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  1. LaTex

    the tag to use is [math] [/ math]
  2. LaTex

    It may need to be updated, but:
  3. Fats in Food

    I don't know what this means. Different days? This isn't true. They're not "saturated" with hydrogen atoms, but that doesn't mean they have none. Fat doesn't get converted to glucose. It gets converted to triglycerides and stored. It appears you may have some fundamental misunderstandings of how these processes work. If you wish to learn more, suggest exploring terms like ketosis and lipolysis in more detail.
  4. Hey guys im back!

    Legacy members. The OGs
  5. It's a type of transformation. Perhaps you can find some helpful keywords here: x-posted with Strange
  6. Hey guys im back!

    Yep. Congrats on your many achievements these last several years
  7. Trump's Permanent Condemnations

    Natural justice? Perhaps. Natural business savvy? Nope. He who can’t make money in a casino is inarguably a special kind of stupid. It’s 2018. Stop trying to live in the past. I’m not saying you’re unaware of this, but given your style and political stance it may bear reinforcemment... the south lost the civil war, too.
  8. Trump's Permanent Condemnations

    Except when viewed in terms of character, integrity, and affection for fellow humans You know, and also business and finance.
  9. If maintaining security and encryption is ones driving motivation, then opening a giant back door for the government to get into a platform easily is a massive step in the wrong direction. This remains true whether or not people can already or may in the future realize a way to hack it.
  10. Is this really that bad?

    I lived in Texas for over 20 years, but also tend to agree with this point. Just don't be one of those idiots who gets to the red light and opens their door to walk toward the other car and confront the driver. That's when guns would tend to be unnecessarily drawn. He can answer for himself, but I don't read the thread as him being "upset" in any way whatsoever. Instead, I think he's more curious... More like, "Huh... That was odd... I wonder why that just happened the way it did."
  11. Is this really that bad?

    I think this makes most sense. It also IMO better explains his pantomime. “Hey flower smeller... let’s caffeinate more and pick up the pace a bit, eh? Some of us still punch a clock and I just realized I may not make it in time.”
  12. Seems this wasn’t about marriage given that this same Baker now refuses to bake a cake for a trans person celebrating a birthday and transition. Seems, in fact, that bigotry cloaked in religiosity is the most parsimonious explanation.
  13. No, that’s not some black and white news headline from World War II. It happened, this weekend, one month away from the advanced year of 2018. What do you think of this trend? Are there sufficient nonviolent means to stop it? Will it take force and will things to continue to get worse before getting better?
  14. Is this really that bad?

    Heterosexuals haven’t historically been discriminated against. Opportunities for homosexuals have historically been extremely limited, even dangerous.
  15. Slight picked nit. We ARE apes, and we share common ancestors with other apes. I know you’re well aware of this already, it just didn’t come through in the way you wrote this and I’m feeling pedantic for some reason.
  16. Perhaps, though I see a bigger role in the current US president and his administration seeming to give them sanction, refusing to rebuke the white extremists in the same way they call out kneeling football players, basketball stars, Muslims, Mexicans, and others. They used to use dog whistles. Now thy use bullhorns.The media covers events and tells us what words are coming out of the bullhorns, but those events are being triggered by other things and the media is being used IMO as a scapegoat. Further, this type of racism has long been an open festering wound in the US and I find it facile and simplistic in the extreme to suggest its driven by the media. Intereting premise, but I find it rather lacking and quite likely only marginally relevant.
  17. Trump's Permanent Condemnations

    They are, however, used to activate the most rabid parts of his base and target specific individuals as enemies. It’s a form of dehumanization that’s spreading in frequency and scope. Just last night, for example, I was labeled a “blind sheep” by an alt-righter on the FB page of a family member. I’m many things, but ideologically blind or part of a flock I’m not. It was their way of dismissing me as subhuman (much like words such as SJW and libtard and even liberal itself are used) and they did this merely bc I asked them to clarify a comment they made about a person being a scum bag and cancer on the US.
  18. I believe koti referenced them specifically bc they were referenced in the first few minutes of the film I shared. To anchor the story, they showed a group of 10-15 of them being surrounded by hundreds of white supremacists and how violence was initiated by a core group of those on the right.
  19. A good point, though people have been shot when the extreme right came out in previous marches, it seems many were in the Orange County of California. The film will do a part 2 this fall, but one of their closing messages was how likely it is that we may soon look back on Charlottesville as somehow being quaint and peaceful relative to what is currently brewing now and yet to come. The problem is worsening and I suspect (to Ten Ozs point) that people will need to overcome their passivity and choose a side to ultimately get us past this.
  20. It’s hard to say, and may not even matter what the majority thinks. The majority is rather often silent, and as one can see in the film I shared, it’s often a few centralized leaders who manage to cluster like minded extremists together and get them to willingly step forward out of the shadows. They’re the ones driving this conversation. One comment which is sticking with me is how much joy these nationalists seem to take in the mayhem, how they’re displaying a “happy rage.” It also bothers me how so many police seem to sanction the racism and acts of violence, failing to step in and help.
  21. It’s a year after Charlottesville. The problem of white nationalism is worsening. The following is a must watch for anyone hoping to understand. Video at the link
  22. So I can avoid confusion, are you suggesting I’ve been hostile toward you?
  23. Can we agree it’s impossible for us to know the motives of the wed couple in buying the cake, that for this reason it’s not a valid foundation of argument? Perhaps they had malice intent and sought to be activists, singling out this baker for his evil Christianity... or perhaps they just wanted a cake and this place was the first they saw in the phone book. We don’t know, can’t know, and should all agree to move on to other points since this current one is so specious and ridiculous.
  24. The core of your point appears to be that they were in the wrong for actively advocating for equal treatment in a state where equal treatment was not yet legal. You seem to be siding with the baker because this legally married couple sought to purchase from him a legal wedding cake to celebrate a wedding they legally executed in another state Am I misunderstanding your point? Am I mistaken in interpreting your argument to be that this couple should’ve shut up, NOT been allowed to eat a ceremonial wedding cake in Colorado, should’ve packed a cooler and traveled the almost 2,000 miles from MA to CO with an MA baked cake in addition to their MA legally signed marriage certificate, and like good little monkeys just stuck with the status quo? I ask bc that’s how it’s coming across and I know I do not always interpret things correctly. Agreed, which is partially why fights like this mattered so much and helped usher in the decision made in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges.
  25. Not all of their friends and family could afford the trip to Massachusetts for the wedding. The cake was for their celebration which was planned for when they got home and which could include their loved ones. There’s valid reason to want a cake in Colorado. They engaged in a lawful procedure in another state. Surely you’re not saying family parties and celebrations were illegal in Colorado in 2012? If you are, I’m rather shocked that their legal weed industry is booming the way it is!