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  1. Example, show a slow typed message using sleep() method as other programming languages do.
  2. <html> <head> </head> <body> <script> i=0; for (i=0; i<100; i++) { document.write("."); setTmeout( null,100); } </script> </body> </html> I want to print 100 dots, after one dot, rest 0.1 second. I do NOT use to use the statement "setTimeout(function, s)"; I want to set the function to null, but it does NOT work, how to make it work as the function is null.
  3. What if Biden get re-elected, but drop dead one day after that, who will replace as the new President?
  4. I think there are two, SK (South Korea) and japan. Others against the West, or they do NOT support the West, or they say they do NOT want to take sides.
  5. BRICS will break the USA into three pieces.
  6. Anyway you are NOT a smart person. There is NO way to prove he was right. He is a famous dumb. "The stupid man just believes what he reads," --------------------------- Your President are NOT smart. You also are NOT smart. After 20 years, a few people will care who is the President of the USA.
  7. will it works? The office XP is far cheaper than office 21. And what is the cheapest price to get a office 21 copy?
  8. Jimmy Carter said, a powerful China is good for the USA. Jimmy Carter also said that, China is NOT a threat to the USA. Jimmy Carter also said that, he believe that if a person looks at his eyes, then the person is NOT going to lie to him. So I believe he is a very stupid man.
  9. someone told me that --- How to change you IP address Windows 10: 1) Press the Win+R keys together to open the Run box dialog. Type cmd and enter. 2) Enter ipconfig /release (make sure to include the space) and hit Enter. 3) Type ipconfig /renew (include the space) and select Enter. Close the prompt to exit. Why it does not wok?
  10. in Truth Table, wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth_table # Section: Applications of truth tables in digital electronics It says, "In digital electronics and computer science (fields of applied logic engineering and mathematics), truth tables can be used to reduce basic boolean operations to simple correlations of inputs to outputs, without the use of logic gates or code. " How does it work? That is only using Truth Table, without the use of logic gates or code.
  11. I guess you may cant think. The person "dimreepr" may have no the ability to think. And for sure he know nothing about DNA computing.
  12. Are West Europe countries are second class countries in Today's world?
  13. How DNA computer works? Look at the photo, how it works?
  14. Here are the real figures. 1) Russia defeated Nazis. Russia killed 5 million Nazi soldiers, and took 4.5 million Nazi soldiers as POWs. Eastern Front (World War II), Wikipedia 2) In the Battle of Stalingrad, Nazis lost 800,000 soldiers. Battle of Stalingrad, Wikipedia In the battle of Berlin, Nazis lost 600,000 soldiers. Battle of Berlin , Wikipedia In the Battle of Moscow, Russia defeat 1.9 million Nazi soldiers. Battle of Moscow, Wikipedia 3) In WWII, France last 6 weeks. France lost 2.2 Million soldiers in 6 weeks. Nazi lost 50,000 soldiers. Battle of France, Wikipedia 4) In the Normandy Landings, Nazi lost 4000-9000 soldiers. Normandy landings, Wikipedia
  15. You get nothing more than an average Russian, a house and a car, you only get a big mouth. You can have a look at those homeless people in America, those American make $12,000 per year, their living standard is lower than those South Americans who make $1/day. Your GDP is a fake number. I think you are the big mouth, not others. 1) The West laughs Russia lost a war to Japan, you must forget the battle of Singapore, and the battle of Hong Kong, Two biggest jokes in history. 2) Muscovy was not ruled by Mongols. Please google the map of the Mongol Empire. But Spain was ruled by Moors for 750 years. And Europe was invaded by Mongol long ago, Huns came form Mongolia. Later when Mongols arrived the Danube, the European Army ran away.
  16. just watch those YouTube videos, I cant believe my eyes, if I did not see those videos, just search "Chinese metro stations - videos", the big mouth USA may still believe it is better.
  17. The West just cant not win, it lost all wars and all trade wars, and will lose all tech wars. 1) in WWII, Russia killed 5 million Nazi soldiers and took 4.5 Nazi soldiers as POWs. --- East Front, WW2, wiki. France last 6 weeks and lost 2.2 million soldiers. 2) In WWII, Russia defeated 600,000 Japanese soldiers in Manchuria and lost 10,000 soldiers. The battle of Singapore, The battle of Hong Kong, The battle of Philippines, the battle of Indonesia are jokes. 3) The West lost all trade wars, if you talk about the really GDP - buying power, China is No 1, India will be No 2 in 2050, Indonesia will be one of the top 5, Japan is No 3 now on paper. No European country will be in the top 5. if BRICS drop the USD, the USA will be world 4th largest economy The entire West cant crash Russia's economy. 4) Just watch the videos of those Chinese cities, have a look at their train stations, shopping centers, the USA looks like a third country.
  18. https://www.newsbreak.com/las-vegas-nv/3068779006332-las-vegas-financier-and-son-turned-down-seats-on-titan-s-doomed-trip-exposes-texts-from-late-ceo-who-was-convinced-it-was-safer-than-crossing-the-street Las Vegas Financier and Son Turned Down Seats on Titan's Doomed Trip, Exposes Texts From Late CEO Who Was Convinced It Was 'Safer Than Crossing the Street' have a look at the example, phone messages saved in PC.
  19. 1) I use Samsung. 2) I and my friend txt to each other often. 3) I want to make all those messages into one file, and send it to my PC.
  20. You are NOT smart, or you know Nothing about computer. or You are NOT smart and you know nothing about computer. I am sure you know NOTHING about the folder I mentioned.
  21. Can I delete such folders from C disk? example "02eeb6d92f89e33ba2ea06" The names of those folders have no meaning.
  22. I think they just create tens thousands topics, and wrote a standard answer for each topic. How do you think?
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