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  1. What is the average family net worth in the USA? Theres a neat invention. Few people have ever heard of it. You should ask Jeeves. It’s called google.
  2. You thinking Venmo, PayPal, Bitcoin?
  3. DOJ and FBI under attack

    The problem with reputation is that it takes a lifetime to build but only a second to destroy. For better or for worse, the role the US plays in the rest of the world will be forever diminished as a result of this petty, petulant, patheticly insecure, incapable, and otherwise impotently incompetent man.
  4. My friend and I were playing in the field. We found some stones and began stacking them. We’d go home to our family, have dinner, then for some reason we’d come back to the field the next day and the day after that and keep stacking stones. Soon, as we continued stacking them, they became taller and taller then still taller some more and a wall began to form. Others from the village soon noticed and before we knew it they began stacking stones of their own right beside us. The wall grew and changed and evolved, but had a history and told a story of our community; of our shared experience. It became an organic expression of time and effort and people would always learn new things about the universe and about themselves when gazing upon it. Then one day my friend realized that sometimes others around us were better at stacking stones than he was. He saw that, even though many of his stones were perfectly fine, some were clearly mistakes. He was embarrassed, especially when his work was compared to that of others who’d been practicing stone placement for a very long time; much longer than he and me. My friend then asked all of us in the community to remove his stones, to pull them from the wall. He kept advocating for us to rip out his stones and pretend they never existed, but we could not. If his stones were removed, all of the others placed on top of them would become unstable. If his stones were removed, the whole wall would crumble and fall and nobody wanted that, not even him. So, my friend had to live with it. He had to recognize that, even though his stones weren’t placed perfectly, they were critical to the structure of the wall itself. It could not exist in its truest form without them. Removing them would ruin the work of everyone else and my friend had to use it as an opportunity to learn from his errors and become a better version of himself. Your posts are part of our wall. Like a tapestry or quilt, it would never be the same without them. We’re sorry you want them removed, but we’re also thankful you shared them with us and appreciate what you’ve contributed, but we can’t pull that thread or remove those stones no matter how many times you ask. We’re a part of the wall too, and that just wouldn’t be fair.
  5. Stephen Hawking Passed Away 3/14/2018

    Making more of the general public interested in and educated about physics and cosmology.
  6. IMO, it’s just wrong. Science deals in process, methods that help us forever journey closer to reality by helping minimaize the everpresent influence of our personal biases. Sometimes we’re fortunate to learn new facts and arrive at certain truths as a result of this method, but the method itself is what matters. The process is a way to describe the truest essence of science, and it does so far better than any collection of data or facts ever possibly could. Apologies if you feel this is off-topic. I’m sincerely not trying to distract from your topic and will once more watch from the sidelines. I just think people too often misrepresent what science really is and it needs to be corrected at every turn. Perhaps that’s my inner philosopher talking, though <chuckle>.
  7. The North Korea Problem

    Me, too. Sad!
  8. I picked up the Makita MAC700 when we moved last year. It’s 2hp and 2.6 gallons and I’ve been really pleased with it. Would of course be nice sometimes to have a larger tank (though, not for finish nailing!), but I’ve got no complaints. Good piece of kit. Oh, wow. That’s badass and a half!
  9. I have a fairly high stress, high pressure, cortisol and adrenaline stimulating job with big clients and big money and big expectations. Working out and exercise help, as does awesome craft beer, but I’ve recently begun to get into woodworking. There’s a certain zen about it. I’ve got zero experience and even fewer coaches / mentors available to me. Like me, my pops was a corp software guy who grew up in NYC, so I’ve been watching YouTube for a couple of weeks and doing a bunch of trial and error this past month or so. One of my goals is to avoid using screws and power tools when possible (except the table saw, but no routers, pocket hole jigs, etc.), so I’m sticking with hand tools and playing around with joinery. Started with some basic rabbets, then did a few dados. Crawl... baby steps... walk... maybe one day start to run... Built a few cool shelves and holders for my pegboard as practice. Holders for wrenches and screwdrivers, organizers for clamps and safety equipment, shelves with fronts for tape rolls etc. (cosmetics obviously matter less on garage furniture so it’s been a safe spot to practice). Seriously... You’ve never seen a more organized, tight, OCD space for tools than what I’ve pulled together. Made my chisels scary sharp and built a cool holder from them and my mallet, a homemade push stick, and a wonderfully square crosscut sled with a few useful stops and features for my saw. A homemade marking gauge and similar tools, too. They're total shit, and embarrassing frankly, but made my first dovetails this weekend. They look like a 4 year old made them, but they hold the pieces together well and I’m pretty stoked about successfully pulling them off on the first try. I’ve been avoiding trying DTs for a while. Found them a bit intimidating really, but knocked out a couple and super glad I did. They’re crap, though. Loose and janky and obviously from an amateur, but they hold. I’m planning to build a dovetail cutting guide next to help me be better at them, as the handsaw work is clearly where I fell short this weekend (I’ve become pretty good with my chisels). Then next on the docket is to play around and try hand cutting some mortise and tenons, build some basic shelves, and once I’m confident enough maybe a media console for my basement. Seems silly to be my age and trying so many of these things for the first time, but I enjoy it. It settles me. Calms my mind. It’s zen. Anyone else here enjoy woodworking? Any tips, tricks, or templates you’re willing to share, whether amateur, craftsman, or something in between?
  10. I picked one up, but haven't had much chance yet to use it.
  11. Stephen Hawking Passed Away 3/14/2018

    Reminiscent of Helen Keller, but better at doing wicked hard math in his head
  12. Made some progress on the practice / mini-table for my daughters this weekend. There are 4 legs and each will receive 2 tenons, so I have a total of 8 mortises to make. Got 6 done with only extremely minimal mistakes (that... let's be honest... nobody other than me will EVER notice). Gonna get ready for glue up and clamping once the next two are done. Also, bought a board and did some test stain pieces so my wife can choose color. I did eight samples... bought a 4 foot board, cut it into 8 six inch blocks, did 8 stain samples. Two coats of stain, 3 coats of Arm R Seal, sanded in between each, then wiped with 0000 steel wool that I rubbed through paste wax and polished off. Wish I could be out there doing this more. Paradoxically, I find my frustrations with work increasing now that I have such an enjoyable experience working solo with the wood. I come off stressful conference calls and just want to go do some sanding and chisel work. It's odd, but I like it.
  13. Stephen Hawking Passed Away 3/14/2018

    I don't really have heroes. Hawking was pretty damned close, though
  14. Arming Teachers

    Today's children are tomorrow's voters.
  15. Arming Teachers

    It sure makes for powerful photos, though:
  16. Stephen Hawking Passed Away 3/14/2018

    The average intelligence of the world just dropped closer to that of Trump
  17. The North Korea Problem

    I’m unconvinced this will ever get passed the hype phase. Trump cares more about a few good media cycles than actual progress on the Korean Peninsula, IMO. Also... Lots of media buzz coupled with walking away from promises seems to be this admins M.O. on many topics.
  18. White collar work Vs Blue collar work

    Circumstance Preference Random arbitrary other variables
  19. Mushrooms, onion, and bacon make my kiddo smile, ergo my own lips turn upward from that combo, too
  20. The spending of money

    Worth and value are social constructs. Energy is also an invented concept, but it’s physical, not social. Your connection is nonsensical. It’s also nonsequitur. You may as well be asserting something like, “because bananas are yellow, today is Thursday.”
  21. Gun control, which side wins?

    Not my intent, and it's a good clarification you've made. In some ways, divesting could be the wrong move. Their opinions likely hold more sway when they remain shareholders. Some good points throughout the article.
  22. Trump and The Market

    It’s not so bad. They go in through your nose, and they let you keep the piece of brain they cut out.
  23. Trump and The Market

    And lobotomized...