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  1. Not a perfect correlation, but AI might gain a sense of distance in terms of its own processing delays and ping times(roughly via d/c=t). It could match that against a database to gain a sense of the larger world.
  2. Work lunches and occasionally eating out, are my problem areas now. Overly large portion sizes definitely contribute 😕 At the house I've switched to a mostly liquid diet(Soylent) for dinners. Not for everyone, but helps to eliminate portion sizes and spoilage issues. A month's worth of dinner shows up on my doorstep and they're good for a year.
  3. hmm... not the best at storing value but at least you could eat them in a pinch. I imagine it proceeding as a modernized version of what happened with Germany. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperinflation_in_the_Weimar_Republic#Stabilization A dynamic currency whose value can be varied based on location would be my own preference, but who knows what might be thought up. You wouldn't do this on a whim but we've certainly seen interesting maneuvers even in our own lifetimes. Greece's haircut and India's bill demonetization spring readily to mind.
  4. They would probably role out a new currency altogether. One purely digital would provide some nice options. Demand for the US dollar is still high though.
  5. Worse case the dollar is replaced and we declare the debt null and void. Little is all that worrying in the grand scheme of things.
  6. They are talking about this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repurchase_agreement This article talks about current events: https://www.bankrate.com/banking/federal-reserve/why-the-fed-pumps-billions-into-repo-market/ Its hard to follow honestly but basically things are fine.
  7. Not totally off. No guarantees, but if you can focus on wiggling your fingertips, toes and deliberately moving your eyes; you may regain your sense of control. Last time I found the sleep paralysis to be oddly peaceful once I knew what was happening. It isn't definitely isn't uncommon. Wiki has a good page on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis
  8. That is you protecting yourself from sleep walking and the like. Should be able to move the tips of your fingers still and calm yourself down that way.
  9. A good post and very true though, as a US citizen, I was thinking more literally. I guess I've just seen too many, "If we don't like it we'll just do X." statements. Largely I am left thinking, "Really? You don't think others might have considered that possibility ahead of time? Not even once?" It's just crazy. I am curious to see what this year and the following will bring.
  10. That is what disturbs me the most. Brexiteers appear to think that we're all stupid. Not sure about sourcing and manufacture, but a perhaps suprising number of traditional UK brands are now owned by US multinationals too. Sales appear unaffected by this... The logos for Lays and Walkers are the most ironic example of this.
  11. The Earth opposes with an equal and opposite force. You can show this by flipping a scale upside down, so you are on the bottom and the Earth is on top. F = m1a1 = m2a2 Keeping in mind the Earth is far more massive so the acceleration it feels is corresponding far lower. Your weight is divided between your two legs normally with the area of the foot helping to reduce the pressure(Force/Area) further. If the same force is spread over less area the pressure will naturally increase.
  12. Will do. I have some supplies coming so I can make a better test model. Was going to check on what fish might work best as well later. Ones that go to surface for air are definitely out, but not sure about effects of low pressures you mention or lack of a normal tank bottom. Once I'm further along on the design of the tank, there are some marine biologists I can ask. May just go with a wholly static display instead. Perhaps some floating pumice stones and artificial plants in the top portion. I'm planning to mount it up on a wall, possibly above a door way or arch for the best e
  13. If you can excuse my artistic skill, would look something the depiction below(with suitable valves and hydrolocks for care and maintenance). Did see some of what you were talking about while filling the test model(cup). Seemed to depend on how it was being filled so not a huge issue.
  14. Really I think has to be multipurpose to account for the more active REM period. Now to convince my cat to stop asking to be fed at 3 AM...
  15. I was thinking to reset periodically. Making up for lost water and expelling air that enters. In theory could just break the vacuum for a second and release some of the water. Use the falling water to bring clean water in. Still need to test what happens if something falls into one of the holes from the inside. Be embarrassing if brought down by fish poop.
  16. Thank you. About what I was afraid of. Had some idea to apply the concept to create a suspended water aquarium, where larger holes would look better. Does seem like should be more to it. You'd think the polarity would matter along with hole shape and roughness.
  17. We've also seen shadows cast by hydrogen that ends up gravitationally attracted to it. Like seeing the shadow of raindrops on a spider's web.
  18. It's atmospheric pressure or gravity that is doing the work in first two examples. Air molecules will try to come in on all sides. 0 psig = 14.7 psia you can go below zero on the guage but still have a positive pressure in absolute units. You do see such issues when using a positive displacement pump. Those work the opposite way via cramming rather than use the weight of the atmosphere. They'll happily cause piping to burst or collapse.
  19. No, that's a valuable point. It is really only the divisions of a span of time that we can measure(1/t). ex. -|-|-|-|-| If the above is a span of 1 second, each oscillation is 1/5 of a second away from one another. So counting 5 of these tells us 1 second has passed. This clock would have a frequency of 5 hz or simply put 5 oscillations per 1 second(5/s).
  20. You get division by zero at c for time taken, though the distance(based on the equations) does become zero.
  21. Probably largely autonomous and limited. Only thing that makes is some kind of feedback loop. Seems most concerned with passing on a snapshot of the current chemical environment. Found an article saying: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/study-finds-that-fear-can-travel-quickly-through-generations-of-mice-dna/2013/12/07/94dc97f2-5e8e-11e3-bc56-c6ca94801fac_story.html
  22. Possibly the fear hormones released modify how the odor molecule is physically being detected by the offspring and that leads to their fear response in turn.
  23. He was in that Home Alone movie but yeah probably doesn't count.
  24. Treat it like you would algebra. This: a * b/a * c/b = ? is in the same format as this: 3.2 cm * 1 in / 2.54 cm * 1 yard/36 in = ?
  25. Sit in a rolling chair and throw a heavy object. What happens? A rocket moves for the same reason.
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