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  1. Okay. Fair enough and you have supported your point. The link backs it up. I apologise to both yourself and CY.
  2. I have data that notes you haven't questioned the post I directed that at, and have a gut feeling you won't.
  3. Yeah. No. That's the fringe. The average Trump voter holds his nose and votes Trump (the guy who would back ANTIFA to the hilt if they were pro-Trump), due to their perception that the offered alternative is worse, despite how bad he is. Hopefully they find the guts to turf him out, lest the Dems underestimate the power of the stupidity, and continue to allow it to be matched on their side, and yield another coin toss election. But as you like to inform everyone...that's off topic.
  4. Russia can make arguments all day long, but the "see what you made me do" doesn't justify invading another country, never mind reckless killing and targeting of civilians and threatening multiple levels of nuclear disasters. Putin and his ilk are largely to blame, but the willful ignorance of the average Russian isn't so impressive either. How smart do you have to be to recognize the continuous self contradictions of the state media, the ones now calling for retribution against Kiev for the murder of Dugina. (like they know the Ukraine government was behind it, because the Kremlin said so before even investigating) No one is suggesting indiscriminate bombing of Moscow...but if they want to be consistent rather than hypocritical, the Russian state media should advocate for it. End of rant.
  5. There's right wing extremists in most countries. Russia included. Alexander Dugin, for example.
  6. Looks like Russia is starting to experience some of the nastier consequences of the Special Operation. Darya Dugina, 29 year old daughter of Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian far-right political philosopher and a supporter of Russian president Vladimir Putin, has been killed just outside of Moscow in what is likely to have been an assassination attempt on Dugin himself. https://news.sky.com/story/daughter-of-russian-ultra-nationalist-killed-in-suspected-car-bomb-attack-12678269
  7. That...or he might find out who his real friends are...
  8. I like to think I make up in quantity, what I lack in quality.
  9. Trump thought they would only search Mar-a-Lago...as a last resort...
  10. Not sure if anyone else follows this but this guy gives pretty good daily updates. Obvious Ukrainian bias (not that I would blame him) but I think as much honest information as he would have available and (as he admits,readily) would not compromise the Ukrainian side. (I wouldn't blame him for a bit of disinformation that might be directed at the "Ruzzians", but there is no suggestion of it that I can tell. Todays:
  11. Probably out of respect for the size and scope of the task, the Republic of China is probably best to stick with governing Taiwan, and not attempt to take back mainland China...even though it was taken from them.
  12. How would you like it if your neighbour was living peacefully in a property across the street that you had coveted for 70 years, and just as you were threatening to attack them for the hundredth time, Pelosi showed up on their doorstep for a nice pleasant visit?
  13. I guess she decided to go. In the grand scheme of international politics, her arrival seems fairly innocuous to me...of course, I might feel differently if I was a dictator of a totalitarian regime.
  14. Weighted coins? Magnets? Without symmetry why would you assume it to be 50%?
  15. +1. Yang is in favour of ranked choice voting. Of course you have to get there first, without it, so Catch 22, and for now the new Party has no platform, just a commitment to join forces to give reasonable options. Interestingly their plan for the 2022 midterms is not to have candidates, but endorse some candidates that are running that they feel are reasonable. Of course, if it does become Trump vs Biden 2.0...I think a new party could do more than act as kingmaker...
  16. Progress on the way? Apparently a new party is forming called Forward (the same name Yang's movement/political organization has already) to compete with the two backward parties in 2024: https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/28/politics/andrew-yang-forward-party-whitman-jolly/index.html "Jolly is a former Republican congressman from Florida, Whitman a former Republican governor of New Jersey and Yang is a former Democratic presidential and New York mayoral candidate. The three will merge their political organizations into the new party, whose launch was first reported by Reuters." It will be interesting to see how the two backward parties respond especially where each of the parties was not at fault for any of the obvious problems created by recent polarization, with 100% of the blame belonging to the other party, not theirs.
  17. Either side can bitch and complain about a lot of things with regard to election fairness (including how many citizens are not just disallowed to vote while incarcerated, on parole, or even after serving their time; because apparently we wouldn't want any of them to buy in to the collective agreement and obligation...but that's probably off topic)... but the results were the results, with no remaining doubts significant enough to come close to indicating a win for Trump. When Gore lost to Bush it was many orders of magnitude closer and eventually for the good of the country he moved on...where Trump, for the good of Trump...still carries on. Not totally surprising. Why some do it with him...to everyone but Trumps detriment...is more than a little puzzling to me.
  18. Gotta like Bill Maher. Good sense of humour and cuts through the BS.
  19. If Trump gets the 2024 GOP ticket, God forbid, I hope it doesn't embolden (note: doesn't mean justify) any more leftward cliff jumping...because you just know they will be bound (bungee cord perhaps?) and determined to make the election closer than it should be. Good move. A reminder to everyone to be sure to vote...holding nose if necessary.
  20. No. Nor did Kamala tweet anything like that to qualify her tweet. How astute of you. Nice to see you can recognize that...like everyone else in the thread. Welcome to the club. See if you can recognize a "more subtle" version in K Harris's tweet.
  21. Sorry. I hate to say it but with that evaluation I'm being pretty conservative.😀 To put it more kindly my impression also includes all that is good about Democrats.
  22. Exactly. Tweeting to offer bail for future arrests? I think you might see it more for what it is if Republican had offered it. Clearly you don't understand what a balanced view is. A balanced view is being able to look at what Kamala Harris tweeted and recognizing it as wrong, and looking at what Trump did leading up to Jan 6 and recognizing it as much, much worse. A ridiculously imbalanced view would be claiming Kamala's tweet was fine because 93% of her other posts were fine (just an example pulled out of thin air...I realize no one here would make that claim)
  23. LOL. Must be hard to argue with a moderate with a balanced view. I mean how can I get upset when you dump on the Republicans?...there every bit as bad as the Dems... Hang on I'll do it for you: Balanced view! You think it's balanced? That's a false equivalency!
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