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  1. MandanMaru39

    My synopsis about A.I applications in business got approved

    I just figured it out , I need to fill up all these information properly in it . Title of the Project Introduction of the Study Objective(s) of the Study Literature Review Research Methodology Research Hypotheses Research Model Research Plan Sampling Plan Research Procedure Data analysis & Interpretation Results & Discussions Suggestions/Recommendations Limitations and Scope of Future Research Conclusion Bibliography
  2. MandanMaru39

    Schrodinger's equation (split from Unified Theory?)

    Sorry for the delay , i was a bit busy with a synopsis submission work . Thanks for the reply
  3. I have to write the full project about it soon . I am also trying to figure out the difference between thesis writing and project report writing Can anyone explain the difference ?
  4. MandanMaru39

    Schrodinger's equation (split from Unified Theory?)

    Thanks for the reply studiot , I am not that good at math . I have to go through too much strain right now if i try to follow that right now . We can do that at some other time , Maybe i will come back to learn it after 6 more months
  5. MandanMaru39

    What are you listening to right now?

    Moontanman , I like this song very much
  6. MandanMaru39

    Schrodinger's equation (split from Unified Theory?)

    @swansont , I saw this post in a forum while i googled this . How does electron move around nucleus ? Looks very awesome .
  7. MandanMaru39

    Schrodinger's equation (split from Unified Theory?)

    I am not really good at this , Only have some past experience going through all these while learning electronics . I also know there is a lot of sophisticated math involved in it . So its really about learning the behavior of a particle I think the particle behaves is some ways which can be measured . The behavior of the particle is in some discrete factors of something which we call the observable variables . With the mathematics above , can we find the properties or the behavior of variables involved which makes the other variable behave in all those particular way . It took me some time to ask that much questions .
  8. MandanMaru39

    Schrodinger's equation (split from Unified Theory?)

    OK Just a sudden doubt i had when i was reading this thread . Carry on
  9. I was wondering what Schrodinger's equation was about Does it describe the motion of electrons as a function of some other variable ?
  10. MandanMaru39

    What is faith?

    I have tried atheism and i have tried god too . I like both of it , because both are interesting ideas . The last time i thought about "it" (god) .I imagined it like a sensor that senses things . Maybe "it" needed to figure out what space was , then it created matter to sense it . Maybe that thing is sensing us humans too somehow . A not so significant byproduct of its creations . I know this is a bit stupid .
  11. OK , i was wrong I think i made a mistake here thinking regularity and patterns were the somewhat the same thing . Does electromagnetic waves have regularity then ? I think the force acting on it has to be somewhat uniform too for regularity to happen
  12. Thanks for the reply everyone , I am a bit busy doing a project to submit to university . First i tried to write about Bitcoins and bitcoin exchanges , They rejected it Second i tried A.I in business , They rejected it telling me that there was not enough specialized detail in it , too general . My 3rd attempt , i am busy preparing about Additive manufacturing . I think this is my last attempt . So i am bit stressed out .
  13. MandanMaru39

    BS in Computer Science

    My Bsc computer science degree was a lot of electronics basics , programming related fundamentals and lots of math's with differential equations in it . For me , Electronics and learning the programming basics was not a hard thing . The hard thing was learning Differential equations are numerical methods associated with it . I still do not remember all of those mathematics , but if was fun learning all of those new things
  14. Matter on Matter interaction has created a lot of patterns I think its OK to call that patterns regularity The regularity in Twins for example is one such example . The orbit , The symmetry of human beings , the rainbow etc are some regularity .
  15. MandanMaru39

    What is faith?

    I just call god an "It" these days . I have no idea why " it " created the universe as we know it . It keeps talking to the people through prophets , even though it is billions of years old .I don't know the age of the universe , OK . It is concerned about the earth and its people and keeps talking through the prophets . It says it exists in many books . In what form , we don't know yet