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  1. So basically you’re suggesting we can only fix this problem by hiring members of the Gracie family to police our streets? Seems unrealistic, but okay. I think more is needed, like federally set bare minimum standards about what is and is not allowed and what happens when those thresholds are crossed. The defund the police objective is a poorly framed way of asking for funds to be out to better uses. It’s not at odds, it’s exactly what they’re seeking. Yes, who wouldn’t? But why present a false choice / false dichotomy? It’s not like those are the only 2 options available. They could also buy me a cheeseburger or get me engaged with a social worker.
  2. No choke holds. Full stop. Blood choke. Air choke. Artichoke. It doesn’t matter. If you’re a cop you don’t choke others. That has to be one of the rules of engagement. We’re citizens with rights in a free society. We’re not willing fighters entering an octagon for a paycheck.
  3. The training point is about more than just "recertification" each year being only 5 hours. The US also badly fails up front in preparing cops for their jobs in the first place. https://work.chron.com/long-train-cop-21366.html https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2020/06/america-police-violence-germany-georgia-britain/612820/ The rest of that 2nd article from The Atlantic also has good ideas on how to begin repairing our broken system.
  4. Depends on how one defines sane
  5. Our evolution as tribal primates / mostly hairless apes whose ancestors spent more time warring with non-kin than cooperating together for greater common good... cooperation being a relatively recent addition to our species toolkit.
  6. Let me say this another way: Their disparate experience is directly tied to the numbers
  7. Since it seems to bother folks so much, perhaps we should call them snowflakes instead
  8. Nobody here is speaking in absolutes, JCM. Also, the people calling to defund ir dismantle the police are doing so in order for us to focus MORE on poverty and social safety net programs, so that last sentence about “let’s not worry about poverty” rings off-key. The higher rates for blacks ties directly to the disparate experience with police and the justice system more broadly.
  9. Your question is about the shape of the universe itself. Here are a few of the top ideas: https://phys.org/news/2019-11-universe-rethink-cosmos.html
  10. The fact that you mention black on black violence at all is itself a problem. Violence tends to be more common within neighborhoods and neighborhoods tend to group like ethnicities together. That’s the only explanation needed. Proximity. That means white on white crime is also more common than white in black crime or vice versa. It means Asian on Asian crime is also more common than Asian on white crime or Asian on black crime, etc. Its a function of proximity, not a function of ethnicity. And yet every time we speak of the disparate experience within the US “justice” system of our black neighbors and family, otherwise well intentioned people like yourself put forth the old canard of black on black crime. Ask yourself, how come nobody ever speaks of white on white crime or Asian on Asian crime even though those are also more common for the same proximity reasons cited above? It’s almost certainly because the black on black crime idea is yet another distraction that we’ve simply become desensitized to, and it’s a tangent which keeps us from focusing upon and solving the real problems at play within the system itself.
  11. For at least some crimes, we do have that data and I’ve shared some of it here
  12. As that’s not a claim I made, I feel no need to defend it.
  13. https://www.hamiltonproject.org/charts/rates_of_drug_use_and_sales_by_race_rates_of_drug_related_criminal_justice
  14. Once correcting for SES, the rate of crimes committed is equivalent and/or lower for blacks. Is this more inline with your expectations (which strike me as needless pedantic since we largely agree)?
  15. It doesn't, though, because if you continue reading you see that the bias persists even upon correcting for SES and poverty. See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_crime_in_the_United_States https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/06/04/another-excuse-police-bias-bites-dust/ https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/05/chicago-police-department-consent-decree-black-lives-matter-resistance.html
  16. It's not me doing the condemning, but the data. I don't know how else to explain this for you and folks similarly struggling to accept the point, but in terms of policing, sentencing, suspicion, jailing... on nearly every metric and across nearly every type of crime, the approach is asymmetric and disproportionate, and CANNOT be explained or handwaved away by socioeconomic considerations. A well-off black man is STILL more likely to be harmed by the current system than a poor uneducated white man. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/opinions/systemic-racism-police-evidence-criminal-justice-system/ https://www.sentencingproject.org/publications/un-report-on-racial-disparities/ I could really keep going for hours given the bulk of evidence on this topic, but this feels like a topic where evidence simply isn't enough to make people realize how bad it is. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/11/16/black-men-sentenced-to-more-time-for-committing-the-exact-same-crime-as-a-white-person-study-finds/
  17. I believe Eise suggests that there is no distinction between our “wishes and beliefs” and us. We as an entity ARE this chemical reactions and those wishes, etc., and therefore it’s nonsensical to suggest an “us” which is in any way different or distinct from those chemical processes, gut bacteria, wishes, beliefs, and the rest. The logic of treating these things separately breaks down in the same way (and for similar reasons) as positing a soul as separate from the self, as if there’s some sort of a gods-eye-view of us as individuals from some higher state. There’s not. We ARE that state. We’re not isolated from the system. We are the system. ‘The consequence of this approach is that we can be determined and can still call our will free since the desires and beliefs being acted upon are still our own. (Apologies to Eise if this summary is inaccurate or misrepresents you in any way... its a shorthand version of how I’ve come to understand your position).
  18. Better screening of police officer candidates is surely a good idea, even necessary, but is not sufficient. Even people with stellar ethics and exemplary moral character will stray and behave within the confines of their local group or tribe. Their boundaries and guardrails of what is appropriate are set by local expectations and trends. What constitutes acceptable behavior is for the most part defined more by social norms than by personal principle. The system is stacked against people of color. The system is stacked in favor of qualified immunity for police. Not every interaction with police is a sign of systemic problems, and not every cop within the system is racist, but the system is currently unjust, the bad police are allowed to prosper and continue gainful employment even in the face of unacceptable behavior, and the problems are magnified for nonwhites... and have been for decades (centuries?). Blacks make up only 13% of the population, yet they are 25% of police killings, and worse still comprise 38% of those in prison, and all despite committing crimes at the same (or lower!) rate as their white peers. The system is broken and too many broken people are out policing our streets with qualified immunity instead of adequate qualifications for the job or appropriate behavioral expectations from their leadership. It’s harder getting a job as a hairdresser in the US than it is getting a job as a cop, and sadly that’s only a tiny part of the problem overall.
  19. Yeah. Keep in mind, though, a Democrat in Kentucky is like a Republican in California.
  20. You ought to study human psychology and sociology more, then. It’s quite common.
  21. And the Attorney General (who’s in charge of enforcing election processes and laws) is a Republican. https://ag.ky.gov/about/Pages/Attorney-General.aspx The claim was they were protecting election workers, not the electorate. Vote by mail is clearly the solution, but that causes participation to spike and more voters means fewer Republican wins. Or if you listen to DJT, it results in more fraud (even though he, his VP, his top advisors, and nearly everyone in his inner circle has repeatedly voted by mail themselves).
  22. He’s either trolling or willfully ignorant. It’s his ability to login that’s likely headed to the trash.
  23. Because they can. Ding!! Give that man a cookie! You’ll notice also how this was focused in predominately black districts.
  24. My little bother just ate all the Scrabble tiles and his poop made more sense than you do.
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