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    Voting By Mail

    I liked your post because we lack option of sad face. Agree with all of your comments and keep hearing many of the same rhymes you just spit (spittin rhymes is an old term for freestyle rap). It’s no Ali G or Borat, but your comment reminded me of this eloquent amd on-point speech from Sacha Baron Cohen last year:
  2. iNow

    Biden’s VP Choice

    That aligns perfectly with my forecast a bit more than a week ago. We’ll see. I’m leaning toward Rice right now.
  3. iNow

    Voting By Mail

    History doesn't always repeat, but it often rhymes. For years, I'd think of WWII Germany and wonder, "How did the people let that happen? How is it possible nobody stepped up to stop Hitler before it was too late?" Now, I look around what's happening in my country... in my community... in my own family... and I think, "This is how. This is exactly how that happened." There's a deeper erosion of trust. We're fed lies and bullshit in massive quantities, and told we cannot trust objective observers. We cannot trust the media, or the experts, or the "anyone who disagrees with those in power." People are untethered to reality, and when inaccurate assertions get challenged or corrected, the person who shared the challenge or correction is attacked and treated like an enemy. At this point, anyone who still supports Trump does so because they see his approach as a feature, not a bug. At least in 2016, we could assume that some people just got duped. They'd simply bought the snake oil from this PT Barnum sales guy and bought into his marketing hype. It happens. People make mistakes, but given all we've learned in the intervening years, the only way one could continue supporting him is if you like what he's doing. As for mail in voting... I hope I'm being too cynical, but my intuition is we're going to see several false flag operations where people supporting Trump intentionally seed the election with fake mail in ballots so they can further use them in their efforts to erode our acceptance of truth or the validity of democracy itself.
  4. I tell you what. I will gladly help you out here and allow you to send me all money you have and all money you ever receive moving forward so you can be free of the burdens it imposes on you. Check your inbox for guidance on how to process the transfer.
  5. Where and how does one obtain all of the equipment and support required to offer that protection without money, and what of the food? Wouldn’t those animals be less endangered if the people hunting them had other steady sources of income and security? Thanks for the neg rep, though. Your understanding of the rep system here makes abundantly clear the fact that you DO understand how transactions and arbitrary systems of value work. 🙄
  6. Word salad. Will you kindly elaborate and prepare an actual meaningful meal with the words you choose in your next response?
  7. Rubbish. We do things because of dopamine and serotonin. End program. Money is a tool which enhances the odds of receiving the effect of both.
  8. I have no interest in trading rice and cows for help building a shed or in exchange for a few hours of internet access with someone who still says whacked in 2020. You may just starve given your recalcitrance, especially since the ability to barter begins with the ability to form trusting bonds. At least money reduces this type of friction and allows for enhanced survival by greater numbers, but you obviously are blind to this (and surely a great many other things too long to list).
  9. iNow

    Voting By Mail

    In 1933, one man set fire to a building in Germany and Hitler claimed it was the result of communist agitators and he won his election the following week. It became known as the Reichstag Fire and was used as a pretext to pass laws which took away people’s freedoms and to crack down on anyone not completely supportive of the government. This spring, white nationalists broke windows and vandalized buildings and businesses to make it look like BLM protests were out of control and that rioting was out of hand. It’s known as a false flag operation and it worked. This was used as justification to send in federal agents to US cities... agents with no identification or badges (what some called secret police) who without warrants picked up citizens from the streets who weren’t breaking any laws and took them away in unmarked vans with no due process. Now, Trump claims voting fraud is rampant with mail in voting, a process which is gaining traction this year to drive turnout safely during a global pandemic. People don’t want to stand in lines for hours and touch dirty screens that pass covid to the masses, but mail in voting causes turnout to surge and high turnout tends to mean far fewer republican victories. There is no evidence mail in voting is any more fraudulent than in-person voting, nor that absentee voting is in any relevant way different from mail-in voting (a distinction without a difference that Trump lees making). Who wants to bet that Trumps henchmen purposefully seed the mail with fake ballots in a few months precisely in a way that they get caught and publicized? The obvious motivation is another false flag operation / Reichstag fire to manipulate people into supporting their own objectives and all just so they can use those planted fake ballots to point to news stories about fraudulent voting activity? I mean, he’s already defunding the post office and closing locations in key voting districts to slow them down on the system side, even placing his own unqualified campaign donor like a puppet to be in charge of the post office and do his bidding. Maybe I’m wrong, but you wouldn’t exactly be surprised if evidence came out showing this happening in couple of months, would you?
  10. Have you checked the closet, or maybe a drawer full of random stuff? I often find things I’ve lost in those. Try retracing you’re steps
  11. I just got kicked out of a flat earth Facebook group because I asked if the 6 foot social distancing guideline had pushed anyone over the edge yet.
  12. It is allowing us to rethink the idea of online learning and remote participation. Most local school districts in the US have been resistant to online learning as primary, and the stay at home process has made that much more acceptable and less feared by millions. The risk with this is the lack of broadband internet for so many hundreds of thousands of children, and also the challenges parents face working when kids are taught from home. It also increases the risk of hunger for kids whose only meals came from schools, and also the risk of abuse detection for kids at home with abusive parents (as the teacher would detect bruises and wounds in-person and get help for the child, but those opportunities to detect abuse are not happening with online learning). Another gap is socialization and the non-book / non-syllabus learning which comes with school... learning how to sort ourselves as social animals and all the informal playground learning and side conversations that help make us who we become. *her (and yes!)
  13. I think you need to be more specific about what you mean by regenerated... and also what you mean by education
  14. My intended point relates most closely to overcrowding and proximity. It's embedded within the system itself, as well as the culture and how/where people spend time. When eating, when in markets, when sleeping or on trains, when scavenging if they're destitute, bathing in the Ganges, etc.
  15. iNow

    Political Humor

    It looks like our policy of, “Don’t worry bro, it’s just the flu” didn’t work. This is pretty funny, but does have some salty language.
  16. Their reporting system is less relevant to me than their lifestyle. Close communal living and lack of education or hygiene are frustratingly common across the subcontinent.
  17. As bad as US has been, India seems likely to surpass given their sheer size
  18. iNow

    Biden’s VP Choice

    She is getting a lot of extra attention in media right now. Was on Meet the Press this morning, even
  19. My bigger point is that your mention of restrictions is interesting, but not relevant since they’re unenforceable and ignored by many.
  20. You mean like all those millions of Americans who refuse even to wear a simple mask?
  21. Bah. I can drive to Hawaii.. if my car is cool enough.
  22. Such as? I know New York has said that people from certain other states (like mine) must self-quarantine for 2 weeks upon arriving, but that’s not possible to enforce in any way. IMO, it’s a bit like putting the tag on the bottom of a mattress which says do not remove under penalty of law. I’ve removed tens of them and nobody was ever the wiser. I can also fly into any airport and walk right out the sliding doors into an Uber without so much as a temperature check. I can kayak from South Dakota into North Dakota and go into town and wander the streets going into and out of shops and food services as I see fit without any identification... and other countless similar examples. Given this, I’m unclear on the point your communicating. Did you have any specific restrictions in mind?
  23. Also, the virus doesn’t recognize state borders. I can drive to any state from any state, so having one approach in Ohio that differs from the approach in Michigan is pretty dumb. National standards are the only way to do this right.
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