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  1. Glad you did. Unfortunately this thread has become about the proper use of language, and not Sharia law. Everyone heaped scorn on Koti, but, I'm sure everyone knew what he meant, and he made a valid point ... If Sharia law is based on Religion, then at least some aspects of that Religion have to be taught in schools.
  2. The strong nuclear force is actually the 'residual' or spill-over, from the color force of QCD, and which governs the interactions between quarks and is mediated by gluons. the heat from the Big Bang is a measure of the energy density of the early universe, and as such, can account for particles ( mass ) or energy, but not with forces, The CMB is accounted for by the expansion of the universe since it became opaque. The universe has expanded slightly over 3 orders of magnitude, and the temperature of the CMB is 3 orders of magnitude less than the temperature where electrons can't 'st
  3. I believe that would have initially kept England out of WW1, as they were almost looking for an excuse not to participate, but eventually would have had to. Once the fighting had stagnated into trench warfare on the Western Front, the German fleet might have been able to keep supply lines open longer, therby prolonging the war, but eventually it would have reached the same conclusion.
  4. Masturbation is socially frowned upon, because it's not something you should do in a social setting. Personally, I don't care what you do in the privacy of your home, nor should you care what I do in mine, the number of files on my computer, or the amount I spend on tissue 😄 . Seems like a strange conversation to be having ...
  5. Seems everyone talks about what a good idea it is, but no-one is willing to commit. Very well, since we have quite a few Brits, and it is one of my favorites ( everyone loves to 'hate' the French ), I'll bring up the 1415 battle of Agincourt, where a numerically superior French force was defeated by the English, as part of the 100 year squabble between the English and French. The English 'provoked' the campaign, and final battle, due to unrealistic demands they made on the French, during the failed negotiations leading up to the event, but the French ( who were not led by their king
  6. A true Scotsman doesn't buy it, he makes his own. Didn't Scotty 'invent' that on Star Trek: The Voyage Home ? ( where they go back to the 20th century with a Klingon ship to pick up a pair of whales )
  7. There may be a few of us ... What would you like to discuss ?
  8. My cat was sitting on my lap while I wached the video. She was licking her lips the whole time. Very nice, Moon.
  9. Ah, memories ... I remember doing a simplistic Millikan's oil drop experiment in high school, and a much more elaborate one in 1st year Uni. Or maybe, it was being in my late teens that I remember fondly.
  10. Found this article, which makes for interesting reading, and touches on many of the points brought up in this thread ... Barbara Kay: Transgender weightlifter may expose the unfairness of trans athletes in Tokyo (msn.com) that is , assuming the Tokyo Olympics actually take place.
  11. If I tickle you, can you keep from laughing ? if you stick your finger down your throat, can you keep from throwing up ? Can you stop a sneeze, or touch a hot object and not recoil your hand ? Do you automatically yawn when you see someone else yawn? You are more 'hardwired' than you think.
  12. We are also 'hardwired' to be very competitive, belligerent and tribal. This instinctive behavior is also evident in chimps. But we have come to realize that certain instinctive behaviors are detrimental to out society, and we try to control them with education, and laws, where needed. Similarly, child rearing is beneficial to our society, and birth-mothers/fathers provide the best care of their own offspring. Sometimes, 'natural' behavior is not the best option.
  13. No moral judgement implied; just concern for your well being 🙂 .
  14. Should you be buying stuff when you have no idea what residue it might contain ? ( even glass will absorb some chemicals ) Especially if you intend to use it as a 'bong'.
  15. Sooooo ... Did you wanna discuss science based on observational/experimental evidence and available theory, or, your beliefs and imagination ?
  16. Normally that wouldn't be requred, as you seem to have an excellent understanding of the Physics involved. However, Awaterpon might not even be convinced by the 'brute force' method of everyone else on the Forum presenting valid evidence contrary to his calculations.
  17. Quite often it is the perception of an opinion, or event, that politicise that opinion, not the intent of the people offering the opinion.. This might have more to do with a perceived inequality of opinions/articles, by you, where none actually exists; IOW,look in the mirror. As for the origins of SARS-COV2, by all means, it needs to be investgated; It is certanly fair to criticise the Chinese government for their actions ( excessive secrecy, human rights violations, predatory economic policies, 'bullying of other nations in SE Asia, etc ), but not of Chinese people.
  18. What do you mean '1 kg pushed the 4 kg' and the other '1 kg went away' ??? That is not conserving momentum. The 1 kg that goes along with the 4 kg is not pushing it ( that makes no sense ). Momentum conservation demands that, as a consequence of the 1 kg 'going away', the 4 kg +1 kg has to go in the opposite direction at about 1/5 velocity ( modified by the Lorentz factor at relativistic speeds ). that is how a rocket works. X-posted with Swansont
  19. Even if your mathematical model was found to be self-consistent, there is no guarantee that it is actually applicable in any/all circumstances. The mathematical model has to describe a physical system, so don't go jumping to conclusion regarding applicability to BHs, Hawking radiation and the 'information paradox'. Even GR is not applicable in some circumstances, as evidenced by the un-physical singularities it predicts.
  20. Any disturbance in the atmosphere will propagate at the speed of sound. If the disturbance is moving towards/away from you, there will be Doppler effects. If the disturbance is moving towards you faster than the speed of sound, you will not hear it until the leading shock and disturbance arrives. Your question, as it is, seems to be 'ill posed', and I don't see what conclusions/insights you can draw from it. ( at least, pertaining to Relativity, which is your usual area of interest )
  21. We've heard you mention 'your theory', now, for several days, yet most of us don't have a clue about it. The only thing we know is that it failed a previous peer review, and none of us are going to your link, to read and try to understand what could be 400 pages of garbage. If you want people to discuss 'your theory', post a brief description here, and we will be glad to dissect and critique it ( even if you don't like our criticism ); otherwise quit bringing it up in multiple threads. IOW, put up, or shut up !
  22. What do you mean by 'two' explosions ? There is only one explosion resulting from their collision, and because your ears are 8 in. apart, you will be able to discern the direction it is coming from. If there are two explosions resulting from reasons other than a collision ( ?? ), then the explosions are spatially separated, and will arrive at your ears at different times. These are common, every day occurrences, and readily apparent. Either that, or I'm totally misunderstanding the question.
  23. I've been using the free version of Ccleaner for almost 15 years ( introduced in 04, I believe ). I run the system cleaner every time I shut down one of my computers ( about 18, all Win10, except for one Raspbian running RetroPi for old games emulation ), mostly to clean out cookies, and never had an issue. I run the registry cleaner ( all boxes checked ) every time I install/uninstall software, or MS updates me, and again, I've never had an issue.
  24. Your ears can 'locate' the origin of sounds because the sound has to travel different paths to your two ears. Unless you are V van Gogh, I would think this is apparent.
  25. Download the free version of Ccleaner. Download CCleaner | Clean, optimize & tune up your PC, free! and let it do the clean-up.
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