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  1. Fair enough. I'm satisfied that Newtonian Gravity is Galilean. Less so that Galilean gravity is the same as Newtonian Gravity. It seems to imply that Galileo got there first, and he really didn't come close, even while making a substantial step toward it.
  2. So any model of gravity under investigation, correct or not, that meets those criteria is Galilean gravity?
  3. So Newton is famous for coming up with something a guy who died before he was born already knew? Galileo recognized that different masses accelerated at the same rate. Newton went further and recognized the distance effect of the inverse square law which explained orbits.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't "Galilean gravity" not recognize the inverse square law postulated by Newton, but simply be a close approximation locally just as Newton's was more broadly to Einstein's relativity? Don't we utilize all 3 today?
  5. Arguably the vice tax on cigarettes helps pay for the extra public health care required. Though of course not directly.
  6. +1 but 4 minutes in had to turn it off. The Russians, as a people, are as responsible as Putin for what's going on. Respect to the brave ones that speak out against, but the rest not at all, and the worst need to be held accountable. I don't get the asymmetry in the rules of this war. Give Ukraine the weapons and let them use them against any military target that targets them. That, or bow down to Putin and admit his threats work, and stop funding the war.
  7. Looks like Trumps former campaign chair S. Bannon is heading to jail. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/dc-bannon-sentencing-congress-1.6623755
  8. ...and potentially the extra deaths and suffering of course back in 1945 and beyond (just in case anyone not knowing you misreads that) Agree the next guy could be worse. Most of the "bravest" (cowards in this case) willing to speak out in Russia against how the "special operation" is going seem to be pushing a harder stance against Ukraine, and the Kremlin seems to have far more tolerance on that side than moral stances against killing Ukrainians, civilian or otherwise.
  9. Maybe frontreal or backreal...certainly not sidereal.
  10. You don't believe in a Suntanman God do you? You're better than that... No one needs moonscreen. (full disclosure: no idea what Sensei is on about)
  11. Like you he calls them the way he sees them. That's why they call it the Dyer straights...
  12. I'm worried the grannies would get to me first. I'd get the last laugh though...I haven't rotated the foodstuffs in my bunker since November 1962.
  13. LOL. (fortunately no one heard me) Now you have me picturing a bunch of settlement idiots preparing for a professional tryout.
  14. It seems like the retreat from Lyman was delayed due to the Russian command structure...possibly even waiting for the pomp and circumstance celebrations in Moscow to end so they could consider getting out of an area they just claimed to have annexed. I wonder how many Russian soldiers that cost them?
  15. Looks like Russia pulled the ol' "annex and run" in Lyman... "Russia pulls troops from Lyman after Ukrainian forces encircle city" https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/lyman-ukraine-russia-war-zaporizhzhia-nuclear-1.6602888
  16. If all goes according to Putin's plan parts of current Ukraine will be annexed by Russia, including areas that held no referendum, sham or otherwise, as they are still controlled by Ukraine. It would seem equally reasonable that these soon to be claimed new parts of Russia still occupied by Ukraine could then hold their own referendum and decide that the Moscow Oblast be annexed by the Moon, giving the lunatic fringe in the Kremlin an appropriate place to call home.
  17. 32 km...maybe a few degrees more on a hot day...😀 Hopefully enough become emboldened by all the protests and exodus before Putin is able to put a halt to it, and they overthrow him. Or maybe enough news gets to the Russian soldiers on the front lines that they aren't fully supported, morally and otherwise, and more do the right thing and surrender. Faint hopes.
  18. Fleeing Kaliningrad in a minisub in such haste as to bump into a few pipes?
  19. My take (my probably overvalued $0.02) is that the expansion is more or less constant at large scale...so using that reference frame most objects are moving gravitationally through that space. I don't see the expansion "overwhelmed" by gravitationally bound objects any more than I would see it that way if I jumped off a truck... So essentially I think similar to first thoughts in the original post, but I realize there are other ways of considering it and defining a reference frame, inertial or otherwise.
  20. Some renegade Ukrainian with an underwater drone wanting to remove any chance of Germany pressing Kiev to negotiate a settlement to end the war with unfavourable terms just so Germany gets it's gas back? It's all I got... Okay one more... A Canadian entrepreneur with an underwater drone wanting more methane released to help save their North Baffin Island resort investment...
  21. Curious who might have sabotaged the Nordstream pipelines, if in fact that was the cause: https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/germany-pressure-drops-russia-gas-pipeline-90561092 Sure. Leave me in there all by myself...
  22. Murdered is a subset of those killed. Those killed are a subset of those neutralized.
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