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  1. No. That’d perhaps make it easier to accept, though
  2. There are lots of studies and data from global banks and the federal reserve that slice and dice this data in various ways, but here’s a handy visual from just last month that gives a 20,000 foot view of the scale of it all: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/all-of-the-worlds-money-and-markets-in-one-visualization-2020/ This atlas of activity is pretty badass, too: https://atlas.cid.harvard.edu
  3. I also take issue with the conflation of “lack of training” with “not enough funding.” There’s lots of money there already, it’s just not being applied to training.
  4. There was a pretty good book called Trekonomics that walked through this. The part that stood out to me is how the ferenghi still used gold latimum despite the lack of money elsewhere
  5. My Trump supporting family members have already declared they’ll refuse the vaccine even if one becomes available, because freedom... or something. It’s not just the lack of leadership will and competence that’s an obstacle here, but ignorance and acceptance of anti-vax style propaganda
  6. Please, my friend. Do not tempt the fates
  7. I suspect your problem is with my use of the quantity “one”... lol
  8. I agree, but is it equally unrealistic to suggest maybe not every single crime committed needs to be apprehended or enforced? Surely all of us have broken one law or another at some point in our lives and I suggest we’re better off as a whole for not being booked and prosecuted each time. “Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.” ~Bryan Stevenson
  9. First time interacting with dimreepr, eh?
  10. Except, no. Even if I post as a full adherent to the stance YOU'VE personally been advocating... even then, AT BEST we could call them UNDER-trained. As we all know, however, they are NOT UNtrained, but the citizenry (as a general rule) very much are.
  11. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2008/10/27/the-insiders
  12. Part of the challenge is that there are no correct answers in philosophy, only well reasoned, well supported, logically consistent positions. I suspect that like me you prefer conversations where 2+2=4, not where 2+2= ennui or potato salad.
  13. I suspect there are different interpretations, but mine is that they focused first on competence and representation of the voting public. Basically, if these 2 people were qualified enough to be at the top of the pile for consideration, then they were also qualified to lead and would have the support of the people. Also, there weren’t parties back then so it’s not quite a 1-to-1 comparison with the situation today (today having the runner up be VP would make Trump have to be Biden’s backup).
  14. There's a lot I agree with in your post, as well. What I wonder is if every single beat cop walking the streets and driving into the gas station for a soda needs to be that highly trained, or if we can instead have smaller units more like SWAT intended solely for those situations with gangs and mafias and the other specialized situations you cite. In fact, we already do have those units... they're called the FBI. No. I'm saying they can intervene without violence, and if things turn violent, then other solutions can be put in place. There will always be exceptions and needs for additional force. Those are marginal issues, though, relative to what we're seeing across our nation more broadly. Don't sacrifice the good in pursuit of the perfect.
  15. Lol. You're adorable sometimes, MigL. Love ya, brother If this were to happen, it'd be far more likely IMO that she'd play a key role in his cabinet overseeing some important international relations rebuilding work,. It's not necessary to only consider these folks for potential VP picks. When the US was first founded, there was no "VP pick." Whomever came in 2nd place (the runner up) was automatically the VP. There's no law preventing a VP from the other party now, either. The only thing preventing it is politics. It would alienate far more voters than it would attract. John McCain famously considered picking Democrat Joe Lieberman to be his VP (in fact, it was his first choice), but then he decided he needed someone more serious as a running mate and picked Sarah Palin instead. boom... /rimshot
  16. More broadly, I'm hoping we can acknowledge the current framing of the situation is deeply flawed. You both continue thinking with a "police must be able to dominate any situation" mindset and keep suggesting we need to offer them additional tools to maintain that dominance. Sure... there will be examples of self-defense being needed, but in many/most cases it's simply not. The office could choose to walk away... re-engage another time in another way. We need to stop thinking of police as crowd control... stop thinking of control at all... and start thinking about creating a healthier society that helps people to find... well, to find... help. Not punishment, but assistance. Part of the issue IMO is the focus on dominance. Embedded in the culture of most police departments is a driving motivation to be always in control of any situation no matter what the cost, but look at the cost it's bringing us! People sworn to protect and serve are too often the ones doing the killing... the beating... the brutalization... and all in the name of dominating the streets and controlling the situation. Adding more physical control techniques and training itself based on being better at fighting is not a way out of a situation where there's already too much fighting and too much martial enforcement. We need to let it be okay for the police to sometimes walk away, or to bring in someone skilled in mental health issues, etc... after all, does it really matter that much if we don't catch the guy selling loose cigarettes for a buck a pop right there in that moment? Will society fail if we catch up to him later when moods have calmed? No, of course not. Years ago, cops were the primary people who brought hurt individuals to doctors and hospitals. Then, the decision was made to spend that same money instead on ambulances and paramedics, etc. and the system we have today is far better... even though it entailed defunding the police a bit. It's time to start thinking more like that (as continuing to dream up and offer new tools for dominating a free citizenry is part of what's allowing these problems to persist decade after decade after decade).
  17. I’m a fan of martial arts. Used to teach them for years (my avatar is a picture of me proving I could do over 100 pushups consecutively the night before I tested from 3rd degree brown belt into my 1st degree black belt... where I also went through over 100 katas and demonstrated my abilities in 20 different weapons forms). But you’ve obviously never met a cop in NYC or middle America if you think this Joe Rogan idea of yours is gonna change the issues we’re facing. The cops and donuts joke exists for a reason. This problem is systemic, and teaching a few more dudes some arm bars ain’t gonna address it from the core or kill the weed at its root.
  18. So basically you’re suggesting we can only fix this problem by hiring members of the Gracie family to police our streets? Seems unrealistic, but okay. I think more is needed, like federally set bare minimum standards about what is and is not allowed and what happens when those thresholds are crossed. The defund the police objective is a poorly framed way of asking for funds to be out to better uses. It’s not at odds, it’s exactly what they’re seeking. Yes, who wouldn’t? But why present a false choice / false dichotomy? It’s not like those are the only 2 options available. They could also buy me a cheeseburger or get me engaged with a social worker.
  19. No choke holds. Full stop. Blood choke. Air choke. Artichoke. It doesn’t matter. If you’re a cop you don’t choke others. That has to be one of the rules of engagement. We’re citizens with rights in a free society. We’re not willing fighters entering an octagon for a paycheck.
  20. The training point is about more than just "recertification" each year being only 5 hours. The US also badly fails up front in preparing cops for their jobs in the first place. https://work.chron.com/long-train-cop-21366.html https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2020/06/america-police-violence-germany-georgia-britain/612820/ The rest of that 2nd article from The Atlantic also has good ideas on how to begin repairing our broken system.
  21. Depends on how one defines sane
  22. Our evolution as tribal primates / mostly hairless apes whose ancestors spent more time warring with non-kin than cooperating together for greater common good... cooperation being a relatively recent addition to our species toolkit.
  23. Let me say this another way: Their disparate experience is directly tied to the numbers
  24. Since it seems to bother folks so much, perhaps we should call them snowflakes instead
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