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  1. Russia has been killing people for hundreds of years though...so we don't need another Tucker Carlson interview to understand why this should be okay.
  2. Be nice! It's still a heavenly body...
  3. It's either one of the big Ms, usually the lesser one, depending on which of them's acceleration is of interest.
  4. Might be part of the equation though...along with distance and the fact that despite there being no preferred frame in physics...the cmbr represents a pretty substantial headwind if you want to get anywhere on those scales fast. With regard to finding new places to thrive, we might want to think about taking better care of our planet before we plan it.
  5. Many small businesses do essentially that, though usually taking on more overhead and risk. I share many of your concerns with larger corporations, though I think they are useful and potentially can be more so, especially if we can... ...accomplish this, and thereby properly regulate corporations such that what is incentivised is more in line with the Public good.
  6. When you started your career path was that your primary goal, to make as much money as you possibly could? I suspect it wasn't, though I also suspect you preferred to be adequately compensated for your efforts, well above that of the average human on this planet. The fact that you could be successful in doing that has much to do with the fact that you live in a (far from perfect and really does need to be regulated and improved) capitalist economy. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater... Though by all means change the bathwater and remember to wash the baby...even if the lobbyists claim the water smells great... And don't fall for the "New improved Bathwater...now with Hydroxychloroquine!"
  7. Very few ventures start up for the purposes of profit or greed alone. Almost all small businesses start up with other goals, and look to making profit simply to survive. Matured businesses and larger corporations suffer more from naked greed and holding the bottom line as paramount. It's incumbent on the political system to align the success of these corporations (especially larger more powerful ones) towards what's good for the people rather than what's simply good for corporate profit and greed. Lobbyists and questionable politics get in the way...but despite that it generally still gives better results in most areas than public enterprises...which are not devoid of effects of greed and other less than altruistic human attributes either.
  8. So you feel there is no room in space for any regulated private enterprise, but think that public owned enterprise can progress safely? Surely you would need a World Government to control that or ultimately some nation allowing private enterprise will gain dominance in space.
  9. It will never be perfect, but a well thought out mix of regulated private and public enterprise will generally give substantially better results than just private or just public...though often the "well thought out" part is tainted by lobbying and less than fully honest politics.
  10. I know you would agree this should backfire. But won't this backfire? Even if you assume the voting Republicans are into crap like that doesn't Trump hope to win the general election?
  11. Trump? Cheapshot? Surely he was just concerned for her marriage.... Seriously though...on what planet is this good politics? Perhaps there's more to Trump than meets the eye:
  12. Politician makes major blowhard gaff on campaign trail: "Former President Donald Trump used a rally in South Carolina on Saturday to attack rival Nikki Haley in her home state — and to mock the absence of her husband, who is deployed overseas. “Where’s her husband? Oh, he’s away. … What happened to her husband? Where is he? He’s gone,” Trump said at his rally in Conway, his first visit to the state this year. Michael Haley is deployed in Africa with the South Carolina Army National Guard in support of the United States Africa Command, his second active-duty deployment overseas." ... "Notably, former first lady Melania Trump has not joined her husband for any public campaign events since his presidential announcement in November 2022 and has not appeared alongside him at any of his court appearances." https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/10/politics/trump-south-carolina-primary-haley/index.html Oops. Sorry. It was Trump and it wasn't even murder...nothing to see here...carry on.
  13. No one in their eighties should be allowed to run unless they are in a coma, because they might come out of it with policies better than Trump's....
  14. It would certainly be a detriment to processing information at the level required if you struggled to recall parts of that information.
  15. The POTUS needs a fair bit higher bar to reach than the ability to properly function in society. Biden is still capable, and it wouldn't be unreasonable for him to be a member of congress,IMO, but I think it's a reach to assume he can be fully competent as POTUS for the next 5 years. That should be the expectation of anyone asked to vote for him in November, except for the fact that he also has the great attribute of not being Trump.
  16. While not generally pronounced, some mental decline starts well before 35, the minimum allowable age to be POTUS. An optimum between mental sharpness and experience surely exists, with both Trump and Biden well past it.
  17. I will say that I think 65 is too young an age to young to be incorporated into law. It is certainly dependant on the individual in regard to decline vs experience at that age. I also think with regard to INow's point Blinken has surrounded himself by very capable people for the most part. (and unlike Trump, generally for better reasons politics aside) But that's not enough to make him Presidential material at his current state of decline IMO. (though I do think he's done better than I expected so far)
  18. It is alive and well and part of your constitution. You already have a law prohibiting anyone under 35 from running for POTUS that no one seems to complain about. But IMO the real problem is your population with voting rights and their lack of respect for democracy. In a perfect world (read as "any reasonable world") neither Trump nor Biden would get anywhere near the Presidency.
  19. Something something about digging up the icbm missile silo in my backyard and my cold bloody hands...
  20. However close and wherever it comes down to, some voters that aren't already committed are going to make the difference and decide the outcome. How do Trump's current actions, which seems to control the GOP's current actions, make those open to voting either way look more favourably on Trump or the GOP than they would otherwise? How is this considered so easy to spin rather than likely to backfire?
  21. I can see him expecting 2/3 of the GOP to be pretty damn stupid...they're acting like it...but how will this get him elected in November
  22. So Trump figures it's a good idea to personally and pretty much overtly put a stick in the spokes of any substantially improved potential border deals and then blame Biden for the lack of improvements? How dumb does he expect the voters to be?
  23. So...about 10 times as long as any foot touches the ball? No wonder they're up in arms!😄
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