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  1. Maybe I didn't make my point very clear, Ken. What you call 'fossil fuels' are actually the source of many more products that are part of modern life. Plastics being the best known example. They are not only used as CO2 liberating fuels. If you want to consider all associated industry into a product's carbon footprint, are you also willing to consider the added energy/costs of synthesizing raw materials that were previously obtained from 'fossil fuels' due to any future ban ?
  2. Raw just future proofs your image format; if your CCD or CMOS sensor is only capable of 1 Mpixel resolution ( 30 yrs ago ) shooting in Raw will not allow enlargement beyond 3 x 5 inch, while 10-24 Mpixel ( current sensors )will easily allow 14 x 20 inch. I don't do my banking electronically. And incidentally, when you do go to the bank, the teller punches one key, and all your personal information is available to her/him. Why do you trust your bank teller but not your repair person ? ( are you saying all people with some computer knowledge are inherently evil ? 😁 )
  3. I still have CD-Rs from the early 90s that I can read. And I've never used DVD-Ram or Rewritables. Maybe if my business was data storage I would make multiple copies every few years, but some of the programs and data don't even run on current computers/programs/OSs. Which reminds me,other than photos ( although why would I keep photos from my first digital camera at 1024 x 768 resolution ), nobody needs data from 30 years ago; I should 'accelerate' their destruction, and trash them.
  4. With that knowledge, a late 1970s 8bit design like the MosTek 6502 is easy to 'understand'. ( I was partial to the Zilog z80 ) The evolution to 16/32/64 bit designs with MMU/FPU/pipelines/out-of-order-execution/RISC/cache/etc is quite a bit more difficult, and almost impossible for an amateur to implement with discrete logic. If, on the other hand, you just wish to understand these architectures, one source I was fond of using in the 90s, and which is available in most University libraries, is Microprocessor Report. ( not sure if back issues are available online )
  5. That is very observant, but you may be taking the wrong view, Ken. What we call 'fossil fuels' don't just produce fuel. They produce all the plastics and synthetic products that make modern life 'modern'. We just don't see them as bad, because the carbon is 'trapped' in the product, while the actual fuels produced, release CO2 on burning. The amount of plastic and composites used in a modern EV, as opposed to the metal used in a 'big ol' Mercedes' might mean that more 'fossil fuels' are used for actual manufacturing. So fred may be right about that aspect. As an example ...
  6. I don't like that either ( Canadian Governments do it quite often also ). If the $15 min wage is a good idea, it will stand, and pass, on its own merits. Why attempt to bundle it in with the Covid relief package ? It's one of the games Governments play, if they want to 'sneak' something in that has questionable support, they bundle it with something that everyone wants. If you then object to the questionable program, they can claim you don't support the popular program, and shame you into voting for the whole package, or make you out to be the bad guy. I still have 'questions
  7. Thanks for the advice, mon ami. We Anglo-Canadians have a complicated love-hate relationship with les Quebecois.
  8. I wouldn't worry much about DVDs being damaged by light/UV. Some of mine are 30 years old, are not stored in boxes, and have outlasted predicted expectation. Most people have switched to online storage for their content now. You should worry more about hammering 🙄 . ( if that hammer slips, goodbye DVD )
  9. Do you Americans have any shame 😋 ? As much as we all like to put down the French, they just convicted former President N Sarkozy of corruption, for trying to illegally obtain information from a magistrate regarding a personal legal action. He is to erve one year, as two were suspended. Yet D Trump is still allowed to speak publically, and possbly incite more insurrections, on top of collusion and bribing of foreign powers, trying to influence State election officials, tax evasion, fraud, disregard for human life, and many others ( not to mention criminally bad hair ). Makes N Sarkoz
  10. Put your 'leachate' through a GC, and find its main components. It will give you some indication of vacuum and temperature you need to vaporize it. Otherwise, pull as much vacuum as you can, and slowly increase the temperature until you have flow. Also check that the condenser is working as it should; if the 'leachate' has a smell, and you get that smell exit the vacuum pump, you are not condensing the vapor.
  11. Meet a lot of Frenchmen, do you ? ( just kidding, most do shower every day ) What bothers me more is breath odour; I don't leave the house without a gargle of Listerine. Sat on an EasyJet flight from Basel to Naples, beside a guy who made me want to ask for a parachute, and jump.
  12. No, I'm saying your ARGUMENT is silly. You are free to report me if you wish.
  13. And for really esoteric methods ... Throwing a mass tangentially around a rotating Blacjk Hole, stealing some of the BH's angular momentum through the frame dragging effect, and having the mass come back with much higher kinetic energy.
  14. Your argument is silly, and easily dismissed. Do you find that personally insulting ? Then, maybe, you should do better.
  15. 100% of the surface of the Earth is covered by a miles thick atmosphere. Does the Earth really belong to the fish ? Or to the birds ? That is one of the silliest arguments I've heard in a long time. And what kind of 'new age' jargon is 'balance' ?
  16. I have often found the opposite to be true. A cotton T-shirt will 'smell' after a workout. A synthetc workout shirt will not.
  17. MigL

    New Theory

    I'd have to look for the source, but I thought that had already been verified for gravity 'leaking' into compactified' extra spatial dimensions ( at small scales ). The above ( always ) excellent PBS video provides Gravitational wave evidence for the absence of extra large scale spatial dimensions.
  18. Yes, it is resonance at a particular frequency, in the case of a glass or window, shattered vocally. In the case of a sonic boom ( from a supersonic plane ), it is a very steep pressure gradient that packs a lot of energy. When R Reagan sent a squadron of F-111s, from bases in Britain, to bomb M Gaddafi, in Lybia, it has been calculated that they could have done more damage by flying at M 1.2 and 50 m height ( both of which the F-111 is capable of ) than with all the bombs they dropped.
  19. Depends on which type of Glaucoma. But, in all cases, once the pressure has damaged the 'cup' area of the optic nerve, and those cells are dead/damaged, no recovery is currently possible. ( I've had Glaucoma for over 25 years and lost vision in my left eye )
  20. I think most of us here know how to 'handle' ourselves on the internet. I was polite in my reply. I informed her/him that I have almost a decade of posts through which people can 'get to know' me. Or maybe Science Forums is becoming the new Facebook ( or Tinder ? 😮 )
  21. The gravitational potential of the universe would be manifest by the global curvature. Global curvature is, to my knowledge, very nearly flat. ( or within error bars of any measurements made, so far ) And I don't think you can make a distinction between observable and total universe. The global curvature would have been established when no longer observable parts of the univere were in causal contact. The gravitational field has no reason to propagate; only changes do.
  22. Neither scale is used in Physics. The absolute scale, in o K, starts at the point where kinetic motion of particles is essentially zero, and only quantum mechanical zero point energy remains. The K and C scales differ by 273.15 o , such that 0 o C is equivalent to 273.15 o K.
  23. No, the only time they are similar is prior to 10-43 sec. After that time, the Big Bang model is well supported by observation and currently accepted science. Maybe if you asked a few questions, and actually considered the given responses, you might understand it better, and realize there is no need for the nonsense yu are proposing. Any one here will be glad to tell you that M31 will collide with our galaxy in 4 Billion years because the two are gravitationally bound. The same reason the planets are not expanding away from the solar system, and you are not expanding away from the sur
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