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  1. Do agree on space stations, though figure people will want to establish Surface Colonies anyways. Tourist destinations, research outposts, religious groups and homesteaders. Best approach is likely to have first established at least a rudimentary space station for that body ironically. Do think non-rotating stations are likely to be more typical, but either way is good. Jupiter and it's moons just offer ridiculous amounts of easy resources. The magnetic fields out that way may also be useful.
  2. Root issue is that our evolution didn't involve living in or transitioning between different gravities. Best results will come from adjusting our genetics or otherwise treating the cells. At the end of the day any sensor can be manipulated. Stints in artificial gravity may be enough though for the initial colonization effort. Jupiter will be the real challenge.
  3. I'm thinking you might need a large amount for it to work. Would normally use a refrigerant like that with a kit for creating an ice plug. You might want to use something like liquid nitrogen for its lower boiling point.
  4. Endy0816


    The Meter and others in the metric system use a circular definition(via physical constants) to avoid that sort of issue.
  5. Frame of reference is looking at something from one particular perspective vs looking at the same thing from a different perspective. Even though there's only the one abstract Distance there are an infinite number of perspectives. Need to mentally seperate the two concepts.
  6. There's only the one Distance, but different frames of reference will find it has different values. I've found easier to think in terms of it being a variable, rather than always having the single value we are used to. We're fairly accustomed to seeing this same sort of thing in fractions though. ie. 1/2 = x/y
  7. Finding Nemo could have been much more interesting... They do use the opposite ZW system for their sexes too though not sure how that works out. Best definition is based on type of gametes produced. Even that is bit dubious though. You're not actually restricted as long necessary code exists or relevant hormones.
  8. Ah okay so was a thing here we've just moved away from it. Probably merchants were more likely to mention their own fees to customers too. Obviously in some edge cases cash is still ideal here too, but even there P2P transfers seem like they are coming into their own. So happy when I finally got a landlord willing to take payment through Zelle instead of having checks floating around out there.
  9. Describing a very different experience from just walking into wherever here and using a card without a second thought. Most wouldn't haggle over price though so perhaps that is part of it. Here everyone and their dog is encouraged to have a credit card(ideally multiple). Talking with people about the Amazon UK change in terms of Visa, is partly what prompted this. Was thinking might work to use an Amazon US account though. Ironically their Prime card is Visa here lol Yeah a German I was speaking with did was say it was considerably more difficult to open an account. Half debating about trying to open a few foreign accounts just to see.
  10. That. Businesses can save themselves the fee(~2% here), if a person uses cash instead. Are, naturally, other costs and risks involved with that strategy. They all just seem much more aware of it overseas than we are. Curious about why that is the case.
  11. Was just wondering why so many seem more aware of these in Europe. In some cases here one can receive a discount if using debit or cash, but largely limited to vending and fuel.
  12. You could seperate them again, via electrolysis for example, but will end up requiring more Energy than combining them yields.
  13. Yeah, rather than distance remaining constant between most galaxies, it is actually growing as everything seperates.
  14. I always found Military ridiculous for that. Big, strong guys would often be outside the standard. It forced a number into unhealthy weight loss routines.
  15. The changing of frame of reference is what causes the time dilation and length contraction. That's what breaks the mirror between the two. A difference in total time elapsed remains. Visualize seconds for one twin spaced further apart. If counted you come up with a smaller total, meaning less time has passed. IMO redshift, blueshift stuff should really just be ignored here. The one twin could stop halfway and still the effects of the time dilation experienced will persist.
  16. An older series, Babylon 5 was probably best one like that. War and diplomacy with multiple factions, human and alien. Still holds up well today. Read that a reboot is in the works. Did love Alpha Centauri. Great game.
  17. Who is protecting him from the Military? Don't get me wrong it could happen, but every step will meet resistance from multiple directions.
  18. Realistically their authority will go out the window if they too are acting illegally. Take out them, Trump, install whoever is still alive in the chain of succession and proceed from there. Most US is also biased against anything even vaguely akin to King, Dictatorship, Military coup, etc. Nothing is impossible, but you'd probably have better luck at being President for Life via the other routes. Amending the Constitution or arranging a Constitutional Convention.
  19. Supposed to only be National Guard(State forces) doing enforcement within US. You'd see most of the country(on both sides) up in arms about the use of Federal Troops. Everything is as setup about well as it can be to prevent a second Julius Caesar situation.
  20. Top brass wouldn't want to be involved in domestic crap. Would also be the mass resentment of the suspension of Posse Comitatus.
  21. Yeah, it got me starting the move to a different operating system. I'm just over the garbage updates.
  22. He still wouldn't have been lawfully declared President. If no President decided by 20th, would only result in VP Elect being placed in charge instead and Trump escorted out. There's a reason why Military and Secret Service are sworn to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic...
  23. I'd say he was pretty good a teacher. Still crazy going to Japan then, but how many can say they taught Samurai?
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