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  1. Might try the below and see if that works. Is this a personal computer? https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/problem-after-type-ipconfigrelease/64393d95-ceab-427b-a569-c3bde5a6ff2b
  2. We'll probably switch over to widespread automation and/or artificial means to maintain population levels.
  3. They'll know the math that goes into them, but that offers limited insight. Lot of them are functionally blackboxes, though there are ongoing efforts to make things less opaque. https://cointelegraph.com/news/ai-s-black-box-problem-challenges-and-solutions-for-a-transparent-future
  4. Maybe that was meant in terms of mitochondria. It's estimated that we need at least 500 people to be viable as a species. Having more than 2 children was the average historically.
  5. @Photon Guy A variation on the concept I've seen that bypasses the atmosphere issue, was to have a continual stream of projectiles keeping aloft their own vacuum tube. Would require constant energy to maintain though.
  6. Why not simply work together as equals?
  7. c is more the point at which you run out of road in terms of distance and time. Might be possible to bypass with something like a wormhole, but you likely can't reach/push through it due to the inherent paradox.
  8. The True random numbers are not the result of an algorithm. Most of us are more familiar with a computer's typical pseudorandom numbers, but that isn't the only option. Not sure what you mean by artifacts here. This article talks about it: https://futurism.com/neoscope/computer-human-brain-cells-perform-voice-recognition
  9. Partly isn't programmed by anyone though... There's always human neurons we use too, if you think intelligence is limited to those .
  10. You're probably see an initial compiler and or interpreter program. They're really nothing fancy as far as coding goes. You could also do this at the hardware level. Programming isn't really required though it would make it easier.
  11. @AIkonoklazt There are hardware RNG's. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_random_number_generator Beyond activation no human needs to be involved
  12. @AIkonoklazt Don't need a fitness function or similar, though is a saner way to do things. Any random string of numbers can be run as a program.
  13. So is it the Prime Minister, members of their cabinet and civil service?
  14. Yeah, but then you're dealing with the scalpers and headhunters from the next tribe over.
  15. Any country's procedure is fine really. Like what if there's a major budget issue or someone declares war.
  16. Just wondering about what happens if something major occurs while a Parliament is dissolved.
  17. Sales tax is indeed regressive. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/regressivetax.asp That being said it's not a pyramid scheme or at least no more so than any other tax is. Crypto is trackable via the blockchain. Government's problem with it is that they can't increase the effective quantity to pay off their debts. Converts penny to souvenir coin.
  18. Probably overanalyzing this, but a different species might not see it playing correctly at the original rate. The equivalent of a dog watching an early human film. https://www.researchgate.net/figure/List-of-upper-flicker-frequency-FF-thresholds-Hz-from-highest-to-lowest-rates-of_tbl1_23670287 They randomly might be okay too though. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flicker_fusion_threshold
  19. Could be set up where it manages a Corporation. Would then, by way of the Corporation, have certain rights. What would convince you AI consciousness was possible?
  20. While the example use case involves a sci-fi series, you can obviously do it with today's technology. Recursion is more an issue with the programming, rather than a hard limit. GPT will sometimes have to cut itself off too. Honestly Dune is a weird choice to use as an example, considering it's themes.
  21. No, but a more generalist bot might be worthwhile. Will probably want specialist bots for work or other professional projects.
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