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  1. Most of their homes are heated with electric furnaces. No bueno when no power and no water. It was nearly -30C here when I woke up earlier this week (-20F), and that was before the windchill which dropped it another 20 degrees below that... but we have LPG and running water still.
  2. Mine 90 minutes estimate was wrong. Believe we're 10-15 minutes away now
  3. Hmm... It's still not yet arrived. Did you tune in through your wormhole or from the television in your tardis?
  4. Does the conversation change at all if we include nonhuman animals taking their own lives? I'm thinking of beached whales and the like...
  5. I think I can guess at what you’re saying, but the ambiguity prevents me from confirming.
  6. The metric of success depends on the nature of the study being done. They don’t look at the reflectivity of light when measuring the fuel economy of automobiles, or internet bandwidth when studying the effectiveness of insulin in diabetes treatment, for example. The metric of success depends on the nature of the study being done.
  7. He paved the road that Trump drove to the presidency. He died happy knowing what he’d done.
  8. Thank you for clarifying. I misapplied the thread context (2nd impeachment) to your comments regarding the first. Cheers
  9. She also refused to let the secret service agents who protected her life with their own even use the restroom in her home Which had like 12 of them
  10. Just to be clear, most of my examples were of the right cancelling themselves. Indeed, she’s continuing to speak with the honorable voice of her late husband... whom Trump also cancelled in a manner of speaking
  11. He’s not making that as a personal choice, though. He’s asserting that science and biology have chosen this, that it’s valid as a genetic description, and that anyone who points out the obvious error of this claim is ignoring reality (I believe “idiot” was the word... his word, not mine).
  12. I agree. It’s been amazing watching all those republicans who voted to impeach Trump get censured by their local state governments, and Trump attack McConnell saying it was critical to end his political career because he made a speech which failed to show sufficient submission and fealty, or who have abandoned Fox News for having the audacity to call the state of Arizona for Biden during the election, or fleeing Facebook for Parlor for having the audacity to fact check posts claiming to be news, or boycotting Nike for presenting an advertisement featuring Colin Kapernick, or any of the countle
  13. I agree it was little more than scapegoating and spreading of xenophobia and jingoism to distract attention from incompetent responses.
  14. Whether through nature or nurture, she certainly displays them.
  15. You can’t Still waiting for an answer to this
  16. What are you taking about? This is like the exact opposite of reality these last several years This one ☝️
  17. Fair I’m unsure the numbers work out the way you think, though... especially given the strong points above about how far it had already spread before we were even able to detect it
  18. Shutting down travel after the virus has entered the country is like putting on a condom after you've already ejaculated Why you think this would be effective is strange to me
  19. The Concrobium stuff referenced above
  20. Any chance you can install storm windows? I recognize it may be cost prohibitive
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