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  1. I, myself, have won the lottery several times, in 'other' universes.
  2. Language, guys. Young kids read this forum. Don't contribute to the downfall of young people's morals . From Stringy's link/quote "Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good... fight" Yeah, just like OJ was looking for his wife's killer … on the golf course . ( what can I say, I'm in a good mood; the Trump era is finally drawing to a close ) "
  3. The only 'science' that adage is remotely true for, is Holistic, or integrated, Medicine. These alternative medicines ( or quackery ) is any practice that aims to achieve the healing effects of medicine, but which lacks biological plausibility and is untested, untestable, or proven ineffective.
  4. I read that too, and was puzzled by it. Can you shed any light on why a half dose followed by a full dose would be more effective than a full dose followed by another full dose ? And not just by a bit, but 50% more effective ?
  5. Your posts give me headaches, Capiert. And its not just the formatting ...
  6. Great idea. Since climate change is such an existential threat, what would be a better weapon than militarizing the weather/climate ? If you could destroy their harvest and starve another nation, tear apart its infrastructure with hurricanes, or drown it under massive rains/swollen seas, there would be no need for planes, ships, tanks and atomic bombs. I'm joking. ( before everyone jumps on me and gives me a beating )
  7. Further to Swansont's comment about linking such postings, it is also customary to quote the error of the measurements. If both measurements are +/- 5 km/sec , very likely when dealing with astronomical distances ( and possibly not quite standard candles ), then they are equivalent in the range of 68.5-72 km/sec. They might not be different measurements after all.
  8. Believe it or not, the Russian military is alleged to have carried out tests of pilots jumping, without parachutes, into snow. "In the early 20th century, parachute silk was rare in the Soviet Union, so the military conducted experiments with air-dropping soldiers into deep snow without parachutes." From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winged_tank
  9. The equations that 'allow' time travel are self-consistent. But the fact that the equations 'allow' it, doesn't mean that time travel is possible. And certainly NOT that time travel can be self-consistent. Besides, where would you get the 1.21 GigaWatts ...
  10. These 'oversight mechanisms' are common in many Governments ( even Canada ), but they don't usually have any power over the Government. They are there primarily to 'shame' the Government for having breached certain standards of behaviour, in the eyes of the voters. I don't know about the situation with B Johnson in the UK, Stringy, but I'm sure you realize the Trump Administration has no shame.
  11. The energy fueling expansion acts very much like the Cosmological Constant in the original Einstein field equations of GR. As a constant, of very small value/effect, it doesn't become apparent until the effects of gravity have decreased considerably with distance. That distance, where the threshold is exceeded, happens to be in the order of galaxy cluster distances. That means galaxies like the Milky Way and M31 ( in Andromeda ) can still be gravitationally bound, but our local group, and the surrounding others, are not.
  12. How do you think D Trump's trying to disqualify Georgia votes, and vilification of the whole state, plays out with the voters in January when the two Senate seats come up for election ? Could his antics sour the voters on Republicans, so that they vote in Democrat Senators ? IOW, is the Republican party shooting itself in the foot by still backing the Loser ?
  13. As Swansont explained, EM radiation is red-shifted due to expansion. The fact that expansion is proportional to distance does NOT mean red-shift is due to distance. There is, however, a horizon beyond which, we will never be able to see. At that distance, the universe is expanding away from us faster than light can make up the intervening distance, so it will never reach us. That observable universe horizon is approx. 46 billion light years away from us. That does NOT mean EM radiation stops. I suggest you try to better understand your source material.
  14. Lovely ?? Your standards for 'lovely' are quite low .
  15. I've never been so tempted to give somebody a neg rep, Zap .
  16. I like the photos and links to waterfalls, sandstone landscapes, and starscapes, but please, no more giant pictures of bugs. I feel itchy all over, like bugs are crawling all over me, after I see those.
  17. I like it too, +1. In life, you try to control what you can. A good archer will move to a position to shoot with the wind; not cross, or against, it. It beats never shooting your arrow, or railing at the uncontrollable wind.
  18. How do you explain light, radio/microwave and x-rays, all Electromagnetic radiation, from galaxies billions of light years away ? When, exactly, does it terminate ?
  19. Welcome back to the 'sparring' match, MSC. You've outlined many reasons why Black American fathers aren't ( or weren't ) in the home. Most of them valid. But that doesn't change the fact that a lot of Black American children are born to homes without a father present. And,as the mother then becomes the sole provider, and has to work, a lot of these kids don't even make it through high school. Whatever the reasons for the fathers not being there, even you must admit that makes the situation a lot worse for the kids, and leads to a cycle of poverty. The study I quoted is freely available to all, and I would say that, far from being irrelevant because of its age, things have actually gotten worse in the past 60 years, and not just for Black Americans, but for all groups surveyed. Meanwhile you claim a study, for which you give no link, that 'quality' time is what's really important, neglecting to mention how subjective 'quality' is. ( is being your child's friend higher quality than being his parent ? The two are very different and we both know which is more important, yet better 'quality' depends on whether you ask the parent or the child ) Mind you this is mostly opinion, and understand,I'm not saying that is the only problem. There are many problems to equal opportunity. The large majority of them depend on the group that is doing the oppressing, as opposed to the disadvantaged group. So you can go through life depending on others to fix problems ( and we both know there will be resistance to this ), or you can take the initiative and fix any problems that are in your power to fix. Last time I checked that was called 'responsibility'. Oh, and I appreciate that my comments 'interested' you .
  20. Hopefully, Donald the Loser, and his lawyers ( especially mascara-hair Rudy ), get a good lesson in what the laws actually are, when they are vigorously prosecuted after he leaves office.
  21. You provided a google search ) result page , not a specific link. If I take the 2nd ( same as 4th ) result in that google search ... https://arxiv.org/abs/1909.09672 I get the following "We investigate recent claims for a detection of "Hawking points" (positions on the sky with unusually large temperature gradients between rings) in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) temperature maps at the 99.98% confidence level. We find that, after marginalization over the size of the rings, an excess is detected in Planck satellite maps at only an 87% confidence level (i.e., little more than 1σ ). Therefore, we conclude that there is no statistically significant evidence for the presence of Hawking points in the CMB." So, of the links you provided, the 1st one claims 'apparent' evidence, while the second de-bunks it. I would think that, at best, you could claim there need to be further observations/investigations into the matter. Certainly NOT claim there is evidence.
  22. I will tell you as soon as you tell me where, and how, all the vacuum energy is coming from to allow filling the universe with massive particles. And don't say God, or magic !
  23. Well, if we have the Delta Flyer … To the Delta Quadrant to visit the Borg. ( you know you want to; resistance is futile )
  24. Small Black Holes ( smaller than stellar sized ) are very 'hot' and evaporate very quickly. If there is evidence of BH evaporation in the CMB, that would be evidence for primordial BHs, and, would be big news. I don't know of any evidence for primordial BHs, their evaporation, or CMB evidence. So maybe include links for your assertions.
  25. Reminds me of the 1st episode of the 3rd season of Star Trek: TOS, "Spock's Brain", where a bunch of dumb, good looking women use 'old' knowledge to steal Spock's brain, for the purpose of running their underground environmental functions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spock's_Brain " Fascinating. It could explain much, Doctor. My medulla oblongata is hard at work apparently breathing, apparently pumping blood, apparently maintaining a normal physiologic temperature."
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