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  1. That sounds like a crock of shit if you ask me (the policy, not the story)
  2. A collection of allegories, written decades after a man supposedly existed, intended to shape the behavior of masses, borrowing largely from pagan myths which came before. Thank you. I literally laughed out loud at this. That’s rare these days, and I’m grateful for it. What created the creator? You’ve answered literally nothing here, merely displaced the question. It’s turtles all the way down.
  3. Laugh it off. Sip your cuppa tea. Move on with your day
  4. It seems he cares how you think of him. Probably tried to figure it out, could not, and set out to solve the challenge by any means necessary. Spent the time finding the answer online, itself a time consuming task. Shared it back once in hand. Probably learned something new in the process. Why let it bother you? He likely did all this to impress you.
  5. It’s ok. I don’t mind when you don’t mind your manners. I’m mindful of the dynamic here ✌🏼
  6. It’s just like seeing the color blue, but louder and bloodier. You’re too far around the curve already by starting with neurons. It begins even before that. You may already be aware since I’m oversimplifying, but there are two distinct types of photoreceptors in our eyes: Rods (which pick up on shifts btw light and dark and tend to be concentrated on the periphery of the eye), and Cones (which are responsible for our color vision and tend to be concentrated centrally where we focus acutely on objects). Within the field of cone shaped photoreceptors are essentially three subtypes: One for seeing Blue, another for seeing Green, and… most importantly here… a final type for seeing Red. When light comes into our eyes, these receptors fire at different rates and intensities depending on the characteristics of that light. They’re tuned for certain frequency ranges and when light in that range arrives, they begin the chemical electric cascade. That’s when our nervous system finally engages by doing a type of bio Fourier analysis on the receptor firing patterns. The action potentials themselves become the signal to be decoded. Those signals get sent to the occipital cortex of our brains for further processing (in parallel with other emotional and memory and control centers in other regions). While the incoming light can be measured with precision for wavelength, amplitude, frequency etc. at that spot, any detection device after that point will begin to introduce errors. Even cameras have imperfect lenses and imperfect binary storage, and those problems amplify across every metric when comparing vision of different living beings (human, or otherwise) for the reasons highlighted already above… Different shape of the lenses, scratches, different densities of rod and cone receptors across different regions of the eyeball, different neural transition infrastructure and responses, etc. As you already highlighted yourself, even the response within the same one individual varies based on a host of things like time of day, fatigue level, hydration, heartrate, cortisol and adrenaline levels, what they were most recently looking at, how long they were looking at it, and so forth. I’m pretty sure that’s where we experience absolutely everything in infinitude.
  7. Please just ban the broken bot Not when time is money.
  8. This is a part I believe is often missed by many. The process of remembering things relies on many of the same neural processes as are used in writing or creating entirely new things. It’s basically narrative creation with heavier anchor points. We’re literally rewriting our past experience as if it were happening anew right now in the present in our current mood and mind, and we further erode fidelity to the original event(s) each time we do. Paradoxically, memories tend to get less accurate the more we remember them. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200814/Study-Adopting-a-third-person-to-recall-memories-changes-how-our-brain-processes-them.aspx
  9. We can all use an attaboy every once in a while. Appreciate the appreciation ✌ Apathy plus theism equals apatheist. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apatheism Although, if we’re managing our categories properly, then if you’re not*theist then you’re literally a*theist… aka: atheist. I don’t care about stamp collecting either, but I’m still just “not a stamp collector.” There’s no special separate word for me just bc I don’t care about it. Perhaps, but in my experience usually people who call themselves agnostic merely lack the courage of their convictions. They tend to be afraid of facing potential social consequences and fear the risk of ostracization from their tribe, all due to them just authentically acknowledging their lack of belief… aka being open about their atheism in public.
  10. I would add the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and Link from Zelda to this list. One can be an agnostic atheist or an agnostic theist, but calling oneself merely agnostic misuses the term. Agnosticism is about knowledge. (A)theism is about belief. We all believe or don’t believe, and agnosticism supplements those labels, but cannot replace them.
  11. Oh, good! Yet another ridiculous useless blog-like post full of asinine unrealistic ideas that don’t even come close to being reasonable. I’m so glad to keep seeing these from your account. Keep up the stellar work, mate! Your desire to look like a broken bot is being fulfilled quite well
  12. It seems this was simply too much to ask.
  13. Repetition alone without adding anything new doesn’t magically render your argument valid. All you’re doing is sharing an opinion and trying to dress it up as fact.
  14. iNow


    I’m sorry that happened to your family. I’m grateful you reminded us here some of what’s possible when we abandon vigilance and humanistic values.
  15. Sampling bias. Confirmation bias. Judgmental derogatory bias… all wrapped neatly in claims regarding dark ages
  16. Not blaming others is important, but other steps in addition to that are required to exit the rut you mentioned. Also known as: How time itself seems to work … we have no choice to do otherwise
  17. iNow


    And its resisters.
  18. Technically, all of the woe is generated from within you. That gives you tremendous power. It means you are also capable of stopping the woe. Life doesn’t just happen to you. It’s created by you. Choose what story you wish to tell yourself. You’re the author, not the audience. That is certainly necessary, but insufficient.
  19. iNow


    Much as the OP did (and IIRC has done in the past)
  20. We all appear to be wired that way. It’s our default, and it takes continuous recurring inputs of effort and energy to overcome it in any meaningful way https://thedecisionlab.com/biases/negativity-bias#
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