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  1. Ok, sorry about the many unknowns. But all i want is some funky factors about vapor condensating that might be helpfull to consider, in any given unkown case.
  2. PThe issue at hand is condensating leachate vapor to be later treated. We got a tank of leachate heated along with a vacuum pump, a Heat exchanger for cooling purposes and yet we coming short of condesated vapor. I am thinkin what the basic factors at play on such operation.
  3. Well, we're based in Spain. Like i said we re developing a leachate treatment process. We're stuck on the evaporation/ condensation of leachate. So i was wondering, if there s any tips i could get on that.
  4. Hi guys. Me and my collegues are stuck on the condensation of vapor with vacuum pump and a Heat exchanger equipments. We're definately not coming through with results. Any tíos anyone, i would appreciate. Btw this is a legitimate, european funded pilot process for leachate treatment. Lets save the earth guys. +_+
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