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  1. Did a quick google. Apparently my "nebulous idea" was actually debated by DC judges with regard to severity of sentencing for some of those found guilty for the Jan 6 insurrection. Most rejected any justification, as have I. (in the very part you claimed to take issue with) Don't package my "they may have been emboldened" with any type of justification. I know you can't help yourself in your rush to polarize and judge...but don't make implications that are not true.
  2. What is "the wrong way round" about "violence however intended"? That covers all of it. All of the violence, which didn't all come from the militant right fringe. If it had, why would some from the "left" have offered to pay legal fees for some of the perpetrators? Take off the polarised glasses.
  3. That also. Pick and choose at your peril.
  4. Right. Emboldened by everything else...but not that. Quite the perspective.
  5. @Peterkin How is it that you are quoting me saying "he is unfit for office and issues that are going on around the world , look at the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan for example"? I did not post that.
  6. If you left thinking otherwise, the answers here would have done you a disservice.
  7. I certainly wouldn't dissuade a decent candidate from running based on having dealt with skin cancer. I do wonder if the withdrawal from Afghanistan was in any way related to the expectation or intelligence reports with regard to Russia attacking Ukraine. (or China sabre rattling against Taiwan) Biden seemed pretty determined to get out. Welcome to the Forum!
  8. So you believe they were not emboldened? Your explanation sounds more like they shouldn't have been emboldened...and of course I would agree with that. No amount of, violence however intended, Media and Politicians behaving badly, and mostly peaceful protesters holding up "defund the Police" signs, justifies attacking the capitol...but of course I didn't claim it did.
  9. One would expect...but... INow would know the details much better than I, but in some States this is allowed. Both non card carrying voters, and card carrying members of the opposite party can vote in either parties primary if I understand correctly. You may be right. He might simply not want to appear a lame duck POTUS for most all of his only term.
  10. INow has correctly pointed out that it wasn't just card carrying Dems that put him in that position...most seem now to be fairly adamant that they don't want him running again in 2024. Hopefully each Party finds someone new...or a new moderate party offers a decent option. Just wanted to make sure Peterkin. Not everyone follows all the posts as razor sharply as yourself.
  11. Have I made it clear yet that I'm not one of them? My use of "questionable" was toward those who put him up against Trump, as the best they could find among the 35+ year old Americans born in that country.
  12. To some degree I think they may have been emboldened by the the degree some of the Black Lives Matters protests were allowed to become violent, with much of that violence overlooked, condoned, and even sometimes encouraged by the media and some politicians. Some of the violence was as bad or worse, less threatening only because it was not an assault on the capitol. I agree there should be some signal that enough is enough, with better stated boundaries as to what is an acceptable act in a protest.
  13. Sounds like "drain the swamp...dredge...build sewage lagoon"
  14. A couple of things here. I never claimed it would be easy, I just think it can be done by some reasonable common sense centrist. He or she would also have to no doubt have the charisma and oratory skills of a Kennedy, Obama, Bill Clinton, or Reagan. Sanders could have been that guy if not so far "Left" economically. I don't see the overall positions of either Party being particularly advantageous. It seems more they hope to get everyone to hate the positions of the "other side"...enough to get them to get out and vote for something most don't really want. Might look like "no man's land" in the middle, but I think most are getting tired of the sometimes absurd positions of the fringes, the corruption, and the lobbying that makes money count more than their votes. No wonder most know the moon landing was faked...no obvious sign of cheese on set...and if they can't even get that right...
  15. I still think most Americans are reasonably centrist...but the politicians seemed to have done the Lemming thing, so your point is of course valid.
  16. The questionable part was the Dems putting him on the ticket, well past his prime, when he really never was capable enough at any point in his career. The only thing Trump had to do with that was the Dems being afraid they would lose to Trump with anyone else. I will certainly admit he was not as pathetic a choice as Trump. You have 300+ million people...
  17. He does seem to have been suffering some confabulation for quite some time now. I'm not sure how fast he's declining. Considering the position he has questionably been elected to, he seems to holding up better than many expected, opinion polls notwithstanding.
  18. Right. That's why we need laws that we can accept. We certainly need inputs from professionals in their areas of expertise but they can't pass them. (unless of course, we elect them) On topic, this current dilemma is lawmaker fail, not SCOTUS fail.
  19. We essentially have that with control and guidance, due to lawmakers, and avoid spontaneous viewpoints of politicians, due to lawmakers (and our constitutions and our courts...also due to lawmakers) Of course...when I say we have that...we can debate whether that includes Americans... The medical fraternity didn't simply plant a flag and gain that right and responsibility.
  20. There are medical personnel on this planet that would be more than happy to harvest your organs against your will to "donate" to someone they feel is more in need, more deserving, or simply willing to pay enough for the service. Fortunately there are "moral lawmakers" that won't allow it.
  21. Just comes down to Peterkin Economics of Abortions 101. 2 kids cost more to bring up than 1.
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