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  1. That's funny. One guy, telling everyone else that it is they who are delusional ... I don't know what you look like, but I doubt it. You do, however, act, talk, and think like one. Do you think that's an attractive quality ????
  2. Just wondering ... Do you have male friends ? If sex ( with women ) isn't your primary focus, how are you able to have male friends but not female friends ? Become 'friends' with women, just as you do with males. You'll find that what makes them attractive and interesting isn't their looks. And the situation is symmetrical; what makes you attractive is not your looks either. On the other hand, what makes you unattractive is your state of mind. And neither politicians, nor society, can change that; only you can. INow has been kind to you with his comments. I would have said "Grow up. It's too late for middle school, teenage sexual angst".
  3. Sure, for a Patek Philippe which costs the same as a mid size automobile. The average Chinese manufactured automatic movement is assembled by young kids, from parts copied from Swiss or Japanese movements, and are only slightly less accurate despite costing a thousand times less.
  4. Premature babies are surviving after being born/removed earlier and earlier, so this technology is quickly advancing, and may be viable. My nephew's baby daughter was born almost 4 months premature due to her mother's emergency surgery for a brain infection, and was so small, she comfortably fit in her father's cupped hand at birth. She is now a happy, inquisitive, healthy 2 year old with no complications; hopefully her inquisitiveness develops into an interest in science. ( her mom is healthy, but still on meds to prevent seizures, and is in the process of getting her Driver's license back )
  5. The thing to keep in mind is that the Big Bang process only produces 3 parts Hydrogen nuclei, 1 part Helium, and trivial amounts of Lithium. These are the basic building blocks of our universe. Heavier elements, up to A# 26, Fe or iron nucleii, are manufactured in the hearts of massive stars, as the fusion process which produces them has a net energy excess which is released. All elements above A# 26 have an energy deficit, and energy must be added to fuse the heavier nucleii. This energy is provided in various processes such as supeernova explosions of various types, neutron star mergers, etc, where gravity provides the added energy ( in a roundabout way ) to produce most of the known elements. Notice that most of the elements essential for life require stars to form from the initial Hydrogen/Helium mix ( known as population III stars ), live out their lives, and even die, before their last explosions spread trace amounts of heavier elements into the gas clouds of the early universe, to form 'dirty' population II, and I stars like our Sun and most other spiral arm stars.
  6. Quick question, Org. Monasteries and convents. Both deny sexual relations, yet people are free to choose becoming members. Do you call that voluntary or involuntary ? ( I only ask as you don't seem to know the meaning of the words ) If you get to make the choice that gets you in the predicament, it is voluntary.
  7. I profusely apologize for not living up to your standards of seriousness πŸ˜„ .
  8. Who should you be bigoted against, if not criminals who are in jai l??? I can see the lawsuits now; Pedophiles released from prison who apply for jobs at day-care centers are discriminated against. Get real.
  9. And you think that explains why 'incel culture' is taking off in the Developed countries, as a result of the internet ? Maybe if they didn't spend so much time online, but actually got out to meet people, they'd get laid ! Are you really going to argue that we, in the developed countries, are lacking in resources ? Everyone is aware that sex ( with the opposite gender ) is not available in prison. Yet people voluntarily go to jail because they voluntarily do the crime. Seems to be the result of voluntary bad choices, and as I previously pointed out, lack of responsibility. ( if you want to argue that some 'crimes' should not result in jail time, that is a different story ) This is not the movie Good Will Hunting; sometimes it is their fault.
  10. It makes no difference to the calculated predictions, or to the observed results. If 'interpretation' is not the right word, I don't know what else to call it. ( you and Joigus are fairly picky about terminology πŸ™‚ )
  11. Absolutely. We've had discussion of educational solutions and political solutions ( even linking to the housing shortage ) when the problem is actually 'incel mentality', or ideology. When someone says "I can't get laid, and its everyone else's fault", that is a mental problem. Maybe that's part of the problem with the evolution of Western society. When you are encouraged to believe you're not responsible for your own life situation, it is only a small step to believing that all bad situations are someone else's fault.
  12. It's often said that if you perform an experiment to detect the wave nature of a quantum particle, you detect a wave. And if you perform an experiment to detect its particle nature, you will detect a particle. Superdeterminism is a generalization of the above statement. In effect, the 'result' is correlated with the 'experiment'. This allows for the construction of local hidden variable theory, but I'm not too comfortable with that; as Markus explains, where do you draw the line for such correlations ? They could stretch back to the beginning of space and time ( and into the future as well ), and be 'correlated' to the notion of the block universe ( that you asked about ). I personally see it as yet another interpretation of the goings on of the quantum world. My preferred 'interpretation' remains no local reality, until 'revealed' by measurement. ( I hope you find 'revealed' less jarring than 'established', Joigus πŸ™‚ )
  13. Oh, it is a real phenomenon. A 'gaze' or a certain look, can have many realizable effects, or repercussions. I'm sure you've heard of the 'evil eye', or 'stink eye', or looks that kill, etc. But seriously. If that was true, no one would ever get caught picking their nose, or scratching their balls.
  14. By needing to perform an experiment to prove the Earth is spherical you are actually validating stupid people's opinions. ( or are you trying to prove it to yourself ) The most pleasant way to prove it would be to book a flight to Europe. Then after a pleasant stay, book a flight to India. See the sights, then book a flight to Hawaii. After witnessing how Americanization has ruined the islands, book a flight home. Notice that you never went backwards, or flew off the edge of the disc. If still incredulous, book window seats. Life is hard, but much harder if you're stupid; taking a trip to decrease your stupidity is pleasant. But I have little sympathy for people that require 'proof' when the evidence is staring them in the face.
  15. Oh ! You know some D Trump supporters ? ( actually that describes most social media users also )
  16. Our memories make us who we are. If you don't like your present self, you can change that without getting rid of your memories. Aren't those memories making you want to be a better person ?
  17. There is no such thing as INvoluntary celibacy; it is all voluntary. As a 65 year old single man, who has no problem finding company, I assure you, there are a lot of others looking for a 'little of that human touch'. I would have been ashamed to write the post as you did. Don't think of women as simply sexual partners, but as companions with whom you share many interests; you'll be surprised how well that works out.
  18. AI emulates 'group think', it does not emulate intelligence.
  19. Are we still talking Physics, or pure Mathematics ? My second year Math prof, Dr Srivastava, an expert in partial differential equations, used to say Mathematicians dislike Physicists; they impose too many 'roadblocks' on our beautiful Maths.
  20. MigL

    Today I Learned

    Having grown up on Star Trek ( saw my first episode 'Who Mourns For Adonais' in 1971 ), I'm sort of spoiled for other sci-fi series; at least until Star Trek: Voyager. I find all other sci-fi series 'cheesy'. Even the new Star Treks ( Picard, Discovery, etc ) are kind of lame, although I do like Strange New Worlds.
  21. Yeah. You're probably a slightly better driver than I am. And I can't see.
  22. MigL

    Today I Learned

    So, not a trircle ? First three episodes of The Boys S04 just dropped. Now waiting on S Stallone's Tulsa King S02. Not learning anything watching TV shows.
  23. No, apparently he has back pain issues; he even walks funny sometimes. I had heard that, in the last seasons, the pain was so bad he wanted to quit. I always thought the premise for a kid being at the helm of a starship a little far-fetched. They could have put him in Security instead, and given him a red shirt ...
  24. From your link http://blogs.scienceforums.net/swansont/archives/1043 "Starship Mine isn’t the only episode on which I had some influence. I tried to kill Wesley Crusher once (unsuccessfully, obviously)" A lot of people probably wish you had succeeded. He certainly was annoying, and continues to be a source of irritation for Sheldon Cooper.
  25. @Markus Hanke I understand the concept of background independence, I simply meant that, while space-time is the immutable background stage on which QFTs act, in GR, space-time is itself an actor, and nothing else is required 'beneath' that. However, I was surprised to learn that QFTs require a background ( as you state ). It seems that 'background independent' QFTs are an active area of research, A google search provides quite a few links to background independent Quantum Field Theory of Gravity papers ( quite a few involving LQG ), so maybe the jury is still out on whether Quantum Gravity, and a Graviton ) is possible or not.
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