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  1. Hi Moontanman, The 737 MAX issues and more recent problems with large batteries discharging suddenly in electric car accidents are just two examples of where our current technology has developed faster than the quality assurance processes that will guarantee safety to all users (passive or otherwise) of those technologies. Apparently many birds are 'plucked' by communications towers according to Scientific American. Presently they turn off most of the equipment on communications towers when maintenance is being done to stop the technicians/riggers from getting fried. Most of the danger is from point to point microwave transmitters that have a highly focused beam and not the equipment used exclusively for the mobile network. Around 10 years ago I lived 3 houses up from a Telephone exchange that had a communications tower at the back. I would sit on my back verandah and watch the Sulfur Crested Cockatoos chew up the plastic insulation on the cabling that went to the attached phone network and microwave transmitters and then watch the technicians come out a month or so later and replace multiple pieces of damaged equipment. While correctly operating 5G network transmission equipment will not produce harmful waves there is no telling what will happen when these systems aren't operating as they should due to storm or animal damage. While the following is not in the 5G band I was surprised what can be done deliberately through manipulating/pulsing and wondered what could be done unintentionally. Also, as mobile phone networks have only been around for 30 years so far we can only wonder what bandwidths 6, 7 and 8G etc networks will use in the future?
  2. Sphere? The version I heard was told to me by a friend who had taken the relativistic math option at university in the mid 70's.
  3. That sounds very much like part of a 'multi dimensional disproof of god' I first heard of around 40 years ago. Basically if you 'pick up' a 'house' from the 2D world and place it in a different location the 2D people would only see it disappear from one location and then reappear at another location in their 2D world because they don't have access to the 3rd dimension. If I recall the argument correctly 'god' is supposed to be 'everywhere at once' so it could be regarded as existing in a higher dimension. The crunch comes when the listener is asked if they have talked to any 2D people lately or even know if they exist. This implies that any higher dimensional 'being' could not be aware of 'people' in lower dimensions, let alone communicate with them or even know if they actually exist.
  4. In Australia in the mid 70's our courts revealed that there was no requirement for truth in political advertising. This was pre Australia Act 1986 so there was no rule requiring truth in UK political advertising either, unless one has been introduced since then. Around the same time the wrestlers from our 'World Championship Wrestling' were all required to join the Actors Equity Union. Just to be consistent, why not flush your double jeopardy laws down the toilet along with your constitutional values and what little remains of your political integrity and honesty.
  5. In Australia in the 1970's the participants in our 'World Championship Wrestling' were all forced to join the Actors Equity union. Also around that time a court decided that their was no requirement for truth in political advertising. So how could Trump be the heel if he is hated by the spectators who support the others and hated by the spectators who support the heels, when all he says is 'fake news'?
  6. It also mentions a Lecomte du Noüy Tensiometer in 1930 so it's probably an old style Deflectometer.üy_ring_tensiometer
  7. A function is an equation and a derivative or an integral are both manipulations of the function.
  8. I identified the relevant pages (the actual PDF pages not the book pages) in my original post and hi lighted the relevant sections on those pages so you don't have to read the entire book. A derivative in its most simplistic form is the application of n*x^(n-1) for all x in quadratic equations in the form of a*x^2 + b*x^1 + c*x^0 = 0 i.e. ax^2 + bx + c = 0. The first derivative of this equation is 2*a*x^1 + 1*b*x^0 + 0*c*x^-1 = 2ax +b. The first integral of 2ax +b is ax^2 + bx + c.
  9. An integral is just the reverse of a derivative. Reference H.J.Keisler "Elementary Calculus an Infinitessimal Approach" (992 pages) PDF link: At a conceptual structural level improper integrals in physics can be piecewise continuous integrals, with limits from +infinity to -infinity, that converge. Refer H.J. Keisler, p367, Definition to p369, examples 7, 8, and 9. If they are continuous and don't converge then they are indefinite integrals which are entirely different. Refer H.J. Keisler, p370, example 10, diagram 6.7.10 "It is tempting to argue that the positive area to the right of the origin and the negative area to the left exactly cancel each other out so that the improper integral is zero. But this leads to a paradox... So we do not give the integral ... the value 0, instead leave it undefined." That doesn't mean that indefinite integrals don't play a part in our physics as an indefinite integral that cycles between +infinity and -infinity at its limits, as a sub function of a higher level function, is a valid proper use of indefinite integrals as definite integrals by change of variables. Refer H.J. Keisler, p224-5, Definition and example 8, diagram 4.4.6 second equation with u and substitute infinite limits. "We do not know how to find the indefinite integrals in this example. Nevertheless the answer is 0 because on changing variables both limits of integration become the same."
  11. Seriously I hope it's nothing like yesterdays Xkcd cartoon.
  12. The Cycloid Arc has some inherent geometric and realistic physical properties. (1) the area of the plot, of one complete revolution of a Cycloid Arc on a 2D plane, equals the surface area of a sphere of the same radius as the Cycloid. (2) the area under the line of the Cycloid Arc on the 2D plot exactly equals the area of a circle with the same radius. A circle with the same radius and the same surface area cannot be duplicated on the surface of a sphere due to the curvature of the sphere. (3) the area above the line of the Cycloid Arc on the 2D plot exactly equals 3 times the area of a circle with the same radius. (4) the Tautochrone curve is half a Cycloid Arc that, in its physical form, has an interesting property. Do we theoretically mistake these intrinsic properties for something other than what they really are?
  13. Larger piston sizes in 4 cylinder engines mean peak power at relatively low revolutions which is preferable for trucks. Mr Steed, from the original 'Avengers' TV show, drove a supercharged 4.5 liter inline 4 cylinder Bentley with revolutions limited to 4,000. That car won the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1928.
  14. You should also look at the Compton wavelength equations to see the relationship between the Planck constant and photons.