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  1. Looks like the Queen is ready to solve all our problems ... Her Majesty set to revoke US independence because "they can't be trusted with it". https://newsthump.com/2017/07/05/queen-to-revoke-us-independence-because-they-cant-be-trusted-with-it/ Apparently She is going to replace D Trump and ALL current US government with level-headed Canadians.
  2. I would think most had their own pigs and chickens. But may have needed to buy clay pots to cook in. ( then again, the pottery-maker may have needed to buy eggs/bacon )
  3. A lot of the more dangerous pesticides are Organophosphates, and are Cholinesterase inhibitors ( think milder forms of nerve gas ). Very mild exposures have a half life of about two weeks, more extreme exposures can damage internal organs like kidney, or other damage. Only Nerve gas will result in immediate death. Some pesticides are actually meant to be applied to humans, but keep in mind that there are other types of pesticides. https://www.headlice.org/comb/what-are-head-lice-and-nits/chemical-concerns/signs-and-symptoms-of-pesticide-poisoning/ One of the first symptoms of extreme poisoning is very constricted pupils ( along with vomiting ), but in your process you shouldn't even have mild exposure to the pesticide aspects. You might, however, want to invest in an external vented oven for re-drying your silica gel, if at all concerned.
  4. Once upon a time, everyone used to produce their own food. Yet even those agrarian societies had a need for money.
  5. Things don't just 'disappear'. just like magicians and the misdirection involved in their 'disappearing' tricks, I think you are looking in the wrong direction.
  6. Probably temporary. Could be a whole new USA come Jan 20, 2021. ( keeping my fingers crossed until Nov 3 )
  7. So you are essentially saying, if you can do an impossibility, you can do other impossibilities. Makes perfect sense, but doesn't really add any new insights.
  8. I have never heard of the possibility of something like that happening. After the core of a massive star has fused to heavier elements and cannot produce any more radiation pressure, it has to necessarily collapse to neutronium first. This sudden collapse lets the layers above it collapse also, and it is the gravitational energy of the above collapsing layers which powers the ( super ) nova explosion. The star would have to skip this stage, with the core going directly to a BH, and expanding outward at the speed of light, for the star to simply 'wink out'. i'm sure they'll find some other explanation for it.
  9. Welcome all. Roaming the British countryside on a horse sounds fantastic, ChockHazeNut.
  10. MigL


    The 'bowling ball on a rubber sheet' is a two dimensional reduction of a 4 dimensional configuration. It has multiple problems, one of which is that you can observe it from an embedding third dimension. Space-time has no embedding dimension; both the bowling ball and you, the observer, would need to be intrinsic to the rubber sheet ( i.e. also two dimensional ). A three dimensional representation would already get rid of some problems, but not all. Picture a three dimensional grid, where x, y, and z axis divide up the space into cubic elements. A mass placed in this space would curve the x, y, and z lines such that the elements are moreskewed, and smaller, as you get closer to the mass. That is 'space' curvature, and one aspect of gravity, but already much harder to visualize than the two dimensional example of the bowling ball/rubber sheet. Actual gravity is four dimensional 'curvature' of space-time, and I can't help you visualize that as it is impossible. Some problems are just not suited to visualization, but understanding even just the basics of the math goes a long way to clarifying things.
  11. There is enough information in just the second column to arrive at an answer. One trick I learned almost 45 years ago ( from a 'tough as nails' high school algebra teacher ) to find patterns in a number sequence, is first , second, and sometimes even third differences. The differences between 54, 40, and 28 are 14 and 12, but the second difference is constant at 2. The pattern would continue with 1st differences of 10 , 8, 6 and 4 ( this is equivalent to the example you give with the X and Y unknowns ). That is usually the irst thing I try when dealing with number patterns.
  12. Reminds me of Hannibal of Carthage, crossing North Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, and France. By the time he got to the Alps with his elephants, it was the middle of winter. Not an easy way to attack Rome.
  13. MigL

    Illusion of History

    Oh no. Not again. history is just false memories implanted by the Matrix ?
  14. I'm not very familiar with Unruh radiation and Rindler horizons, so perhaps some of the more learned members can provide more details. Here's what Wiki has to say about the Unruh Effect... "In modern terms, the concept of "vacuum" is not the same as "empty space": Space is filled with the quantized fields that make up the universe. Vacuum is simply the lowest possible energy state of these fields. The energy states of any quantized field are defined by the Hamiltonian, based on local conditions, including the time coordinate. According to special relativity, two observers moving relative to each other must use different time coordinates. If those observers are accelerating, there may be no shared coordinate system. Hence, the observers will see different quantum states and thus different vacua. In some cases, the vacuum of one observer is not even in the space of quantum states of the other. In technical terms, this comes about because the two vacua lead to unitarily inequivalent representations of the quantum field canonical commutation relations. This is because two mutually accelerating observers may not be able to find a globally defined coordinate transformation relating their coordinate choices. An accelerating observer will perceive an apparent event horizon forming (see Rindler spacetime). The existence of Unruh radiation could be linked to this apparent event horizon, putting it in the same conceptual framework as Hawking radiation. On the other hand, the theory of the Unruh effect explains that the definition of what constitutes a "particle" depends on the state of motion of the observer." from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unruh_effect Up until now, my own personal take on the Unruh effect, whether right or wrong, always considered acceleration as a gravitational field ( by the equivalence principle ), such that the EM fields which fill space, are blue-shifted towards the accelerating frame just as they would be into a gravitational well. This blue shift is 'seen' as an increase in temperature, by the accelerated frame. I am open to better/accurate explanations, as I am just starting to look into it myself.
  15. Unruh radiation is a frame dependent effect, while a thrust, which generates a force, and resultant acceleration, is an absolute effect ( NOT frame dependent, but present in ALL frames ). Note the difference ? ( although Unruh radiation is caused by an accelerating frame )
  16. Neither did anyone else . Maybe expand on your ideas a bit more ? It has been established for the current situation ( which is not satisfactory ). As the correct approach hasn't been established yet, chances are good that more money will be required.
  17. I don't even have a better half... Just my own worse half.
  18. Nothing can go wrong with that. Shooting off nuclear bombs at exoplanets that may have intelligent, or even advanced, lifeforms. Next thing you know … Star Wars ! ( sorry, sometimes I'm a little silly, first thing in the morning )
  19. Those people should be screened out in the hiring/training process, or if their behavior is predisposed to violence, the unions shouldn't be allowed to keep them on the force, where they can repeat violent incidents. Daniel Larusso would say Cobra Kai is one such school .
  20. In Canada a Pharmacist has at least 4 more years of study after a BSc. ( typical, as most specialize after their initial degree ) Oh, and I wish the US had R Reagan back instead of D Trump, ( D Trump does NOT have better hair )
  21. If you are willing to do something other than Chemistry with a Chemistry degree, that's fine. There are no downsides to knowledge. I myself, have a Physics Degree, but work with chemicals. ( and if I had a Chem Eng degree, I would get a pay cut ) PS: I bet you wish you had M Thatcher back now, don't you !
  22. All depends on how far you intend to take your studies. With a BSc in Chemistry, your job opportunities will be limited to 'glorified test tube washer'. Pharmacy, as Studiot has suggested, involves many more years of study. A BSc in Chem Eng, on the other hand, will still start off 'not very interesting', but opens up several more options as you gain experience. In a typical Chemical Company, all decision makers, from superintendent to plant managers, are former Chem Engineers, with a couple of training courses in Management. That ring opens a lot of doors that are off-limits to others.
  23. MigL


    What makes you think the center of mass is not the center of distortion ? Are you maybe confused by the pop-sci analog of the 'bowling ball on a rubber sheet' ?
  24. Too bad Star Trek:TNG never did explain their system ... "The economics of the future is somewhat different. You see, money doesn’t exist in the 24th century. The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity" - Captain Jean-Luc Picard Star Trek: First Contact
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