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  1. Yes it definitely does, I appreciate your help. I'll research more into this and get back to you with my thoughts. You are the best 🙏
  2. So do you think it would be impossible for the other spacial dimensions to be parallel to the four known? Really parallel may be a bit misleading. This whole assumption pretty much also is only valid if something like cbt theory is the case. And a point particle isn't the string itself, but an excitation of the string right? A 1D excitation of a 2D string ? And I definitely get that you can't have volume in these lower dimensions. (But I also think there is a limit to this in reality, even though on paper there is not. My reasoning for this is if you were to take a 1D point and try
  3. Well the evidence for potential perpendicular universes would be single photon wave interference patterns, though this could be interpreted many ways as just a wave break issue. There are strong believers of all sorts of different interpretations of this. I myself am a strong believer of the Many World's interpretation. (Theoretical quantum physics) As the black hole absorbs more matter, if also theoretically, (again I posted this as a speculation to see if anyone could object or point me to source material that explicitly suggests otherwise, because I thought this was a place for
  4. Definitely believe there are perpendicular 4D universes. If that's true though and their are multiple "worlds", they must be contained within a higher spacial dimension. Please point out specific misconceptions though. I'm definitely not a quantum physicist as you can see lol. But knowing my misconceptions will help me with research. Also, if a blackhole was a 5th dimensional object, as it got bigger I would imagine the 4th dimensions contained within would expand on a scalar field.
  5. So dark energy couldn't be explained by the big bang being a white hole? As the black hole absorbs more matter it slowly expands? If it was a 5D hypersphere it would expand at every point I would imagine. I don't think that the spacial dimensions are alternate universes. I think the oscillations between our universe and the antiverses' spacial dimensions are the cause of the four fundamental forces. I think an anti matter universe, parallel to ours is also the cause of fundamental forces. And I think there are an "infinite" amount of 4D universes contained within, one with every quantum propag
  6. By anti symmetry, I mean a universe made out of anti matter (matter of what I believe to be equal but opposite energy) It's not generally accepted that there is an antimatter universe, parallel to ours. I say parallel because it would be completely identical to our Universe if it did exist. If virtual particles were actually anti-particles of our "anti-universe", and time moved in the opposite direction but still forward, if that makes sense. My definition of a perpendicular universe would be one that's adjacent to ours similar to the multi world theory. I think every perpendicular
  7. I strongly believe this theory. I think that we infact live in a 5th dimensional hypersphere. Perhaps the universe we perceive was created by a black hole singularity. A point in which the 4th dimension could no longer contain the energy within, collapsing in on itself, creating a white hole on the other side. A fifth dimensional hypersphere, only observable as a sphere from our perspective, but it's own big bang within. Anyone else think this is a possibility? It sure would make the universe seem alot more infinitely large.
  8. Just curious a couple of questions, kind of looking to be proven wrong so feel free to do so. Is it possible for the 11 dimensions in string theory or superstring theory to be classified hypothetically by saying there is an antiverse to every universe (I know this isn't generally accepted because of anti symmetry isn't generally accepted) But if it were and there was a parallel antiverse is it possible mathematically for the spacial dimensions to be described as -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5. My question is more or less is there any way this would conflict with string theory, or M theory. What if
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