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  1. Agreed that most mega-projects while not feasible with purely human labor, are more than feasible with enough machines working for/with us. Think once we get automated transport and farming finished up, we'll be in good shape to consider more. These projects won't be free from opportunity cost, but that cost can be made smaller. We do have private spaceflight taking off. Bit biased, but think tourism is going to be an important first step along with these ever larger satellite constellations. https://techcrunch.com/2020/08/10/spacex-reveals-plans-for-a-texas-spaceport-resort-i
  2. Yeah. It's interesting that the Universe could have a finite volume but still be impossible to cross.
  3. Have to factor in expansion as well. For distant destinations, the distance is growing at a rate faster than the ratio c.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/pet_foolery/?hl=en This gave me a chuckle ...and it is true too... No scuba diving up North for me lol.
  5. Realistically you will always have some kind of hard/wetware to worry about. You might have access to a hyper realistic simulation but you will still have some kind of body. Could see variety of artificial methods used to sustain the population, if necessary, though doubt that it will be.
  6. You'll always have some losses though. You mentioned swapping out the bolts to reduce parasitic losses for instance. Note the idealized nature of the Carnot equation. Any real engine will have all kinds of issues reducing theoretical efficiency.
  7. Does it stop once the heat source reaches the cooler ambient temperature? Somewhat separate, but is there any chance your vacuum flask has developed micro cracks?
  8. Basing this on there being the same amount of mass on all sides. Not 100% sure here, however, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong lol
  9. I think if the Earth were to stop spinning and had all of its mass evenly distributed in a sphere, it would be close to zero at the exact center.
  10. *Tucks Universe back into pocket* Balloon example is all good until someone asks you about those dots expanding or us colliding with Andromeda, lol.
  11. It would just end up floating on top of the water.
  12. @Airbrush Not sure if this is the best example, but might imagine the Universe as a set of reverse Matryoshka dolls, with larger dolls nested within smaller dolls. The volume each doll contains increases rapidly, but internally.
  13. The space we and everything else is occupying today is where that 'source' was. Everything was at a single point(roughly speaking) before that became less dense.
  14. @IDoNotCare Sorry if you're feeling attacked but you need to be able to summarize(and no I'm not a sock puppet). Nobody can read minds here. I might hazard a guess that you're talking about a post scarcity society and more specifically 'fully automated luxury communism', but you need to spell that out. Without a good reason to, nobody wants to sit through a bunch of YouTube videos or go offsite to a random link. In some cases there is just an initial investment hump that automation has to be pushed over. Admittedly communist countries also tend to nationalize simultaneously, whi
  15. Can you describe what the Venus Project is for us?
  16. Banning gloves might improve things. Recently saw a video discussing how gloves made attacks to the head more common, as fighters no longer ran the risk of damaging their own hands as a result.
  17. Not true Antigravity but there is acoustic levitation. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acoustic_levitation
  18. @sethoflagos You can read about an experiment showing this here: https://www.nature.com/news/2002/020722/full/news020722-2.html Second Law is true on average though, so you won't ever see a cup spontaneously unbreak or all the air move to one side of a room.
  19. Should really consult a doctor or nurse about this(over the phone if necessary). Just as an example, there is DPD deficiency. Where a lack of the enzyme can impact how quickly your body is able to break down some chemotherapy drugs. https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/cancer-in-general/treatment/chemotherapy/side-effects/dpd-deficiency Good luck and I hope your sister recovers.
  20. Quite a bit is pretty fanciful from a scientific perspective, but is an extremely well done production. The setting is a fair sized city set inside of a large martian dome. Heavily modified assets and ridiculous level of detail really make the city come to life. The actual build aspects may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I've found it easy enough to skip past when things become too dry.
  21. Here's a good demonstration of a fire piston. A very cool bit of ancient technology.
  22. It'd almost be worth bringing it back for the entertainment factor. "I know you just lost to that guy, but guess who your new boss is?" Always wonder what the Founding Fathers' thought process was on that one.
  23. Very true. This does make you think. We have the Antarctic as an example where we have exercised restraint, but whether this will remain so is of course unknown. Yeah, main thing is that they simply wouldn't be accustomed to the rigors involved or would consider the risks to be extreme compared with their controlled environments. Reasonable to assume by then that they could build habitats to suit any particular preference both in space and on lifeless bodies. Possible though that some might not find that as enough of a challenge.
  24. I earnestly hope not. I've had dreams that would be bad for our whole species. Practically speaking you never actually gain any outside knowledge as you dream beyond what your standard senses provide. If it is something possible/probable you might however imagine it occurring only to see it actually happen later. Should note that false memories can also play a role here.
  25. The ones around our own Gas Giants do tend to have some decent resources or novelties so similar exomoons would definitely be of interest. Realistically travelers would have to be living in space already to reach that far. One that shared a similar atmospheric composition might even be forbidden from inhabitation as that could harm future research into native life.
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