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  1. It’s not, unless you believe everything is in our “minds.” That said, the placebo effect is incredible and worth further exploration. There’s also a lot of meat for chewing on the discussion bone of mocrobiome. x-posted w HI
  2. What is faith?

    I’ll wait
  3. What is faith?

    Exactly my point Elaborate
  4. What is faith?

    Related, perhaps, but not the same. One can have purpose to survive the night, oroteft their children, or help others and all without introducing nonsensical unnecessary concepts like faith. Poor sentence structure. It’s basically word salad. With fear of... then what, exactly? Complete your thought. It’s like you’ve written an if/then comment and forgotten to add the Then.
  5. The North Korea Problem

    This one for me has salience. It resonates. The risk of s a coup while KJU is out of country negotiating with other countries seems incredibly plausible and I can easily comprehend KJU taking active steps to avoid that.
  6. The North Korea Problem

    QFT. KJU has already gotten what he wants... He's been recognized as a world leader... He's been given a seat at the table among the "league of nations," and he's now been platformed as a peer. He's been taken seriously by the world, is meeting with the most powerful countries of US and China, and it has legitimized him as a powerful person who has made N.Korea a player. Everything else is just gravy at this point. Kim got what he wanted the moment Trump agreed to meet. Sure, KJU's been discussing specific industry investments from the US into NK with Pompeo, but that's all secondary to his push to develop nuclear weapons in an attempt to be taken seriously by the world. He's solidified his place, been praised by the POTUS as a great chairman, elevated instead of treated like the teapot dictator he is. They got what they wanted already, and the US keeps losing more and more credibility. Are you tired of all that winning yet?
  7. The North Korea Problem

    So, the North Korea summit is no longer happening, but let's address what's MOST important here... Will Trump still get a Nobel Peace Prize?
  8. I have a fairly high stress, high pressure, cortisol and adrenaline stimulating job with big clients and big money and big expectations. Working out and exercise help, as does awesome craft beer, but I’ve recently begun to get into woodworking. There’s a certain zen about it. I’ve got zero experience and even fewer coaches / mentors available to me. Like me, my pops was a corp software guy who grew up in NYC, so I’ve been watching YouTube for a couple of weeks and doing a bunch of trial and error this past month or so. One of my goals is to avoid using screws and power tools when possible (except the table saw, but no routers, pocket hole jigs, etc.), so I’m sticking with hand tools and playing around with joinery. Started with some basic rabbets, then did a few dados. Crawl... baby steps... walk... maybe one day start to run... Built a few cool shelves and holders for my pegboard as practice. Holders for wrenches and screwdrivers, organizers for clamps and safety equipment, shelves with fronts for tape rolls etc. (cosmetics obviously matter less on garage furniture so it’s been a safe spot to practice). Seriously... You’ve never seen a more organized, tight, OCD space for tools than what I’ve pulled together. Made my chisels scary sharp and built a cool holder from them and my mallet, a homemade push stick, and a wonderfully square crosscut sled with a few useful stops and features for my saw. A homemade marking gauge and similar tools, too. They're total shit, and embarrassing frankly, but made my first dovetails this weekend. They look like a 4 year old made them, but they hold the pieces together well and I’m pretty stoked about successfully pulling them off on the first try. I’ve been avoiding trying DTs for a while. Found them a bit intimidating really, but knocked out a couple and super glad I did. They’re crap, though. Loose and janky and obviously from an amateur, but they hold. I’m planning to build a dovetail cutting guide next to help me be better at them, as the handsaw work is clearly where I fell short this weekend (I’ve become pretty good with my chisels). Then next on the docket is to play around and try hand cutting some mortise and tenons, build some basic shelves, and once I’m confident enough maybe a media console for my basement. Seems silly to be my age and trying so many of these things for the first time, but I enjoy it. It settles me. Calms my mind. It’s zen. Anyone else here enjoy woodworking? Any tips, tricks, or templates you’re willing to share, whether amateur, craftsman, or something in between?
  9. Thanks. I agree, and that really surprises me. It makes such a huge difference and IMO is well worth the little bit of extra planning/work. It was important to me to do this right and I pretty quickly decided on this path. I also decided not to use static fasteners when securing the top panel to the base. Instead, I created a channel/groove in the aprons/rails and use Z-shaped clips to connect them. This should allow natural expansion and contraction through the seasons without ripping the wood apart or buckling.
  10. Not fully time lapse, but I did take (and post for friends and family) a long set of images from raw wood, through process, to finished product. Thx, mate. Super pleased with how strong and sturdy it came out. Little things like the trunnels holding my blind tenons into the mortises also make me smile. One last shot, this one with the leaf extensions in:
  11. One can only hope. Maybe by then they’ll be able to point a replicator ray at it and each have one. What do you use? I put my name and the date underneath w sharpie.
  12. He and his team have decided not to attack the facts, but to attack the fact finders. He knows the legal challenge is secondary to the political one. I feel confident Mueller already has evidence of criminal activity from Trump and his cronies, lots of it, too. He got help from Russia, probably from the Saudis, and his campaign “officials” actively sought it. His campaign manager changed the republican platform to help Russia. China invested in his properties to get help on trade. The gratf and corruption is there, but the president is the head of the justice department. Can the justice department indict or convict the individual with the authority to prevent them from doing so? Can the courts intervene, or does the constitution keep those powers separate? This is the constitutional “crisis” people are referring to, but none of it matters. I don’t think Mueller will indict him. I think he’ll hand a very well supported, extremely solid evidence based report to Congress so THEY can act. This isn’t a legal issue, IMO. It’s a political one, and that’s part of the reason the midterm elections later this year in November are so critical. Who has power in Congress will ultimately dictate who has control of the Oval Office and accompanying executive powers.
  13. Informative, especially in response to those saying Mueller’s taking too long:
  14. Have a look on tesla's semi

    Bingo. Until then, we'll just keep cutting them down
  15. Have a look on tesla's semi

    yep, just everywhere
  16. Experimental Design

    I genuinely just exerted cognitive energy to suppress the urge to neg rep you which bloomed within me upon reading this.
  17. I suspect you’ve got a correlation is not causation issue here.
  18. Have a look on tesla's semi

    Therein lies the key variable given Tesla’s long history of production delays and missed delivery deadlines. People who preordered a Model 3 three years ago are apparently still waiting, too I’d like to see us overlay roadways and highways with ambient chargers (like used w electric toothbrushes and wireless phone chargers) that themselves get loaded via solar cells. As long as one is driving over it their system is seeing net energy gains (not charge depletions). Too bad we’re too dumb to put people to work via such smart and scalable Eisenhower-style infrastructure investments.
  19. Have a look on tesla's semi

    As of 3 weeks ago:
  20. Have a look on tesla's semi

    On another note, while I support and applaud the efforts here to move away from petroleum powered trucking, I only semi-care about the origin of the term... aka: etymology
  21. Have a look on tesla's semi

    18-wheeler Lorry Big rig Freight truck Tractor trailer Semitrailer Aka: Semi
  22. what is a god

    Speaking of for the record... you did a far better job of supporting your positions than me, you introduced extremely valid criticisms of my posts and new concepts I'd not previously considered, and highlighted some of my blindspots. I haven't entirely changed my stance on the subject we discussed, but I respect you for it and greatly appreciate the exchanges we've shared. I like that you've in some small way helped to make me better and that you illuminated topics that were previously for me lit only dimly, if at all. Gees - Any "power" I wield in this forum comes from consistently high quality posts, an ability to challenge sensitive topics in a forceful way, while also remaining respectful of others. I speak out forcefully for what is right, and most of my reputation comes from battles on hot topics like gay marriage, climate change, and similar culturally important circumstances. Now, admittedly there are countless times I've failed badly, have not even begun to closely live up to the ideals highlighted above, and there were even many years when I was probably far more brutal and eviscerating with my posts than respectful, but I've improved over time and have a history of defending ideas and people. I assure you, though, I can be and have been multiple times been censored, warned, and even banned just like any other member. What is god? An ill-defined 3-letter word that matches remarkably each of our own individual self-images. It's a broadly ambiguous placeholder that we often use until better and more accurate descriptions of nature are realized.
  23. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    Well, gosh. I sure do feel better now that I've heard your opinion on the matter, one that I even preemptively tried to address (bolded) when posting: " I’m reminded of slavery in the US. The slaves knew they’d be shot if they tried to escape the plantation, yet they still tried. Not a perfect comparison, but hopefully frames the logic you’re using in a light that makes it easier to recognize the flaw."
  24. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    The strategy IMO was about domestic politics, not international security. They were shoring up Support among the evangelical base, not seeking ways to expand shared prosperity and peace. Domestic politics drove this. This is a valid point, though perhaps a weak argument. I’m reminded of slavery in the US. The slaves knew they’d be shot if they tried to escape the plantation, yet they still tried. Not a perfect comparison, but hopefully frames the logic you’re using in alight that makes it easier to recognize the flaw. Recall that he lost by 3 million votes (3,000,000), and even within our ridiculous electoral college system only won by 77,000 out of the approximately 240 million eligible voters. Let’s not put this on “the American people” as a whole, please. It’s worth noting that it’s everywhere, especially among the younger generations AFAIK. That kind of Israeli/Palestinian fellowship and comradery and brotherhood just doesn’t make the news.