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  1. You only have a few minutes after submitting while you still can edit it. Also, since you're a brand new member, you may have some additional restrictions on your profile until you have more posts submitted. If it's urgent, just click the Report Post button on the top right and request a mod edit it for you
  2. Yes, as a concept, of course it exists. The challenge is that it's roughly equivalent to the concept of awesomeness or attractiveness. There's no there there... as you agree, it differs from one person to the next. So, in a way, both you AND the OP are correct, but not as correct as me who's instead here saying... who cares?
  3. She apparently hasn’t met the same Canadians I have. They’re a pretty unruly lot.
  4. Lol. Which one? Zeus? Apollo? FSM? It seems your god makes lots of snowflakes Old Testament then? You mean HER, right? God is little more than an ambiguously defined 3-letter word with exaggerated cultural significance
  5. Your higher critical functions can affect your more autonomous functions. Think of a fear or attractive loved one and your heart accelerates. Think of a gentle breeze or waves at the beach and your heart and related functions slow. I may not fully comprehend what you’re describing, but my first instinct is that this is not only common, but expected. Our thoughts and breathing have a tremendous impact on our physiology. It’s at the heart of meditation. Some of what happens within us occurs even absent executive control or higher critical intervention, but this does not mean these same processes cannot be influenced or affected or overridden by those higher processes. For example, you can consciously decide to hold your breath and stop breathing... but only to a point. Eventually, the more archaic reptilian parts of your brain will say, “hey idiot, stop that” and will take over so these processes persist even if you pass out. Honestly, this just sounds like you’re focusing on some things and noticing physiologist changes while you do that. Not really a big deal unless I’m totally missing what you’re trying to describe.
  6. You AND the OP What's extravagant to one will not be to another. Why should we give a damn what either of you do or don't think is extravagant?
  7. Speaking of wish lists, your threshold between what is extravagant versus what is not seems rather arbitrary and based on your own personal subjective preferences.
  8. Oh, what sweet delicious irony. Everyone else's imaginary friends are imaginary, but my imaginary friend is real. Lol
  9. iNow

    Illusion of History

    Yes. Evolution requires time. As does essentially every other thing across the entirety of everything.
  10. iNow

    Illusion of History

    And if your position made any sense whatsoever I’d further engage with it, but alas... this will be my final comment here.
  11. No. That’d perhaps make it easier to accept, though
  12. There are lots of studies and data from global banks and the federal reserve that slice and dice this data in various ways, but here’s a handy visual from just last month that gives a 20,000 foot view of the scale of it all: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/all-of-the-worlds-money-and-markets-in-one-visualization-2020/ This atlas of activity is pretty badass, too: https://atlas.cid.harvard.edu
  13. I also take issue with the conflation of “lack of training” with “not enough funding.” There’s lots of money there already, it’s just not being applied to training.
  14. There was a pretty good book called Trekonomics that walked through this. The part that stood out to me is how the ferenghi still used gold latimum despite the lack of money elsewhere
  15. My Trump supporting family members have already declared they’ll refuse the vaccine even if one becomes available, because freedom... or something. It’s not just the lack of leadership will and competence that’s an obstacle here, but ignorance and acceptance of anti-vax style propaganda
  16. Please, my friend. Do not tempt the fates
  17. I suspect your problem is with my use of the quantity “one”... lol
  18. I agree, but is it equally unrealistic to suggest maybe not every single crime committed needs to be apprehended or enforced? Surely all of us have broken one law or another at some point in our lives and I suggest we’re better off as a whole for not being booked and prosecuted each time. “Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.” ~Bryan Stevenson
  19. First time interacting with dimreepr, eh?
  20. Except, no. Even if I post as a full adherent to the stance YOU'VE personally been advocating... even then, AT BEST we could call them UNDER-trained. As we all know, however, they are NOT UNtrained, but the citizenry (as a general rule) very much are.
  21. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2008/10/27/the-insiders
  22. Part of the challenge is that there are no correct answers in philosophy, only well reasoned, well supported, logically consistent positions. I suspect that like me you prefer conversations where 2+2=4, not where 2+2= ennui or potato salad.
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