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  1. No worries...just don’t let it happen again...
  2. J.C.MacSwell


    +1. Then go over it again with a hi-liter on points you may want to highlight. Then go over it again reciting out loud. Different neural pathways...
  3. No need to take this off in another direction... tangent...or radio...
  4. Agree. This is absolute Borax! Especially from a mod! ...and I don't want to hear his next spin cycle!
  5. No. You are right. I was thinking in the Earth frame of reference on that point. The rest of what I stated I still think holds. (But I wouldn't bet against you) Where am I wrong?
  6. That was my thought when I first saw your Hitler post. But no. People with lack of balanced perspectives are more likely to be triggered. No one's immune.
  7. What do fine people like you think of Stalin? How about the Spanish Civil War? Both sides of it.
  8. How would you feel if you were Jewish and that was said to you? I can see that from both sides. Even in Canada. Only at the extremes.
  9. The whole shebang? No sign of intelligence as we know it from a scientific viewpoint. (IMO) The answer is still in the hands of religion/faith/"gut feel". But Science is ready to take over if anything tangible comes to light.
  10. Looks like voters have rewarded Ardern and her Labour Party for their handing of the Coronavirus. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/newzealand-election-1.5766580
  11. Ahead? Do the bulges not lag behind? Agree. Idealized case. And the bulges would be greater. Increasing the drag "completely" (idealized case) and you get no bulge, or at least none that moves. Increasing it would tend to put it more out of line but decrease it. Does decreasing it not have more effect than putting it further out of line? Agree. That's how I saw it also except for seeing the effect on momentum and energy transfers both as reduced Isn't there a dynamic tidal effect on the Earth's Magma, but because the resistance is so much greater than that of the Ocean's the effect on those transfers is comparatively negligibly, despite the much greater resistance and mass? I always know I'm going to learn something when I disagree with you.
  12. Are you sure this is correct? Harvesting the energy would as you say increase the ocean tide Earth drag, but the added resistance should reduce the angular momentum transfer, should it not? Generally speaking the turbines should reduce the net energy transfer, not increase it.
  13. I honestly think it's (usually) more against their home team/clan/tribe than their actual best interests.
  14. No. It really isn't. ...and no...that's not in any way supportive of Trump. I honestly think it's (usually) more against their home team/clan/tribe than their actual best interests.
  15. I could be wrong but I don’t think calculus will answer that. You might come up with a function that could model something they did or thought they did and calculus could give some answers based on that. Someone better versed in math may add to (or correct) that.
  16. X can equal 0. If you are interested in when X equals 0, or through a range of numbers where X equals zero you include that point with your function of X. if not you don’t include it. It’s not that x can or can’t equal 0, just that you have no interest in the function at that point. You get to set limits depending on what you have interest in solving with the function.
  17. That was a (an attempt at) a joke. Einstein tiding up SR to get GR...
  18. ...or if you have a signer for your student loan for your math degree...but need to derive a cosigner....
  19. An unbroken column of water can exist at partial vacuum pressures, generally down to the vapour pressure of the water. I have no idea why you would suggest otherwise. As I suspected from your posts....you don't know the answer.
  20. Thank you. I didn't know what an "overall expenditure of force" was, but I thought it deserved more of a reply than "bullshit".
  21. A. C. Barrett seems to agree with that: https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/520531-amy-coney-barrett-to-tell-senators-courts-should-not-try-to-make-policy "Courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong in our public life. The policy decisions and value judgments of government must be made by the political branches elected by and accountable to the People. The public should not expect courts to do so, and courts should not try," Barrett will add, according to her opening remarks.
  22. Maybe you should? Where did I say your decrease in volume would not increase pressure as you suggested? I pointed out that it would take a head of 320 feet of water to get your 10 atmospheres of pressure. You or Boyle have a problem with that? Ambient air at constant temperature needs to be compressed to gain pressure. This creates volume for the water to put additional pressure on the system. This makes it unlikely for what is described in the OP (with regard to roof drainage, not filling bottles that have only one opening or similar problems) to have anything to do with your line of thought. You also asked this: That doesn't make sense. You still haven't replied to this:
  23. Isn't merit subjective? How can they operate and rule on what has it without incorporating their own viewpoint?
  24. I agree with the sentiment but what do they do in the mean time? Who gets to interpret the gray areas of current, laws as written, precedent, publicly accepted moral views, etc.? Who interprets the same after the new laws are put in place?
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