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  1. Anything of person, can refuse that. I will wait your opinions., nobody can beat that idea. If you unlike this idea, please justify why?. I will beat you.
  2. Ok. :-). Why?. This Is THE Title: Fire, Iron, And Matter: The Three Laws Of Everything. Why?. Reasons, please. With References.
  3. This is the Title of My Theory Of Everything. Physical Plane.
  4. This is the Title of My Theory Of Everything. Physical Plane. The Grand Unified Theory (1).pdf
  5. Perhaps are you one metaphysician?, teach me the way? Say to me a word that should not contain verb? and you will be free... We do not know who we are, only verb and any more verb.... Words and more words, and nothing more... Which is the route, which?.... There is no route... He said It: The es the way. Which truth, The es the truth. Which life, The es the life. No metaphysician the highest stage of the philosophy will discover this. I am not conferred a doctorate in physics, I am a philosopher. How does it exist One does the different thing exist, perhaps the justification of the man (we) will be major than that of God? It justifies... We are inside your mind, and any thing that you already say knows it.. It does not govern you, leaves you... That depends on the circumstance.. I repeat it depends on the circumstance.... God does not play the given ones on the universe, we are inside his Creation.
  6. MassMan: You are in the correct thing, God does not play the given ones... The world is a product of appearance.... The human life is friendly with appearances and probabilities, it is to be between the life and the death... Everything what it feigns is of the man (we), (We) do not confuse the man with God. God does not hold in appearances, us if... Everything what the man is... It is extremely an appearance, Everything what God is Is Extremely real and Good... The Supreme conscience, it belongs To God and to God The Kingdoms belong. Of our relative mind, it is possible to extract nothing correct absolute, God does not submit to Calculations.... Any justification and act that God does this one much over the Man, with this I repeat it again.... As any word exists, therefore God exists....
  7. i have a theory about the universe, and i am a philosopher, but i will explain the tehory about in the best way possible. Tesla said that the ETHER, is in the most natural form. Is elastic, and extended in any forms. Tesla proposed that gravity is a field effect. The light is divided and sometimes extender and reduced, but the ways in the universe are two types one positive and one negative. The eact constant is equal to 8.333361196544 times in a exact form. The sun is the center of the universe. And the universe is an effect of light orr light effect.
  8. thanks., but the formula is good.
  9. 10.^10 to 10^11., thanks. the idea is that the light is ten times the energy the velocity of the light. thanks., mr strange.!!!!!
  10. in a future., we will see the same formula.
  11. space-time equation formula., if you can see this is the effect formula. what do you think. yo can search in vixra., but dont have formulas.
  12. you can search in vixra., The toe. with The same. in this case., this theory in philica is incomplete., but you can search., sorry for all., and i dont speak english. is very theoretical., but sorry.
  13. is that I did this theory to put an heliocentric model., if you can help me.?
  14. we can work in that., I just put that., sorry.
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