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  1. Oh, now we're talking future wars on the European continent ? You are not old enough to have lived through the last war, Studiot, and be afraid of another's impending start. The economies of Europe, especially the two major protagonists of the last two World Wars, France and Germany, are too interconnected. (starting a war with another country also using the Euro devalues both their currencies ) As it stands now, the Franco-German economic behemoth controls the Eurozone; the rest of the countries ( most of which are facing economic difficulties ) simply ask "How high ?" when France or Germany say "Jump". It would have been good for the smaller economies of Europe, to have a 'partner' in the UK.
  2. Thanks for the clarification guys. Its always a good day when you learn something new.
  3. OK. Ken Wilson : When you subtract the infinite virtual chickens that went everywhere, you're left with the renormalized chicken across the road. and Why does a hamburger have less energy than a steak ? Because it's in its ground state.
  4. While that is obviously true, what then is the cause of the curved trajectories ? Is a geodesic not an indication of curvature ?
  5. Evolution of a Physics problem through the ages... WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD ? Aristotle: It is the nature of chickens to cross roads. Isaac Newton: Chickens at rest tend to stay at rest, chickens in motion tend to cross roads. Albert Einstein: Whether the chicken crossed the road or the road moved beneath the chicken depends on your frame of reference. Werner Heisenberg: We are not sure which side of the road the chicken was on, but it was moving very fast. Wolfgang Pauli: There already was a chicken on this side of the road.
  6. Not exactly sure what you are after, but IIRC, Einstein used an elevator with holes on either side through which light shines, either stationary in a gravitational field, or accelerating upward. The fact that there is a deflection from the horizontal for the accelerating elevator then implies that the stationary one in a gravitational field must also experience that deflection due to the equivalence principle. Geodesics, or allowed paths in spacetime, are an indication and measure of space-time curvature. In GR, timelike geodesics describe the motion of free falling massive test particles. Convergence of the test particles ( moving closer together as they fall ) would indicate a gravitational field with a central point source ( CoM tidal effect ). Lightlike geodesics for massless particles ( or null geodesics ) describe the 'curvature' experienced by the light beam as it travels from one side of the elevator to the other. It would deflect downward, whether the elevator is accelerating, or in equivalent gravity. If Markus logs on tonight, I'm sure he can give you a much more 'in depth' explanation.
  7. Soooo. No food trade from the EU, and no food from North America. Bangers and mash, and fish and chips on alternative days, then ? That pizza is starting to sound good right about now, Dim.
  8. Ooooow ! Wives, sisters, and girlfriends maybe. But mothers and daughters are off-limits.
  9. I would think your parents left you something much more valuable than an inheritance Area54. They left you valuable life lessons, like caring and getting along with your siblings, and anyone else you care about. Dig deep Charles, your cynicism may have buried those same lessons your parents taught you.
  10. I don't see what the problem is. D Trump was right. Large portions of the American population HAVE developed 'herd mentality'.
  11. What have you got against pizza, Dim ? Its the perfect food. If your objection is harm to animals, milk, for making cheese, is an animal byproduct. If you are strictly vegan, there is soy or almond milk cheeses made with lemon juice/vinegar instead of rennet. So a grain pizza crust with tomato sauce, vegetarian cheese, and vegetable toppings can be completely vegan. And if you're worried about the mushroom pizza toppings being grown in manure-rich soil, don't worry, a chlorine wash will take care of the problem .
  12. I would think 'viral shedding", in amounts large enough to cause infectious transmission, doesn't occur for some time after initial infection, as cells need to reproduce the virus in effective amounts. And I would think shedding of dead and partial viral fragments would continue to show up in testing for some time after the initial infection is no longer contagious.
  13. And while I know that Chlorination levels are lower in the UK than other countries' water supply, you are still drinking it.
  14. One of the few things you've said I wholeheartedly agree with.
  15. There is no 'politically correct' law, or police; some of us are 'politically incorrect' quite often. But I'm fairly stubborn, so hard to ignore, and I haven't gotten banned, yet. ( although some complain about my sense of humor )
  16. Maybe you should have treated your kids better, Charles.
  17. Not following you. Newtonian mechanics adds speeds linearly and there is no asymptotic limit at c, like there is in SR. You could add speeds as high as you want, without limit. But to reach infinite ( Newtonian limit ) speeds you'd still need infinite energy.
  18. By the late 20s, when the Quantum revolution was in full effect, A Einstein was 50 years old. Well past the time when most ( if not all ) Physicists make ground-breaking contributions to the field. Lets cut him some slack. I nominate A Eddington as an arrogant SOB for how he treated S Chandrasekar.
  19. No. As far as I know, in Newtonian mechanics, if you are moving down the road at v, and you throw a ball forward at v, the ball will be measured to be moving at 2v with respect to the road. The deviation starts to be non-trivial as v approaches relativistic speeds. In Newtonian mechanics v + v = 2v even if v=c , while SR tells us that is an impossibility.
  20. Eddington always struck me as 'arrogant'; not Einstein. It seems the more you climb up the 'slope of enlightenment', the more you realize you're still in the 'valley of despair'. ( the more you learn, the more you realize just how much you still don't know )
  21. Newtonian mechanics has no constraints on speed. In your example however, and depending on how the accelerating force is applied, there is a maximum acceleration that can be sustained, without the larger body, M, losing gravitational cohesion.
  22. Electromagnetic forces for like charges repel with a 1/r^2 dependence. Gravitational forces attract with a 1/r^2 dependence. Both are long range forces ( never get to zero ), yet one is a 1000 billion billion billion billion times stronger than the other. Do you still not see the problem with your thinking ?????
  23. If the concern is unsafe food handling in the US, the regulations adopted by the EU should reflect that. The amount of Chlorine in drinking water is considered safe up to 4 mg/l or 4 ppm. The amount of Chlorine used to wash chicken surfaces is as little as 20 mg/l. Just wondering... How much water do you drink per day ? ( as opposed to how much residual Chlorine is on your chicken ) If you're going to be concerned about chicken... As a little kid, I lived on a farm, and little chicks ( hatchlings ) would be about the size of your fist for several weeks, and not fully grown for 6 months. Fully grown chickens are delivered to Swiss Chalet's ( Canadian chicken restaurant chain ) processing plant 4 weeks after hatching. Bit of a discrepancy there, and maybe something to actually be concerned about. ( yeah, I don't eat much chicken )
  24. Has everybody seen the clip of D Trump's reaction on finding out about her death ? https://www.msn.com/en-ca/entertainment/music/other/twitter-reacts-to-trump-learning-of-ruth-bader-ginsburg-s-death-while-elton-john-s-tiny-dancer-plays/ar-BB19cR5l?ocid=msedgntp If staged ... wow, ballsy ! If coincidence ... wow, weird !
  25. Did a little research. Oddly enough there is a non-binding rule, called the Biden rule ( from 92 ), which suggests that, if there is going to be a change in the Presidency, then the people's will should be followed, and a wait for the new President is suggested. This was the case in 2016, as B Obama could not be President in January 2017. In this case, the argument is that D Trump may still be President in January 2021, so he shouldn't have to give up his Constitutional powers to appoint SC justices. Looks like D Trump will get another nomination ( although he's been quiet on the matter ), and, barring quite a few defectors, the Republican controlled Senate will ram it through.
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