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  1. No, but being insufferable and not knowing when to STFU can lead to messed up noses and darkened eyes
  2. Sorry to say that I had to look that one up as I wasn’t previously familiar with the hammer song.
  3. Lol. I love when people forget this is a text-based medium which offers search and quote features
  4. I will make the following claim: Vollawarping is accurate within the 4th tensor of yesterstonic harmony grids and can only be challerated with nanosupliance under a force of missiletonaria. Now, please tell us all whether that claim is correct of if you can find any mistakes.
  5. It's the latter one. Are you familiar with the saying from Wolfgang Pauli, "Not even wrong?" https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Not_even_wrong
  6. Unrelated: Am I the only one who keeps reading this thread title to the rhythm/theme of this? This is how the market has always functioned. The only difference now is Redditers and regular Joes similar to you and me are doing it and not just hedge fund managers who’ve done it this way for decades and been treated like masters of the universe.
  7. Absolutely. In hopes of reciprocating a bit, you might enjoy this brief video overview of the history and topic you brought forth here:
  8. Unfortunately, scenarios like GameStop hitting $483/share on Jan 28 (making it briefly the single largest company on the Russell 2000 Index) suggest a flaw in this core argument regarding the market being reflective of inherent value. IMO it’s much more reflective of human psychology in large groups. What these large groups choose to value on any given day is quite volatile and need not be girded by underlying infrastructure or resources.
  9. Maybe, but those physical reserves were also only valuable because we agreed they were May be helpful to expand on this. Who is “we,” what is “them,” and different how?
  10. No, not really. Many things are scarce, yet not valuable. Gold is only valuable because we say it is. My basic point is that value itself is a social construct. Paper money, coins, art, baseball cards, and all of the countless other things we trade and exchange only have value because we as a culture say they have value. We agree that I can exchange it for goods and services you provide me. If I handed you bag full of my belly lint, it wouldn’t magically have value just because it’s scarce. Your attack on cryptocurrency applies equally to all mediums of exchange outside of a
  11. Kinda like greenbacks, or gold, or ad infinitum... this issue you cite isn't specific to crypto.
  12. Thanks, y'all. I'll need to grab a fluorescent tube and give that a try with the kids.
  13. See also: https://www.thegreatcourses.com/professors/sean-carroll/
  14. It’s winter in the Midwest US. The air is extremely dry. This leads us to more easily build up static... picking up electrons. Our hair goes in funny directions. We shock each other when touching. It’s a fun part of winter. We also get shocked when touching the light switch on the wall since it’s connected to the ground of the house. The shock becomes visible at night, which adds a layer to the experience. Touching the light switch, feeling the jolt as the electrons flow from the finger to the lower resistance copper wire of the toggle switch into the ground, I can see the lit
  15. Looks like they’re charging the helicopter module now and plan to launch it in the coming days... so long as the harsh cold and wind hasn’t disabled it
  16. You agreed to certain rules and behavioral guidelines when you created your account. You broke them. Is this really that hard to understand? You could always start a blog, but it’s rather clear you’re just trying to troll.
  17. Someone with an obviously temporary username is trying really hard to prove they can get themselves banned quickly. Another poor kid whom mommy obviously didn’t love enough. If you hate it here so much, nobody is keeping you.
  18. Bring people together to discuss interesting things, usually on the topic of science... but not always. The common theme is people here appreciate science It doesn't cost much to host software on a server somewhere, and my guess is there's some extremely limited ad revenue. Unless you're asking to pay for it all yourself out of your own funds, it's none of your business. This isn't a corporation. It's just a website. Nope, but IIRC it's based out UK and those are the laws it follows There's an entire subforum for feedback. There's also a report post feature.
  19. Works fine. Tap the gray heart and release. The green upvote and red downvote buttons then appear next.
  20. For me, as someone who aligns deeply with your central point that we should learn for the sake of learning and self-improvement and strive for continuous improvement throughout our lives (kaizen), the issue is better framed in terms of the system itself. Those who are honest and work hard are not receiving the same benefits from the system as they did in the past. For too many millions of people, hard work and knowledge alone are no longer sufficient to maximize the chances of a good life and the avoidance of suffering. For many, the only way to advance sufficiently is to game the system.
  21. Answer is the same as it was last month:
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