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  1. Looks like Russia pulled the ol' "annex and run" in Lyman... "Russia pulls troops from Lyman after Ukrainian forces encircle city" https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/lyman-ukraine-russia-war-zaporizhzhia-nuclear-1.6602888
  2. If all goes according to Putin's plan parts of current Ukraine will be annexed by Russia, including areas that held no referendum, sham or otherwise, as they are still controlled by Ukraine. It would seem equally reasonable that these soon to be claimed new parts of Russia still occupied by Ukraine could then hold their own referendum and decide that the Moscow Oblast be annexed by the Moon, giving the lunatic fringe in the Kremlin an appropriate place to call home.
  3. 32 km...maybe a few degrees more on a hot day...😀 Hopefully enough become emboldened by all the protests and exodus before Putin is able to put a halt to it, and they overthrow him. Or maybe enough news gets to the Russian soldiers on the front lines that they aren't fully supported, morally and otherwise, and more do the right thing and surrender. Faint hopes.
  4. Fleeing Kaliningrad in a minisub in such haste as to bump into a few pipes?
  5. My take (my probably overvalued $0.02) is that the expansion is more or less constant at large scale...so using that reference frame most objects are moving gravitationally through that space. I don't see the expansion "overwhelmed" by gravitationally bound objects any more than I would see it that way if I jumped off a truck... So essentially I think similar to first thoughts in the original post, but I realize there are other ways of considering it and defining a reference frame, inertial or otherwise.
  6. Some renegade Ukrainian with an underwater drone wanting to remove any chance of Germany pressing Kiev to negotiate a settlement to end the war with unfavourable terms just so Germany gets it's gas back? It's all I got... Okay one more... A Canadian entrepreneur with an underwater drone wanting more methane released to help save their North Baffin Island resort investment...
  7. Curious who might have sabotaged the Nordstream pipelines, if in fact that was the cause: https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/germany-pressure-drops-russia-gas-pipeline-90561092 Sure. Leave me in there all by myself...
  8. Murdered is a subset of those killed. Those killed are a subset of those neutralized.
  9. Here is an interesting overview: https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/whp-origins/era-6-the-long-nineteenth-century-1750-ce-to-1914-ce/64-transformation-of-labor-betaa/a/read-why-was-slavery-abolished-three-theories-beta
  10. No. Though that could be argued if there was simply no alternative. Slavery is much worse. Slaves are owned and forced to work, paid or not.
  11. Seriously...I think humans have always had the ability to empathize...and the ability to not empathize...with fellow humans of other races. Britain did seem to be ahead of the US though, more recently speaking.
  12. Clearly it all started with the American Revolution: At that point Americans invented the concept of Slavery being a bad thing. Prior to that, even slaves themselves going back to prehistoric times thought it was perfectly fine: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/desantis-american-revolution-slavery-b2174224.html
  13. Certainly. Tough doing that when you're pretty much alone doing it. We are all wired to try to survive, and Putin and his ilk know how to exploit that. Hopefully the ones on the sidelines start showing up, in numbers Putin can't control. Noteworthy though that when Ukraine was attacked many expatriates came back to help.
  14. They seem quite willing to support the atrocities...having to take partin them with their own lives on the line...not so much...
  15. Is there any space where no electromagnetic radiation exists?
  16. Where does the video make that claim? As far as I can tell it assumes a constant flow in the pipe, and with it a difference in pressure due to the different velocities in different diameters. In practice this is true except for a loss of pressure downstream due to friction, which Bernoulli's principle doesn't account for.
  17. Generally speaking, it doesn't. That old explanation has long been debunked. https://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/wrong1.html (seems others have already pointed this out over a week ago) Bernouilli's principle is somewhat straightforward, but complex with regard to wings as it is incomplete. Shear forces (especially affecting boundary layers and turbulence) are not taken into account. +1 You can also fly an asymmetric wing plane upside down, though less efficiently. The Bernoulli effect is still there despite the curvatures, as it is with the flat plate. The air still gets accelerated on the upper side. Ultimately it comes down to Newton explanation, with air deflected downward and/or ground effects. (Not the explanation of Newton himself...he thought the lift was from the air hitting the underside of a wing where it's primarily from the reduced pressure on the top when the wing is not in stall) You might have trouble getting it in the air. Once at speed a flat plate can be quite low drag, relative to a typical airfoil assuming the same planform. (but as John pointed out...not the best structural profile.
  18. Hopefully, in some small way, some minor portion of his brain is a little embarrassed meeting up with Xi after his recent war results...maybe feeling a little "special" with his special operation.
  19. Yes. Think higher prices might decrease demand? Yes. If granny and the children are flying in their private jets they can pay the increased prices and the extra taxes can go to other's grannies and children who can barely afford to heat their homes.
  20. +1 to the OP. If they knew what they were doing, and had the gonads to do it, they would put significant taxes on energy (or at least fossil fuels...aka carbon taxes) and use the taxes to help those who could least afford it, with no requirement for them to use any energy at all. So essentially increase the price of energy, and encourage conservation, rather than subsidize the use of it by holding the prices down.
  21. LOL. Like your myopic one-sided perspective fits in every employer/employee relationship.
  22. Maybe Trump simply wasn't aware he wasn't allowed to keep and store top secret information. Maybe he just saved it in case he needed it to extort someone to his advantage or for some other good purpose. It wasn't like he would use it to hurt his vision of America. Maybe he thought people just needed locked up for mishandling emails... The American people didn't make him President because they thought he was some kind of legal expert.
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