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  1. They mention a smaller vault with returned samples that were previously loaned out. If memory serves they brought back and awful lot of material in total.
  2. Actually about what they had, though walking on the outside of the wheel. They also had single man ones which were more a sideways wheel. A very sound use
  3. They exist to a degree. https://www.gosportsart.com/product/n685-verde/ I'm not seeing any commercially available ones that power more than a smartphone however. The penal treadmill deserves an honorary mention. Used them to pump water and mill corn. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penal_treadmill More efficient when you use mechanical motion directly like that.
  4. No, there is an unseen outlet in this case. Honestly is a confusing way to draw/label things. Your original instinct would be correct in the case of a lake or body of water. Would need more information on the tank(vented or non-vented) and pressure at the top of it to say what exactly would happen next.
  5. By atmospheric pressure they mean the pressure of the Earth's atmosphere at the lowest point. I like to imagine a column of air above me weighing me down. Weight(force) / Area = Pressure
  6. Possibly for the Northwest Passage opening up and resources; but who really knows with Trump. Not uncommon historically(Alaska, Florida, Louisiana, Gadsen). Really weird in this day and age though.
  7. Sublimation requires some heating to occur while the pressure remains below that of the Triple point. This is purely changing what phase the water is in. Water's Phase Diagram https://chem.libretexts.org/Bookshelves/General_Chemistry/Book%3A_Chemistry_(OpenSTAX)/10%3A_Liquids_and_Solids/10.4%3A_Phase_Diagrams
  8. Definitely important to have a job you like doing. I'm thinking people will still find ways to occupy their time but their work will be more meaningful or at least pleasant. Resources will still be finite, so some economic system will be required. Always some scarcity out there. Quite bit will likely be effectively free though.
  9. Oxygen acts as an electron acceptor. "In biology, a terminal electron acceptor is a compound that receives or accepts an electron during cellular respiration or photosynthesis. All organisms obtain energy by transferring electrons from an electron donor to an electron acceptor. During this process (electron transport chain) the electron acceptor is reduced and the electron donor is oxidized." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_acceptor
  10. Most of it has some role though not in coding for proteins. Even the DNA that has no functional role at all can still act as a repository of genetic material and buffer against negativly impacting mutations. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-coding_DNA Pseudogenes are also noncoding but are related to functional genes. Imagine if: condition 1 1 = start 55 *567 * store stop was the functional gene and the pseudogene was: condition 1 1 = start 55 stop *567 start store stop still recognizable bu
  11. Found this posted on NBC. https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/scientists-are-searching-mirror-universe-it-could-be-sitting-right-ncna1023206 Gives more detail though still no small amount of hyperbole.
  12. You can raise masts and antennas above the surface and remain submerged. VLF and the underwater telephone are also options used today. I don't know for sure on this, but there could be transmitters attached to undersea cables acting as relays, in areas where submarines armed with nuclear weapons frequent. Be a fairly logical fallback option. I don't think it is necessarily a bad idea in general but between resources required, alternatives, and typical missions I don't think it'll see much traction.
  13. Thought c related to them being orthogonal. Would see them swap in BH's.
  14. Lowers the pressure in the room(assuming room is reasonably sealed). Loading up with heat the air that is leaving. They are less efficient like you say. Better not to cause a leak in the first place than to have to pump fast enough to stay ahead of it. Dual hose or a proper Window unit are better options.
  15. That would only prove they had it on them, not that she sprayed them. Please look into cameras and consider mundane explanations. You and Phymatotrichopsis omnivora enjoy the milder winters. It causing rapid wilting and death might easily be mistaken for Roundup at first glance. Honestly I would probably just stop planting hibiscus there and a call it day.
  16. Might just be Texas root rot. Can also cause rapid wilting.
  17. We know people who lack the ability to feel pain. Doesn't really help them any though, as it leads to continually injuring themselves. Would be nice if the pain from long term untreatable damage could be blocked or in cases where there's an issue in the nervous system.
  18. VLF and ULF waves can travel below ground. Electrical current can also return through the ground(single wire telegraph systems). Not sure about your second question. QM requires a second standard transmission channel.
  19. Visible spectrum is a strong contender. Would probably be most useful indoors or outside at night. The ground also represents another good opportunity. Not wireless, but there is untapped potential in our electrical wiring too.
  20. In reality your skull makes such things problematic. There are real advances being made but everything is rudimentary. Easy to tell as well with the fairly bulky equipment needed still.
  21. L2 contracted distance L1 non-contracted distance Yes. You would normally use the length of the ship at rest for L1.
  22. For the second case above you can use: (1 day / 50K years) * L1 = L2 to find the contracted distance.
  23. I would say 3D printing is better. Depending on how it is done reduces energy demands in terms of shipping and storage. Could see the debate going either way though depending on what factors you are looking at.
  24. Trying to figure out what someone presumably more concerned about privacy, might want to see in the future. Presently demand is being driven by convenience and price concerns. Amazon and others either have already signed partnerships with healthcare groups or are in the courtship process, so we can reasonably expect general exposure to increase.
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