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  1. Rather than having a flat 'carbon tax' system like the one rejected a couple of years ago internationally, I would advocate a more nuanced system that broke down the full manufacturing 'environment cost' process into onshore and offshore components so that goods imported from countries which didn't support such a system could have their offshore components levied appropriately when they came back onshore to a country that did. Why allow rich offshorers to pocket what we effectively will have to pay (and get richer) when those external goods come back onshore? After all, at the moment in Australia we have more ash and broken beer bottles than you can poke a sharp stick at, but we would have to import the bloody sack cloth if we had a 'carbon tax' like that proposed before.
  2. Hi Ken, I originally used hydrometers for manually testing the silt portion of gravel (with a flocculant) in a Geotechnical and Materials Testing Laboratory in the late 1970's but the Hydroclones are a good fit for your project. Incidentally my father worked for a local sand mining operation, about 5km from where I live, that incorporated multiple very early Hydroclones into one of the the first floating processing plants connected to a floating sand mining dredge in the 1960/70's. The first separators filtered out the sand/silt and passed the denser particles to the other separators for further processing into 4 different mineral sands, Rutile, Ilmenite, Zircon and Titanium. The company my father worked for surveyed all areas before mining, grew native plants in nurseries during mining, and then restored the original profiles and regenerated and maintained the native vegetation after mining. Here's a quote from Biography of Joe Pinter, who emigrated to Australia just before WWII and developed the original 'conical spinning separator' concept for mineral sand separation during WWII, and who also founded the company my father worked for in 1946. The older separators/hydroclones were lined with hardwood and were held in place with bolted metal bands that had to be replaced regularly as it wore out. This wood was excellent for recycling as unique and unusual benches, chairs, tables and other household furniture. http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/pinter-joseph-15465
  3. The water isn't exactly trapped during hydration as water in excess to the chemical reactions forms voids in the concrete during curing and over time. These voids can allow external water to corrode the reinforcing in the concrete, often called concrete cancer, leading to structural problems. The answer to your second question is no. http://matse1.matse.illinois.edu/concrete/prin.html http://www.remedial.com.au/structural-repairs/concrete-cancer
  4. Hi Ken, welcome to ScienceForums.net. You probably need something like a digital hydrometer. The following link has 2 products that might suit your purposes but they are expensive (prices on the link). WG-902122 - CPVC Submersible probe head only, operates on 5 vdc and provides 0-5 vdc linear output proportional to liquid density, with 10' PVC Cable WG-9033A - Optional analog output board (4-20 ma) https://gardco.com/pages/density/electric_hydrometer.cfm
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1953_Iranian_coup_d'état Whatever happened to "do unto others as you would have others do unto you"?
  6. One thing that hasn't come up in this thread yet is the individual factions within the left and right political spectrum and how they play ball with each other. From an Australian perspective we have a left wing that has a right wing that is stronger than the right wing faction of the right wing itself. This left wing right wing faction also seems to prefer attacking its own left wing faction much more than it attacks the whole of the other right wing party. It seems that if you take the right wing and the minority interests out of the left wing parties these days you don't have that much left. Admittedly Australia, and particularly my home state, is effectively ground zero for the news empire of Rupert Murdoch and both left and right wing governments have benefited from this over the years while no tax is paid to the public coffers. This severe problem with left wing parties is quite apparent when you consider the election of Donald Trump in the US, Boris Johnson in the UK and Scott Morrison in Australia. Basically the right wing of the left wing parties have disenfranchised their traditional left wings (bigots and racists) and have replaced them with LGBT etc and Greens so the traditional left wing left factions have no choice but to support the lesser of 2 evils, i.e. the right wing parties who are less right wing than the right wingers of the left. As this degradation of the left continues world wide I don't see that voting patterns will change either.
  7. As somebody who has worked extensively with internal and external auditors in a technical capacity, intimate knowledge of the whole process being undertaken is essential to prevent quality assurance lapses that can have large impacts on data quality. Here are a couple of concerns re Australian Climate data collection. https://jennifermarohasy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Marohasy-to-Finkel-20180504.pdf https://researchonline.jcu.edu.au/38584/1/38584 Parker 2015.pdf I have actually read a report that audits and compares the Australian ACORN 1 and 2 data sets and comes out with similar results to A. Parker above (not by a scientist). It stated that 12 data locations were removed from ACORN 2, due to them being 'heat islands', although the rising trend in ACORN 2 is severely reduced when the data from those 12 locations is included in the data set. I think science has become too politicized to be able to provide the correct results without adequate quality assurance procedures or regular auditing by technical people who know what they are doing.
  8. Yes, what they don't say is often more important these days. There are also concerns for other road users and pedestrians due to its current stiffness and sharp edges.. https://thedriven.io/2019/11/27/tesla-cybertruck-may-be-unsafe-for-other-road-users-says-australian-safety-chief/
  9. Pity nobody has net weights for the different models as I assumed the range differences would be due to a standard battery pack being used for all engine configurations.
  10. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/tesla-cybertruck-pickup-truck-pictures-info-details-price-2019-11?r=US&IR=T So the single engine 2WD has a claimed range of 500 miles and the 3 engine AWD has a claimed range of 250 miles. Would the 3 engine version be the fastest or would the single engine beat it as it has to pull less weight (2 less engines)?
  11. https://youtu.be/UXA--dj2-CY If what Trump did was wrong how can this be ok?
  12. Where do you think Steam Punk sci fi fantasy came from lol.
  13. Just wait until the politicians change Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM) into STEAM by adding Arts into the mix. https://theconversation.com/explainer-whats-the-difference-between-stem-and-steam-95713
  14. From Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Council_of_Nicaea#Biblical_canon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Council_of_Nicaea
  15. The agreement seems to refer to a Tontine agreement between 2 people. Tontine's are usually made between a group of people where the group ownership of something reverts to the last surviving member of the group. My father had a tontine with my late mother and when she passed away all of her assets were immediately transferred to my fathers name. The local council tried to charge rate penalties and transfer fees on their house and land but this was thrown out of court and my father was determined as being the legal owner of the property immediately after my mum passed away. It might be an idea to find out how your country treats tontines, especially if you are from the US. From Google:-
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