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  1. There are wakefulness promoters, but nothing like the fanciful Limitless pill.
  2. Incorrect or lack of grounding can result in the chassis to build up a charge along with everything connected to it(including the strings). Button works via running a small current through your skin so touching it is likely completing a circuit for the charge to flow out while the phone is charging. I'd look at what type of plug the guitar has and possibly check that the wiring for the building is correct. Can be a safety risk. I recommend seeking someone local to ask about it when you are able.
  3. If you search for bald monkeys and apes you'll see plenty of evidence for it being part of normal development. Not to say you can't want to change it based on cultural beliefs, but the fact that you are fighting your own biology is something to keep in mind.
  4. Still crude but they have found they can erase epigenetic damage. Mothers can gain cells that turn into neurons from their children so adding to the brain is doable in theory. No idea how a larger scale version impact the mind however. Not sure keeping the mind the same is really even feasible in the longterm as new memories keep being added. We'll probably need to add defect free clone cells while limiting the numbers of defective cells in the body. In theory just need everything to stay the same. Complexity of the task is the daunting part.
  5. I like using a bookmark for 'Unread' myself. Avoid cluttering up your feed that way. Additional filters are available too if you want.
  6. I've found games gloss over a ton. Lack of mechanical failures are particularly noticeable.
  7. Just to note, they were Money changers, engaged in the business of currency exchange.
  8. Immune system may inactivate some via fever and eats any it finds, but you'll still have functional viruses floating around. Using vaccines to prep the immune system is better really.
  9. True. Just happened be a quirky side use I heard of while looking into it. Being able to make Cocaine play-doh is another weird one. I'd recommend gloves either way lol.
  10. Be a tough sell. Mobility is so much a part of our identity that restricting it between the States would see people up in arms, even ignoring the costs and people migrating of necessity to seek work. I have a feeling the virus will have to be allowed to run its course with health services stuck handling the fallout.
  11. Acetone(acetic acid) works too. Don't even need a knife that way.
  12. Still favor Theia myself, but multiple options are possible. Either starting from one or multiple locations and spreading or each planet/moon/other having their own seperate beginnings of life.
  13. Typically see the camshaft translate the rotary motion of the engine into vertical motion, which in turn operates the contact breaker. Engine ends up providing the timing for everything to occur that way.
  14. Don't sell yourself short. Anyone that is thinking critically and applying the scientific method method is a scientist really. One issue though is that the atmospheric pressure on Mars is very low. The air is even thinner than the top of Mount Everest. It would be extremely difficult to change that for Earth. Most of the oxygen is merely bonded to other atoms that are more useful without it anyways, so extraction should prove very worthwhile.
  15. Yeah, you're supposed to change them regularly due to that. They can only trap/block things. Distillation is probably the best single option but does depend on what contaminants you are hoping to remove.
  16. It is defined in some cases in higher mathematics, though in everyday mathematics it leads to you being able to pull numbers out of the denominator forever. 1/0 = 1/((1/3)*0) = 3/0 = 3/(8*0) = ...
  17. I believe they are mixtures of components. I'm most familiar with casting resins if you want to search for that, but there may be ones more suited to your application. Hardware and craft stores are likely to have what you are looking for. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resin https://www.alumilite.com/store/pg/46-Casting-Resins.aspx
  18. Could be as easy as loading yourself into a save file. I don't know. I've seen bots crash their own simulation before due to a free energy bug, so wouldn't rule out the possibility of doing something less drastic (if we are in a simulation).
  19. Resins would probably be worth looking into. Maybe a vacuum chamber to reduce the amount of air in the brick?
  20. Look at alife simulations. Not necessary for AI to evolve though. Evolution is slow and resource intensive. We'll likely instead jump over that stage.
  21. They could to an extent actually. The link below covers it well. Had issues of an incomplete understanding of the chemistry, quality and a sudden demand; which all contributed to the need for imports. https://allthingsliberty.com/2013/09/the-gunpowder-shortage/
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