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  1. He seemed to like to point that out. It's quite possible for him to have scored that on a test...almost impossible for that to have been his IQ...even given the limitations of IQ as a measurement of intelligence.
  2. Some (certainly not all) trans athletes would consider what I think you are suggesting to be outright exclusion. But I would agree that it's a reasonable way forward. (But would the US Women's Soccer Team share their gate receipt driven pay with them? They would be doing the same job...or better)
  3. Noone has come up with a demonstrably fair and safe way to include trans females in the vast majority of elite female sport. (even in principle without insistence on and allowing harmful use of drugs to do so, arbitrary targets set for them and their doctors notwithstanding) The would be true of trans males, if for some reason they weren't allowed in female sports. They can't compete at elite level against males, in the vast majority of male sports. When it can be demonstrably done fairly and safely is the time to include them at elite level (unless they want to compete without a fair chance to win). To do otherwise is inviting a disaster for female sports, even if you think few trans athletes will take up the invitation. It wouldn't be, and wasn't, a healthy situation for anyone, trans athletes included. Again note that wheelchair athletes have their own divisions. Their inclusion in sports is not analogous to trans females wanting inclusion in elite female sports.
  4. Frankly, unless you are advocating for a system to allow those in wheelchairs to compete with a "fair and reasonable" chance of winning against elite athletes at the highest level in any sport of their choice, including allowing and encouraging drug use whether healthy or not, you are falling short of the extreme advocates for transgenders. So you pick a side, and you overcorrect. Sports fans include most all of transgender athletes. Do you look down on them as well, or just those on the side of the argument you didn't pick? The extremely small subset of humans may not be as small as you think. Without restrictions the female (born male) versions would dominate most female sports. Many XX chromosome individuals have the temerity of wanting to sport at elite levels as well. They need a separate division to do so, unless you exclude or place unhealthy restrictions on XY individuals that want to compete directly with them.
  5. Any objection to my comment based on logic is of course not relevant given that my comment was not written within any logically rigorous framework.
  6. If as the title of the thread suggests "whiteboards are racist"....then surely suggesting someone is, to their detriment, "stained" could have racist implications... Now...obviously you didn't mean it that way, and you will no doubt be forgiven...for now...though bets are off down the road if someone more woke than anyone here manages to find it... All tongue in cheek...of course
  7. More of a stain? What exactly are you subliminally implying by that Phi? (I kid...)
  8. Started that last year...or at least started using that as a convenient excuse not to mow before June...
  9. Given that Wagner is a"for profit" business, are their soldiers more of a liability dead or wounded to the point of not ever being able to fight again? Are they considered veterans of the same standing as other Russian troops, or are they Wagner's "problem", or in fact pretty much their own problem? Also would be interesting to know how they get paid, both the soldiers and Wagner itself, and with what incentives. I think the answers might reflect on the "meat grinder" tactics of Wagner, and how long they may remain significant to Russia's war. Obviously no one apparently cares much about them as humans, least of all Putin.
  10. Not a trick question. If the answer is 90, then the pulse pressure limitation would trump that of the diastolic. Those are certainly good numbers you have for any age.
  11. For an average individual the medical community seems to suggest a healthy resting systolic blood pressure of no more than 120 and diastolic blood pressure no more than 80 and a resting pulse pressure (the difference between systolic and diastolic)be no more than 40. So given a slightly elevated resting systolic pressure of say 130, what would they like the lower number to look like? And why?
  12. I can sympathize with the apparent helplessness felt by the Russian families, but I would have more respect as well as sympathy for them if they condemned the Russian invasion rather than suggest it be done in a different manner. “They are prepared to serve their homeland but according to the specialization they’ve trained for, not as stormtroopers. We ask that you pull back our guys from the line of contact and provide the artillerymen with artillery and ammunition.” https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/12/europe/russia-mobilization-putin-protest-wives-mothers-intl-hnk/index.html
  13. Right. Makes sense given the weight, dimensions, and airspeeds involved. I thought the Ukrainians themselves were experimenting with wings to extend their target range. I'm not sure where I heard it but IIRC it was mentioned as a possible explanation for a fairly recent bombing beyond HIMAR range. I would provide a proper link but can't remember where I came across it. Edit: their current HIMAR range
  14. I suspect their families have much less influence at the Kremlin as well, and they probably have much less access to non Russian controlled information. Fits nicely into Putin's playbook.
  15. Maybe Putin and company care about the lives of their soldiers after all...as long as they are of a certain ethnicity or come from certain regions such as Moscow:
  16. Do they not do both? Control flight plus add range or payload? https://airwingmedia.com/news/2012/boeing-adding-wings-to-jdam-bombs-to-triple-weapons-glide-range/
  17. I think it comes down to how much lift is actually needed, and more about the drag, or drag to weight (though weight would affect the lift requirement). Baseballs have been thrown significantly further. A low aspect ratio shape of the same scale would likely have less drag, especially given the range of Reynold's numbers involved and the fact that the low aspect would yield an effectively higher Reynold's number. Interestingly with regard to the war in Ukraine, this subject would reflect on the use of the wings being added to bombs to increase their range, the weight, scale and speeds involved affecting the designs. Another thought is that higher aspect wings would require more drag at the tail to control any yaw and for directional stability. Something lower aspect or swept designs do more inherently.
  18. As the Special Operation (AKA war) approaches the one year mark it's interesting how both Putin and Prigozhin are indulging themselves in their to each unique combination of lies and "see what you made me do" blame of others for their mistakes and incompetence. It would be hilarious if not so tragic for both Ukrainians and the Russians they are responsible for.
  19. Fair enough. I'm satisfied that Newtonian Gravity is Galilean. Less so that Galilean gravity is the same as Newtonian Gravity. It seems to imply that Galileo got there first, and he really didn't come close, even while making a substantial step toward it.
  20. So any model of gravity under investigation, correct or not, that meets those criteria is Galilean gravity?
  21. So Newton is famous for coming up with something a guy who died before he was born already knew? Galileo recognized that different masses accelerated at the same rate. Newton went further and recognized the distance effect of the inverse square law which explained orbits.
  22. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't "Galilean gravity" not recognize the inverse square law postulated by Newton, but simply be a close approximation locally just as Newton's was more broadly to Einstein's relativity? Don't we utilize all 3 today?
  23. Arguably the vice tax on cigarettes helps pay for the extra public health care required. Though of course not directly.
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