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  1. The only thing accurate here is that last part regarding subjectivity and propensity for error in memories
  2. Also missing notifications, link to profile, mark site as read, etc on mobile version In the recent activity area where new posts appear in the search results, clicking the url for the thread title used to take users to the last post read / oldest unread post. Clicking it now takes you to post #1 on page #1 and you then have to scroll to find the unread posts (even on threads with 37 pages).
  3. My guess? Pure political calculation. Would introducing witnesses have bolstered their already rather rock solid case? Absolutely, but it would also have both: 1) allowed the defense to haul in a bunch of ridiculous witnesses unrelated to the case in an attempt to throw red meat to the Republican base (“kindly tell us more about your relationship with Barisma, Mr. Hunter Biden... then next we’ll move on to our 34th hearing about Benghazi and Hillary’s emails and Maxine Waters being black and having a voice....”)... ...and 2) shattered any semblance of goodwill that could help
  4. What a random post for someone to neg rep. I have little hope for the continuance of reasonable exchange of ideas and mature dialog in our world if even SFN is now infected with this type of absurdity
  5. This video was shared by the House managers during the impeachment hearings. It brings clarity and perspective to what really happened on January 6. It’s a hard one to watch, but a good one with which to be familiar. More videos are available. This was just the opening... real events. Real news. Really used as evidence in the US Senate. Flagged as inappropriate by YouTube viewers. https://youtu.be/i9Xd5s0boWc
  6. FFS, man. Why? There’s good reason you can’t use it anywhere anymore. It’s a poor performing and unsecured browser. /rhetorical Yeah. Ole’ Mitch REALLY knows how to be publicly damning of Trump, except of course when it actually matters like during an actual vote to actually convict him in his SECOND impeachment. He’s trying to play it both ways. He wants the Trump base to keep voting for him and his GOP colleagues, but he also needs massive corporations to keep funneling money to them despite the sour taste they currently have in their mouths about the assault on our capitol.
  7. Probably, though she’d be better served IMO to aim for a lower office first. Maybe Senator.
  8. And as predicted, the senate voted to acquit Trump a second time. I was too conservative above in my guess of 3-6 republicans joining in the vote to convict. Turns out a total of 7 did, but that was still ten too few.
  9. One more try... ellipsis. The notifications and mark all as read work on tablet, but phone browser not so much.
  10. This seems unnecessarily hyperbolic and untrue. 10 House GOP members voted in favor of impeachment and likely 3-6 Senate republicans will vote to convict, as well. I’m certainly sympathetic to your feelings about how disheartening US politics have become, but given that this is already the most bipartisan impeachment in all US history, I cannot agree with your assessment quoted above. It’s self-evidently inaccurate.
  11. Has anyone figured out where to find notifications, replies, etc. or how to get to our user profiles via mobile phone within the new software UI? Also... lol on my previous post. Ellipse... stupid autocorrect
  12. I even got a notification informing me that you shared it, FYI
  13. Alas... And some with the insurrectionists, too
  14. It’s available via the drop-down on the top-right of the post... the one which looks like an ellipses Maybe. Obviously with more focus and funding, things happen much more quickly. However, even with the newer technologies and use of things like mRNA, it’s a mistake to assert equivalence between things like SARS Cov-2 and HIV, or even flu and herpes. Covid doesn’t seem to mutate quite as rapidly as those others, and it also doesn’t seem to evade immune system response in the same way. In fact, the power of our immune system response to it is part of what makes people so sick for so lon
  15. Admin likely needs to configure the allowed edit window (how longer after post submission edit button remains available) EDIT: Disregard. Edit button is part of the drop-down options on top-right of the post. Looks like an eclipses.
  16. Imagine how differently the Nuremberg trials would have gone had Nazis made up half the jury. Well, the US is about to show us what that would've looked like, so you hardly have to strain trying to visualize it
  17. Think he has any chance of winning the NYC mayors race he’s joined?
  18. What an excellent and entirely valid / relevant observation. Many may be leaving to push rightward toward the “Patriot Party.” Registrations to the GOP surged in many states when he won the primary in 2016. People wanted to join “the Trump Party!” and many of them are likely now just reverting back to their previous baseline state.
  19. Reaping what they’ve shown for many years. They created this monster that’s currently eating them.
  20. How does what work? You don't seem to be aware that sometimes books contain untruths. Now, you may consider yourself informed. Lots of books contain lots of bullshit. You're not gonna find a way to make yourself taller other than buying shoes with heels. Stop trying, or you'll just get taken advantage of by hucksters and snake oil salesmen, or worse... hurt.
  21. That's exactly what they've been doing for the last 2 hours. Given that you posted this 21 minutes ago, I'm not sure how you've missed it.
  22. The human tendency of applying simple narratives to explain often complex topics, amplified by the way we tend to defer to charismatic tribal elders and align ourselves with the social expectations of our local group.
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