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  1. Before the size of text is normal, now it displays text in very small size. I checked the setting, Font size = Large.
  2. I guess you have to know/get another's ID/Password, then you can login their computers. It is remote login. Am I pure wrong?
  3. Thanks for answer. Windows 10 is really go back to DOS age. How can I run the command as admin?
  4. Thanks for answer, I saw a reference, some Retina -dis-attachment change its shape, that cause the person can an angle which normal eyes cant see. let's say the retina is like a plastic sheet, and it changes its shape, it is no longer flat. from ---- shape to /\ shape or aother shape.
  5. why retina dis-attachment some times can cause that - the person can see places close to the top of her/his head, the bottom of his/her chin, that is, those places normal eyes can not see.
  6. I know three, are there any others. C-users-username-appdata- local -temp C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Temp C\temp
  7. When eye doctors check the the back of eyes. why sometimes they can not see some people's retinas clearly? What is the problems cause you can see a person's retinas clearly? usually the person has bad eyes, but what is the problem?
  8. How good are elephants' vision? better than our 20/20, or our 10/20?
  9. which is worse, If a person touch an iron pole, and a TASER gun hits him/her, or If a person touch an iron pole, and a TASER gun hits the iron pole Will the person die in both cases?
  10. The problem is that there are over 100 files in the folder - C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Temp I can only delete a few of them. Window 7 did not have the problem. all files in any TEMP folders will be deleted by one click.
  11. Why I cant delete files in temp folder - window 10? C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Temp Do someany have the same problem?
  12. I mean that - After the autopilot system takes control the plane. The pilot has only 15 seconds to disable the autopilot system.
  13. Boeing 737 max - does the system give 15 seconds for pilot to disable the autopilot system?
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