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  1. I guess "Wanktank" might sound too much like a collection device...
  2. I would have guessed it had something to do with insufferable cold rather than heat...
  3. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that at the coming Super Bowl only Law enforcement will be allowed in with guns. Kind of like most towns in the "Old West". "Tombstone had much more restrictive laws on carrying guns in public in the 1880s than it has today,” says Adam Winkler, a professor and specialist in American constitutional law at UCLA School of Law. “Today, you're allowed to carry a gun without a license or permit on Tombstone streets. Back in the 1880s, you weren't.” Same goes for most of the New West, to varying degrees, in the once-rowdy frontier towns of Nevada, Kansas, Montana, and South Dakota. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/gun-control-old-west-180968013/ Somehow everyone buying tickets seems to agree it makes sense..,Go figure!
  4. His point still stands though, as a substantial part of the intent of the Second Amendment, which needs to be considered by your Supreme Court. Fortunately (or not?) Canada doesn't have that in our constitution so we don't need to consider it for that purpose (though we still need to protect ourselves from potentially oppressive governments and our Guarantees of Rights and Freedoms attempts to do that differently). Personally, I prefer gun control despite the potential of an oppressive government, in part because I think any advantage of citizens having guns to overthrow an oppressive government is more than offset by the fact that a subset of said citizens with guns could take over a democratically elected government and form a more permanent and oppressive one.
  5. This particular youtuber is primarily motivated by his support for Ukraine and this video is no different with his frustration at the stalled American support. It describes very clearly the politics and reality of the use of immigration issues and why he feels nothing will be solved on that front. Probably nothing particularly new to most here and I'm sure others might have a different take but though politically independent I think he more blames the Republicans for the current impasse:
  6. It would be nice to think that even though it's Iowa, 49% are at least able to avoid the Trump Kool-aid enough to consider voting for others. Also Haley didn't have the political machinery in place to get the vote out despite the weather, That may have stopped her from coming second. She needs to take a big step forward in New Hampshire.
  7. Interestingly Alberta has one of the higher Ukrainian populations of the Canadian Provinces at almost 10%.
  8. Hawking Radiation radiates from just outside the event horizon.
  9. Nothing can pass back across the event horizon, yet if small enough and thus hotter than the CMBR it can lose mass from "effectively" radiating from outside the event horizon. This might seem like a contradiction to you. Quantum effects are not the most intuitive.
  10. Naked girls dancing around the fire made me think of Woodstock for some reason.
  11. Like clockwork... Pint of centipedes and plate of inchworms coming right up!
  12. Never? The microwave wavelengths are chosen for good penetration into the food. Although the food nearest the surface does tend to absorb more than food further, the food further can actually get hotter as the thermal energy has further to go to escape and may also, depending on the microwave design, and the geometry and any lack of homogeneity of the food, actually absorb more than a similar volume near the surface. So the temperature can build up more toward the middle depending on quite a number of factors.. So sometimes the food does actually cook from the inside out, even if this wasn't the explanation given to you as a non scientist, by an advertiser non scientist.
  13. Gotta get that sugar fix...even though you know it's bad for you both short and long term? Though I would say the price of the Oreos seems potentially much greater.
  14. A lot of motivation for both Haley and Desantis camps to come second, I would expect. No idea with regard to the Tump followers...I can't really understand them at this point as the cheap and easy backlash rhetoric against the extreme left rhetoric that tends to go unchallenged by the more moderate left seems well represented by Desantis. Maybe Desantis just doesn't seem dictator enough for them?
  15. LOL. I pictured you in a theatre doing your work. I hope at least the hecklers had to buy tickets... I would also like to add that some people thought Einstein was a lazy dog, and I have a relative that works very very hard.
  16. ADD and ADHD may have been previously underdiagnosed. Fortunately Big Pharm has been able to come up with the drugs necessary... ...to make themselves more money.
  17. Good find. I wonder what the actual distance was (say maximal distance of any two points of the optical fibre) and how that might affect the results.
  18. First of all good questions for the most part. +1 I'll answer the easy one I bolded. No one would have any practical ideas on how this could be done. The theory is based on much more local experimentation and results. I think there have been experiments done that limit the number of photons, and I think it is somewhat done statistically but others here should give a more accurate answer. `
  19. Control no, but at times the Hippie Dippy Marine Weatherman would have had some influence....
  20. LOL, I said the exact opposite but I think it's just about how one would define it. It's either nowhere and does not exist or it's everywhere with no favoured position. ..and of course no centre of the Universe. Not that I'm 100% on the Big Bang theory but it's currently the best we have and nothing else is remotely close. In any case Paulsrocket has significant errors in even the most basic understanding of the theory. It really isn't necessary to believe it to understand it better than displayed in his posts unless he has some mental block or is intentionally misrepresenting it. If he could grasp the basics, he would see that it fits the data, rather than claim it can't be true because we would see this huge void.
  21. Would the 1960s hippies be considered Pagans?
  22. You can argue for a different set of assumptions, but if you also don't want logic applied to them then you're well outside of science. But Fantasyland has it's merits...I guess.
  23. Only if you assume your model (your understanding) is correct. If as I claimed ground zero is everywhere, you need to struggle with logic or math not to realize that under that assumption there is 100% chance the Earth (like everywhere else) is at ground zero. But it isn't. Kind of throws your model (your understanding) out the window, does it not?
  24. We are at ground zero...not uniquely...but just like everywhere and everyone else.
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