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  1. They’re not arguments. They’re troll bait.
  2. A good article. Would only challenge how he doesn’t really seem to accept that we’re already right now today living through a relatively “hot” cyber war where tens of thousands of attack vectors are being deployed every minute of every day. Those interactions would intensify in the event of escalation, but the consistency with which they’re being used right now makes it hard for me to accept calling the current baseline as “peaceful” or even just “cold.” Totally agree about populace not being prepared for the ramifications of an escalation, though. They are too busy blaming Biden for higher fuel prices and delays in the global supply chain.
  3. With bated breath we wait. Gosh and golly... It will surely be an epic sight to behold! I hope I can survive the anticipation.
  4. Those sneaky democrats and lefty liberals will stop at NOTHING to ruin the intelligence and highlight the profound paste eating ignorance of their opponents!!
  5. I’m not interested in doing your legwork for you, nor chasing Lucy and the football after I’ve provided examples only for you to merely dismiss them or move the goalposts, but thank you for your kind offer.
  6. That certainly fits better. Thank you
  7. I acknowledge the possibility of being wrong. You, however, are asserting not only that he ordered it, but had nefarious intent when doing so. Only one of us is spreading fictions and conspiracies, and it ain't me. But nobody other than you and Russian propagandists think that's the case... IF THEN ELSE... The IF was never validated, hence there's no THEN nor ELSE in your algorithm. The statement can be safely ignored. They are everywhere, you just have to start using trustworthy and validated information sources to inform your worldviews. Are you familiar with the fallacy of personal incredulity? If not, it's worth looking up.
  8. But the people actually making these decisions and driving these behaviors are hardly themselves suffering for lack of a sandwich. No... They're instead eating caviar off the backs of strippers and wagyu beef whenever they choose, so this "leverage" you suggest has almost zero likelihood of moving the situation to a better space (despite Archimedes fun quote about the lever just needing to be longer).
  9. https://ask.usda.gov/s/article/Why-does-the-ChooseMyPlate-gov-website-include-tomatoes-and-avocados-in-the-Vegetable-Group-instead
  10. Yeah. When missiles hit countries unexpectedly, details are the LAST thing anyone considers, requests, or responds to. Oh, wait… https://www.thecipherbrief.com/the-impact-of-a-single-missile But hey… if this is suddenly a fictional site and you get to pretend Zelenskiy did it, why not go with hobbits… or orcs!! 🙄
  11. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/horrible horrible adjective US /ˈhɔːr.ə.bəl/ UK /ˈhɒr.ə.bəl/ very unpleasant or bad very shocking and frightening very bad, unpleasant, or disgusting
  12. Debbie does Dallas Rumple Foreskin Penelopes Phallus Palace Hard Folks, Clean Strokes The Flintstones
  13. I read a book of his almost 20 years ago called The End of Time about time slices and their similarity to stacked photographs. IIRC the premise was we experience them similar to watching a film where individual photo frames play back to back such that we merely perceive movement… and how our experience of time is similar. Interesting ideas, but hard to judge the veracity.
  14. What’s the one where they killed the AI?
  15. Stop being horrible to each other. Stop being horrible to the planet and atmosphere. Massive investment in desalination and effective clean water transportation. Massive investment in drought and heat hearty crops. Mass migration strategies and programs. Not necessarily in that order.
  16. That implies memory problems. Maybe write yourself a note next time to walk around it once you get there.
  17. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I can’t wait to see what fun the next 21 pages of repeated thread will bring.
  18. It’s currently just hearsay, though almost certainly true IMO and far from surprising. It will also almost certainly not lead to any changes or improvements, just a bit of red cheeked embarrassment for the Chief Justice who is already presiding over the least trusted and respected court in many decades.
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