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  1. You should also look at the Compton wavelength equations to see the relationship between the Planck constant and photons.
  2. LaurieAG

    Ellipse definition confusion
  3. LaurieAG

    Emmy Noether on BBC Radio

    If you want more technical information Nina Byers goes into the detail in her 1998 paper "E. Noether’s Discovery of the Deep Connection Between Symmetries and Conservation Laws".
  4. LaurieAG

    What kind of rock is this?

    There is one way to find out DrP, from the tektite link.
  5. LaurieAG

    What kind of rock is this?

    Probably some form of Obsidian.
  6. LaurieAG

    choose gender option

    I don't know about the rest of you but I think that letting a heavy door slam into someone behind you, whatever their sex, is an assault as well as showing a lack of common courtesy. Also, as iNow and Moontanman know from other sites, just because someone has a first name like mine, doesn't mean that they are female.
  7. LaurieAG

    Ransomware problem

    Years ago a friend had similar problems with an old laptop on Windows XP. The virus didn't encrypt anything but just displayed an impressive screen (all of the Australian state police badges and the Federal police) and totally blocked access to any programs after logging in. As the laptop was so slow I repeatedly pressed CTRL+C while logging in (straight after typing my password). When the message came up I quickly started up Task Manager (that's one of the options CTRL+C gives you) and stopped the process with the highest CPU usage at that time. I must have picked the right one because Windows Defender popped up straight away and asked if I would like to remove the virus. Hope that helps.
  8. LaurieAG

    Mediocre in science

    What about the public service? Just over 20 years ago Australian politicians decided that managers don't have to know anything about what they manage, all they need to know is how to manage. Now all the technical people are contractors because the public servant bureaucrats won't employ anyone who knows just how little they actually do know because it's bad for team morale.
  9. We do know that the ratio of total universal matter calculated using the LambdaCDM model (dark matter + ordinary matter) divided by ordinary matter equals 2*Pi +/-1.1% for both the Planck and WMAP data. Highly imaginative and knowledgeable scientists would probably realize that this means, for universal calculations based on WMAP or PLANCK data, dark matter is redundant regardless of how it came about.
  10. LaurieAG

    Who were the first Polynesians?

    The Taiwanese aborigines might be a good start.
  11. LaurieAG

    A new era in the quest for dark matter

    I have an Applied Science degree and must say that the only real facts that we know about the LambdaCDM model and 'dm' is that the ratio of TOTAL CALCULATED UNIVERSAL MATTER (i.e. DM & OM) to TOTAL CALCULATED ORDINARY MATTER equals 2 * Pi +/- 1.1 % in both the WMAP and PLANCK data. Our gravitational models only operate inside a sphere and our visible universe is similarly limited so lets stop perpetually wrangling unicorns etc while bleating numerology at the only thing that makes any sense and understand that the universe may actually exist beyond the realms of our limited scientific models and the mathematics that describe them!
  12. LaurieAG

    These bots do not like Star Wars

    I remember a recent discussion in Australia where it was argued that our external agencies don't need special laws to get the goods on anybody internally because an external agency just has to hire another external agency, criminal or otherwise, to get access to the information they need! Surely it is becoming very obvious that corruption won the cold war and not any particular ideology.
  13. LaurieAG

    Australian Politics:

    Hmmm, in the UK the members of the opposition party vote for the party leader and the MP's only get 1 vote each, In Australia the members of the party get 50% of the vote and the MP's get another 50% (Bill Shorten only secured 40% of the party vote (Albo 60%) but he obviously has the numbers on 60% of the MP's giving him a total percentage comparable to BREXIT) and in Queensland the members of the party get 1/3, the MP's get 1/3 and the Unions get 1/3 (so the unions control the state because they end up selecting the candidate MP's). Prior to Kevin Rudd being rolled by right wing MP's and then recovering the leadership the party MP's had 100% of the leadership vote.
  14. LaurieAG

    Australian Politics:

    It's probably not a good idea to use words like extreme right in the current context of Australian politics. In fact left and right have been interchangeable since that old (extreme right wing) revolutionary 'left' wing Paul Keating sold off the Commonwealth bank and started selling the national telecommunications company. Why do you think that the 'left' wing opposition party, in the past 2 federal elections, gained their lowest first preference votes for nearly a hundred years? With a 'left' wing political party whose right wing leaders have no concern over retaining public assets (mainly because they have all been sold) it is not surprising that many, the 'old left', have deserted the neo LGBTI/GREEN/UNION thug 'left' party and sought other parties lest they be accused of either being hypocrites or suffering from dementia. Also, now that the current right wing government has ejected their leftie PM, surely the opposition (or what's 'left' of them) should have a good think about ejecting their right wing leader, unless, of course, they think that a union boss should do deals with big business to trade a 2 cent per hour pay rise for minimum wage cleaners for $30K to employ someone to get that union boss elected as a politician. If you can swallow that BS don't bother to call yourself left.