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  1. I was mostly thinking for kids . Its annoying sometimes when porn is all over the place when you don't want it . There is too much porn related ads in the mobile devices too these days . Only YouTube kids is sort of free from it . I am from India , It has banned at least 800 porn sites here even though it is a democratic country . I thought it would be a nice rule to be implemented No too serious about it like the beginning of thread says
  2. I am someone who used to watch LOST , Prison break and Entourage . I think that was a good time . Nowadays its mostly Family guy and Southpark
  3. Computer science itself is not a big deal if you know the basics really well . Electronics Binary C Include files Read elements to the array scanf function printf function We had lot of numerical methods to solve in our Computer science degree . What i was saying is that our computer science degree was a lot of differential equations and its numerical methods .
  4. No nudity on websites , Youtube and google search results
  5. Thanks , I think that Excel sheet is called a Purchase Register or Sales register . I think it is a combination of both . I think that is what i should google Excel purchase register , Excel sales register or a combination of both
  6. Thanks , This was an excel sheet that we used to enter the Supplier Details , Invoice details , Expenses , Income , Sales , Total sales etc . All of these stuffs were sent like a daily report to the accounting head everyday . I could only sit in front of this for 5 days , so i could not get much details . I googled for similar Excel sheet templates but could not get one . I am not sure what to google for . Can someone help ?
  7. This is the only picture i have of this Excel sheet . It had daily expenses , Invoice details , Incomes , Total sales , Total expenses and a few more things . Does spreadsheets like this have a account specific name ? How can i learn to make one like this ?? Thanks
  8. I just figured it out , I need to fill up all these information properly in it . Title of the Project Introduction of the Study Objective(s) of the Study Literature Review Research Methodology Research Hypotheses Research Model Research Plan Sampling Plan Research Procedure Data analysis & Interpretation Results & Discussions Suggestions/Recommendations Limitations and Scope of Future Research Conclusion Bibliography
  9. Sorry for the delay , i was a bit busy with a synopsis submission work . Thanks for the reply
  10. I have to write the full project about it soon . I am also trying to figure out the difference between thesis writing and project report writing Can anyone explain the difference ?
  11. Thanks for the reply studiot , I am not that good at math . I have to go through too much strain right now if i try to follow that right now . We can do that at some other time , Maybe i will come back to learn it after 6 more months
  12. @swansont , I saw this post in a forum while i googled this . How does electron move around nucleus ? https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/74190/how-do-electrons-move Looks very awesome .
  13. I am not really good at this , Only have some past experience going through all these while learning electronics . I also know there is a lot of sophisticated math involved in it . So its really about learning the behavior of a particle I think the particle behaves is some ways which can be measured . The behavior of the particle is in some discrete factors of something which we call the observable variables . With the mathematics above , can we find the properties or the behavior of variables involved which makes the other variable behave in all those
  14. OK Just a sudden doubt i had when i was reading this thread . Carry on
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