggered 😝
  17. Picking fights is obviously their entire reason for posting
  18. Yuck. Itchy. I’d create two containers, a smaller one inside a larger one… wrap the inner edges with some foil then use high density spray foam insulation between them.
  19. It’s part of a much larger and broader assault planned against democracy called Project 2025: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_2025 It’s a maximalist interpretation of the unitary executive theory which “asserts that the president has absolute power over the executive branch upon inauguration.”
  20. I mostly align with your central point, but there is a lot work happening which allows you to use other AIs to evaluate the accuracy of the prompted tool and they seem rather effective. The basic idea is you have AIs with expertise in certain spaces and use those to evaluate what is returned prior to showing it to the user. It depends on the LLM and the relationships they've established with other companies. You may have seen big news somewhat recently about OpenAI forming an agreement with newspapers and publishers like Washington Post (or getting sued by the NYTimes), and others inking deals with Reddit to train on their vast troves of data, for example. The training corpus for these models varies, and obviously companies like Google for Gemini and Meta for Llama 3 (or even X/Twitter model Grok) have a much larger pool from which to work than some of the smaller players.
  21. Which model one uses and how they prompt it are extremely relevant. Not all LLMs are GPTs nor are all GPTs at the same version nor trained on the same dataset(s). So are approximately half the voting populace.
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