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  1. Nikki Haley seems to be decent, composed, and not just reasonable but forthcoming with explaining her stances on issues. Not sure if she can overtake Trump but she certainly should, and if so is more likely than Trump to beat Biden, IMO.
  2. If the reduction of that ratio is based on a smaller number of Jews that obviously would be better. If it is based on a larger number of Palestinians then obviously not. Given that Israel controls a Holy Land shared by 100 times as many Muslims as Jews worldwide, and 200 times as many as live in Israel, it is fairly obvious that any seemingly reasonable ratio is not going to work for the continuing existence of Israel if it is to submit or reply "reasonably" to attacks. Clearly Hamas doesn't care enough about Palestinian lives. Good post joigus. I will add what I alluded to earlier...if Gaza is a concentration camp with guarded borders (I do realize Zap didn't make that claim but others have made the comparison) Egypt is certainly maintaining its role in the confinement.
  3. Rare though, to see chickens swing open the doors and go fox hunting... I can agree with much of that but where is the path to Peace? From now or even from October 7. I had faint hope that the Truce would continue and buy some time but how does Israel step back, whether now or from October 7. Hamas didn't just declare war on them. They committed atrocities and went back and hid behind the civilians they claim to represent. If Israel backs off Hamas remains in power. The UN wants Israel to stop the carnage, which is commendable to ask for, condemns Hamas's actions, also commendable, but has proposed that Israel must stop while offering to do nothing about Hamas...not a good look for the UN, even if it's not a good look for the US to have to veto such an impotent proposal. Russia of course (probably the only winner in all this) was on board with the UN proposal...even though they've threatened use of Nuclear weapons for less than what Israel sustained on October 7.
  4. Something has to be done to break through the hate, and clearly Israel leaving Hamas in charge with their current agenda in place isn't going to do it, and no one else but Israel are both capable and willing to remove them from power. So two civilians in the way of a Hamas terrorist and they shoot to kill, 3 in the way they wait for a better shot. If they can't get a better one they eventually feel they have to take it. They've learned from a long history, including well before the Holocaust, that if they want to exist they have to rely on themselves. It's far from being right but what are they to do? What can anyone on either side wanting peaceful coexistence do? Explain that while pointing fingers. Not that fingers don't need pointed as well.
  5. It of course gets complicated as I am sure there are some in Hamas that are in it to help administrate some aspects of decent governance, don't approve of the worst terrorist acts, but fail to see any means of change for the better beyond what they might achieve through working with Hamas. ...and of course many in the population might support them to some degree. All more or less by design of the more powerful within Hamas. So we are seeing the results of a general hate for Israel, and a willingness to support some aspects of Hamas and submit to others where no alternative is currently available. You see Hamas hospital administrators that know damn well there are tunnels and possibly dens underneath them. Are they supporting and protecting Hamas terror? Or are they trying to run a hospital with what they can best manage to get from Hamas while not feeling they owe Israel the risk of speaking out?
  6. Certainly not further south into the Sanai. Egypt doesn't want them there, even though the Gazans don't seem to espouse elimination of the Egyptian population. Egypt has reasons for confining them as well, as does the rest of the countries of the Middle East, and the World for that matter.
  7. Same way a colder one would. Conduction primarily. Until at least the inside of it approaches body surface temperature it's a heat sink. Sit on a metal chair at room temperature. It's immediately cooling in a way that a cushioned one would not be, at least not to the same extent.
  8. A room temperature blanket can be one, even if it would last longer coming out of a fridge or freezer. Unless your body temperature is room temperature...
  9. One would hope that the Truce gets extended. The current price seems to be 10 Israeli hostages per day, which I think includes release of 30 Palestinian prisoners if the 3 to 1 ratio they've used holds. The longer the Truce lasts the more potential likely exists for some long term agreement, I would expect. Though I would also expect Israel would stay determined to eliminate Hamas, short of Hamas clearly accepting the right to existence for the state of Israel, and abandoning their stated goal of Israel's elimination. Unlikely, but maybe some other temporary semi-peaceful coexistence can result, as it seemed but clearly wasn't before the Hamas atrocities of October 7.
  10. Right. Which is what Hamas and those that backed them in their latest terror attack on Israel wanted. Maybe not the completeness of the violent retaliation, but certainly the re-igniting of the hatred toward Israel. I agree both sides have blood on their hands. I just don't see what other options either side has available given the hatred of Israel by all those that have suffered from it's creation and existence, historically and recently. Certainly Israel cannot trust terrorists with clearly stated objectives to eliminate their existence, yet there seems to be little they can do to eliminate the threat without using means that would perpetuate it. Both sides, for the most part, were born with the problem.
  11. Not the same thing though. That would require a central bank actively working to peg the currency and/or guaranteeing the value of the Peso to the USD.
  12. Replacing the Argentinian Peso with the USD could certainly tame the mess of the 143% inflation...though of course they abdicate control of any monetary policy and make their Central bank redundant Be interesting to see how that works out.
  13. I use one. It's a poor insulator, or maybe also understood as a good conductor compared to other blankets and has a bit of weight to it. So when you cover yourself with it at room temperature it it cools you at least toward equilibrium being reached. But the main purpose I think is having the weight of a "security" blanket without the insulation. I'm a baby at heart...
  14. So a predetermined sense of free will for all sane individuals?
  15. You seem to have convinced yourself. How have you managed to do that?
  16. Sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I rather agree with you. I was surprised your post had gotten a neg rep and +1ed it. (went back to 0 with my +1) I then just added my bit. I can see how it might have seemed directed at you but that wasn't intended.
  17. Agree. But at the same time I wouldn't trade a human life for one (Putin et ilk notwithstanding). I realize that's contradictory (not the Putin et al part), but there ya go...
  18. Hasn't been answered and maybe it's just my opinion but it seems obvious to me that Externet would be far far more interested in his current work than making that switch. It's not always just about the money...
  19. We wish. The problem is they cancel out too many of the good, too many of the indifferent, and much too many of the innocent. (not criticizing your point Dim, really just taking up your choice of words to make a different point)
  20. "I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience," 73 year old Ronald Reagan in 1984 about 56 year old Walter Mondale
  21. Kind of makes you think...God save Kamala Harris...with Biden well over the average age of life expectancy... OTOH it could get worse...Trump could get re-elected. (not that I think it will happen...but I reassured my sons it wouldn't happen in 2016...such was my trust in the American electorate at that time despite Hilary's obvious shortcomings and foot shooting tendencies...) Comforting to know Biden and Harris will probably outlast his short weeks or months as speaker...for a few seconds...then you remember there is no reasonable replacement that will get the votes to do so...
  22. Usually if someone is unable to breath through their nose when asleep, somehow they are triggered to breath through their mouth. Apparently this case was exceptional to that normal occurrence.
  23. Surely they could make one small exception...
  24. You can of course, detect warmer than expected, even if contacting something cooler than the body. A recently sat on toilet seat being an example familiar to most.
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