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  1. Also, the virus doesn’t recognize state borders. I can drive to any state from any state, so having one approach in Ohio that differs from the approach in Michigan is pretty dumb. National standards are the only way to do this right.
  2. It sort of has to be. If the logistics are centralized at the federal level, who other than the WH would manage it? They’re the executive branch and consequently are responsible for executing national policies and programs.
  3. I agree with others. This was clever and funny, however, it’s also mistaken on multiple levels. The image you perceive is being processed by a brain in a different state than when you first saw it. Your body and neural substrate have changed quite a bit between experience 1 and experience 2 of receiving the image. Likewise, the image file has changed server locations, and experienced minute breaks and changes (an evolution of sorts) in the packets transferring it across servers and through the network to your screen versus mine. There are other similar changes which occurred over the course of that 18 hours, and this point is in a way tangential to the thread, but IMO it’s inaccurate to say it hasn’t changed a bit unless you’re looking at it from too high / too broad / too abstract a level.
  4. This was a good article that speaks neatly to many of the same issues we’ve explored in this thread: We train police to be warriors — and then send them out to be social workers https://www.vox.com/2020/7/31/21334190/what-police-do-defund-abolish-police-reform-training More at the link. Agree / disagree? Anything you’ve found insightful or inciteful?
  5. Distractor in chief strikes again. Launching weapons of mass distraction like a black hole to pull our attention away from 150,000 US covid deaths, increased jobless claims, billions in relief bill tax dollars funneled to his friends, outrage over the reopening of schools, fascist bootlickers sent to beat the shit out of peaceful protestors, brown children locked in cages, healthcare stripped from tens of millions, record high temperatures across the nation from climate change, Russia putting bounties on the heads of US soldiers, firing career officials who spoke out against him during impeachment, letting his cronies out of jail, channeling funds to his own businesses and golf courses and asking world leaders to host events as his properties, and all of the other hundreds of things which happened this week both known and unknown... But now like flies to shit or a cat chasing a laser pointer everyone is talking about rescheduling an election. Flood the zone with shit.
  6. He was banned as a sock puppet of a previously banned member
  7. iNow

    Biden’s VP Choice

    Maybe Biden should just state the obvious and call Covid-19 his running mate
  8. Disgusting. You’re dead to me now /throwing up in my own mouth
  9. Who do you think Joe Biden will announce as his running mate? Not who you WANT him to pick, but who you PREDICT he will pick. Polls show Elizabeth Warren as the favorite among people polled, but I doubt that’s the direction he chooses. My top picks are Susan Rice or Kamala Harris. I’d like to see Stacey Abrams, but am unsure she’ll click with Biden as the person with whom he’ll want to enjoy weekly lunch dates. Tammy Duckworth and Val Jennings seem possible, but IMO are not probable. The announcement will likely happen within the next week or two. Who do you think will be chosen? Maybe Obama? If so, which one? Lol
  10. iNow

    God and Science

    Since you claim this is reality, will you state this in a manner that actually makes sense and we can evaluate the veracity if that assertion?
  11. iNow


    Debt is an extremely powerful tool, but like all tools it must be wielded intelligently and with a clear understanding of risks. The entrepreneur who scales her manufacturing to meet the demand when it hits, but does so through a loan. The parent who lives rurally, but acquires s better paying job in the city in order to send their children to a better school and achieve a better future for them, but who can only do so by taking out a loan on a car. The person who takes a mortgage on a house to live in an area with more benefits and better schools, and who with each payment on that mortgage contributes to their own future equity. Or the craftsman who borrows to buy materials to build a product they can sell at 4-10x the input costs, or the street food vendor who borrows for her ingredients or the plates to serve her customers upon... customers who help her earn several multiples of what she initially went into debt to acquire. Like any tool, debt used wisely is a powerful path to escape poverty and build a better tomorrow. Microlending programs across the planet demonstrate the validity of this point every single day and they have for decades. Also just like any tool, debt in the hands of those who use it ignorantly or with abandon is a risk that comes with real and fairly predictable long-term consequences. Unfortunately, idontcare, the only tool here seems to be you, with your sweeping generalizations and desire to preach instead of discuss. It’s okay that you’re not a fan of debt, but you’re failing miserably to recruit others to your perspective. I’m sympathetic to your core point about the risks of debt and how so many millions (even billions) on our planet are harmed by it... and how many are everyday harmed by cronies who wield the power of debt and credit like a weapon upon the masses... but unfortunately you squander that sympathy and evaporate my patience with your continued soap boxing and closed mindedness. It seems you’d rather scream into an abyss and rake muck than to partner with others to explore potential solutions or improvements... and AFAIC you may just as well toss yourself straight into that endless void and never come out if you choose to persist in displaying this lack of interest in being better or trying harder to be a rational and reasonable discussion participant.
  12. iNow


    He wants to rant and tantrum like a tired toddler. There’s no discussion to be had here.
  13. Stop feeding him, @joigus
  14. Also, connections and neural density and other things like myelination often matter much more than critical volume or size
  15. Well drat. You’re quite right. I was defining median, not average. Oh well. Thanks for the correction. I was wrong once before. It was a Tuesday, on a leap year... during a full moon. However, in my defense, use of average almost certainly means that far more than half of the world will be below the number due to the massive asymmetries in wealth around the globe. So, in that sense the core point I was making in my reply only gets amplified by using average, not diminished. Cheers, and thanks again
  16. Try peeling it from the bottom instead of starting on the stem side where it attached to the bunch
  17. iNow

    Political Humor

    I think it’s more of a “they all look the same to” vibe
  18. I think you mean tribalism, something we also see in religion, nations, amd sports. Or, maybe you meant some politicians do this, not politics in general?
  19. iNow

    Political Humor

    More sad than funny, but sorry, Marco. Wrong black guy https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/07/18/sen-marco-rubio-mixes-up-john-lewis-elijah-cummings-tribute/5465516002/ Humiliating that he also made the pic of him with the wrong black guy his profile photo
  20. He said average. We can safely assume he didn't mean mode and likely not median.
  21. By definition, that's half the planet, and always will be
  22. By definition, that's half the planet, and always will be
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