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  1. Research into what exactly? How cannabis use increases chances of false memory and leads to problems with temporal encoding? https://www.pnas.org/content/117/9/4585
  2. It’s challenging to parse this salad of words, but you appear to suggest that only some users of psychotropic drugs experience the aforementioned misfires of time encoding in their brain. If so, I agree. That’s why I said “tend to,” as in “there’s a tendency for this to happen,” not a mandate or requirement. If, however, I’ve misunderstood your intended point... the part of your post which wasn’t needlessly personal against me and suggestive of my lack of expertise... then kindly please clarify your specific concern(s) with my post and I will happily reply, elaborate, or even retract it, if appropriate.
  3. Folks who use psychotropic drugs like pot and other mild hallucinogens also tend to experience “misfires” in mapping time to current experiences and the brain seems to miscode the event as “future” or “past.”
  4. Save yourself some grief. Just give feedback instead.
  5. Actually, he blamed protestors and left wing agents for blocking the streets and entrances.
  6. Dreaming is a process of organizing thoughts in new ways. Memories get consolidated, and it happens while our normal connection between our brain and our body is “severed” ... much like our normal connection to time while we dream can be discarded. I don’t believe we see the future in our dreams. I believe instead that our conscious mind struggles to make sense of these more unconscious processes and so applies narratives which DO make sense to us. These narratives are not tied to specific events and so are not anchored to chronology in the normal way our daily experiences are. These narratives and insights and feelings are essentially intuitions that we selectively remember at a later time (“hey... this pattern I’m seeing right now IRL is incredibly similar to that pattern I experienced all those weeks ago in my dream!”). We then call this feeling deja vu or mistakenly describe it as precognition. Its a pattern, and humans are incredibly good at finding patterns even where none exist. Note: This is my own conjecture, not necessarily a representation of the most current research. Apologies for inserting a speculation into a non-speculative thread. Could be both. Hit the quote button.
  7. iNow

    Free will

    Are there differences? Certainly. Are those differences relevant to the idea that determinism renders the concept of freedom in context of our will moot? No.
  8. That’s of course ONE interpretation of what this thread (the post which led to its split) was about. Another possible path is what context to consider when discussing AGW and optimal CO2 levels... do we focus more on humans and other life on the planet we’re destroying at a remarkable rate, or do we focus solely on plant life and their needs? Given that the post was introduced into a thread about AGW, the latter seems a better choice (tho my first choice is he was just a climate denying troll trying to get people who normally get along together quite well to turn against each other over spurious bullshit).
  9. It wasn’t a compliment. It was an accurate answer to your query. Idiot Unsure how that’s gonna play in txt medium, but I mean it as a silly ribbing of a friend just so we’re clear
  10. Define smarter. How does it get measured?
  11. When you speak, it’s not hateful. When we reply, you respond reasonably. When you mention black peoples, it doesn’t sound like you equate them with cockroaches.
  12. iNow

    Free will

    We are the stream
  13. Too little for what? https://www.skepticalscience.com/global-warming-positives-negatives.htm See link for the comparisons and below video for more.
  14. This thread has drifted quite a bit away from the killing of George Floyd, but it's a good discussion and can maybe be split? There are a few issues here. One is how "racist" has become such a charged and loaded term. Even some people who are very obviously racist will say, "I'm not racist!" simply because they know it's seen as unacceptable to society as a whole. They know it's viewed as bad, and even though they meet the definition, they don't want to be ostracized or seen as not conforming with group norms and expectations. They often don't want to see themselves that way... "I'm not racist, I just speak my mind and tell it how it is!" We also can always be better about applying these labels to specific statements or actions, instead of applying them to the person as a whole. It's one thing to say something racist or make a comment that is racially insensitive, but it's quite another to BE a racist. Often, these areas get conflated. Also, anytime we try to distill a human being down to a flat one-dimensional label, we're dehumanizing them a bit. Instead of recognizing them as a complex being with many different components... different colors on the palette... different instruments in the band... a tapestry of personality traits and characteristics... the moment we use a single word like "racist" (or liberal or leftie or commie or snowflake or whatever), we immediately reduce them down to that one single word... They're no longer a person, but instead become a caricature. We're talking to the map, and not the territory... It's helpful to focus on individual statements and behaviors. I think we can all agree, but let's also be honest... if there are enough of those racist statements and behaviors, eventually a threshold gets crossed and it's simpler to just acknowledge... yep, that person is a racist. Where that threshold exists will differ for all of us, and likely from one person or situation to the next... but there's always a threshold between racist and not. Finally, we could also use more precise terms like jingoistic or xenophobic or segregationist, but alas... most people in racist discussions aren't educated enough to grasp those bigger words.
  15. iNow

    Free will

    Your "freedom" will surely carry you along whatever incoming currents determine... we are but twigs in the shoulders of a mighty stream.
  16. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_tolerance The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant. Karl Popper described it as the seemingly paradoxical idea that, "In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance."
  17. That’s not how it works here. The onus is on the person making the claim to support it
  18. The person needs to be here in good faith, MigL. Talking to trolls helps none of us when they’re always disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.
  19. What are you even saying? Is this just telling everyone that the forum software which nobody here has any control over whatsoever is sometimes buggy? Yeah, OK. Agreed. So what? Btw - Just ignore the UI buttons for quoting and code it yourself with tags. Way easier and more precise and avoids having your own quote at a sub-level.
  20. They don’t sell us wild variations in the store. The ones we buy have been cultivated and selected by farmers for specific traits for generations, and that often changes how they reproduce.
  21. iNow

    Free will

    I wouldn’t waste your time, Eise. He’s just here to stir up trouble And now he’s not here at all since he got banned. Carry on...
  22. Meanwhile, Trump signed an executive order yesterday while claiming Obama never did anything to address police brutality... which is a lie... as Trump overturned Obama’s order on exactly that topic upon entering office. Trumps order appears entirely symbolic and has no “teeth.” It’s said to ban choke holds unless officers life is in danger. It also calls for a national database to track police with a history of misconduct to help prevent them from being rehired in other precincts or by other departments. Not enough to address the depth and breadth of the current problems, but directionally correct... Unfortunately, policing is a local state-level issue, not a federal one. Trump can’t really don’t anything to enforce these orders. He’s also not put any mechanism or funding in place to implement a system for tracking. So, it’s all for show... a symbolic gesture... PT Barnum at his best... With an “order” that he signed with a bunch of police standing behind him for a photo op, instead of the families of people killed by police with whom he met earlier that same day. https://apnews.com/7f06786e118c4ca9d48b44dc224c3862
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