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  1. I find other things in the race / IQ discussion far more disgusting than that, but appreciate you providing this clear window into your personal/mental spectrum of atrocity and abhorrence.
  2. Indeed, or lack of exposure to actual females. Your point of them often becoming caricatures in the minds of young "chaps" is spot on.
  3. You misspelled "realists"
  4. It really doesn't, but at least you're consistent in your wrongness
  5. But you were talking about race, not ethnicity. I might be inclined to accuse you of moving the goal posts, conflation of terms, and sloppy argumentation... but I'll give you a pass and chalk it up to language differences and translation issues... this time. These social constructs of race and ethnicity cannot be detected in the genes... and the amount of melanin in someone's skin doesn't affect their intelligence. The social structures which differentially restrict access to food, housing, health, education, and opportunities do. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/to
  6. You're never going to change your height. It's not gonna happen. Stop trying. Stop thinking about it. Stop ruminating. It's not healthy. You are how tall you are ever going to be unless you put on shoes with heels. End program. You can, however, change your fitness level, and you can change your mindset and you can engage in activities that make you a better human. Focus on the things you can change, not pie in the sky dreams like growing a 3rd arm or having lasers that shoot out of your eyes (the equivalent of trying to force your body to be taller). Right now, it's almost certainly
  7. No. Carbon taxes incentivize carbon use reductions, not food distribution methods (despite the obvious overlap).
  8. https://www.who.int/about/what-we-do He’s confused about much more than that. Read his posts if you have the patience for it.
  9. You could’ve just said, “No. I’m incapable of supporting that claim because it’s silly nonsense without any basis in reality.”
  10. If you haven’t done it already, you’re already behind the curve Sounds like you want a job in logistics. FedEx and UPS and Amazon pay good money to people who wish to solve these problems at scale and at a cost that reduces overhead / increases margins.
  11. No worries. I really don’t care. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Or you could start a garden and learn to hunt
  13. WHO is not intended for spying or holding governments accountable. If you measure a fish by its ability to climb a tree...
  14. Okay. Thanks for sharing
  15. See also: https://www.its.caltech.edu/~kip/index.html/lectures.html
  16. Okay. Thanks for confirming your intent so quickly. There are better sources available, but I’ll leave these here for the interested reader. Given your approach, that phrase no longer applies to me. Overview of race: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/race-is-a-social-construct-scientists-argue/ Overview of IQ: https://www.discovermagazine.com/mind/do-iq-tests-actually-measure-intelligence
  17. Humans are a race. White humans are not a separate one from black humans. IQ tests have known limitations. The fact that you ignore them suggests you’re not as well read on this topic as you pretend to be.
  18. You see, here's the thing. Race is a bullshit concept. It's a cultural term, not a biological one. The fact that some people have different melanin content in their skin doesn't mean much else other than they have different melanin content in their skin. Sure, they've been treated differently and had the system rigged against them so of course that affects outcomes, but when you control for things like health and access etc... skin color really isn't a determining factor. Likewise, IQ is also a bullshit concept. There are scores of different kinds of intelligence. Problem solving ability,
  19. As SJ hints at, to prevent it you need to keep the area dry. To kill it, I've had good luck with the stuff he references, too: Concrobium Mold Control. It's stinky, but works.
  20. Another insight I heard yesterday which makes sense to me... Mitch wanted to vote yes on the conviction, but he knew that not enough fellow republicans would've voted with him to convict. This would have shined a bright burning spotlight on his weakness as leader, so he voted to acquit so as not to be seen as weak and in a different position than most of his caucus. Basically, he did it to protect his leadership position because his leadership position is weakening... Not enough of the other GOP Senators would've supported his vote... so he changed it.
  21. Most media reports suggest Lara Trump, daughter-in-law to Donald and wife of Eric, is the most likely to run for Senate in North Carolina. This will likely happen before any of the others try it.
  22. iNow

    Political Humor

    Trump urinal cakes seem appropriate
  23. Don Jr is likely to try first. We can tell he’s working very hard based on all the mountains of cocaine he’s apparently imbibing.
  24. Two of the Republican Senators who voted to convict Trump, Bill Cassidy (LA) and Richard Burr (NC), both of whom were extremely loyal to and supportive of Trump throughout his presidency, were IMMEDIATELY censured by local governments back in their home state as a result of their vote.
  25. That gets it done. Many thanks, Dave. Cheers 🥂
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