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  1. Trump's thought process: "Sure but...what does that have to do with me?"
  2. Among other things, you seem to be conflating the need for Dark Energy and the need for Dark Matter.
  3. If there is any argument that condemns the current Republican Party more than this does it is certainly not obvious, at least to me.
  4. I guess that means that with regard to black holes "there's nothing new under the Sun" 😄
  5. Theoretically a small enough BH, one about 0.75% of the mass of the Earth or smaller, should radiate above 2.7 and if not "fed" by more than the CMBR should evaporate and disappear.
  6. Thanks Okay. I thought you might have been replying to my post since you quoted it, and in the context of my post it was pretty ambiguous to say the least.
  7. I was only assuming a single common ancestor based on the claim in the link, I was going to later ask how that was known. Is it determined that that specific haplotype can only have come from a single mutation event and not been duplicated by some other identical mutation rather than only from being passed on?
  8. Hadn't realized they had all survived. They should interview that single common ancestor... Or did you mean they all successfully reproduced....which is not quite as unlikely.... Or did you mean any that didn't...failed for some other reason...which is slightly plausible but impossible for you to know... If you simply meant te relevant gene or genes survived, what in any of my posts might suggest it didn't? There is certainly no evidence that the gene/s proliferated fully or equally everywhere. Simply put, no evidence of any disadvantage is not evidence there is none.
  9. It might not be over quite a number of generations but ultimately it can be significant. Luck and random chance are of course involved but if blue eyes are more sensitive to light that could affect the odds of survival differently in different regions and ever so slightly effect a change given enough time. I don't think it is as conclusive as you suggest. Of course with modern adaptations dark and light skinned individuals do fine in both northern and southern latitudes (or closer to and further from the equator, polar region and other extremes notwithstanding)
  10. Hard to say though. A recent study was done on primates with regard to eye colour and the ambient light of the areas they inhabit: https://phys.org/news/2022-10-eye-variation-primates.html
  11. Cousins it could well have been but through cousins it would take longer for the second blue eyed human to show up, based on the simplest model and your link. Your OP suggests a single common ancestor. Under the simplest blue/brown model with blue genes recessive cousins would require an extra generation. I was wrong though suggesting the single common ancestor could not have had blue eyed kids. They could have had them if sexual bonding with their own children, again assuming the simplest gene model. What's interesting is that a recessive gene, whether advantageous or not, might gain some traction before much testing through the fitness/survival filter.
  12. Single common ancestor...so from the simplest blue/brown model that ancestor could not have had blue eyed kids...but at earliest could have blue eyed grandkids given an incestuous relationship of those kids...assuming they had at least two with the recessive blue gene.
  13. If Trump is correct I guess Biden is again eligible in 2028 even if he wins in 2024...or even 2032 if he steals another LOL. Now if George W. can just find enough extra old Al Gore hanging chad votes to make himself eligible...
  14. I guess that's better than the 4 years if he wins followed by the 99% certainty ...
  15. As usual, they were out of the XL by the time I came in. Its high tide they started bringing in extras...
  16. The Israel Policy Forum is a American Jewish organization working for a a two state solution. This outlines the West Bank Settlements history including political motivations and their position on it. It's from this year though I think it predates Oct 7. https://israelpolicyforum.org/west-bank-settlements-explained/#:~:text=By placing Israeli civilians in,of defense against an invasion.
  17. Good post but wrong thread. That one's more for the "Can Religion Make Claims Without Evidence?" thread. I think we can all agree religion wins that one as well. Science kind of tilts it's own playing field against itself...at least the good scientists do so.
  18. Did he finally say something sexist? Not to toot my own horn, but I think I might have been the only one here to see that coming...😜
  19. Sometimes you have to choose one or the other, compromising the other or the one, or both and compromise both. That's Israel's dilemma and Hamas's tactic to force it on them.,
  20. No worries. I didn't neg rep you. ...and I did watch the "baddies" skit in the video
  21. They would generally recall parliament if needed in any significant arising urgency.
  22. Trump of course wants it to delay everything and keep it as different as possible... https://www.cnn.com/2023/12/21/politics/trump-legal-chaos-2024/index.html If you or I had done some relatively minor offence it would of course "drag out" a few months not years if we disputed it.
  23. First off good post. My point on the quoted is that while your statement seems commendable Israel cannot take it on as policy. There will always be children in the way, especially given Gaza's population demographics, and Israel cannot defend itself without putting children and other civilians at risk. If they cannot defend themselves they have learned from a long history that that puts their own children and civilians at greater and greater risk. Any excess pacifism will invite more terror. We can only ask that they try to minimize civilian casualties and insist they obey international law. We cannot demand even that they give as much consideration to other civilians as they do their own, even if it makes no difference to us. I would consider it very differently if Israel had started the war but they did not. Hamas started the war in a way that made clear they must be eliminated.
  24. I see you capitalized Brian... (everyone has to believe in something...I believe I'll have another beer...)
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