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  1. It's not me doing the condemning, but the data. I don't know how else to explain this for you and folks similarly struggling to accept the point, but in terms of policing, sentencing, suspicion, jailing... on nearly every metric and across nearly every type of crime, the approach is asymmetric and disproportionate, and CANNOT be explained or handwaved away by socioeconomic considerations. A well-off black man is STILL more likely to be harmed by the current system than a poor uneducated white man. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/opinions/systemic-racism-police-evidence-criminal-justice-system/ https://www.sentencingproject.org/publications/un-report-on-racial-disparities/ I could really keep going for hours given the bulk of evidence on this topic, but this feels like a topic where evidence simply isn't enough to make people realize how bad it is. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/11/16/black-men-sentenced-to-more-time-for-committing-the-exact-same-crime-as-a-white-person-study-finds/
  2. I believe Eise suggests that there is no distinction between our “wishes and beliefs” and us. We as an entity ARE this chemical reactions and those wishes, etc., and therefore it’s nonsensical to suggest an “us” which is in any way different or distinct from those chemical processes, gut bacteria, wishes, beliefs, and the rest. The logic of treating these things separately breaks down in the same way (and for similar reasons) as positing a soul as separate from the self, as if there’s some sort of a gods-eye-view of us as individuals from some higher state. There’s not. We ARE that state. We’re not isolated from the system. We are the system. ‘The consequence of this approach is that we can be determined and can still call our will free since the desires and beliefs being acted upon are still our own. (Apologies to Eise if this summary is inaccurate or misrepresents you in any way... its a shorthand version of how I’ve come to understand your position).
  3. Better screening of police officer candidates is surely a good idea, even necessary, but is not sufficient. Even people with stellar ethics and exemplary moral character will stray and behave within the confines of their local group or tribe. Their boundaries and guardrails of what is appropriate are set by local expectations and trends. What constitutes acceptable behavior is for the most part defined more by social norms than by personal principle. The system is stacked against people of color. The system is stacked in favor of qualified immunity for police. Not every interaction with police is a sign of systemic problems, and not every cop within the system is racist, but the system is currently unjust, the bad police are allowed to prosper and continue gainful employment even in the face of unacceptable behavior, and the problems are magnified for nonwhites... and have been for decades (centuries?). Blacks make up only 13% of the population, yet they are 25% of police killings, and worse still comprise 38% of those in prison, and all despite committing crimes at the same (or lower!) rate as their white peers. The system is broken and too many broken people are out policing our streets with qualified immunity instead of adequate qualifications for the job or appropriate behavioral expectations from their leadership. It’s harder getting a job as a hairdresser in the US than it is getting a job as a cop, and sadly that’s only a tiny part of the problem overall.
  4. Yeah. Keep in mind, though, a Democrat in Kentucky is like a Republican in California.
  5. You ought to study human psychology and sociology more, then. It’s quite common.
  6. And the Attorney General (who’s in charge of enforcing election processes and laws) is a Republican. https://ag.ky.gov/about/Pages/Attorney-General.aspx The claim was they were protecting election workers, not the electorate. Vote by mail is clearly the solution, but that causes participation to spike and more voters means fewer Republican wins. Or if you listen to DJT, it results in more fraud (even though he, his VP, his top advisors, and nearly everyone in his inner circle has repeatedly voted by mail themselves).
  7. He’s either trolling or willfully ignorant. It’s his ability to login that’s likely headed to the trash.
  8. Because they can. Ding!! Give that man a cookie! You’ll notice also how this was focused in predominately black districts.
  9. My little bother just ate all the Scrabble tiles and his poop made more sense than you do.
  10. Nope https://climate.nasa.gov/news/2943/study-confirms-climate-models-are-getting-future-warming-projections-right/
  11. We actually give 3 guns to anyone who wants one. Only the folks who don’t want one at all get a single one.
  12. How would one conduct such a screening effectively?
  13. You need to be more specific about where you’re stuck and what you’ve already tried. By asking for “any help,” I could satisfy the request by sharing that they’re written in English and split into several parts. Voila! You’re welcome. Nobody here wants to do your homework for you, but most people here are perfectly willing to help work with you to better understand concepts you’re potentially struggling with.
  14. Isn’t it cute that here in 2020 there still exist a small handful of small minded climate change deniers? I guess it’s be cuter if their ignorance didn’t come with such consequences on the wellbeing of humanity for not taking the threat seriously. On this topic, false positives are so much less risky than false negatives.
  15. iNow

    Free will

    Twigs and fish are not identical. There are differences... in composition, in function, in source, across multiple metrics they are different. You asked me, "so there is no difference between a twig and e.g. a fish?" I said, No. Of course there are differences. I then returned the statement to the original context in which I shared it... freedom and will. I said that we are but twigs in the shoulders of a mighty stream... suggesting that we are carried around by currents beyond any control... it's determined, as you agree. In that regard, the idea of freedom is moot. In my current way of thinking, every input and variable to our behavior is a type of coercion. I find your threshold for is/is not coercion somewhat arbitrary, though also acknowledge that my own view of "it's all a type of coercion" has limitations (since it's so broad and all encompassing, it tends to lack utility). Perhaps poorly, but I tried to summarize all of that in a pithy way by saying, "Are there differences? Certainly. Are those differences relevant to the idea that determinism renders the concept of freedom in context of our will moot? No."
  16. Forgive me. Perhaps the language barrier here is too great. I have no idea what you’re asking of me.
  17. Research into what exactly? How cannabis use increases chances of false memory and leads to problems with temporal encoding? https://www.pnas.org/content/117/9/4585
  18. It’s challenging to parse this salad of words, but you appear to suggest that only some users of psychotropic drugs experience the aforementioned misfires of time encoding in their brain. If so, I agree. That’s why I said “tend to,” as in “there’s a tendency for this to happen,” not a mandate or requirement. If, however, I’ve misunderstood your intended point... the part of your post which wasn’t needlessly personal against me and suggestive of my lack of expertise... then kindly please clarify your specific concern(s) with my post and I will happily reply, elaborate, or even retract it, if appropriate.
  19. Folks who use psychotropic drugs like pot and other mild hallucinogens also tend to experience “misfires” in mapping time to current experiences and the brain seems to miscode the event as “future” or “past.”
  20. Save yourself some grief. Just give feedback instead.
  21. Actually, he blamed protestors and left wing agents for blocking the streets and entrances.
  22. Dreaming is a process of organizing thoughts in new ways. Memories get consolidated, and it happens while our normal connection between our brain and our body is “severed” ... much like our normal connection to time while we dream can be discarded. I don’t believe we see the future in our dreams. I believe instead that our conscious mind struggles to make sense of these more unconscious processes and so applies narratives which DO make sense to us. These narratives are not tied to specific events and so are not anchored to chronology in the normal way our daily experiences are. These narratives and insights and feelings are essentially intuitions that we selectively remember at a later time (“hey... this pattern I’m seeing right now IRL is incredibly similar to that pattern I experienced all those weeks ago in my dream!”). We then call this feeling deja vu or mistakenly describe it as precognition. Its a pattern, and humans are incredibly good at finding patterns even where none exist. Note: This is my own conjecture, not necessarily a representation of the most current research. Apologies for inserting a speculation into a non-speculative thread. Could be both. Hit the quote button.
  23. iNow

    Free will

    Are there differences? Certainly. Are those differences relevant to the idea that determinism renders the concept of freedom in context of our will moot? No.
  24. That’s of course ONE interpretation of what this thread (the post which led to its split) was about. Another possible path is what context to consider when discussing AGW and optimal CO2 levels... do we focus more on humans and other life on the planet we’re destroying at a remarkable rate, or do we focus solely on plant life and their needs? Given that the post was introduced into a thread about AGW, the latter seems a better choice (tho my first choice is he was just a climate denying troll trying to get people who normally get along together quite well to turn against each other over spurious bullshit).
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