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  1. Waiting on Ian to arrive. Shouldn't be too bad by the time it reaches us, but going to be interesting.

    1. TheVat


      Good luck.  Sounds scary for Tampa bay.   And the thing about the old phosphate mines - possible spillage from their tailing ponds.  Nasty stuff.

    2. Endy0816


      Thank you. Yeah the coastal areas always get hit bad by the storm surge.

  2. Found this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7469218/
  3. If you don't vote you can't complain afterward. Sometimes single vote can make all the difference too.
  4. Yeah externalities are a big issue. If impact doesn't cost the company anything it has no reason to care. Dioxin is nasty. We had to demolish a whole Town because of that stuff. https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/road-contamination-prompts-evacuation-of-town
  5. Really I think the government should have a controlling stake in anything vital. Free market may or may not result in better efficiencies, but that's no good if the country goes under in the persuit of short term profits. Half the time Utilities are a natural monopoly anyways. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_monopoly
  6. For sure. My own Utilities provider is owned by the city which I think is a better model.
  7. The moment you realize the AI understands what a gallery is...

  8. Newton was wrong about that. Only human. Our Satellites can require that their clocks be corrected due to a different amount of time passing for them than for us. It isn't intuitive, but our intuition is impacted by the environment we're used to. Anyways your question was about the size of the Universe. Is there anything else in regards?
  9. Think this explains it better than I can: https://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~rwest/wikispeedia/wpcd/wp/m/Metric_expansion_of_space.htm My attempt... Where gravity is really really really weak(well outside any galaxy) you can end up with spacial expansion. Distance between what could be considered otherwise stationary points on a graph, ends up growing. Photons of light take longer to reach us from these areas and well have traveled further as a result.
  10. Yeah we're essentially waiting for the light itself to reach us, so can only see out so far. With spacial expansion though this value is a bit more than c*t might strictly suggest.
  11. Doesn't have to, but Groups or individuals will often challenge some bit of legislation. They're all elected or appointed by someone elected though.
  12. They can't. Their next scheduled general election isn't until 2025. The ruling party(Tories) have been using the media to great effect for awhile though. Largely demonizing opponents and blaming others for the effects of their own extreme laissez-faire economic and social policies.
  13. 'Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.' ...and considering how even many Russian notables suffer mysterious accidents, perhaps one wouldn't be serving all that long either.
  14. Ultimately going to be rooted in culture. Often see a version of the modern or historical British political system in works by British authors for the same reason. Niven does have a number of works outside of or only tangentially related to the Man-Kzin War series. Thought Ringworld series was particularly good alongside Integral Trees. The larger conflict is often simply a backdrop for the interspecies or human interactions.
  15. That would be past the Event Horizon. My understanding is that our dimensions would swap. Time for Space. If memory serves, The Universe and Dr. Einstein gives a pretty good overview: https://www.amazon.com/Universe-Dr-Einstein-Lincoln-Barnett/dp/0486445194 I like to visualize the dimension of time as a road we're traveling along. We're stuck traveling along it so as a result we observe time as always advancing(odometer ticking up). Not necessarily the same as what time itself is doing.
  16. Thought I'd post these up. Pretty cool the images it can create for you. Tried to push it to see something that it couldn't have existing images of to see what it could come up with(Modern day Atlantis, Alien, Futuristic, Most Popular X in Year 3000). In some case it would incorporate an interpretation of the text prompt too. ie. Futuristic Bible, Alien School, Alien Religious Service which thought was interesting too.
  17. Yeah hoping to see it. Like seeing the NASA launches.
  18. Even skilled positions are underpaid. In our own history, trying to fight against migrant waves has never really worked. We certainly don't have it all figured out either though.
  19. Would you sign such a contract knowing your pay isn't likely to keep up with the cost of living? Just a statement of facts. Rwanda: 120 million for 200 migrants Oneweb: 500 million Marble Arch Mound: A low 6 million The UK seems pretty well off.
  20. Sometimes the work being done is so vital that you simply have to pay. Society comes to a stop otherwise. Raising wages also need not mean raising taxes necessarily. Lot of UK's tax revenue is being spent on extravagant projects.
  21. @Sensei Not a really free market situation. These are mostly government funded jobs with wages/QOL below where they should be(about half).
  22. Not necessarily. If you have a Monospony you can supress wages. https://www.economicshelp.org/labour-markets/monopsony/
  23. Lot of overlap with others Island of the Blue Dolphins, Brave New world, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Good Earth, Siddhartha, Of Mice and Men, The Garden of forking Paths, The Awakening, Lord of the Flies, The Great Gatsby, Animal Farm, 1984, Night Science fiction and Fantasy recreationally.
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