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  1. Google 'V Putin net worth' to see how many credible sources you get ( and not one Daily Mail ). He and his oligarch buddies are billionaires. How are you doing ?
  2. Business fraud ??? I find that laughable, since the 'orchestrator' of his conviction, V Putin, has used the office of Presidency to make himself the reputed richest man in the world, with an estimated net worth of 200 Billion dollars. He is certainly the President of the new Russian Oligarchy. What of the rest of the people ?
  3. Rinse or not rinse?

    Although my educational background is Physics, I've worked with dangerous chemicals for over 30 yrs. I remember doing involved documents and packaging of PCBs, for a one-time shipment to a high temperature incinerator in Western Canada, about 28 yrs ago at my first job in a chemical plant. The Polish guy ( new immigrant of a few years ) I was working with said... " Why so much trouble. In Poland we wash hands in PCBs."
  4. Agree sensei... I still remember B Yeltsin standing on top of a tank when he and the Russian people stopped the military uprising in '91. I wonder which side V Putin would have been on. Seems that a few months after the 100th anniversary, Russia has a new Tsar. Wonder how long till the next people's revolution.
  5. Truth is like reality. We have no way of knowing what it really is. We have models to describe reality, whether it be particles of the standard model, fields on fields or geometry of co-ordinate systems, but we never actually know what is real. Only what we can perceive and measure. Truth is the same,;it is the concept on which we base good or bad, right and wrong, etc., but it is also a perception, and therefore subjective. If there is an absolute truth as Koty is convinced, is irrelevant. Even the effect it has on us is filtered through our individual 'sense' of perception. And of course that leads to what is right or good for one individual, can be very wrong or bad for another
  6. Is it possible to distort space?

    The Casimir effect cannot exist between 'real' quantum particles, such as atoms. Real particles and virtual particles are both a manifestation of the field. And although you could get interactions between photons if the EM field is strong enough ( see thread in Physics 'gravitational equivalent of Schwinger limit' ), I have a feeling any space-time distortion would be due to the intensity of the EM field, and not the absence of virtual particles from interaction with radio waves.
  7. Arming Teachers

    Give it a rest guys... This is the type of discussion that has been going on for years, and all its done is make the issue more polarized, and the situation worse. The only way to get to a solution is to work together ( Americans anyway, not you John ). No one says you have to give up your guns Arete, but do some of your fellow citizens need so many, and of such power? Should there not be better controls over who has access to them ? I think we all realize that something needs to be done. Stop the endless debates and contact your government and DEMAND that, if they want to be re-elected, they do something.
  8. I think Gees introduced the topic of an elephant. Koty is the blind man holding the trunk, and trying to describe it. Strange is the blind man holding the ears and trying to describe it. Ten oz is the blind man holding a leg and trying to describe it. And Dimreepr is the blind man holding the tail and trying to describe it. Sorry Gees, but you've created a mess. I think you're gonna have to re-state and clarify the OP.
  9. The North Korea Problem

    Most informed Canadians know that we have a trade deficit with the US, and just attribute it to D Trump shooting off his mouth without being informed. We also know that several of our industries are 'protected' unfairly ( dairy farming in Quebec ??? ). And yes I do agree that other involved parties should be at these talks ( Although Russia is quickly becoming a pariah ), if only to keep them somewhat sane.
  10. Moving at the speed of light

    Came into this kind of late, so all I can add is that it's all experimentally verified, and not just theoretical.
  11. The North Korea Problem

    OK, now that you've explained yourself a little better, I concede, you are right. As Swansont once said... "Sometimes it's not about winning the argument, it's about making it better."
  12. Stephen Hawking Passed Away 3/14/2018

    He will be missed. The physicist did a lot to popularize Physics and Cosmology in the late 20th/early 21dt century. And the man will be remembered for his valiant fight against ALS.
  13. The North Korea Problem

    D Trump will be gone in a couple of years ( hopefully sooner, if impeached ), Ten oz. Kim Jong In will be around for a long time. V Putin also seems to have found a way to 'stick around'. As has now Xi Jinping, and many other dictators in all but name. ( even D Trump has mused about it, hopefully you guys will get rid of him before he gets serious about it )
  14. The North Korea Problem

    That's us, silly and hilarious. D Trump doesn't represent me, I'm Canadian. And as an objective observer, I know who is the bigger whack job of the two. Lets try to keep that in mind.
  15. The North Korea Problem

    I find it hilarious that you would single out D Trump as vacuous and untrustworthy in a meeting between him and Kim Jong Un .
  16. The North Korea Problem

    The talk( s ) should definitely include China, South Korea and Japan. All are stakeholders in this 'spat'.
  17. how to turn a believer

    Never thought I'd have to defend Dimreepr... Don't go getting all offended Strange ( ) but you know that the observational evidence for accelerated expansion, and the need for dark energy, is based on measurements of the 'standard candle', type 1A supernovae. You also know that recent studies have confirmed the existence of several sub-groups of type 1A supernovae, of differing luminosities, which could throw the whole distance scale out of whack. Maybe there is no accelerated expansion and no need for dark energy. Sometimes absence of evidence just means we haven't found it yet.
  18. There is no evidence of 'white holes'. A penrose diagram for a charged or spinning Black Hole does show time-like paths to an 'outside' universe. Our own or another ? But this could be an 'interpretation' of the Penrose diagram model, just as Feynman diagrams can have time reversal interpretation.
  19. Schwinger limit https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjd9dWct93ZAhVn5IMKHZwbD4AQFggnMAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FSchwinger_limit&usg=AOvVaw1loYPQGfJvq7eBz7J7xg94
  20. Gun control, which side wins?

    Yes, I would have a problem with four guns. But that's me. I had to wait a year and a half for the police to come and get a prohibited ( very short barrel/concealable, 22 semi-auto, Mauser,, probably last fired in the 50s ), that I found after my dad passed. Have no idea how he got it through customs when we came to Canada. But I do know some very responsible gun owners. Biggest problem I have with multiple gun ownership; If some of these guns go missing/stolen and are not registered in any way, are they not resold on the streets to criminals/gang bangers and used to commit crimes/murders ? Just the spill-over of American unregistered guns being re-sold in Canada is enough to cause gun related problems in cities like Toronto.
  21. Macro or micro, where to begin?

    Elaborating on what Strange said, there are different kinds of measurements. And these are reflected in the types of fields we have. A 'gauge' measurement/field like electromagnetic potential is not 'absolute', I.E. it has no zero point. If you are a bird sitting on a 1000 Volt line, and you measure the next line over at 1010 Volts, you will only measure 10 Volts and not get shocked if you touch it.
  22. Gun control, which side wins?

    I don't know, Stringy... Does that make the problem appear bigger than it actually is ? Or does it make it appear smaller ? ( why does any one need so many guns ??? )
  23. I still don't see a relation, because at no time or place ( except at the possible singularity ) does the gravitational field become non-linear. There is no abrupt change in the way the gravitational field acts at the event horizon, or with increased gravitational 'intensity'. Or do we have differing definitions of the Schwinger limit ? Edited for clarification.
  24. On the contrary , while your posted Shamhosrt link does mention what I previously mentioned about non-linearity and photon-photon scattering, the only mention on, on page 9, about variability of the speed of light is one experimental case, in air ( which I could imagine happening ), but subsequent experiments have failed to comfirm, and the last paragraph in that section clearly states... " Not long after the publication of his work [1] they have checked his assertion in other experiments with higher precision and found no indication for any intensity dependence of the speed of light hereby ruling out any noticeable self-interaction of a light beam with itself (F. Lippich, University of Prague, Austria: [2]; H. Ebert (University of Erlangen, Germany " Edit: @ Giovanni
  25. Just read Giovanni's new link. Isn't that basically the accepted explanation for polar jets from a BH ?