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  1. This was apparently too much to ask
  2. When you draw an outline around the one on the left, it even looks like a middle finger sticking up at you 🖕
  3. As Phi already shared, that was not what I did. I’m quite capable of referencing a dictionary or Google myself. I DID comment on the lack of credibility of one of the websites you provided when asked to support your claim that it was “TRUTH!!” that the US capitalistic system WILL soon collapse. When I made this comment, you then suggested I’m clearly over reactive and emotional about the word Marxism. It’s fairly well apparent that you either have a problem with reading comprehension, intellectual honesty, or perhaps both. Regardless, none of this is either interesting no
  4. There’s no there there. We see shiny stuff on Mars all of the time. This is nothing new and has happened with past photos. Sometimes, it’s just plastic from the rover or landing vehicle itself: https://www.cnet.com/news/curiositys-new-bright-shiny-object-is-actually-martian/ https://www.cnet.com/news/nasa-identifies-mars-rovers-mysterious-bright-object/ Other times, it’s a cosmic ray being detected by the camera equipment: https://www.cnet.com/news/mysterious-light-in-mars-image-sparks-curiosity/ But in most cases, it’s just our feeble human brains forc
  5. Technically, it depends on the nature of sound emitted by the drill and the object(s) within the room under question, but in the VAST vast majority of situations your answer of NO is certainly correct. ‘I’m increasingly convinced we’re chatting with a bot, though.
  6. That you must better define your terms before meaningful discussion may occur. 1. Honest 2. Dignified 3. Expectation 4. Respect
  7. They’re also refusing to buy potatohead dolls since they’re actively loving to be more inclusive of transgendered kids Yes, those are all interesting opinion pieces highlighting some of the weaknesses in our current economic system. They are not “truth” claims about an inevitable crash as you seem to think. I assure you I’m primed, painted, and even fairly well weathered on these subjects, but appreciate your attempts to enlighten me like some naive uninformed child. I find the marxists dot org site to be especially credible in that endeavor
  8. Have you ever heard of Google? It’s a useful tool and you can ask it great questions like “how does noise induced hearing loss work?”
  9. Why not just toss in a desiccant packet or two?
  10. That’s gibberish and fails to answer my actual question. Would you like to try again, or just stop now while you’re... let’s call it... ahead?
  11. Ok. It's a bit like suggesting that doctors mostly only hand out bandaids, but won't belabor it any further. I can feel the returns on this exchange already diminishing.
  12. In what way are you suggesting your claims of "the upcoming total collapse of the entire capitalistic system in the USA" is "truth?"
  13. I tend to agree, but your original assertion suggested the opposing side of atheism is deism. That's a rather odd claim to make when in the US, for example, deism accounts for only about 0.02% of the population whereas theism accounts for almost 80%... you know, about 4,000x as many as deists do.
  14. It doesn't feel like your post has enough hyperbole or exaggeration. Would it be possible for you to please add a bit more next time?
  15. And I'm supposed to just take your word on that? Please elaborate. Happy to discuss and correct any blindspots or errors in my thinking.
  16. It's actually called an, "Oops... That's never happened to me before, I swear!"
  17. Because 3 pages in you haven’t yet taken on the message that your height is what it is and that ruminating about it so heavily is far more unattractive than your inseam.
  18. Perhaps you should try to better understand what others think. Atheism is opposite to theism, not deism. It’s right there in the name so hard to see how you missed it
  19. Nutrition during early childhood may play a slight role, but yeah... this thread is ridiculous
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