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  1. Who do you think Joe Biden will announce as his running mate? Not who you WANT him to pick, but who you PREDICT he will pick. Polls show Elizabeth Warren as the favorite among people polled, but I doubt that’s the direction he chooses. My top picks are Susan Rice or Kamala Harris. I’d like to see Stacey Abrams, but am unsure she’ll click with Biden as the person with whom he’ll want to enjoy weekly lunch dates. Tammy Duckworth and Val Jennings seem possible, but IMO are not probable. The announcement will likely happen within the next week or two. Who do you think will be chosen? Maybe Obama? If so, which one? Lol
  2. iNow

    God and Science

    Since you claim this is reality, will you state this in a manner that actually makes sense and we can evaluate the veracity if that assertion?
  3. iNow


    Debt is an extremely powerful tool, but like all tools it must be wielded intelligently and with a clear understanding of risks. The entrepreneur who scales her manufacturing to meet the demand when it hits, but does so through a loan. The parent who lives rurally, but acquires s better paying job in the city in order to send their children to a better school and achieve a better future for them, but who can only do so by taking out a loan on a car. The person who takes a mortgage on a house to live in an area with more benefits and better schools, and who with each payment on that mortgage contributes to their own future equity. Or the craftsman who borrows to buy materials to build a product they can sell at 4-10x the input costs, or the street food vendor who borrows for her ingredients or the plates to serve her customers upon... customers who help her earn several multiples of what she initially went into debt to acquire. Like any tool, debt used wisely is a powerful path to escape poverty and build a better tomorrow. Microlending programs across the planet demonstrate the validity of this point every single day and they have for decades. Also just like any tool, debt in the hands of those who use it ignorantly or with abandon is a risk that comes with real and fairly predictable long-term consequences. Unfortunately, idontcare, the only tool here seems to be you, with your sweeping generalizations and desire to preach instead of discuss. It’s okay that you’re not a fan of debt, but you’re failing miserably to recruit others to your perspective. I’m sympathetic to your core point about the risks of debt and how so many millions (even billions) on our planet are harmed by it... and how many are everyday harmed by cronies who wield the power of debt and credit like a weapon upon the masses... but unfortunately you squander that sympathy and evaporate my patience with your continued soap boxing and closed mindedness. It seems you’d rather scream into an abyss and rake muck than to partner with others to explore potential solutions or improvements... and AFAIC you may just as well toss yourself straight into that endless void and never come out if you choose to persist in displaying this lack of interest in being better or trying harder to be a rational and reasonable discussion participant.
  4. iNow


    He wants to rant and tantrum like a tired toddler. There’s no discussion to be had here.
  5. Stop feeding him, @joigus
  6. Also, connections and neural density and other things like myelination often matter much more than critical volume or size
  7. Well drat. You’re quite right. I was defining median, not average. Oh well. Thanks for the correction. I was wrong once before. It was a Tuesday, on a leap year... during a full moon. However, in my defense, use of average almost certainly means that far more than half of the world will be below the number due to the massive asymmetries in wealth around the globe. So, in that sense the core point I was making in my reply only gets amplified by using average, not diminished. Cheers, and thanks again
  8. Try peeling it from the bottom instead of starting on the stem side where it attached to the bunch
  9. iNow

    Political Humor

    I think it’s more of a “they all look the same to” vibe
  10. I think you mean tribalism, something we also see in religion, nations, amd sports. Or, maybe you meant some politicians do this, not politics in general?
  11. iNow

    Political Humor

    More sad than funny, but sorry, Marco. Wrong black guy https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/07/18/sen-marco-rubio-mixes-up-john-lewis-elijah-cummings-tribute/5465516002/ Humiliating that he also made the pic of him with the wrong black guy his profile photo
  12. He said average. We can safely assume he didn't mean mode and likely not median.
  13. By definition, that's half the planet, and always will be
  14. By definition, that's half the planet, and always will be
  15. Today, Andrew Yang came and had an hour long remote chat with the employees at my work. It was super chill and laid back. He was in front of his laptop in what looked to be his bedroom, and he was talking about education, and healthcare, and freedom dividends. One of the attendees asked him if he’d consider running as a 3rd party candidate and he all but said, “oh hell no. That’d just lead to trump winning. I support Joe and will do what I can to help him get elected.” Another person asked what he plans to do next in politics and he said, “I’m much less interested in being a professional politician than I a. in helping improve the important things.” It was cool. He’s super down to earth.
  16. You're raising a valid and sound / reasonable point overall, but the qualified immunity police enjoy due to the insane power the police unions have has prevented charges from being brought in 97% of all police killings between 2013 and 2019. I think maybe one cop went to jail during all those years. We've seen a few more go to jail this year in response to protests, but the number is still somewhere around 5 total. Hope you're not vacationing in Florida, mate 😎
  17. This is not an accurate generalization. I always have my knife with me, and have guns in the home or when hunting / camping. Just can't have either at the airport or government building.
  18. Okay, so basically item #3 above, with the new variable if “nighttime” included, and without the addition of police presence. Got it. Have you ever considered that some people are just scared of the dark and that this has little to do with actual danger? To be clear, I’m not suggesting things are perfectly safe nor that there aren’t real dangers, just that your claims are not as rooted in facts as you seem to think. You’re own biases are coloring your stance (and, in fairness, my biases do the same to me). Also, did you notice your Gallop survey didn’t ask how the presence of police... specifically the pretense of police with martial arts training and new non-lethal toys... would affect those feelings of being unsafe at nighttime walking down the street, yet that’s the argument you’re attempting to support with your survey link? Hell, sometimes I feel unsafe walking around the woods at night; and I promise you having a cop there wouldn’t make me feel any better. 😂 Then let me address this head on. More funding isn’t required for this. They already receive tons of funding and they could use it for more training in better ways already today. It doesn’t require new revenue injections to do what you propose. Hiring a sensei from the Cobra Kai dojo down the street to train some beat cops doesn’t require a ton of extra cash. Extra money also doesn’t equate to extra accountability, nor does extra training equate to extra discipline. It may help, but you’re building castles made of sand IMO if you think this will kill this weed at the root. I say this as a firm believer in the benefits of martial arts training and discipline. You’re advocating additional expenditures to already balance sheet bloated police departments, and that IMO is well intentioned, but misguided. If we’re to spend more money, the higher ROI very clearly comes from increased social services and engagement on the mental health side of this equation.
  19. I know. It was an analogy. I’m stunningly bad at them so it’s unsurprising you missed it. The word you’re looking for is pedantic. Just to clarify, are you saying: 1) People CAN’T safely walk down the street without police present anywhere in all of the 50 US states 2) People CAN’T safely walk down the street without police present, but only in some areas 3) People FEEL LIKE they can’t walk safely down the street without police present anywhere in all of the 50 US states 4) People FEEL LIKE they can’t walk safely down the street without police present, but only in some areas 5) Violent crime data SUGGESTS people can’t walk down the street without police present anywhere in all of the 50 US states 6) Violent crime data SUGGESTS people can’t walk down the street without police present, but only in some areas 7) Something similar to one of the items above, but police presence isn’t the relevant variable Or... Something else? Asking because you said, “There will always be a need for police, especially in the current situation where citizens CAN'T safely walk down the street...” ... and you seemed to use it to argue that fewer police or fewer physical response options for them like new martial arts techniques or additional non lethal toys would lead to some sort of dystopian hellscape where we’re defending grandmas house with a spiked baseball bat and 50-cal.
  20. You've shifted the goalposts, though. Your initial comment: "There will always be a need for police, especially in the current situation where citizens CAN'T safely walk down the street." You said, "citizens CAN'T safely walk down the street." When challenged, you submitted violent crime statistics. When challenged on those and asked what threshold of violent crime does/does not allow one to walk safely down a street, you shifted to "people FEEL unsafe." Okay, so what? Lots of racists "FEEL" unsafe when walking near a black person in the grocery store. That doesn't mean they ARE unsafe. Your original point was crap, and the updated moved goalposts version isn't much better. I agree with you that this is an unrealistic assumption. Where I think we may differ, however, is in the idea that every single cop in every single neighborhood and every single experience level needs to be armed and ready to deal with these folks at every second of every day, as opposed to specialized forces who are called in and only engaged in the rare situations where they're needed. I'm pretty sure police are not the primary thing preventing this from happening. Human nature is. Most humans are actually rather cooperative. There are clearly important exceptions, but a huge part of the reason our species has enjoyed success is our nature to help one another and our tendency to follow group norms. As I said, important (and regional) exceptions exist, but I struggle to accept your premise that police are the only thing stopping criminals from controlling others and driving us into a Mad Max dystopian hellscape. There. FTFY We seem to disagree in a fundamental way about human nature. This seems to drive most of our disagreements on the topic of policing. That's okay and you're clearly welcome to your opinion, just thought I'd point it out.
  21. That doesn’t answer the question I asked. Violent crime rates are neither equivalent to not evidence of citizens being unable to walk safely down the street. Your hyperbole does a disservice to your otherwise reasonable points.
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