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  1. I'm genuinely relieved that the inauguration proceeded without bloodshed
  2. The transition is complete. Democracy has survived and fortified. The words from this poet laureate at the inauguration today do far more justice to the shift than I possibly could:
  3. The phrase "tip of the iceberg" comes to mind...
  4. May not be appealing if you’re not an adrenaline junky. Mountain was really awe inspiring tho
  5. Looks like that one is no longer available on the platform. Magnetic touches on similar themes but in a totally different way
  6. And yet you chose to open this thread to discuss just one type. Fascinating. You even went so far in the poll as to strongly imply a false accusation is worse than the act of violence itself. Fascinating again
  7. If Situation_A occurs 1,000,000 times, and Situation_B occurs 2 times, it is not obvious nor logical to assert the middle position is 500,001. You’re using average when you should be using median.
  8. You seem to miss where the unfairness actually exists in the current justice approach to this issue.
  9. That’s obviously a miscarriage of justice that must be addressed. It’s also such a marginal example... so rare and extraordinarily uncommon... so remote a possibility that one wonders why we need a thread with over 4 pages already to explore it. Except, I don’t wonder. We’ve had this conversation before here and elsewhere. There’s an agenda being pushed.
  10. You mean beyond where I quoted you summarizing my position as having unshakable trust in the justice system?
  11. It seems far more like you have problems with reading comprehension and/or honesty
  12. Now you’re conflating “the criminal justice system making mistakes” with “people involved in the justice system taking extreme positions on one side or the other.” For someone so self-professedly passionate about justice and accuracy, your style of argumentation is decidedly inaccurate and unjust.
  13. And you're welcome to your opinion. I, however, don't go to sleep at night equally uncertain whether or not the sun will rise in the morning. The evidence is pretty consistently on one side of that question.
  14. The funny part is that already represents my dialed back response. Perhaps after the Kavanaugh thread I'm tired of having to push back on the same strawmen that smell an awful lot like they're coming from incels. You and I both know he'll provide no source for his baseless claim. He's nothing if not consistent on that front. He's arguing from a position of fiction
  15. I already know you'll ignore this, too.. but how often? Got a source that isn't your colon in support of this assertion? The strength of your belief is irrelevant. If someone says the earth is flat and another says the earth is spherical, the most acceptable position is definitely not to "start from the middle," no matter how strongly they believe it. One of these positions is far more evidenced and far more likely to be true than the other, much like in these cases of sexual violence and harassment. The equivalence you suggest as your preferred starting point is a false one.
  16. Sexual assault and sexual harassment against women is endemic. It makes covid look like a shy introvert living in it's mothers basement and never going outside. False allegations exist, but are exceedingly uncommon. Men are FAR more likely to be raped themselves than to be accused falsely of rape. When millions upon millions of women tell us decade after decade after decade that we have a problem with this issue in our society, presuming these claims are rather likely valid does no harm to the actual justice being meted out in our courts of law. EVERYONE here in good faith agrees that each case is unique and that misapplied punishments should be avoided. Focusing on that miniscule sub-fractional handful of misapplied punishments, however, does more to illustrate an extreme blind spot and likely agenda from the speaker than it does to "protect the innocent." If justice and protection of innocent lives are so very important to you, then let me recommend you instead consider focusing on the tens of thousands of times women come forward with genuine claims that later get dismissed or swept aside (or which cause them to face retribution and retaliation) instead of focusing upon that one or two bros who maybe had bad luck once.
  17. Your thinking is quite sloppy. You were told that conspiracy theories and slurs against large groups aren't welcome here, not that personal opinions not be offensive. The guide you seek is in the rules to which you agreed when creating your user profile. Those rules are enforced by humans who will make subjective judgements with which you may not always agree. If that's a problem for you, you're under no duress to continue participation here. Oh, pull-eez... cry me a river. Hyperbole and drama much?
  18. When I mentioned faith, it was about intellectual honesty in this discussion, not belief of the women. It appears the OP is arguing in bad faith.
  19. I’ve just reviewed every post in this thread. Zero mechanisms have been suggested to help protect the innocent. Is this simply another example of you arguing in bad faith? Thanks for the neg reps though, Tim
  20. Our default position should be to assume they’re telling the truth. That’s not the same as saying belief should be automatic 100% of the time with zero doubt whatsoever.
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